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Lady *L*'s Biography

Character Name: Lady *L*
Stories: Forlorn Gambit, Cat's Eye
Creator: Rob L. Stubbs


*L* is from an alternate universe where she was exposed several times to a chemical creation of the Rani  in her second incarnation . [see  Rescue For Romana ] Medical examination revealed no untoward side effects at that time . It was during an investigation of a mysterious space station that the 2nd Romana was killed by that space station's security system . During the
regeneration the effects of the Rani's chemicals activated splitting Romana into two distinctive individuals with the indentical appearance .  The two worked together to escape the Space Station but afterwards the dark side escaped . The benevolent Romana returned to Gallifrey to become Lord President while the malevolent  one renamed herself L and began her attempts
to achieve universal domination .

*L* began her studies into Genetics to see if she could make certain that if the regeneration process happened again that the two would not become one. Despite her growing expertise she was still uncertain as to her fate if she eliminated Romana . This was the only reason that *L* was not terminated when she was captured and brought before the High Council for her many crimes. Gallifrey had began a new age under the leadership of Romana that the High Council was afraid would end if they terminated *L*. She was sentenced to imprisonment in Shada but soon escaped . This was to be a re-occuring pattern
for many years .

Finally *L* managed to replace her twin with a clever scheme. Fearing that the High Council would discover the switch *L* stayed in character as Romana for the next 2 years . *L* had acheived her goal but found all of it somehow disappointing. Ruling the universe was far too dull and boring . Once again The Doctor managed to find out the truth and soon the real Romana was brought forth from the private jail facilities. *L* returned to her prison to rethink all her goals. The High Council was nervous when *L* didnt escape but accepted their luck..

Then her old enemy and one of his companions was brought to the brink of death by an insane Rani. Romana approached her to save the Doctor with an offer of a pardon and permanent exile to a small farming planet on the outskirts of the galaxy .   *L* managed to cure the Doctor but his companion was put in stasis due to his unusual metabolism.  The High Council ordered
the destruction of the alien companion due to its evergrowing presense in the Matrix.   *L*  entered the Matrix secretly and convinced the alien to incorporate his mental essence into an expermental timeship. Then she placed the stasis chamber onboard the timeship hiding it deep within. The High Council convinced that they had managed to destroy the alien despite the
Doctors protests agreed to the sentence for *L*.

No one connected the hijacking of the experimental timeship with *L* since she had begun her sentence several months earlier and soon *L* and her new companion Siri departed that universe to find a new home in this one. *L* after rethinking what she really wants becomes a behind the scenes mastercriminal and assassin .

Skills and Talents

*L* is a master in the field of Genetics and Life Sciences due to her many years of constant research . She has also discovered and improved upon the Ancient Gallifreyans talents of Memory editing which she uses constantly to wipe away any trace of her appearance in those she encounters. *L* dislikes brawling intensely and has avoiding learning any martial skills . To compensate she carries several incapacitating  and deadly chemical compounds . She also has a genuine talent at leadership which she has used to forge a network of criminals spread throughout time and space.


*L* was originally a very intense driven person with a profound desire to rule the universe .  Her time as temporary ruler of Gallifrey has altered her personality and outlook on life to a large degree. *L* now wastes no time becoming too emotional involved in her projects which has made her a far more dangerous adversary. She still holds a great deal of hatred for the Rani in her heart but doesnt allow it to override her common sense . She holds a great degree of ambivilence towards this universe version of her Doctor which has lead to her frequent hidden meddling. *L* possessed a keen sense of ironic humor which motivates her more obscure actions at times . *L* prefers subtley to her plots and plans avoiding drama while maintaining an
element of risk .


An attractive woman of moderate height with raven hair and eyes.

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