The Enigma's Biography

Character Name: The Enigma
Stories: Curse of Dunraven, Terror in Paradise, Legacy of the Damned
Creator: JenKoko/BroganMc


In the beginning, there were two elemental forces of the Universe. Creation and Destruction, Light and Dark, Time and Stasis, Life and Death, Good and Evil, etc. they had many names from many cultures. The antithesis of each other, these forces wove the fabric of time and space and all the creatures of it's dominion. Dispersed, these forces existed in perfect harmony within the Universe giving it its "life force".

In the Dawn of Time (just after the Hyrdrogen In-Rush of the Universe), sentient beings (Celestines) arose from this mass of energy in search of physical existence in a time line. Godlike creatures who couldn't maintain their form outside the timeless vortex without expending their energy, the renegade angels created a new life form with innate time travel, empathic and morphing abilities (Savages). The Enigma was a byproduct of these forbidden experiments.


A primeval energy creature made of pure Evil, an elemental force of the Universe in concentrate form. In its inactive state, it is characterized as a plasma creature with an iridescent greenish hue. May be contained in this form with a particular type of titanium alloy commonly used in 20th century Earth communication satellites.

In its active state, the Enigma must make physical contact with a sentient creature. In this form, it "possesses" its host, taking over his/her mind and body. Upon possession, the host's eyes glow a particular eerie shade of red and he/she is immune to pain or weakness. Due to the lethal elemental forces brought in contact via the Enigma's possession, the host body is instantly killed. The Enigma may reanimate the body, prolonging its decay, but eventually the evil force must find another host. After possession, depending on the time of exposure, the host body decays rapidly turning to dust.


First encounter, when the elemental force first tasted sentience and became the Enigma, is unknown.

The Enigma was found contained in an ancient bejeweled chalice on the ruins of a Salem, Massachusetts chapel. Attributed to the bizarre demonic possession of a 17th century Puritan notable (Jeremiah Dunraven), the chalice and chapel were burned to the ground and believed cursed with evil.

Three hundred years later, on 20th century Earth, the chalice was excavated and put on display at the University of Vermont. (Curse of Dunraven) Stolen as a fraternity prank, the chalice was used in a macabre ceremony in honor of the campus' wild Hell Night parties. The Enigma found entry into his next victim and freedom when fraternity president Skip Henderson drank a toast from the chalice. Turning the students into zombies and their campus into a scene of mass destruction, the Enigma thrived on terror until plotting a means of spreading and magnifying his power across Earth. Using a modified communications tower, he plotted to project his mental energy to Earth's communications array and turn the planet into zombies. He was thwarted by the Doctor (and the Doctor's future self Prof. Snider) when his human host body rapidly decayed and required replacement. The Professor offered his body, but during the transfer (when the Enigma was between sentience and vulnerable) the Enigma was drawn from the host and projected into space via a communications satellite. The resultant explosion destroyed the Earth satellite dish and caused the communications satellite orbiting Earth to explode trapping the Enigma within a fragment made of titanium-based alloy.

A thousand years later, on the 30th century human colony of Elysium, the Enigma once again found freedom when its prison (a piece of comm sat) landed on a farm on the outskirts of the capitol. The Enigma took over Farmer Brown and his family then began to make his plans.

An undescribed length of time passed before the TARDIS crew and Hegomonic Guard cruiser Argos both arrived at Elysium and responded to the strange evidence found. Stumbling on the ruined Elysium farm and their warnings ignored by the colonial government, the Doctor and his friends joined forces with the Argos crew to oppose the Enigma. By then it was too late. The Enigma had converted many Elysium citizens including the constabulary and Chief Administrator of the colony. After the Enigma took over one of the Argos crew (Brick), it captured the Doctor's companion Brogan for the next stage of its plan. Thwarted by the Doctor and new companion Keegan, the Enigma was drained from Brick and safely contained once again.

However, the Enigma had several weeks of freedom on Elysium and was able to transfer a portion of its energy into two hosts. The second host quietly slipped away in search of its contained self and the object of its plan of Universal chaos - Brogan.

Soon after, his host (Dr. Faustyn Drake) was reunited with lost half and connected to illegal time experiments involving the Savages of Mirabilis. His shuttle was crashed by the "Angels" in the Sand Gorges, where he was freed twenty-five years later, converted a new host and recruited the male Savages to follow him. On a quest to capture his "soulmate", the Enigma captured Brogan and converted her into his Enigma Queen of Evil.

The Queen ruled Mirabilis for several months with her co-Regent (a criminal Celestine from the Dawn of Time). A psychic vampire, she fed off the fear and doubt of her victims, subjecting them to mental torture by projecting her thoughts and feelings into them. Became the teacher of the Savages (the new time sensitives) and commanded her army of Chaos until the Doctor returned to destroy her.

Using a modified Temporal Transduction Delineator powered by Celestine time crystals, the Doctor engulfed the Enigma Queen and Celestine Regent in a temporal whirlpool. The Enigma energy was depleted and scattered through out time and space effectively destroying it's overpowering sentience.


Completely evil. Cunning and deceptive. Cruel and predatory.


Can not be destroyed or killed. To maintain its own sentience, the Enigma must feed on the life essence (i.e. soul) of other sentient creatures. Feeding is achieved by making physical contact with creatures, lulling them into hypnotic submission with the glare of its red eyes. Physical entry into a creature's body must take place for feeding on the soul to begin. Once inside the victim, the Enigma may exert tremendous psychic forces to stimulate a victims memory cells and invoke great fear and pain. When the victim relinquishes self will, the Enigma feeds on the soul and awareness of the victim.

The Enigma may also use hypnotic control to temporarily turn sentient creatures into his zombie minions. By eye contact alone, the victim is mentally controlled. Zombies have red glowing eyes (like possessed victims), superhuman strength, immunity to pain, but do not come in physical contact with the Enigma's elemental forces. Therefore, once hypnotic control is broken (with a Delta Wave Inhibitor), zombies stumble in drunken confusion until returning to their normal selves.

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski.

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