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Lane Stuart's Biography

As written by Lane himself


Character Name: The Incredible Lane Invincible Lane Stuart? Nah... The Inimitable Lane...ah, screw it.
Player's Name: Andre Bennett
Alias: AmazinBoyS
Character's Position: Companion
Introduction: Legacy of the Damned. Became an official companion October, 1997 in Rescue for Romana.
Departure: March 1999, Fizzy Florana


I am however you wish to picture me, but I'd rather you picture me as having brown hair and eyes, around 5' 7", 120 lbs., and 17 years old.


Nothing abnormal so far, except sometimes I think I can understand the cat...I'm going nuts...but if I can't, then why do I keep getting headaches when I hear the cat speak?

Place of Origin

Philadelphia, PA. 1997.


Not much to tell. Born. Went to school. Liked a girl. Went out with said girl after a few months. Got kidnapped by alien slavers on the first date. Escaped. Had all sorts of wacky adventures. Hooked up with FIST, an intergalactic strike force. Met the Doctor while in FIST, fighting the Enigma. Started hanging with the Doctor, thinking he could get me home. He can, but do I want to go back now?


Lane struggled to find himself within the crew while trying to overcome his rocky past. After being hunted by his former slavemaster (the mobster Joseph), embroiled in several schemes of ciminal timelords and nearly being eaten by Cheetah warriors, he was not quite certain time travel was a safe profession. When the Doctor decided to take his friends on a pleasure jaunt to Fizzy Florana, fate beckoned him to stay. The girl he lost to Patrick Swayze was there, eager to renew their friendship. Lane, wiser and a bit older in travel years, chose to leave the TARDIS crew.

Bio courtesy of Andre Bennett. Update by Jen Kokoski.

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