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The Tenth Doctor's Biography

Player's Name: Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider
Alias/E-mail Address: DRTUNA or
Character Position: The Doctor [#10] or 3rd Who Sim Doctor

Tenth Doctor's Timeline Page

Doctor Who is one of the most enduring characters in science fiction, but the character itself has had several personas. From the thoughtful curiosity of William Hartnell, the rumpled charm of Patrick Troughton, the derring-do of Jon Pertwee, the madcap brilliance of Tom Baker, the valiant vulnerability of Peter Davison, the self-doubt of Colin Baker, the mysterious dark comedy of Sylvester McCoy, the youthful vigor of Paul McGann, the character has changed and evolved while remaining constant in many ways. This current regeneration of the Doctor attempts to carry on that line without engaging in direct imitation while forwarding the nature of the character. The result is, hopefully, a "different" Doctor, but someone who is recognizable as the Doctor just the same.


Race: Timelord from the planet Gallifrey
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 190 lb.
Build: Stocky, large head.
Looks: Neatly trimmed beard, brown longish straight hair, broad features and smile, quick moves.
Clothing: [Normal garb] Pull-over v-neck sleeveless sweater or vest, light brown corduroy sport coat, hounds tooth wool pants or corduroy, tan "hush puppy" suede high top lace ups, largish pocket watch. Very large space warp pockets in sport coat. Doesn't wear hats. May produce umbrella, scarf, etc. from pockets.
Apparent Age: Early 40's.
Actual Age: No one really knows, but very, very old.
Recognition Handle: "The Doctor." He was missing the little finger on his left hand, cut off by Odo the Mutilator when the Doctor failed to stop the break out of Timelord criminals from Shada. But, the finger grew back after he captured them all and returned them to captivity. He is always looking around. He often talks to himself in considerable monologue. Has a flair for the dramatic. Now prefers coffee to tea, although he still likes tea.

Special Skills/Powers

Moves quickly. Can hypnotize some creatures. Communicates extremely well with various life forms, and is especially good at first contact. Very good with machines and gizmos, especially unknown technology. Has considerable telepathic powers [can edit brains with a touch of the index finger to the forehead of those who trust him, but he hates to use that power] but they tend to come and go and usually don't work on stupid individuals. Usually grabs something from his tool box before leaving the Tardis. Relies on his pocket watch to scan the immediate area he is in.

Character Background Information (History)

During this regeneration has had the following companions: Ben Jackson (second time), Tegan Jovanka (third time), Daniel Delmin, K9 (second time), Brogan MacGill, and Zoe Herriot (second time).

This character attempts to have a history consistent with televised Dr. Who stories. New Adventure and Missing Adventure histories, as well as previous histories in this sim, can be integrated but they need to be shared so the Doctor knows about them. Previous Doctor was killed by the Valyard, but his spirit refused to die, and with the help of the War Witch at the cost of her life, he managed to regenerate.

This current incarnation of the Doctor took a while to find himself and to regain all of his memories. He tends to remember quite a lot from his time stranded on Earth during his third life span. He is very introspective, examining himself and his actions past, present, and future. To gain inspiration he sometimes travels to a point in his past just before he arrived and contemplates himself and his problems. His introspection has not always been pleasant. He has doubted his courage, he has worried over his use of violence and force, he feels emotional pain and memories quite acutely, he has been obsessed by defending the laws of time, he has regretted the difficult moral choices he has had to make, he has had dreams and visions of Rassilon, he has been upset by things he has found out about Timelord history, and he has regretted his failures.

His major failure was in being unable to prevent a number of criminal Timelords from escaping from Shada, the prison planet of the Timelords. He has now tracked them all down.

This Doctor likes to tidy up loose ends. Thus, he was able to visit Adric as he plunged to his destruction (Earthshock), he imprisoned Fenric in ancient Constantinople (Curse of Fenric), acted out the part of Merlin with King Arthur (Battlefield), paid an anonymous visit to his parents and spouse (Susan's grandmother), and investigated the evil at the heart of the Timelord secrets of time travel and regeneration.

He does not want to "wander" in the Tardis, but to go places with a reason and an agenda. He has been hijacked by the High Council and the Celestial Intervention Agency to do jobs for them, which he really hates. President Flavia loves to keep tabs on him. He is also not opposed to having fun while visiting fun places.

He was crushed by the demise of his dear mentor, the White Guardian (killed by the absence of the Black Guardian, who had been destroyed), but is satisfied that the Universe has a new single Guardian, who is an energy being composed of the essences of the Doctor's own good and bad qualities which have been fused into a new unique being.

His last regeneration was difficult. Since then he has had one near-failed regeneration which was aborted. The new Guardian of Light recently granted him an entire new Timelord life cycle of 13 life spans. The result has been that he is energized and invigorated for the tasks to come.

The door of the TARDIS is open. Come aboard.


Time Log

Here are the first two logs The Doctor wrote after regenerating in May, 1995.


Tardis Timecode zx44.23a.776643.rel

I have regenerated again, and it has been a very disturbing experience, both for me and for another. Why is it so painful to cross my path?

I recall the Valeyard (could that really be a manifestation of myself? I doubt it, somehow!) attempting to rob me of my remaining regenerations and then stressing my body until it died...incapable of repair. Fortunately, the bio-connection I previously made with the Tardis disguised the true information from him, and he made off with "aliases" of my remaining regenerations, but not the real ones.

Fortunately, I was able to reestablish contact with the Tardis and gain access to my remaining regenerations. It is all sort of hard to remember, but some points stand out.

My consciousness was swimming on the edge of oblivion while I awaited reconnection to the Tardis. I remember being mocked by my traditional adversaries as well as encouraged and scolded by my friends and companions, much as I recall from some of my previous regenerations. However, this time there was a disturbing difference. THEY were there. I saw their faces looming out of the darkness, hoping I would die and remove the last witness to their sins. Rassilon and Omega. They want me to die, to vanish, so that no one will remember. I remember. I remember their crimes, their genocides, which are at the heart of our Timelord race and its powers. How could they still be alive, or were these only memories, like my memory of Adric? No, they seemed decidedly different. I have a feeling that these two have not really ceased to exist.

It was the mocking hopefulness of Rassilon and Omega which pulled me back from the brink. I could have drifted into oblivion and missed my regeneration, but my anger at them brought me back.

When I regained consciousness I found myself in the console room of the Tardis. The connection had been made for me by a woman, but somehow the name I have for her does not match either her actions or my memory of her. War Witch? Rather, a life giving sister who sacrificed herself to save me. She was killed as the power the Tardis had for me was channeled through her.

My conversation with her was one of the most shattering and startling I have ever had. I hardly knew or remembered her, yet she gave her life for me as an act of love. She said to remember that she "loved me best." How have I deserved such devotion and sacrifice from someone I cannot remember?

At the same time I was feeling such remorse for her death, I was feeling a new force stirring deep within my being. I feel driven, by a mission, by a need to accomplish something. What is it? How shall I know it? What kind of a new life am I to have if it means being committed to a goal and a plan which I cannot even now describe? As my dear savior passed away, she said that she sees me as a peace maker, and as a friend to all. How shall I interpret this? There are just too many mysteries surrounding my new life. I must start to sort them out one by one.

I have laid my dear savior into a tomb underneath the cloister bell, at one end of the courtyard, near the bench where Tegan once sat lost and afraid. I have inscribed her last words on the stone above her head, probably because I know so little of her. It is what she wished remembered. Now, as long as I ride this old Type 40 through the seas of time, she and her memory will be riding with me. I stood alone in the courtyard and recited my farewells aloud. No one was there to hear what I had to say.

Now, I turn to the worlds of the living!


Tardis Timecode zx44.23a.776644.rel

Well, what a surprise! But, what can one expect from regeneration?

I am about six feet in height, seem to have longish flowing auburn hair, green eyes, and a rather stocky build. I have been "chubby" before, so I know that this is not that. Perhaps barrel chested? I seem to have been regenerated complete with a short, full faced beard. I thought of shaving, but a few seconds of handling the blade and I changed my mind. With an active lifestyle, shaving might be a bit of a bother. Don't like sharp blades that much anyway, but I seem to remember something about swordplay being fun. Most of the clothing in the costume hold didn't seem to fit. The clown's clothes were to small, the dandy's too tall and tight, curly's were too tall, celery breath's were too tight, chubby's were too big in the waist and too small in the shoulders, and that frightful imp's clothing was far too small. About the only thing I could find was a quite comfortable tan corduroy outfit (slacks and sport coat), a pair of perfectly fitting tan suede "desert boots," and question mark pullover sweater to wear under the coat. The coat came complete with a broach on the label which I liked quite a bit (slice of crystal with an eyeball and a question mark on it) which I have kept. In the pockets (did I always have such huge pockets? Clothing with dimensionally relative gateways for storage?) I found many items, but two which intrigued me quite a bit. One, which I remember as a sonic something or other, and the other a pocket watch that seems to do a lot more than tell the time. I moved them both to my inside coat pocket for easy access.

I am here, I am myself, and I am alive? My next step will be to take stock of the situation.

Bio courtesy of Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider.

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