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The Gamester's Biography

Character Name: The Gamester
Stories: Revenge of Shada, Mallsville, The Time Tournament
Creator: Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider


A timelord renegade who's physical description can change from appearance to appearance. But despite his many disguises, he can not hide his Vegas Lounge Lizard personae.


First appeared as a prisoner Shada, the timelord prison planet. Helping the renegade E'Thrax, the Gamester offered to help the Doctor gain entry to the prison in exchange for the promise of a game. He escaped Shada after tricking the Doctor into lowering the defense shields of the prison and letting the prisoners go free. (Revenge of Shada).

Several months later, the Gamester lured the Doctor and his companions (Tegan and Delmin) to a world of endless malls. His intention was to humiliate and trap the Doctor in a game of his making, but the Gamester avoided capture and fled once again. (Mallsville)

Hunted by the timelords and their agent the Doctor, the Gamester built the Menagerie as a macabre prison/death row for the harsh Morellians. A space station consisting of a giant maze, convicts were brought to face death in the wicked televised games called the Time Tournament. The Gamester, trapped by the Morellians, used his timelord skills to yank the TARDIS out of time and space. Separating the Doctor from his companions (K9 and Zoe), he forced them to face the challenges of the menagerie with the aid of a natural opponent. Luring the Doctor to the center of the maze, the Gamester challenged him to a game of Venusian Poker which he lost forcing the Doctor to take his place as the Master of Ceremonies on the Menagerie.

In his attempt to steal the Doctor's TARDIS and flee, the Gamester was captured by the Doctor and his friends. They all escaped bare seconds before the Menagerie computer, left unstable without a Master of Ceremonies, blew up the space station. The Gamester was returned to Shada to serve out the rest of his sentence. (The Time Tournament)

After the second great Shada Jailbreak, the cells were counted and the Gamester was mysteriously missing. His whereabouts remain unknown. (Reunion of Evil)


Loves games of all games. A brilliant strategist but poor loser. He can never pass up a game, but has been known to cheat to win.


Excellent strategist and mathematician. Has experience designing intricate computer web systems such as the massive Menagerie computer. Also a competent in robotics and cybernetics as exemplified by his ability to build toy daleks and assist E'Thrax in the original Warbot design.

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski

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