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The Mandrake's Biography

Character's Name: The Mandrake (formerly Glynn Tam).
Sim Stories: Vicious Circle, Council of Evil.


The Mandrake, a Timelord in his 2nd Incarnation, is 5' 6" tall with a thin, wiry build. He has short, jet black hair, is clean shaven, has ice blue eys and a pale complexion. His thinness is so pronounced that his appearance is somewhat skeletal and his face has a decidedly feral look to it. He wears clothing in various shades of grey, (generally prefering the darker shades). The shirts are always high-collared, the clothes well tailored. He wears knee high, black leather boots with all his outfits. Occasionally he will add a black cape and / or tight fitting black leather gloves. Often, he will add a Rapier sword, belted to his waist.


The Mandrake was once Glynn Tam, a dedicated and loyal Celestial Intervention Agency Agent. He joined the CIA at a fairly young age in his first incarnation. He spent the next 40 years of that incarnation working for the CIA on a variety of cases, becoming in that time, the best Agent the CIA had ever had.

Just before Lord President Flavia sent out her invitations for the Galifreyan Holiday, Glynn Tam was sent out on what was supposed to be a routine mission. On that mission he was attacked by an unknown individual and horribly injured. He made it back to his TARDIS only to discover that the Zero room was non-functional. He set the TARDIS to return to Galifrey just as his regeneration began.

Upon his arrival on Galifrey, he was found in the console room of his TARDIS, comatose, after he had suffered a catastrophic regeneration. He was taken to a hospital for observation and, if necessary, to force a regeneration to heal him. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. The Catastrophic regeneration had completely changed his personality, turning him into an evil, twisted and somewhat insane Timelord. The moment his regeneration was completed, Glynn Tam died, and the Mandrake was born.

When the Mandrake awoke in the hospital he quickly realized that he would have to leave immediately, before anyone discovered how much he had changed. So, he got up, dressed, and left the hospital, unobserved due to the events occuring at the celebration. He then quietly made his way to an older model TARDIS, entered, and left Galifrey. It was during this time that he decided to take the name, the Mandrake.

In the intervening period of time, he has spent a great deal of time and effort building up an extensive network of spies and agents.

At some point before Vicious Circle, the Mandrake snuck back onto Galifrey and gained access to the Matrix. This was how he gained his knowledge of the Doctor's past.

The Mandrake had a brief confrontation with the Doctor in Vicious Circle. A confrontation which he lost.


The Mandrake is highly intelligent, as intelligent as the Doctor. He is driven to attain his goals through force, power and intimidation. Yet, he stands apart from other villinous Timelords, in that he has his own, personal code of ethics. He expects loyalty from his minions, punishing disloyalty and trechary with a swift, merciful death. He will always keep his word of honor and uphold any bargains he makes. Although he will hesitate to give his word because it limits him, once given, he will abide by it. The Mandrake will lie, cheat and trick those he does not consider worthy of his respect. He may, or may not kill an unarmed person, depending on individual circumstances. However, he will never kill, although he would harm or kidnap, someone that he considers to be an innocent.

The Mandrake respects honor, intelligence and cunning. He can be quite charming, when he chooses to be or when he has something to gain by it. He is also quite vain about his appearance. He sees himself, and all Galifreyans as superior beings who's joint destiny is to conquer and rule the Galaxy. He believes his fellow Galifreyan's are naive and do not see the potential of the technology that they posses. He considers it to be his duty, and his destiny, to change the path of the Galifreyan people from thier current naive state, to that of a race of Galactic Conquerers. He also intends that he shall be the new Ruler of Galifrey when this change is brought about.


Well versed in the Temporal Sciences, he is able to pilot a TARDIS and has general
TARDIS repair skills. He is a brilliant Temporal Historian and a Master of Espionage; being highly skilled in disguise and possessing a natural ability to manipulate people. He also has an instinctive grasp and understanding of psychology and technology. He has average hand to hand combat abilities, but counter balances that with a natural affinity with edged weapons, particularly swords.

Bio courtesy of Joel Sharpe (Shorty 144).

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