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Jacie Hunter's Biography

Character Name: Jacie Hunter (Jacinda)
Joined: Crystals of Menfret (August 1999)
Left: A Place In The Sun (August 2001)
Played by: Jen Kokoski
Position: Former TARDIS Companion, recurring character
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Species: Human, but she traveled with the Space Time Gypsies
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair: Irish Red
Eyes: blue
Skin: freckled
Build: athletic
Age: 16 when she joined the Doctor, 18-19 when she left


Jacie has grown a lot since her first introduction in "Tempus Fugitive" She was an active teenager, 16-17 years old, with a somewhat cynical outlook on life. She was a survivor of the Dalek invasion of Earth in 2154-2164, lost her entire family and ended up traveling in time with the vagabond STiGs (Space-Time Gypsies). She had learned to survive on her wits and give only half a care about morality. She stole to get by, lied if she had to, and ignored everything to save herself. Not due to selfishness as much as a disconnection from time and space. She was still running from her childhood. Being a gypsy was just an excuse. But underneath her blaise self preservation, Jacie realized she needed more than a vagabond existence. She wanted to believe in something again. Something the Daleks couldn't take away. Then she met the Doctor. He taught her the value of getting involved with the people she met on her travels. She learned to care, to take a heroic position in time and space and save those she would have just escaped from before. She became a resourceful member of his crew. She used her talent for picking pockets and playing cons to defeat the bad guys. And over the years, she became a self sufficient young woman ready to challenge the wrongs of the Universe. But as she enters adulthood, the ghosts of her childhood still haunt her in new painful ways. Loss seems to be her constant companion, and her reaction to it is her greatest weakness.

Early History

Jacie was born Jacinda Huntington in London, Earth 2156 in a time of prosperity and advancing technology. Her extended family was large and happy, but just days after her baby sister was born a plaque swept through the world. It was the first Dalek assault. Half her family died from the germ warfare while her folks tried to find a cure. She was 8 when the Daleks invaded in full force, killing many (including her parents) and enslaving the rest. She, her older brother (Noah Michael) and baby sister (Caryn) tried to escape London just before the Daleks vaporized it in 2164. Both her siblings were killed leaving Jacie to fend for herself into the countryside.

Jacie was found by a band of traveling STiGs encamped just outside London. Nico Lazarus, brother to the gypsy leader, took a liking to her and saved her from the Daleks hunting her. She was taken into time and cared for by the STiG caravan with Nico assuming the role of her uncle. Jacie was 8 then, eager to forget her past and so she embraced the life of a Space-Time Gypsy. She learned their philosophies, technology, customs and got wrapped up in their many escapes from the Chronotin Time Cops through time. Because she is human, she does not share their natural genetic predisposition to time travel. She is not a "temporal being", hence her presence with the caravan is strictly forbidden by all laws of time.

When Jacie was 14, a philosophical revolution overcame the STiG caravans. A celestial enemy had destroyed 75% of the caravans gathered for a millenial gathering on one of their homeworlds. The survivors flocked to the protection and guidance of another celestial being (White Pheonix). They chose to abandon their selfish gypsy ways to serve her in the guidance of the universe. Jacie and her Uncle Nico rebelled against being in a "moralistic" cult and chose instead to travel alone. Now the two gypsies only have each other as they time jump from one destination to another, exploring, enjoying, and never getting too attached or caught.

Having been left to their own devices, Jacie and her uncle must provide for themselves. That includes finding proper equipment for their travel bracelets when they detoriate. It was when Jacie recently needed a time crystal to repower her bracelet that she and her uncle crossed paths with the legendary Doctor in Tempus Fugitive. She'd heard of the timelord before (the gypsies said he was the one who saved her Earth), but was skeptical about his supposed good deeds. Timelords, as a rule, are just as nosy and dictatorial as Time Cops. But as Jacie helped him defeat the meglamaniac plans of the Security Chief to destroy time, she began to wander if the Doctor dogooder did deserve the praise people without time had given him.


Just as Jacie was beginning to question the fearmongering stories of the STiGs, her Uncle Nico realized it was time for them to part. He "abandoned" her to the Doctor's care on Menfret telling her he had to seek the gypsy lost "Singing Star Crystals" alone and she was better off with the Doctor.

Jacie resented being marooned on the Doctor's TARDIS, her own time bracelet sabotaged by her uncle. She traveled with the timelord and his pet morphing cat only until she could repair her own means of time travel. But from her very first adventure, to the Federation planet of Peladon, Jacie was pushed into the Doctor's way of getting involved in time and space. She learned from him a new way of dealing with loss. As the Doctor sought to unravel the truth surrounding his beloved wife's loss (Season: Dreams of Ancient Days), Jacie too faced the memories of her lost childhood. After battling the warped timelord Omicron, Jacie decided she would stay with the Doctor and his TARDIS - a full fledged member of his crew.

By the time she encountered the Daleks again on Karn (Scourge of Nebrunter), Jacie felt she had finally triumphed over the horrors of her childhood. She dealt the daleks a crippling blow, saving a colony of innocent space travellers and an ancient civilization. But mostly, she had found a new family and a new saviour in the Doctor and his motley home.

Jacie became the Doctor's most ardent supporter and one of his most capable protectors. She helped him through his journey to his ancient past. And in the future, they sought travel and excitement throughout the Universe.

As time wore on, it seemed new dangers awaited them, and new annoyances. Gallifrey was left in shambles after recent battles with insane timelords. Political intrigue began, and the Doctor's crew fell right into it. Jacie didn't really care who the newly electe president of Gallifrey would be. Her encounters with the timelords who conspired to murder the Doctor's wife were enough to teach her only the Doctor was the only trustworthy timelord in the Universe. At least that much the STiGs did get right.

But it turned out Jacie, by her unique existence in time, was marked. When the Gypsy Nation was obliterated by the Dragon of Amnria, she learned she was the reason why. Cardinal rules were broken by saving Jacie from the Daleks, taking her from her rightful place in time. The Doctor saved her, but not before she had a grim prophecy of her future. One day she would fail the Doctor and cause him more pain than anyone.

As Gallifrey's power structure evolved, Jacie fought the dark promise of her future. She wanted to follow in the Doctor's footsteps, to become his ally. And when Gallifrey elected a new president promising a bold new future of involvement, Jacie too vowed she would never let the Doctor down.

Then she encountered one demon after another. Cybermen, Rassilon and eventually even the Daleks. Things started to change for Jacie when the mind of Rassilon reached out to her, probing her worth to time ("Rassilon's Child"). She had become a young woman by then, an adult by most society's laws. And with adulthood came new questions of authority. She wanted to believe in the Doctor's ways, to know he always had the right answer. But that mythical belief fell apart too when they encountered the demon daleks once again trying to invade a peaceful planet. Jacie was reliving her childhood, the history that was supposed to leave her dead like all her family. A plaque ravaged a peaceful planet, orphaning a little girl not much younger than she was. While the Doctor sought a nonviolent solution, Jacie was left to fight for herself. She survived, but only after another person (Thal Commander Tara) sacrificed herself in Jacie's place.

The aftermath of that war left Jacie shellshocked. Migraines assailed her mind. She found herself beginning to doubt whether the Doctor was just a little too much of a pacifist for a Universe plagued by evil. In this turning point of her life, once again disaster struck.

The Doctor was taking them for a little sightseeing tour of one of the Universe's most fleeting wonders - a resort space station in the corona of a sun. Like always they found trouble. The sun was going supernova and the station inhabitants wouldn't have enough time to escape. A new race of energy beings was on the verge of extinction if the station was not removed from the hatchery opening. They were supposed to just help them escape, but the TARDIS like Jacie's head was not up to par after the Dalek war. The Doctor turned to the timelords to help, or more specifically to the graduate team of the Doctor Observation Corps. Jacie was assigned to help the refugees escape to the D.O.C. TARDIS, and keep the team's teacher timelady Peregrine on the up and up. The TARDIS's were linked and the Doctor and Irish were supposed to escape with them by a helpful tow. But then the link was severed. Jacie fought to regain control, to force the D.O.C. TARDIS to go back and save the Doctor and Irish. But it was too late. As Jacie watched, the station imploded in the heat of a supernova taking the TARDIS and Jacie's new family with it.


She's a natural born human, not a member of a extratemporal race. She can not travel through time without a temporal stabilizer device. She has learned to be a time mechanic from the STiGs, but her knowledge is limited regarding theory. She can juryrig a control circuit or temporal stabilizer, but she can't tell you why it works.

She's a master pickpocket. Being small and athletic she can get in and out of the tiniest places. She also good at feigning her true identity and picking locks. She always carries a pouch on her belt filled with tricks of the trade: lockpicks, electronic keys, pen laser, snoop device (audio/video recorder) and some glitter dust/laughing gas pellets to distract the mark or Time Cop.


Jacie is the sole survivor of the TARDIS crew. The timelord President Maxim has requested she return to Gallifrey with the D.O.C. Team and search for any traces of the Doctor in time and space. Jacie doesn't trust the timelords, but she will be damned before she lets herself lose another family.

Bio courtesy of Ruth Dempsey and Jen Kokoski

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