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Player's Name: David A. Sharpe
Alias: AlexKeegan and/or AlxKeegan2
Character's Position: Companion
Preview: In Blood Moon, May 1996
Introduction: Joined the crew in Terror in Paradise, February 1997
Departed: after The Legacy of the Damned, October 1997


Keegan, a mid-30th Century human, is 5'9" with a lean athletic build. He has short medium-brown hair and is clean shaven. He has green-hazel eyes and a fair complexion. The general opinion of him, held by his female shipmates on the ARGOS, was "cute and cuddly."

He kept his military uniforms, but is currently working his way threw the TARDIS supply of costumes. His personal belongings include his Omnicomp 3000, a collection of holos of family, friends and shipmates, and his mother and father's wedding rings.


Keegan was born on Earth in the mid-30th Century to Henri and Lisbeth Keegan. He had a younger sister, Marie. He also had a girlfriend, Noriko.

When he was fifteen, the family joined the Vradoz Colonial Expedition, the last colony to be attempted by the Empire before it's collapse in the late 30th Century. His girlfriend was supposed to go with he and his family, but she changed her mind the day before the expedition left.

Unknown to the colonists, Vradoz was the original home of the Mandragora Helix. This fact spelled doom for the colony (as was revealed in "Blood Moon").

The colony did well for it's first few months. Then people started disappearing. They were turned into wolves by the planetary computer system. The wolves began attacking the colony with savage cunning, wrecking the communications equipment and killing colonists, a few at a time at first. By the end of the first year on Vradoz, however, only a dozen or so were alive. They bravely struggled to survive, but their situation appeared hopeless.

Then the Doctor, K9 and Zoe arrived.

With the timely help of the Doctor and his companions, the colonists were saved and the menace of the Mandragora ended. The wolves were returned to their original human form. The Doctor and K9 left on their search for Zoe, and a relief arrived, taking the survivors back to Earth.

Keegan quickly discovered that Earth was no longer the home of his youth. What had been a golden world full of sun and life was now the corrupt uncaring homeworld of a corrupt Empire.

Keegan also learned that his girlfriend, Noriko, had not waited for him. Instead, she had become the consort of a high ranking Count.

Soon he was reunited with Capt. Bevan and Lt. Carter. Realizing they had a common disillusionment, the three left Earth, journeying across the Empire to immigrate to the Lyonnian Hegemony.

Keegan won a scholarship to Merdrake College on Lyonesse, homeworld of the Hegemony. Upon graduation, he was wooed into service in the Hegemonic Guard, and stationed at the Weapons Lab on Znuvan Prime.

There he ran afoul of the military bureacracy. His colleagues either refused to listen to his ideas or stole them and claimed them for their own. When he complained to his superiors, he was accused of bucking the chain of command.

Bevan, now a Colonel and commanding the Hegemonic Guard Cruiser ARGOS, learned of Keegan's predicament. He wangled Keegan a billet on the ship, serving under Carter as Assistant Armorer. Keegan loved the camraderie of cruiser service, though a part of him felt his mind was being wasted as a simple Guardsman.

Then came a distress call from the agro-colony on Elysium, and a reunion with the Doctor and his companions. That incident left Keegan stranded on Elysium, weary of the mindless discipline of the Guard. He abandoned his commission for the freedom and wonder of traveling with the Doctor.


Keegan is curious. He likes to take things apart and see how they work. He's smart and intuitive.

Keegan likes having fun and playing pranks. He knows the difference between playing pranks and hurting people, and will never hurt his friends. The bad guys? Well, that's another matter.

He can handle himself in a fight. He's not afraid to use weapons, and is comfortable with them. He will kill if neccessary to protect himself and others, but will avoid it if at all possible.

Keegan is afraid of being alone. He has lost friends and loved ones and doesn't want to lose anyone else.


Keegan trusts the Doctor. He does what the Doctor tells him, though he doesn't hesitate to ask questions if he doesn't understand.

He hero worships Zoe. He remembers her courage when attacked by the wolves on Vradoz, and how she sacrificed herself to save him and the other surviving colonists.

He pals around with Brogan. He plays pranks on her and banters with her. He also shares his thoughts and feelings with her.


After joining the TARDIS Crew, Keegan found himself part of a pseudo family again. He proved himself a trustworthy protector and loyal friend, but he soon found he desired more than to play intertemporal hero. After a somewhat contentious beginning with cynical Brogan, he found a friendship with her deeper than he had ever known. And his penchant for being the upstanding, nearly unreproachable good guy suffered one major flaw: he had a soft spot for cats. For months he, with Brogan's help, hid his snow white ship cat Trouble from the allergic Doctor. That secret mission only furthered their sense of partners-in-crime, trusting each other implicitly. Yet the deeper Keegan's feelings grew for his best friend the more she seemed to back away. He learned the terrible secret that haunted her dreams in the Legacy of the Damned. Faced with the universal belief Brogan had been killed by the Enigma and turned into a cruel psychic vampire, Alex refused to believe it. He defied all common sense, including the Doctor's strict instructions, to make one last brave attempt to save her. Their love freed her from the Enigma's clutches and gave them a second chance at the life each had lost as children. Alex and Brogan chose to stay on 31st century Mirabilis (just a generation after he departed) to rebuild a universal peace in the new Federation and be surrogate parents to the time sensitive Savage Celestine children. They were married in a lavish celebration just after the events of Legacy.

Since then Keegan was appointed head of the ruling council of Mirabilis. He's known for his devotion to his family, post and the values the Doctor fostered within him. Together with Brogan he was recruited as a co-proprietor of the Time Trap Bar by the New Guardian and Angels of Time. He has toddler twins and several devoted Celestine Savage children.

Bio courtesy of David A. Sharpe aka NorisAlex or AlexKeegan.

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