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K9 mk 4's Biography

Player: Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff
Alias/Screenname: K9 mk 4
Status: former TARDIS Companion
Iintroduction: January, 1996 - The Jurassic Gambit Adventure
Departure: February, 1997 - The Ultimate Sacrifice

K9 is a computerized robot dog that has been a faithful "second-best friend" to the Doctor for two incarnations, the fourth and the tenth.

K9 made his first television appearance in the 1977 story "The Invisible Enemy" with Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor. The first K9, Mark 1 version, was created by Professor Marius of the Bi-Al Foundation in the 50th century. At the end of the story, Marius gave K9 to the Doctor as a gift because Marius was going back to Earth and couldn't take K9 with him. K9 Mark 1's last appearance was on "Invasion of Time" and stayed on the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey with the Doctor's companion Leela. He now works with the Chancellery Guards on Gallifrey.

K9 Mark 2's first appearance was in the following story "The Ribos Operation." K9 Mark 2 was built by the Doctor himself and made this K9 smarter, more humorous, and more mobile than the old one. This version stay with the Doctor for three seasons and made his final appearance in "Warrior's Gate" when it left with the 2nd Romana in E-Space. He now works with Romana to help free a race of time sensitives called Tharils. This was the last time K9 was on Doctor Who in a supporting role.

During the time the Doctor had K9 Mark 2, he built a third one and gave him to an preivious companion, Sarah Jane Smith (this all happened offscreen and not on the show). K9 Mark 3 made his first appearance in a speacial called "K9 and Company." He also made a cameo in "The Five Doctors" before Sarah Jane got snatched by the Time Scoop.

K9 Mark 4 was originally just a head fitted onto the TARDIS console by the 10th Doctor. K9 Mark 4 in his head form rarely spoke and usually was just used to play chess with the Doctor or just to keep the Doctor company. On a couple of occasions, the head of K9 was put on a temporary body and participated in the adventures. After the 10th Doctor's companions Tegan Jovanka, Ben Jackson, and Daniel Delmin left, the Doctor got lonely and decided to give K9 a body. The body he made outclass all the previous versions. It has a propulsion system that enables K9 to fly for a short length in time. It also has force fields that can correct K9's position in case he is on his side. The battery units are 10 times more powerful than any other version and cannot be as easily drained by an outside force. There are many other features that are too numerous to mention. After K9's head was put onto the new body, K9 hooked himself to the TARDIS console and started to update his memory banks. He came across a program called "Cockney." When he accessed it, it took over his personality circuits and reprogramed them. K9 immediately shut down when he was attacked, and when he came back on, his personality was that of a Cockney person (Very much like Ben Jackson). He talked and sounded like a Cockney. K9 is now more rash, insensitive, and he can be very annoying when he wants to be. He even calls the Doctor "Guv." This whole personality change has upset the Doctor and has vowed to fix this problem, one day. For now, K9 Mark 4 is his own dog. That is, until the Doctor interferes. ;)

Bio courtesy of Bill "the Doctor" Rudloff aka DoctorWho8 and K9 mk 4.

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