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Tegan's Image

Mary's Image Character: Tegan Jovanka
Player's Name: Mary
Screen Name: MsTegan

INTRODUCTION: July, 1995 - Cult of Djarrka

DEPARTURE: December, 1995 - First Contact


Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125
Build: Average
Place of Origin: Australia


Tegan has a friendly face, with expressive brown eyes. While not strikingly beautiful, she is none the less attractive, especially when she smiles. She wears her dark brown hair cropped short, because of her "on the go lifestyle. When at work, Tegan wears a crisp air stewardess uniform and heels. Her free time appearance is strikingly different however. Knowing that her body is physically fit, she likes to wear tight fitting clothes to show off her figure to her best advantage. Considering her legs to be her best feature, she likes to wear miniskirts and heels. Sometimes Tegan's outfits bring unwanted attention and comments from the men she meets. Tegan, however, never seems to connect this attention with her dress. She simply wears what she likes without much thought of consequences.

Apparent Age: 30
Actual Age: 36

Recognition Handle: Australian accent, quick temper and a loud voice when excited or upset. Tegan is a bit highly strung, and tends to fly off the handle easily. She laughingly describes herself as a mouth on legs!

Character Background Information (History)

Tegan is originally from Australia. She comes from a large family with five brothers. Tegan grew up a tomboy, and learned quickly how to stand up for herself. She can take care of herself in most any situation. She is extremely self-assured. She isn't afraid to defend herself, and often reacts without thinking about the danger involved.

The Jovanka family is full of outspoken individuals, and Tegan is no exception. She tends to speak out without considering what she's saying, and winds up getting herself into trouble. She often regrets what she has said later. She can become quite emotional, irrational, or upset with people who don't see things her way.

Whenever Tegan faces a new situation that she can't handle, she tends to react with anger, on the assumption that if she gets angry enough maybe she can beat it into submission. Her outlook is to take the offensive when on the defensive.

Tegan sometimes places herself into roles and situations that demean her, and usually reacts with hostility in those situations. However, she isn't really a feminist. She doesn't think very deeply about such things. She would rather act than take time to explain herself to anyone.

Tired of the madhouse at home, Tegan went to England to live with her Auntie Vannessa. While there, she acquired an air hostess job at Heathrow airport. On her way to her first day at work, her car broke down at the Barnet Bypass, and she stopped at an old police box to call for help. The police box was really a TARDIS, and it was from this hapless incident that Tegan's association with the Doctor began. Tegan's aunt was killed by the Master during the course of this adventure, and Tegan never got over the feeling of responsibility for her untimely death.

Tegan traveled with the Doctor on two separate occasions. The places and people she met fulfilled the the sense of wanderlust and adventure she felt...for a while at least. Eventually Tegan became disenchanted with traveling with the Doctor. She had endured being possessed by the Mara on Kinda, which was particularly painful for her strong-willed personality.

Afterwards, she never quite felt the same excitement about her travels. Finally, during one particularly upsetting incident with Daleks, Tegan became heart sick with the carnage she saw. Never one to think too deeply, Tegan realized that she was unhappy seeing so much pain, agony, and death. She came to the conclusion that the Doctor seemed to always find himself in violent situations; and that while she admired and respected the Doctor, she wanted no part of it anymore. Her departure with the Doctor was made only after much soul-searching. They parted ways with an emotional, tearful farewell.

After leaving the Doctor, Tegan did a lot of thinking about why she was always so unhappy, and couldn't quite put her finger on it. It wasn't until she was fired from her air hostess job for (being rude), that she realized what her problem was. She came to see that she kept putting herself in demeaning situations, (like being an air hostess) and then resenting it when people ordered her around. She also realized that she liked flying, and the adventure of meeting new people and places. She remembered that she had always been intrigued by the workings of the TARDIS, and had even attempted to pilot the TARDIS on four separate occasions. At that very moment, Tegan decided that she could have her cake and eat it too. Tegan went to Heathrow airport and signed up for pilot classes that very day.

Tegan unexpectedly found herself on Theta 4 recently. She was surprised to meet up with her old friend the Doctor. She was both relieved to be rescued by him, and a bit scared at the thought of traveling with him again. Impulsively, Tegan decided she wasn't up to traveling with the Doctor yet. She was too close to becoming a pilot to give up that goal yet. All she was lacking were passing her written exams, and check ride. She threw a royal fit and convinced some eavesdropping timelords to return her to her own time. Since that little scene, she has regretted the way she took leave of the Doctor. She wished she could have taken him on an airplane ride and treated him to a few hair raising moments in return!

Eventually, Tegan did get her pilot's license. Because of a broken relationship in England, she decided to return to Australia. Her brother, Jilamey offered her a job with his company "Way Outback Tours", based in Kalbari. Her job was to fly a Piper Cub, and take rich old ladies on aerial tours of Kalbari National Park, among other things. She also served as a bush pilot, flying supplies and passengers in a small Cessna 170 "taildragger" to Meekatharra, and on into the outback if necessary. Of course, she neglected to mention to Jilamey the fact that she hadn't ever flown a taildragger before, but somehow managed to pull it off. When not busy working for Jilamey, Tegan crop-dusted her father's small wheat field near the remote town of Milly Milly, next to the Murchison River. It was here that Tegan rejoned the Tardis crew, after a terrifying encounter with the wicked Djarrka!

Tegan's companions for her most recent adventures on the Tardis were Ben Jackson and Senator Delmin. Little did Tegan know that the friendship and admiration she felt for Delmin would eventually deepen into a love so strong that she would chose to leave the Tardis in order to stay with him. The two eventually married, and are currently serving aboard The Wheel; Delmin as third in command, and Tegan as a security officer.

Special Skills and Strengths

Tegan is a very honest person, sometimes painfully so. She can always be trusted to speak truthfully. Tegan is very forthright in stating her feelings and opinions. You never wonder where you stand with Tegan. She is a fiercely independent thinker, and is not easily duped or fooled. She can take care of herself, and doesn't have to be pampered or patronized. Tegan is a staunch and loyal supporter of her friends and allies. She is a person you can depend on to get things done. Tegan is very brave.

She will fight against incredible odds, without thought or consideration. Tegan is blessed with a huge dose of common sense, and has the ability to state the obvious when others are too concerned with details to see the big picture. She often helps the Doctor clarify his thoughts in this way.


Tegan traveled with the 10th Doctor, Ben Jackson and Daniel Delmin for several months. During that time, she developed a close relationship with Delmin and later choose to stay with him on the Wheel in Space (late 21st Century Earth). She became the "oldest" bush pilot from the Outback to join the Earth Space Corps, while her husband Daniel became second in command of the Wheel. Both dedicated themselves to laying the groundwork of peaceful contact with the Draconian Empire and avert or mitigate future Earth wars which plagued Delmin's time.

Bio courtesy of Mary Redus.

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