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The Celestines are a race of temporal sentient energy beings born at the dawn of time, when the Universe was first created. Their existence was detailed only in the oldest of Gallifreyan legends contained in the forbidden Black Scrolls. According to the Ancient Law of Gallifrey, the Celestines (always called Angels or Watchers of time) fought the first war of the known universe. As a consequence there are three types of Celestines in existence currently:

The Angels/Watchers: were the "good" guys of the first war. They chose not to betray their origins and instead have melded into the fabric of space and time concerned only with universal harmony. To that end, they have employed agents to do their more bodily hands-on doing, namely the Guardian of Light and Time, and newly the recruited Sage of the Savages (aka the Doctor's former companion Brogan).

The Evil Renegades: were the losers of the First War. They were not content to exist purely as energy in the Dawn of Time and sought to master a corporeal existence. But their attempts to channel their energy into the limited space of a humanoid mind created mental and energetic instability. To survive, the evil Celestines must jump from time to time feeding off the only form of pure energy physical beings have: the life force. Eventually, they need to consume outpaces them and they consume themselves. Kalim, Aw Pook and the Regent of Mirabilis were the most notable renegades to cross the Doctor's path.

The Celestine Children: they were the forbidden offspring of the First War created by the renegades who sought to become corporeal. In the quantum level they are beings of pure temporal energy resonating through a perfect crystalline matrix. On the outside, they were the native children of Mirabilis, half animal and half humanoid. Because they communicated with a primitive telepathic speech of emotion and donned bird feathers or wolf claws, the natives mistook them for savages. They were hunted, mistreated and even experimented on for years before their Sage came to teach them the ways of the Universe and help them accept their real powers. There are four main leaders of the Celestine Savages:

Aruna - eldest of the males, dons wolf clothes mostly and is among the most aggressive

Kiri - eldest of the females, dons white hawk feathers mostly and is the most aware of the all the children. She developed the power to heal on the molecular level first.

Tarae - second eldest of the females, dons white hawk feathers mostly. She has a more mischievous streak to her and is most like a rebellious pre-teen girl.

Samtec - smallest of the males, dons wolf clothes but has unusual red hair. He too is mischievous but as a playful little boy.


The Doctor's first encounter with the Celestines was an unpleasant one. He battled the marooned and suicidal Kalim who was determined to destroy the Universe in an attempt to return to his place of birth - the perfect world of the Dawn of Time.

Sometime later, just as the then Madame President Flavia indulged her curiosity into the origins of the universe and the forbidden Dawn of Time, the Doctor encountered a deadly offspring to the First War - the Enigma. When it sought out the empathic mind of his companion Brogan, the Doctor began a path winding toward a face-to-face meeting with the Angels of Time.

His companion Brogan became host to the Enigma and the Doctor fought the Angel's continuing war to contain the evil of the most destructive force in the Universe - the Enigma Queen. The Great War ended after trillions of lives were lost, but the Doctor's companion Brogan was freed.

Brogan survived her possession as an altered person. A full empath, she assumed her destined role as the Sage of the Savages. Her job was to become the adoptive mother of the Celestine Children and their teacher. With her husband Keegan's help, Sage Brogan was to teach the Celestine Children how to cope with their mixed corporeal and temporal energetic existence without becoming a threat to universal harmony.

Today, the Celestine Children are living out the dreams of their rebellious forefathers. They live among other corporeal beings on Mirabilis in the 31st century. At the same time, they are comfortable residents in the Time Trap Bar - a temporal stasis in the heart of an interdimensional nexus. They can travel through time and space, become anyone or anything, all by thought alone.

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski

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