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The Rani's Biography

Character Name: The Rani
Televised Stories: Mark of the Rani to Dimensions In Time
Sim Adventures: Key To Time Series, Murder on the High Seas, Taroc Files, Checkmate: The Dimensional Paradox


Another of the Renegade timelords who graduated alongside the Doctor in the early days of the Academy. She's tall, with an arrogant cat-like presence


She made her debut in the televised episode "Mark of the Doctor" when her attempt to steal neurochemicals from Luddite Englishmen was thwarted by the 6th Doctor. She reappeared again in "Time and the Rani" when the newly regenerated 7th Doctor proved the last piece to her super-brain creation. As always, the Rani was out to re-engineer the natural biological evolution of lesser species by creating a Time Manipulator.

The Rani's beginnings as a scientific megalomaniac began back in her University days. As a brilliant biochemist, she was often wont to follow proper safety protocols. Scientific advance always mattered more to her than "unforeseen" consequences. One such unfortunate experiment unraveled just as the timelord graduation ceremony begun.

While attempting to create a temporal gene resequencer, the Rani unfortunately engineered a monstrous giant rat. The rat broke free from its containment cubicle and ate the then Lord President's cat. When the originator of the experiment was uncovered, the Timelord High Council expelled the Rani. Without funding to perform her research, the Rani fled Gallifrey and found new places to begin her research.

She's created biomechanical races, developed biological morphing weapons, and tampered with the gene pools of lesser species. She competed with the Doctor and the War Witch for the Key To Time ("Key To Time" Season). She created a supreme biological warrior in Taroc Arkannan and unleashed him in a war between his feline people and his lizard foes (The Taroc Files). And she created a clone of the Doctor's late wife Loradnorapeai in an attempt to re-engineer the timelord genepool and create a master timelord race.

Her ultimate mistake was joining forces the insane timelord Mandrake. When he sold her a bill of goods about wresting control of the Matrix from the softheaded High Council, the Rani found herself competing with the Master just to survive. She managed to escape in her TARDIS. Her current whereabouts are unknown. 


Self-centered, clinical and manipulative. She is the ultimate mad scientist searching for that one experiment that sets her apart from all other theorists.


A brilliant biochemist with a head for neurogenic and cybernetic research.

Bio courtesy of Jen Kokoski

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