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The Butler's Biography

Character Name: The Butler
Stories: Revenge of Shada, First Contact, Shockwave
Creator: Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider


A timelord. Similar in appearance to his mentor, the Master.


A longtime prisoner of Shada, he met and became enamored with the Master's evil ways. When both managed to escape thanks to E'Thrax's efforts, the Butler apprenticed himself to his hero. Through time and space, he prepares the way for his mentor acting as his agent in unseen ways. (Revenge of Shada)

He crossed the Doctor's path in 21st Century Earth aboard the Wheel in Space some several months after the second Doctor's visit there. (Wheel in Space). The Butler assumed the role of a nondescript security guard aboard the Wheel during the auspicious accidental meeting between a Draconian scout ship and human space station. Using the Wheel's energy cannons to attack the Draconian ship, he tried to instigate an early war between the two races knowing the humans would likely loose. His efforts were thwarted by the meddlesome Doctor when a peace treaty was arranged. (First Contact)

At the end of this encounter, the Butler abducted Zoe Herriot from the Wheel and delivered her to his Master for the illegal time experiment on the Mawdryn Ship.


Self-centered, cruel and manipulative. He fancies himself a puppeteer pulling the strings of others. A younger version of the Master.


Competent computer technician, historian and engineer.

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski

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