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E'Thrax's Biography


Character Name: E'Thrax
Stories: Revenge of Shada, Reunion of Evil
Creator: Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider


A timelord. Short with a penchant for wearing black vinyl suits and a domed shaped helmet. A little tyrant.


Imprisoned on Shada (the timelord prison planet) for his various crimes, E'Thrax was/is considered the most dangerous timelord renegade of all. Recruiting several fellow prisoners and building his bloodthirsty warbots, he took of Shada turning it into his secret base. Then sending his warbots, led by his number one bot Odo the Mutilator, he attempted to turn Gallifrey's sun supernova and gain control of the Matrix. His plan was thwarted by the meddling Doctor, but E'Thrax managed to trick the Doctor into aiding his escape from Shada. (Revenge of Shada)

While the timelords searched for the other Shada escapees, E'Thrax secretly built another space station and siphoned early time technology secrets from his spy on the Gallifreyan High Council (Councilor Damon). With this stolen knowledge, E'Thrax set about reassembling the Morag (a substance that could rewrite time) to power his Time Eliminator. Using his warbots through time and space, he narrowed his search for the last component of the Morag on 20th Century Earth. In the peaceful village of Craigmoor Scotland, his warbots found the last components disguised as a pendant belonging to the Doctor's newest companion (Brogan MacGill).

In search of a generator hidden on Shada by Flavia (President of the High Council), E'Thrax sent his warbots on a raid that resulted in the Second Great Shada Prison Breakout. While the timelords scattered to find the escapees, E'Thrax completed his time eliminator. Ordering the device to erase the Doctor from time and space, the Morag turned on him and banished E'Thrax to the world of Anti-matter. (Reunion of Evil)


A little tyrant who is more likely to direct villainous actions from a remote location. Like a spider in a web, he lets his homicidal warbots do his dirty work.


A genius in robotics and temporal engineering.

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