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The "New" Guardian's Biography

Character Name: The "New" Guardian
Status: Recurring Character, now open for play
Stories: The Final UNIT Story, Gallifreyan Holiday, Coming of Age & the Time Trap Adventures
Player's Name: James Mah
Alias/Screen Name: Dr Hammai


Race: Energy Being
Previous Race: Timelord
Gender: Both
Height: not applicable
Weight: not applicable
Build: not applicable

Looks: The Guardian's appearance may vary. In its original form it is a ball of energy. The Guardian prefers to use the bodies of its two aspects, Zodin and Valeyard.

Age: Time means nothing to the Guardian. At the time of its creation the Guardians seperate aspects were the age of the twelth Doctor.

Powers/Special Skills

The Guardian has a large amount of power at its disposal. Once it has made a deal it will do anything to fulfil its part of the bargin. However its power is limited and it will employ agents to do its bidding.

The Guardian is the chosen succesor of the Black and White Guardians. It is neither a he or a she but rather a they. Indeed the Guardian is the amalgamation of two oppisite beings, both considered enigmas. Each being is concious of the amalgamation. The negative side of the Guardian is the Valeyard, the evil half of the Twelth Doctor.

The positive side is Zodin, the good side of the twelth Doctor in another dimension where events began to differ during the Seventh Doctor's lifetime. Zodin was brought into the dimension and brainwashed by the Black Guardian whom she served for a short time. When these two halves of the Doctor tried to combine into the Doctor the incombatibility of the dimensions forced them to become a single being of energy. A being with two minds.

After the Death of the Black Guardian the White Guardian was forced to transfer all of the power of the guardians to a single being. He chose the only neutral being in existence, the Valeyard/Zodin being. After transfering the power the White Guardian died.

The Guardian does not play the games of its predecesors. Rather than trying to promote good or evil in the Universe the Guardian defends the cosmos from beings who alter the path of the Universe away from the natural path. These beings, usualy from other dimension, range from small objects to god-like organisms.

As the Guardian is in essence the Doctor it often uses the Doctor's rules in intervening. Because of this the Doctor, in one life or the other, is the prefered choice for intervention. However the Guardian is rather new at its job and sometimes chooses the wrong agents for the job. (There is a report that The Guardian once sent rogue Time Lord Warlord to end a battle between two living suns. The Federation ambassador Alpha Centurai was called in to fix all problems.)

Bio courtesy of James Mah.

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