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Character Name: Ravena Shaw
Player: Jen Kokoski
Introduction: Midnight Revolution (January 2004)


A colonial Virginian maiden around 22 years of age. She lives on her grandfather's farm in rural Virginia, 1781.

She's a fair beauty with dark auburn hair and brown eyes. She wears home made garments. She is a midwife and expert in homeopathic medicines.

Her origins are surrounded in some mystery. As an infant, she was left on the doorstep of the Shaw household with only a blanket, note and an emerald necklace on a black chord.

The Shaws raised her where she learned the art of old fashioned remedies and scripture reading. But she resisted the conventions of her time. She refused to marry the men of her grandfather's choosing and remains unmarried. She learned to read, is well educated mostly by self study of Latin, Greek and the classics. She also has a natural affinity for the ancient arts which lead many to believe she is a witch. Indeed, she has shown some supernatural abilities including bringing her newborn nephew back to life after being stillborn.

After her grandfather's death the winter past, Ravena continues to run the family farm with her sister-in-law (Marianna) while they await the return of her brother from war (John Thomas). 

TARDIS Crew: 11th Doctor | Phineas


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