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Jonathon Chance's Biography

Status: Recurring Character
Stories: Return to E-Space, Hexogen's Revenge, Victorian Shadows
Other Appearances: Journal of Jonathon Chance (continuing e-novel)
Player's Name: Albert Berry
Alias/Screen Name: FreylichT, AlbertBery


Jonathan Chance, or JC as his friends called him, is an Earth Vampire. He is 6 foot 5 inches. Has Black hair and ice blue eyes. Very thin and pale, he wears Wayfarer sunglasses, even at night. He weighs in at about 190 lbs.


JC followed Polly while she and the other TARDIS crew were looking into something on earth. He overheard that they would be leaving soon and, while being invisible, went into the TARDIS with the crew. He hid within the TARDIS for sometime, but became hungery when they were on Terminus and fed upon someone there. The Doctor, Ben, and Polly were the ones travelling at the time. However, after several days in transit, JC became very much in need of blood. He fed upon Polly, although the thought revolted him because of his love for her. Later, he would go onto a planet the TARDIS had landed upon in order to protect Polly. He inadvertantly helped Ben escape a prison cell and fed upon a guard. All the while he remained hidden from the crew and the Doctor. He also visited Polly within her dreams. Sending her messages to look up things on vampires within the massive TARDIS databanks. He came to learn of the GREAT VAMPIRE and the war between the Timelords and Vampires. He also learned through Polly about E-space and the vampires there. Only one plan of action was available to him at that point: To expose himself to the Doctor and ask for Help getting to E-space. Upon doing so, they headed through the Warriors Gate and found Romana had been sent to a planet within E-space by what was thought a Time Lord High Counsel, but later was revealed as a plot by Hexogen, renegade Time Lord. JC had to risk his own life to save Romana from being burned at the stake for being a witch. He was severely burned. The Doctor, instead of letting him feed upon He or Romana, took him to Alzarius. The healing properties of the swamps there would help him. While there, the TARDIS crew (with Romana and K9 on board) found that the evolved Marshmen were now in a Tribal stage, and Hexogen had set them up to excellerate their growth to use them as an army. JC accidentally attacked Ben during their stay on the planet, but with the disolving of Hexogen's plans on the Marshmen, the TARDIS went to Minyos II. There, JC is tricked by Hexogen into a glass coffin. Tubes that came out of the bottom went into the ground where the extremely wounded but still alive GREAT VAMPIRE still rested. The Doctor and crew rescued him and a thing called a "Bloodstone." This item gave a vampire nutrients that blood would normally give them. After this episode, Polly and JC had grown very close, and had decided to leave the TARDIS. The Timelords saw him as a great tool and offered he and Polly a postion on board a Research Station. That is where they continued to stay until the fateful vacation tour. The Tour Tram that dropped out of Hyperspace did so without Polly in her seat. She just disappeared. Now JC is looking for her. The Timelords are very busy but do throw him clues to where to look. Soon he will be in Victorian England looking for her.


Jonathan Chance is a very serious person. He knows that the beast that lurks within can and does kill. He is pleasant to be around but kind of unnerves those around him due to his stone face.


He has the ability to become invisible. Also has an ability to cast a circle of compleat darkness. He is quicker then normal humans and as strong as 3 men. Fire and sunlight do not agree with him. JC does have Telepathy and has been known to morph into a wolf or raven.

Bio courtesy of Albert Berry.

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