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Player's Name: Jen Kokoski
Alias: BroganMc
Character's Position: Companion
Preview: The Jurassic Gambit
Introduction: Joined the TARDIS crew in Reunion of Evil, June 1996
Departure: Legacy of the Damned, October 1997


Late 20th century Earth human in her mid 20's, Brogan is a sprightly but small 5'3". Mid-length dark hair she usually wears up. She has blue-green eyes and a fair complexion. Raised in America she speaks with a distinctly American accent. Yet having lived with a Scottish father and in London, she sometimes imitates a Scottish brogue or Cockney accent. She is pretty but tomboyish. Dresses in jeans or jumpers with desert boots or sneakers.

Brogan always carries her canvas knapsack filled with the absolute essentials necessary for someone who might disappear for a few days chasing a good story. Inside she has, among everything else, a camera with extra film, flash and batteries; a minicassette recorder to keep her story ideas; and an ordinary pen and paper when they both fail. She also carries a thermal pack (just in case she runs into anymore Saurians).


Daughter of Scottish Dr. Robert MacGill and his American wife, Ann Harper MacGill. Dr. MacGill, a renowned research scientist, traveled extensively often taking his family with him. They were a close happy family. Until her mother was tragically killed in a car accident. Her father threw himself into his work as a professor at a small American university leaving Brogan to grow up on her own. Though she was raised mostly in America, her family visited Britain often. The closest living blood relatives they had were her father's London cousins.

Brogan lost her mother when she was barely 10 years old. It had been a compounded tragedy given the rough circumstances of her family's lives the last couple years. When Brogan was 8, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her father immediately moved the family to America where his wife could get the best cancer treatment available at Johns Hopkins. A two year battle ensued during which Brogan's mother was in and out of chemo or other cancer treatment. But by their second summer, Brogan's mom was in remission and they were getting back on the right track. Wet roads and a drunken driver ended her second chance in an instant.

Brogan's father was too lost in his own grief to pay much attention to Brogan. Confused and angry, Brogan just couldn't understand why such a terrible thing could happen just when her mom was recovering. Like her father, it was hard for Brogan to look forward to anything. It was then that her grandmother, her mother's mother, Nana Ro became a powerful force in her life.

Mrs. Rosalie Harper was a very untypical grandmother. A socialite, gambler & drinker Nana Ro was always moving forward in life. A demanding woman with blunt honesty and nosy curiosity, she made as many enemies as friends. Since Brogan was little, everyone kept telling her how much she was like her maternal grandmother. Brogan thought it was an insult until the day Nana Ro gave her the most important piece of advice she ever had.

Nana Ro sat her down a few weeks after the death of Brogan's mother. Her words were simple and blunt, hardly soft or patronizing. "You're a survivor, Brogan." she said. From that moment on, Brogan wasted no more time on confusion and grief. Instead, she moved forward in life anxious to grow up and prove herself to the world.

Brogan started college expecting she'd follow in her father's footsteps and become a scientist of some sort. Her first semester of Calculus and Organic Chemistry ended all hopes of that happening. Brogan was devastated to realize she'd never be able to fill her father's shoes and make him as proud of her as she was of him. Consoling herself, she turned to her journal writings - something she'd done ever since her mother gave her her first diary at the age of 6. Brogan ended up changing her major to journalism and finding a niche for herself on the campus paper. The only thing missing in her life was her father, who had quit his teaching job and resumed traveling on research expeditions.

After school, Brogan got a job at a small town newspaper. Absorbed by her quest to be a renowned investigative reporter (like Ms. Sarah Jane Smith), Brogan reserved little time for a social life. Most of her friends got tired of being stood up at lunch because she got "a really promising tip" and so they eventually drifted away. After a couple years of small town life, Brogan's unending quest to prove herself sent her across the Atlantic to London.

Being in London, Brogan befriended her father's cousins whom she hadn't seen since childhood. She quickly became very fond of the youngest cousin, Pete, who had helped her find a flat and get settled. In those early days, Brogan was enthusiastic about seeking adventure and a big headline. Working freelance, she got a tip about some mysterious disappearances in the London Underground. When she investigated, she found herself mixed up with alien Saurians from the past, UNIT soldiers and the curious Doctor along with his friends, Zoe and K9.

Her tellall article about the experience ("Terror in the Tunnels") caused quite a stir when it was published by the Weekly World News, a less than scrupulous paper. UNIT officially accused her of making up the whole thing as they engineered a complete cover-up of the incident. No one working in the Underground, including her cousin, backed up her story. Branded a yellow journalist and liar, Brogan's journalistic integrity was ruined. She became a pariah to the media world. No reputable paper would hire her or entertain her story ideas. Her professional life was essentially ruined.

And as far as her personal life went, she found herself becoming estranged from everyone. Her father invited her to visit him at his latest research site in the Highlands only a stone's throw away from the little hamlet he was born in. Brogan hesitated going for she wanted to face her father with news of her success not her dismal failure as a writer.

Leaving her father waiting for her visit, Brogan scraped out an existence writing fluff pieces for small papers or using a pseudonym while she tried to put the pieces of her career back together. Until late one night when the phone rang. Someone official told her that her father, the single greatest figure in her life, had been killed in a mysterious accident that evening. Brogan was completely numb and devastated when she finally went to Scotland, to the place her father was born and died. Her shattered life became more tangled after the funeral when she learned something wasn't quite right about her father's accident. Abandoning her career for a while, Brogan took on a new quest to find out what really happened to her father on that lonely and cold Scottish mountain.

Feeling she failed her father by bungling her career and refusing to see him before his death, Brogan was left with nagging guilt, rage and a deep sense of loss. In this despair, she remet the Doctor and K9 who had only recently lost their companion Zoe to the timelines. She immediately latched onto the timelord for he was the only one who took her stories of misdeeds seriously. Learning they both shared a sense of adventure and curiosity to know all there is about the unknown only increased Brogan's desire to join the TARDIS crew. Disappearing from the face of the Earth didn't bother her, for there seemed nothing left of her old life to go back to. Brogan joined the crew at the end of the adventure, Reunion of Evil, convincing the Doctor that like him, she prefered disowning her world to wander aimlessly through time and space.


Brogan is compelled by a strong determination and overwhelming sense of curiosity. Fiercely loyal to her principles and the people close to her. Champions the causes of independence, justice and individual tolerance. Naturally inclined to suspect institutionalized authority (e.g. government).

She has a lively sense of humor. Uses humor to get herself through tricky situations (embarrassing, frustrating or dangerous). Uses sarcasm to banter with her friends enough to sometimes irritate them but not enough to make them truly angry. Would really enjoy everything if she could just stop fretting about failure.

Brave when determined, but alone she often feels far too vulnerable. Pacifist at heart, but is willing to fight her way out of danger especially when someone close to her is threatened. She can hurt an opponent to disable him, but learns she has no taste for blood. She's never fired a weapon. Is more likely to gasp in horror than scream like a banshee (otherwise known as Mel). Is terrified of snakes and creepy crawlies.

Suffers from an interminable case of self-doubt, despite her false Scottish pride. Sometimes broods or sulks especially when she's continually ignored. Absolutely abhors being left behind or out of a discussion. But comes out of her sulk easily once someone pays attention to her or she is made to feel useful. Otherwise, she'll wander off and get herself into trouble.


Less technically-inclined than the TARDIS crew. Brogan grew up surrounded by her father's scientific research and consequently was exposed to science early enough to have a basic understanding and appreciation of the field. But she has very little practical experience. Often, she uses common language instead of the correct terminology. (Instead of telling her to engage the auxiliary stabilizers, the Doctor is better off telling her to press the blue button to her right.) Despite her naivete, Brogan is not dumb and learns quickly by adapting to her environment. She can, however, become disturbed by the Doctor and Zoe's tendency to talk techno jargon and leave her completely in the dark.

Her skills of fact-finding, interviewing and reporting are her main credits. She's an excellent observer or scout. She has a natural talent for pretending to be other people , useful when she's caught nosing around where she doesn't belong. Has a tendency to wander off, pick up strange or dangerous things and/or get into trouble following her sense of curiosity.


Brogan's journeys through time challenged her sense of self doubt and indominatable self reliance. When she found herself trapped in an Interdimensional Nexus outside time with the Second Doctor (Final UNIT Story), the timelord predicted her future to come. She had powerful latent psychic abilities that could summon reality in an unreal dimension. That gift used to produce a virtual tea party outside time was only the beginning of Brogan's self awareness. After encountering an evil plasma creature calling itself the Enigma (Curse if Dunraven), Brogan quickly developed a sensitive empathic telepathy. Her instincts for danger broadened into dreams of premonition, feelings of others and the knowledge that her gifts were lusted after by an evil as old as the Universe. On her second encounter with the Enigma (Terror in Paradise), she glimpsed the future it had planned for her - a union of spirits in true evil. She was spared that reality by the Doctor's newest companion - Hegemonic Guardsman Alexander Keegan. As the adventures wore on Brogan found herself growing closer and closer to Alex while the impenetrable fear that the Enigma still hunted her lived. Brogan became increasingly fatalistic of her future and wary for her friends. When the TARDIS landed on Mirabilis on mysteriously preset coordinates her nightmare came true. The Enigma sprang its trap, melded with Brogan, nearly killed her friends and created the psychic vampire Enigma Queen. As this cruel being Brogan's powers were used to dominate the peaceful 31st century planet and exploit the mysteries of the Celestines. The Enigma's presence caused cataclismic Universal disturbances that threatened all of time. Brogan was powerless to stop it forcing the Doctor to choose his friend's survival over the Universe's harmony. She was saved only by her stubborn will and the equally determined love of her fellow companion Alex. Once the Enigma was dispersed into the time stream leaving only a trace in the souls of Brogan and the Savage Celestine children, the Universe was saved from the Enigma Queen. Brogan and Alex, free to admit their love, chose to marry and stay on Mirabilis. Brogan is now known as Sage of the Celestines (teacher to the Celestine children). She is happily married with two human kids of her own. She is also co-proprietor of the Time Trap Bar where she tries to promote universal understanding through time.

Her sim adventures are detailed in her own website at the Brogan McGill: Diary of a TARDIS Companion.

Time Log Entry

The following is an excerpt from Brogan's log after she joined the TARDIS crew.

Brogan's Log 7-11-96
Based on the Adventure Reunion of Evil Pt 3

::Brogan sits on her brass bed in the first bedroom from the TARDIS Console Room. Rooting through her knapsack, she digs out an apple and her microcassette recorder. Takes a bite from the apple and pops a new tape into the recorder. Thoughtfully, she presses the record button and begins speaking into the tape.::

Perhaps the most amazing thing in my life is the way it changes so suddenly in unforeseeable ways.

I used to think I could control things. I had a plan of success; a plan I barely understood. Then my father died and I had nothing. But now, I have hope.

In time I may regret my decision of the last 24 hours, but for now I am content. Destiny or whatever it is, is calling me to leave my life and step into the unknown world of possibility.

It must have been fate that the enigmatic Doctor returned to my life in my time of greatest need. And certainly it was not a coincidence that his archenemy E'Thrax was behind the senseless slayings of Craigmoor. And now that my need for the truth of my father's death has been satisfied, I am convinced there is nothing more for me back home. And so I have convinced the Doctor to take me with him on his travels aboard the TARDIS.

Part of me thinks I'm crazy for leaving Earth and everything I have ever known. I have no way of knowing what dangers I will face in my adventures with the Doctor. But even though this may prove a fatal decision of mine, I know that if I can do some good helping the Doctor it will be worth it. Nana Ro always said, if you start feeling sorry for yourself, it's time to get out and do something for someone else. Maybe in time I will understand why my father had to die. But I doubt that I will ever forgive myself for failing him.

::pauses tape and sighs thoughtfully a minute, then picks up where she left off this time on a happier note.::

I'm keeping this journal to chronicle my experiences aboard the TARDIS which I'm betting will be the most extraordinary events of my life.

First off, I'm happy to report the maniacal E'Thrax has been undone by his own treachery. The time .... eliminator... he was building with the pendant Dad gave me turned on him. And according to the Doctor, erased him from time itself. I guess, it's true that evil destroys itself.

Even though we survived the ordeal with E'Thrax, I suppose I should be terrified of what could have gone wrong. I guess, I'm just too happy to be on board the TARDIS to care, which is more than I can say for K9. Honestly, I have never met a more irritating, irrational, completely pigheaded computer! He won't admit it, but he's still peeved with me for deceiving him at the cave in Craigmoor. Imagine, he actually said I "conflict with his programming". So will a rolled up newspaper when I find one! Rover may think he can roll over me like he does everyone else, but he's in for a nasty surprise.

::smiles thinking of the fun she can have irritating K9 in revenge::

After we dematerialized, the Doctor programmed the TARDIS to hover in the time vortex. I imagine that's sort of like throwing out an anchor in the middle of the ocean. Then he left K9 in charge with instructions to modify the "prowl program". The Doctor said it would search for traces of Zoe in time and he explained how Zoe vanished.

I'm not sure I understand this temporal anomaly thing, but the Doctor is convinced she's still alive and lost in time. When he took me to my new bedroom, once Zoe's, I felt sorry for the old man. He stared at Zoe's corner of the room for the longest time with the most helpless and worried expression I've ever seen. I suppose he feels about Zoe the way I did about my father the day of the funeral. So much is left unsaid...

::pauses tape to suppress a twinge of pain at the memory:: There's no point dwelling on it Brogan. ::thinks. Takes deep breath and starts tape again:: ...

... I don't know what to make of the Doctor's behavior. He seemed so distracted and worried.

::thinks:: Like when my father learned Carolyn Montrose disappeared and was killed looking for her? ::

I said I'd help him find Zoe, but how? The Doctor said finding someone in time was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I wonder if he isn't just looking for the impossible.

As I dictate this, I'm looking around my new bedroom. Zoe's corner of the room is probably exactly as she left it. Several jumpsuits hang in the closet, at the bottom are a couple of long, high-heeled boots and her bed is all neatly arranged. On the worktable nearest her bed lays a strange collection of equipment. There's a holographic scanner with images of a nebula, some kind of high-tech calculator and a hand-held computer labeled "Personal Imager". I suppose that is her diary.

From what the Doctor explained of Zoe's vanishing in the cave and the explosion afterwards, I find it hard to fathom how we'll ever find her. I hate to say it for it's almost like heresy, but maybe we won't be able to find her. Maybe Zoe, like my father, is dead and the Doctor's just fooling himself.

::pauses and listens to silence of the room::

Being alone in this room, seeing Zoe's things laying about is somewhat eerie. It's almost as if I expect her to walk through the door at any minute. And if I close my eyes and stay silent, I can almost hear her whispering to me.

Silly really. I must be getting tired for my mind to be playing tricks on me like that. ::yawns::

But then maybe I'm learning with life aboard the TARDIS, anything can happen.

::stops tape and curls up on top of the bedclothes. Falls asleep listening to the comforting hum of the TARDIS.::

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski

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