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Irish the Cat's Biography

 Irish's Baby Picture

Player's Name: Rob Stubbs
Alias: Irish TCat
Character's Position: Companion
Introduction: Countdown to Oblivion. Became an official companion October, 1997 in Rescue for Romana.


A medium sized short haired tom cat with green fur while a normal cat ..


Irish has all normal cat traits both good and bad despite his intelligence ..


Irish has shown several talents besides the normal cat ones. He can understand Terran and Gallifreyan in both written and spoken form.. He can enlarge to the size of a large tiger and shrink down to the size of a small kitten.. The alteration is very painful but Irish is gradually learning how to reduce it.. Irish mild telepathic capacities received a boost while he was on Mirabilis but have since returned to the levels they were before.. The Voice is currently exploring the possibilities of recreating the affect of Mirabilis but has thus far proven unable to do so.. The Tardis has a mental link with Irish every bit as strong as the one with the Doctor.. Also a subset of the Tardis databanks that seems to be K9 is able to communicate directly with Irish teaching him about the Universe.. Because of Irish's sensitivity to The Doctors Tardis he can also sense other Tardis's when he is very close to them .. Irish can also shift into other forms but has not shown anyone else this talent.. Irish can communicate with his family no matter where or when they are..


Irish is the first born of a litter of four and the most unusual of Trouble's kittens . Being born in a Tardis has altered all of the kittens in someway .. Since birth Irish has been in contact with a strange presence which seems to be the Doctor's Tardis.. As Irish has grown, the Voice as he calls it has undertaken training him.. Irish considers the Tardis his home and when the rest of his family stayed behind with Alex and Brogan Keegan , Irish choose to continue his journeys with the Doctor . His brother Orion has somehow managed to also stowaway aboard the Tardis .. Irish is still unused to Lane Stuart and maintains an uneasy relationship with him .. So far Irish has encountered two Romanas ( 2 , 4 ) , K9 II , K9 GI , The Guardian , Rodan , Rani ,Master , Mandrake , Tharils, Mechanoids ,The Beast , and a suicidal computer since leaving Mirabilis . What the future holds is anyone's guess.

Bio and graphics courtesy of Rob Stubbs aka Irish

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