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Flavia's Biography

Character Name: Flavia
Stories: Reunion of Evil, Gallifreyan Holidays, Angels of Time
Played by: Ruth Dempsey (TArkkannan or JamieMcCrm)
Position: Renegade timelord (former President of the High Council)


Regeneration: Second
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Eyes: blue
Skin: Extremely fair
Build: slim
College: Pryddonnian


First appeared in the sim as the President of the High Council of Gallifrey.

She was a masterful and cunning politician more than capable of managing the conspiracies of the timelords. During her tenure, E'Thrax staged a massive breakout of Shada and attempted to take over the Matrix with the aid of his remote controlled Warbots (Revenge of Shada). Flavia succesfully dealt with the situation (with the aid of the Doctor and Romana 2) and directed her minions to hunt down the remaining Shada Escapees. During this time, she developed an interest in monitoring the travels of the Doctor through the Matrix APC Net (Jurassic Gambit).

Her voyeuristic habit was at odds with her otherwise cold and formal role as the esteemed leader of the timelords. Then again so was her interest, some say favoritism, for the renegade Doctor. Having gone to University with "Theta", as she calls him, Flavia developed an unrequited school girl crush on the timelord. His blunt refusal to see her as anything more than a friend both infuriated and frustrated her. That and his secret favoritism for a certain redhead (the Doctor's late wife Loradnuropeia) were the causes of some friction in their otherwise congenial friendship, But while the Doctor choose to flee Gallifrey in favor of a renegade's life, Flavia took on the mantel of leading her people. A job she did to Rassilonic proportion.

Well into her reign as some say the most powerful president since Rassilon, Flavia developed an avid interest in studying her predecessor's reign. She became an expert on the Dark Scrolls and ancient traditions of the timelord race. Of particular interest was Rassilon's early time travels to forbidden period of history known simply as the Dawn of Time. (A period immediately proceeding Event One yet before the earliest galaxy was formed.) Minoring in historical studies while at University, Flavia was drawn to the old legends that spoke of an ancient race of time travelers often referred to in legend as Seraphim Tempus (Angels of Time). Due to the secrets Flavia learned, she used her presidential office to forbid any time travel expeditions to the Dawn of Time. (This caused tension between her and the influential Councillor Damon).

After surviving another attempt by E'Thrax to take over Gallifrey and Councillor Damon's treason, Flavia's reign saw its first period of extended peace. The Shada Escapees were for the most part accounted for. The High Council was comfortable with her icy rule and she was free to openly pursue her interests in the old ways. In the spirit of forgiveness and history, she revived Rassilon's tradition of celebrating the millenium. But at the massive, open celebration in the Capitol, Flavia mysteriously vanished.

From then on, her reign was steeped in intrigue and conflict. The Castellan took over, instituting his own brutal policies of order. Wild rumors spread about her secret research into the forbidden scrolls. And finally a cryptic message came announcing her abrupt and resolute resignation. Reason given that she wished to purse her valuable research into the Dawn of Time.

When she discovered the gateway (wormhole) to a temporal barrier in the Hellical Galaxy, she was captured by Evil Celestines (Lucen, Compassion and Wisdom). Used as bait to draw the Doctor into their schemes (Angels of Time), she was trapped for months in the domain of ancient time traveling race.

Escaping with the Doctor's aid, she was nevertheless traumatized enough to trigger the regeneration she had been putting off.

Flavia's last known whereabouts were at the Time Trap Bar where the Doctor deposited her immediately following her escape from the Dawn of Time. Since then, she has intentionally been unreachable to Gallifrey deciding her life as a renegade preferable to entrapment as a Gallifreyan politician.


Her newest regeneration has gone from being a stuffy, superior politician with a disconcertingly blunt tongue (some say crass) to being a dashing, daring adventurer - with the same disconcertingly blunt tongue. Taking a liking to one of the kittens born aboard the TARDIS (from Keegan's cat Trouble), Flavia adopted the calico female Zoe (renamed Harlequin or "Harly").


A member of the Pryddonnian College of Timelords, she shares the Doctor's cunning and devious intelligence. In addition, she is a noted diplomat able to insult and compliment in the same sentence. Her bluntness is both feared and craved.

She graduated with honors in the usual timelord subjects. Thermodynamics, temporal engineering, transduction linear sciences as well as technicical anthropology (the study of scientic development among societies). She minored in ancient historical studies with a special interest into pre-temporal engineering ages.

Bio courtesy of Ruth Dempsey and Jen Kokoski

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