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Zoe Herriot's Biography

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Status: former TARDIS Companion
Iintroduction: January, 1996 - The Jurassic Gambit Adventure
Departure: May, 1997 - Path of the Destroyer
Player: Lisa K. Heller
Alias/Screenname: ZoeWho, ZoeWhovia


An astrophysicist, astrometricist, first class computer programmer with a powerful memory, Zoe is one female companion heavily stacked in the smarts department! When she first joins the Doctor, Zoe is brilliant, logical, naive, and strikingly short. Zoe heralds from the 21st century where she is employed as a computer programmer aboard the Earth's Wheel in Space. While she's still short, Zoe's adventures through time and space with two of the Doctor's incarnations have caused her to soften her logic, to condition her judgements, and to become (ever so slightly) less naive. Gifted with total recall, Zoe has on more than one occassion grown frustrated as circumstances have warped clouded and confused her memory. She has lost her memory completely, she has been teased with visions from the future; she has even shared memories from multiple temporal realities!


Race: Caucasian human
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 125 lb.
Build: petite

Looks: Short black hair, brown eyes, light complexion, round face and a cute, dimpled smile.

Clothing: Zoe has a fondness for black velvet and sparkles, favoring jumpsuits and similarly form-fitting outfits. ("Flamboyantly practical" might be an apt description!)

Age: Early to mid 20's.

Recognition Handle/Personality

Zoe is by nature infinitely logical and trusting. She also has a quick temper, but is equally quick to forgive. She can get impatient when the Doctor tries to explain things too fully. She is, after all, a genius! She can also be recognized by her not too shabby scream factor.

Special Skills/Powers

Zoe's programming skills makes her very good with machines, especially computers and other similar technology. Highly developed math and science skills, a highly skilled astrophysicist and astrometricist. Incredible memory retention capability. Learns quickly. Is lithe, and moves quickly. Hides creatively in plain sight. Adapts to a new environment fairly well. Independent and inventive. Takes initiative. Naive by nature, although recent events have encouraged the development of her intuitive side.


Zoe has joined the ranks of the few, the proud: the companions who have travelled with more than one of the Doctor's incarnations. First introduced to the second regeneration Doctor (Patrick Troughton) while employed on the Wheel in Space, she now travels with "Dr Tuna," through cyberspace.

It seems ironic that, as a scientist with total recall, Zoe has had her memory tampered with at least twice. Her tremendous near-photographic memory has served her well through her life, and it has become something upon which Zoe has come to depend. It is very consistent and reliable. As a result, her unexpected experiences of memory fluxuation while traveling with the Doctor have been both humbling and terrifying events for Zoe.

The first event of memory loss occurred for Zoe directly after her adventures with the second "TV" Doctor. She had travelled with this Doctor and another companion, Jaime, through adventures such as The Dominators, The Mind Robber, The Invasion, The Krotons, the Seeds of Death, the Space Pirates, and the War Games. It was during this last, grueling adventure that the High Council erased Zoe's memories of her travels with the Doctor and planted her back on the Wheel in Space, oblivious to her previous "mis" adventures with the wayfaring Time Lord.

It is here that Dr Tuna found her and brought her with him for more "mis" adventures, and experienced the second mishap with memory loss. Strange futuristic memories began to present themselves to Zoe, something both confusing and frightening to her logical mind. She refused to think that it was she that was irrational, and became convinced that it was the Doctor that was forgetful. She mused to herself while encountering vampire werewolves during "Blood Moon:"

"Ah, yes, that's right... another memory that I shouldn't have, surfacing again... As worried as I am about the Doctor... I must admit that I am twice as worried about myself.

I keep being visited by images from the future... that's the only thing I can call them. Really, these memories are too vivid to be premonitions. It is as if I FEEL in my bones that these things have HAPPENED. I never would have thought that I would find myself describing such an experience, but here I go. Things are never what you expect.

These images... they are so strong. They get stronger by the day.... and I really can't help myself. I'm beginning to get frightened."

Sure enough, things were destined to get worse, as unhappy circumstances made Zoe succeptible to becoming lost between temporal realities at the end of this adventure, causing her to be split into temporal bits. It is this last memory of a splintered "dreamtime" that continues to haunt Zoe. It was during this last experience that Zoe was faced with her mortality and insignificance in the big scheme of the Universe. This experience, coupled with a previous adventure during which she met her evil twin, have brought out a less logical, more intuitive side of Zoe.

In the end, Zoe recalls all her aventure, has some instinctual memories of the future, but no detailed knowledge of what is to come. Which is just as well, because if she did . . .


After a year and half of travel, Zoe's questions of the future seemed to circle around the her recent past. She was born in late 21st century Earth, but when the Doctor, Brogan, Keegan and she chased a soul-guzzling mad Celestine through Earth history Zoe found something her logical brain had never given her before. Love, not for a person but for her true home. She chose to leave the TARDIS at the end when the Celestine Aw Pook was thwarted in 2011 A.D. Her new mission was to become part of enviromentalist movement - the Rainbow Warriors. Together with their ragtag crew, Zoe vowed to protect her home from human treachery and pollution. Her adventures, however, are a continuing mystery. For on just the previous adventure (Where the Bulls Dance) she was seen posing as the Oracle of Delphi awaiting the Doctor's return to Ancient Greece.

Bio courtesy of Lisa Heller

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