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The TARDIS Cats' Biographies


Names: Trouble, Irish, Nero, Orion, Harlequin
Played By: Rob Stubbs, Ruth Dempsey, Joel Sharpe, David Sharpe, Jen Kokoski, Lisa Heller, etc.
Characters Positions: TARDIS inhabitants, recurring characters, one companion
Introduction: Countdown to Oblivion.



Pet feline of former TARDIS Companion Ensign Alex Keegan. She was a long-haired white cat dubbed "Trouble" for all the mischief she got in on Keegan's old Hegemony Guard cruiser. When he joined the Doctor's crew, Keegan snuck Trouble aboard in his knapsack. He tried to hide her from his comrades, specifically the Doctor who was allergic to all animal fur. But she escaped often and made him enlist the help of his fellow companions Brogan and Zoe.

Her presence was revealed at last, when Keegan and Brogan were parted from the Doctor and reunited at the end of an adventure on Juraii (Countdown to Oblivion). The companions returned to the TARDIS to find Trouble had given birth on Brogan's bed. The father was unknown and apparantly gestation and birth aboard a sentient time machine had unusual effects on the litter of seemingly ordinary pets.


The most infamous of the litter since he chose to stay aboard the Doctor's TARDIS and travel through time and space the conventional way. He was born with unique green fur and most developed his "powers". In addition to telepathic temporal communication, he developed the power to shape-shift and had a close relationship to the Doctor's TARDIS which he dubbed "Voice". Read his bio here.


Second eldest of Trouble's litter, he was also the largest. A big, elegant black cat. Like his unusual siblings, he inherited the ability of telepathy, even across time and space. He settled on Mirabilis in the 31st century with his mother and siblings. According to his more infamous brother, he became a renowned cat detective.


Third eldest of the litter, he was multi-striped and had spots on him that reminded his mother's owners of the Orion Belt. For a time, he was impersonated aboard the TARDIS, but he truly settled on Mirabilis with his mother and brother. He became his brother Nero's partner in their first ever Cat Detective Agency.


The only female of the litter, and the runt. She was a beautiful Calico with sparkling blue eyes. Like her brother Irish, Harly (as she was nicknamed) sought adventure in time and space. She ended up joining the newly regenerated Flavia, former president of Gallifrey, on her TARDIS. Her whereabouts are unknown currently.

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