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Taroc Arkkannan's Biography

Character Name: Taroc Arkkannan
Status: Recurring Companion Character
Stories: The Taroc Files, Where the Bulls Dance, Cat's Eye
Player's Name: Ruth Dempsey
Alias/Screen Name: TArkkannan


A weapons expert, a survivalist, a martial artist with powerful loyalties and a curiosity about the unknown, Taroc was a member of the Sekmethian Special Forces. In short, a spy. When he first met the Doctor, he was on assignment, tracking down the strange and devastating weapons that were being employed by anti-government rebels. He found evidence that the weapons were of other - planetary origins. When he spotted the rebels about to attack two unarmed alien beings (the Doctor and Brogan) he sprang to the rescue. He freely admitted having ulterior motives -- he saved the Doctor and his companion in hopes that they could shed some light on the strange weapons.

He quickly found himself caught in a power struggle between the Reticulan forces and none other than the Rani! While the Rani's prisoner, he learned to his horror that he and his entire race were nothing more than an experiment for the ruthless Time Lady. He survived the encounter with both his inner and outer strengths and pledged to become a warrior for peace. Alas,no sooner had the Doctor left than the Rani reappeared and kidnapped Taroc claiming "other plans" for her "creation"!


RACE: Leonine Sekmethian
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 155 lb.
BUILD: lean but muscular

LOOKS: Long, sweeping black mane, orange eyes, a long scar marks the left one, dark tan to brown short fur over face, hands and body, whiskers, long, graceful hands with pronounced fingernails (can extend them 2")

CLOTHING: Taroc tends to prefer black or camouflage, favoring form - fitting outfits. Wears a multi-pocketed vest that he keeps full of "little surprises" (smoke bombs, lockpicks, balls of plastic explosives, Swiss Army knife, duct tape, throwing stars, a flare or two, pen, pencil, hard candies, small sewing kit and pocket first aid kit)

AGE: mid to late 20's.

Recognition Handle/Personality

"TArkkannan" He's a six-foot two inch lion. Taroc is by nature "the strong silent type," tends to hang in the background to get the "lay of the land" before participating in group activities. Exception is when he perceives danger -- then it's strike first and ask questions later! Slow to anger and even slower to forgive.

Special Skills/Powers

He's a six-foot two inch lion. Very strong, very fast and his claws can leave quite an impression! Very observant, very adaptive, he can survive in nearly any environment. Learns quickly. Is agile and enduring. Is only beginning to explore his gentler nature.


An orphan, Taroc was raised by the state. The nearest thing he had to a parent was his mentor, Pr'rann. Pr'rann's death at the hands of the Rani has left him more lonely and vulnerable than he will admit.

Bio courtesy of Ruth Dempsey.

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