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The Master's Biography

Character Name: The Master
Televised Stories: Terror of the Autons to the Fox Movie
Sim Adventures: War World, Murder on the High Seas, Revenge of Shada, Dial Z for Pleasure, Reunion of Evil, The Master's Revenge, Checkmate: The Dimensional Paradox, Shockwave


A timelord beyond his normal lot of regenerations he steals the bodies and lives of others to prolong his life. Stylish in demeanor and dress. Prefers black clothing. Has dark hair, matching goatee and mesmerizing eyes.


Commonly known as the Doctor's archenemy, the Master is one of the most enduring evil timelords of Who history.

He was first introduced in 1971 during the televised Doctor Who adventure Terror of the Autons. Played by Roger Delgado, the Master was revealed to be a rival timelord challenging the exiled Doctor (played by Jon Pertwee) for control of Earth. He made several reappearances over the next few years until Mr. Delgado's tragic death in a car accident.

The Master, an emaciated creature on his last regeneration, then attempted to open the Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey in order to prolong his life. In this adventure (Deadly Assassin), he also framed the Doctor for the assassination of the current President of the High Council but escaped capture.

His next appearance was in the Keeper of Traken where the Master obtained control of the keeper's powers and took over the body of Tremas (father of the Doctor's companion Nyssa). Played by Anthony Ainley, this Master was responsible for the 4th Doctor's (Tom Baker) death in Logopolis and battling the next two incarnations of the Doctor on various planets.

His last appearance on television was in the recent Fox Movie where the Master was executed by the Daleks, morphed into a snakelike creature and took over the body of a San Franciscan paramedic (played by Eric Roberts). Attempting to steal the Doctor's body to prolong his life again, the Master opened the Eye of Harmony imbedded in the TARDIS and was absorbed.

The Master has also enjoyed a long and varied history in the New Adventures of Doctor Who Simulation. Starting out in small parts in early sim history, he was called forth by the Black Guardian to stop the Doctor from reassembling the Key to Time. (War World)

Briefly joining forces with the Rani, the Master steered the TARDIS to a naval ship in the Bering Sea just after the Doctor's 10th regeneration. (Murder on the High Seas)

He was finally captured by the timelords and imprisoned on Shada where he met E'Thrax, the Gamester and his prot‚g‚ the Butler. There he aided E'Thrax's plot to take over the matrix and escaped along with his brethren during the first Great Shada Jailbreak. (Revenge of Shada)

Hunted by the timelords, the Master built a high tech vacation site in Z Space stealing the personalities of vacationers so he could turn them into his loyal minions. Unknowingly, his tampering caused the architects of Z Space, disembodied Interstellar Beings, to wake and hijack the Doctor's companion K9 mk 4 until they could reunite themselves with their brethren in the Mandragora Helix. The Master was tricked by the Doctor as they escaped Z Space before special instability destroyed it. He was returned to Shada to serve out his sentence. (Dial Z for Pleasure)

As clever as a snake, the Master retained a loyal servant from his Shada cell. Sabalom Glitz, brainwashed to be Lord Fatwallet in Z Space, aided him and the Butler in the next stage of his plan for universal conquest.

While in Shada the second time, the Master helped E'Thrax convert Councilor Damon of the High Council of Timelords into a faithful spy. Learning of President Flavia's illegal explorations into the Dawn of Time, he became aware of ancient Celestian Time Technology. From his prison, the Master instructed his prot‚g‚ the Butler to abduct Zoe Herriot from the Wheel in Space just months after the second Doctor's visit there. (First Contact)

When E'Thrax attacked Shada to steal a secret generator, the Master fought his way to freedom. His body having aged beyond viability, he found Damon in the prison ward of the Citadel med center of Gallifrey. After stealing one of Damon's regenerations for his own, the Master offered Damon freedom from treason charges in exchange for his servitude. (Reunion of Evil)

With his newfound freedom, the Master assembled his pawns aboard the Mawdryn Ship orbiting 20th Century Earth in a warp ellipse. Using Zoe Herriot as his guinea pig, the Master experimented with his stolen Celestian Time Technology to create an Interdimensional Nexus that would allow him to exists in any time and any places in infinite existences. But the experiment went awry and one temporal version of Zoe died while her others remained trapped in the Nexus - a void of nonexistence.

Unbeknownst to the Doctor, one temporal Zoe actually traveled with him for several adventures until she vanished into the Master's experiment. And then the Master waited and plotted for the meddling Doctor to arrive and save his friend.

When the Doctor arrived at the Mawdryn Ship, the Master took over his companions (Brogan MacGill & K9 mk 4). But turning his friends against the Doctor was not enough humiliation for the Master. He forced his old foe to sacrifice his lives to him via the Mawdryn Regeneration Laboratory in order to stabilize the temporally crippled Zoe. The Master was foiled when Damon and Brogan overcame his control and set his clothes on fire with an energy grenade. He escaped the Mawdryn ship via a fountain that was actually his TARDIS.

The Master reappeared several more times, joining forces with the Rani to help the Mandrake in his plot to overturn Gallifrey and capture the Doctor. The Master was last seen in Shockwave when the Guardian of Light and Time encased him in a self-contained holouniverse where he could safely live out his fantasies of universal domination.


Self-centered, cruel and manipulative. He fancies himself the Master of the Universe and longs for his will alone to dominate. Suffers from an inflated ego that makes him desire to humiliate his victims before killing them. His number one rival is the Doctor whom he longs to kill again and again.


A brilliant mathematician and temporal engineer. Experienced in robotics and cybernetics. An extremely compelling hypnotist whose mind control is virtually impossible to break for lesser species.

When his natural skills fail him, he uses his Tissue Decompression Eliminator (TCE) to shrink his victims into a lifeless parody of living tissue no bigger than a doll.

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski

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