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Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell's Biography
aka "Fred" or "Eos"

Fred aka Eos in her superhuman form

Player's Name: David A. Sharpe
Character's Position: Companion
Preview: A Place In the Sun
Introduction: Joined the TARDIS crew in Wood Between The Worlds, September 2002


Originally called "Eos", she is a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People". She began her existence as a being of pure energy living in the corona of a sun. But as a result of saving the Doctor and Irish from a supernova, she was forced to adopt a corporeal form to survive. Her human form is based on images from the Doctor and Irish's minds.

In human form, she's a slender girl, in her young 20's. She adopted the human name Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short).


Eos began life hidden from normal view as a pure energy being living contently in the corona of Odin's Eue, very near the Alfheim Research & Recreation facility. When her people were threatened by the station's close proximity to their nursery and the coming supernova, Eos helped her father Lucifer make contact with the corporeal residents of Alfheim. As a consequence, she befriended the Doctor's feline companion Irish. They developed a unique mental bond based on both's skills with energy wavelengths.

When it appeared the Doctor and Irish were going to sacrifice themselves in the supernova to save her people, Eos used her lifeforce to push their TARDIS out of the known Universe and into the Wood Between The Worlds. Her lifeforce was nearly spent in the effort. To save her from extinction, she was given a new corporeal form to house her lifeforce/spirit.

Eos chose to travel with the Doctor and Irish as they explored the alter-universes opened by the Woods. She befriended Flash Gordon and picked up his 1930's style flight jacket. She helped Sherlock Holmes and his wife locate the Holy Grail in 1920's England. As a result of her travels into the worlds of Hogwarts and England, Eos shed her energy name and became "Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell", Fred for short.

Though humanoid, Fred found she retained some of her unique energy abilities while encountering the Legion of Superheroes. There she found a pseudo-home for herself. But for now Fred travels with the Doctor in hopes of contacting her family and helping save the universe from impending catastrophe.


Bright and sunny most of the time. Fred is best described as "plucky". Her human life is only less than a year old. She can be somewhat naive about the nuances of human interactions. She doesn't know how to lie or cheat. She has no hostile or violent tendencies. She wants to trust easily, and reacts with confusion when she's betrayed. She's intensely loyal to the Doctor and Irish - the first corporeal beings she came to know as friends.


She retains the ability to communicate via telepathy, giving her a straightforward rapport with Irish. Most of her other energy being skills have been lost in all realities except the Legion of Superheroes universe. There she has the ability to freeze people with a simple touch.

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