The Tenth Doctor (May 1995 - )

Played by Alfred C. Snider (DRTUNA), he is the third Doctor to adventure in our sim world and the most popular. He first displayed his love of sweaters, short beards and a decidedly scholarly persona in Murder on the High Seas. Having just barely survived a regeneration crisis thanks to the mortal sacrifice of the War Witch, his existence is far more reticent and absorbed in the emotional aspect of life. His shaky beginnings progressed with companion Ben Jackson at his side. Eventually, he allowed bush pilot Tegan Jovanka to rejoin his crew along with 25th century Earth Senator Daniel Delmin. As time moved on, so did his initial crew. This Doctor has opened the TARDIS doors and gone on to share his adventures with K9 mk 4 (who nobly sacrificed his robotic life for his friends), Zoe Herriot (the 21st century Earth programmer rescued from the dimensions), Brogan MacGill (20th century journalist born to become a caretaker of the time sensitive Celestines and interdimensional Time Trap Bar), Alex Keegan (former 30th century Hegemonic guardsman and Coordinator of Mirabilis), Lane Stuart (an Earth teen abducted and enslaved by aliens), Irish (an iindependent-minded morphing cat) Jacie Hunter (Earth renegade, Dalek survivor and an accomplished Space-Time Gypsy thief ), and Eos / Fred (an energy being who saved him from oblivion by sacrificing herself and becoming human). Where his adventures take him only the Matrix knows...

The Tenth Doctor has had 114 adventures and counting. Below is a summary of his seven year history. Click on a season to see the individual story teasers and download the reconstruction. To read summaries of the original sim Doctors click here.

Season One: A New Beginning
(May - July, 1995)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Ben Jackson and Tegan Jovanka with appearances by Polly Wright and UNIT
INCLUDES: Murder on the High Seas, The Woods of Fear, The Deadly Banker, Cult of Djarrka, Scar of Liana, Revenge of Shada

The Doctor survived a battle for the Universe when the War Witch (of NA fame) gave her life so he would regenerate. He recuperated on a ship in the Bering Sea while the Rani and the Master tried to kill him. Traveling with Ben Jackson, after the Doctor battle a few more old foes while recovering in England, he once again departed for the unknown. Along the way, he remet Tegan Jovanka who was working as a bush pilot in the deserts of Australia. The season ended with a Return to ancient Gallifrey. The Doctor and his friends discovered that Rassilon and Omega genetically experimented with the early Gallifreyans to create regeneration. The Doctor was a normal young Gallifreyan at the time who was married to his true love Loradnuropaea and spent his days talking to an old hermit who knew all the old legends and stories of his people. The regen virus killed Lora, the Doc's parents and left him a timelord to wander in time and space.

Season Two: The Space Wars
(August - September, 1995)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Ben Jackson, Tegan Jovanka and Daniel Delmin
INCLUDES: The Epsilon Crisis, The Gallery, Shadowbeast, Return to Gallifrey, Leviathans, Dominion of the Daleks

The Doctor welcomed a future Earth senator/comp technician Daniel Delmin aboard when Delmin abandoned his corrupt government position. This crew had several space adventures battling beasts and wandering abandoning ships. Then a jailbreak was arranged by timelord E'Thrax imprisoned on Shada. The Doc and friends thwarted the Shada Escapees attempt to capture the Matrix with the help of Romana 2, K9 mk 2 and the Tharils. In a race against the Daleks, the Doctor prevented the evil beings from getting an ancient and sentient power source. Ben departed to pursue his desire to be a sci fi writer and rekindle his romance with Polly. (Ben and Polly were Doc 8 & 9 companions.)

Season Three: The Shada Escapees
(October - December, 1995)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Daniel Delmin
INCLUDES: Mallsville, Strange Visions, Cult of Fenric, First Contact

The Doctor was taunted by several Shada Escapees (Gamester, Butler, etc.) while trying to hunt them down and take them back to prison. He ended up wandering a world of malls and an alternate universe resembling the Visions Doctor Who convention. Then he popped back to Constantinople to setup Fenric for the televised Curse of Fenric. He stopped the Butler from instigating a Draconian-Earth war 200 years too early. Daniel and Tegan fell in love and decided to stay on the Wheel in Space in the 21st century.

Season Four: Time Warp
(January - May, 1996)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, K9 mk 4 and Zoe Herriot with appearances by Brogan MacGill, Alex Keegan and Liz Shaw
INCLUDES: The Jurassic Gambit, The Celestial Prophesy, The Time Tournament, Dial Z for Pleasure, Macha's Harvest, Blood Moon

Alone again, the Doctor decided to remake K9 (mk 4) his robotic companion. When old friend Zoe Herriot was seen slipping through the TARDIS, they tracked her to 20th century Earth. There a UNIT team was investigating alien abductions in the London Underground. The Doctor discovered a time tunnel to Jurassic Earth where reptilian Saurians were kidnapping workers to fix their marooned ship. The Doc helped everyone escape to the 20th century before the freighter with Adric on board (Earthshock) crashed and killed the dinosaur. From there, the Doctor, Zoe and K9 hunted down the remaining Shada Escapees. They caught the Gamester on the Menagerie, found the Master in Z Space and destroyed a crazed Celestine prophet named Kalim. They also encountered the Mandragora which possessed K9 on a werewolf planet called the Blood Moon. As a result of a massive energy implosion, Zoe vanished into the winds of time.

Season Five: Search for Zoe
(June - September, 1996)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, K9 mk 4 and Brogan MacGill
INCLUDES: Reunion of Evil, Mists of Camelot, The Taroc Files, The Final UNIT Story

The Doctor and K9 began a desperate search for Zoe in time. Their first stop was 20th century Earth where they remet a young reporter from the Jurassic adventure. Brogan's father had just been killed while exploring a cave temple in the highlands. E'Thrax was there to steal a powerful crystal called the Morag that would power a Time Manipulator (stolen Celestine Time technology from the ancients). The device turned on E'Thrax and banished him to an antimatter Universe. The Doctor, Brogan and K9 searched Camelot (precursor to Battlefield), Sekmeth (where they stopped the Rani from experimenting on the lionine Taroc) and ultimately were summoned to Earth. When a device the Doc gave UNIT was activated in the 52nd century, Doctors 2, 3, 4, 5, both 8's and 10 responded. Together they saved Earth from the Black Guardian and the Terrible Zodin. Since Zodin was the good female aspect of the Doctor in one Universe and Valeyard the bad of this one, both were asked by the White Guardian to meld into one and become the New Guardian of Light and Time. The New Guardian gave the 10th Doc another set of regenerations for his good work.

Season Six: Birth of Evil
(October, 1996 - February, 1997)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, K9 mk 4, Brogan MacGill and the return of Zoe Herriot
INCLUDES: Master's Revenge, Judgment of the Daleks, The Curse of Dunraven, Gallifreyan Holidays, Vision World, The Ultimate Sacrifice

Doctor, Brogan and K9 found Zoe trapped between dimensions as a lab rat of the Master's failed experiment. They rescued her, but the Master got away. The Gallifreyan traitor Damon swore off evil after helping the Master and went off to pursue a life of good. The new crew went on to battle the Daleks in a sequel to Evil of the Daleks (where humane and killer Daleks battled for control of Skaro). When they ended up at University of Vermont present day and met the Doctor's twin Prof. Snider (actually our player DRTUNA) they learned before his regen, the Doctor spent some years as a college professor. The crew encountered a mysterious evil green plasma called the Enigma which turned students into zombies and fed on life. Brogan began to develop troubling psychic abilities. The Enigma was trapped in a comm satellite and left to wander through space dormant. President Flavia of the High Council renewed an ancient celebration on Gallifrey and promptly vanished before everyone's eyes. The crew encountered the fictional world of a tv satellite where the actors were controlled by evil alien executives. And K9 sacrificed himself to save his friends from an insane supercomputer on Xeos.

Season Seven: Deadly Coincidences
(March - May, 1997)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Zoe Herriot, Brogan MacGill and Alex Keegan
INCLUDES: Terror in Paradise, Where the Bulls Dance, Victorian Shadows, Path of the Destroyer
MISSING SIM STORIES: Sweet Mother Of..., The Serpent's Kiss

In the 30th century, the crew went to Elysium for some tranquillity after K9's tragic loss. Waiting for them was the Enigma, freed after 1000 years and planning a masterful trap for the Doctor. The Enigma kidnapped Brogan to become his future Queen of Evil. He was stopped from possessing and killing her by Ensign Keegan (a boy the Doc once saved on the Blood Moon). The Enigma was contained in a freezepod and ejected into deep space, but it had another host who escaped detection. From there, the crew went to Ancient Crete (where the Oracle of Delphi was revealed to the Doc to be a much older Zoe). In Crete, they saved friend Taroc Arkkannan from the Rani who was posing as Ariadne. They met up with Doc 8 & 9 companion Jonathan Chance (a vampire from E Space) who was tracking a renegade vampire in Victorian London. And last, they stopped an insane Celestine posing as the Mayan god Aw Pook from disrupting the Earth's time stream. Aw Pook aka Control fed on the lives of the living and traveled via a time corridor. Zoe stayed in the 21st century too be a Rainbow Warrior (a militant environmentalist) and pursue her destiny of White Bull visions.

Also during this time, the TARDIS crew first visited the Time Trap Bar relatively 200 years after Legacy of the Damned.

Season Eight: The Legacy
(June - September, 1997)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Brogan MacGill and Alex Keegan with appearances by the TARDIS cats
INCLUDES: Vicious Circle, Countdown to Oblivion, Angels of Time, The Amazing Dr. Pimpernel, Legacy of the Damned

The Mandrake, a former CIA assassin, went mad, kidnapped Tegan from Snakedance and took over Vision World to entice the Doctor to come after him. Brogan and Keegan met up with several Doctors (1, 6, 7) when both got ejected from the TARDIS and caught in a galaxy time loop. They stopped the time loop from destroying the web of time and made it back to the 10th Doc. Upon their return, Keegan's stowaway cat Trouble had kittens on Brogan's bed. Following a weak signal from the missing Flavia, the crew entered a wormhole and ended up prisoners of the Celestines in the Dawn of Time. Brogan was contacted by the mysterious Angels of Time in the domain between life and death. The Doctor thwarted the evil Celestine Lucen's attempt to get a ride out of his temporal prison via the TARDIS. They rescued Flavia and dropped her off at the Time Trap Bar. Then the crew tracked anomalies to Revolutionary France were the Meddling Monk kidnapped the future Duke of Wellington. The Doctor posed as the Scarlet Pimpernel to rescue him. The last adventure was in 31st century Mirabilis where the Enigma waged his final battle for the Universe with the aid of Lucen. The Enigma captured, "killed" and turned Brogan into his Queen of Evil (a dangerous telepath). Controlling the Savages of Mirabilis (Celestine children who would evolve to morph, heal and time travel by thought), the Enigma and Lucen sought to control time. The Doctor thwarted both by trapping and dispersing their energies in a temporal whirlpool. Brogan was freed, though altered. Falling in love, Brogan and Keegan decided to stay behind on Mirabilis to rear the Celestine Savages and begin a new Doctor Who legacy. (Time Trap Bar).

Season Nine: The Dark Times
(October 1997 - January 1998)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Lane Stuart
INCLUDES: Rescue for Romana, The Suicide Machine, Diploid, Council of Evil, My Heart's in the Highlands

The beginning of a dark time for the Doctor when things didn't go as he planned. Leaving Mirabilis with young Lane Stuart (a 20th century boy kidnapped by aliens, enslaved in the 30th century and survived as a smuggler until being drafted to assassinate the Enigma Queen) and Irish (a green cat born aboard the TARDIS with special intelligence and the ability to morph), the Doctor quickly became embroiled in the machinations of his old Gallifreyan rivals. He saved Romana from the Rani's experiments, but failed to realize a mysterious timelady (Lady L) was pulling the strings. The crew suffered a mental blow when the suicidal ship computer Hesperate crashed into the planet Nechma (a rival mechanoid world) killing an entire species. The crew stopped off for a bit of respite on the pleasure planet Diploid only to run afoul of thugs sent from Lane's former mob boss Joseph and the mysterious shaded Echo Spector. All the while they were watched by one of the Mandrake's spies disguised and tucked away aboard the Doctor's TARDIS. The season ended when Gallifrey's "People's President" Rodan summoned the Doctor to help capture the Mandrake and found the entire High Council was blackmailed into his service.

Season Ten: Age of Animals
(February - May 1998)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Lane Stuart
INCLUDES: Forlorn Gambit, Twist of Fate, Shockwave, Brig's Retirement Party, Cat's Eye

Fresh from safely delivering the Mandrake to Shada (where he was saved from termination due to a claim of Regeneration Psychosis), the Doctor swore off Gallifrey's intrigues in favor of exploration. His first stop was to answer a distress beacon from the shuttle Forlorn attacked by cat-like pirates campaigning against humanoid oppression. Next, Rodan urgently summoned him to help extricate a lost artefact from the regulatory Time Cops on Chronotis with the help of the adventuring Flavia. A redheaded timelady calling herself Doctor Lora started keeping tabs on the Doctor and leaving warnings with his friends. The Master reappeared with another diabolical scheme to usurp control of the universe and unwittingly almost bringing it to an end with a interdimensional shockwave. His rival imprisoned in the Guardian's virtual reality trap, the Doctor took time to bend the rules and visit Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart's UNIT retirement party. Behind the scenes, Lady L and the Mandrake hatched a plot to distract Gallifrey by manipulating feline pirate queen named Sheba. The season ended when the Doctor stopped Sheba's pirates from attacking and attempting to takeover a Matrix relay station.

Season Eleven: The Corruption of Gallifrey
(June - October 1998 )

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Lane Stuart
INCLUDES: Murder on Gallifrey, Jurai Celebration, Checkmate: The Dimensional Paradox, Empire of Time, Doctor for the Defense, Conspiracy Theory

Despite the Mandrake's lifetime imprisonment on Shada murder and intrique returned to Gallifrey's Citadel. Clues left specifically for the Doctor and one of his old CIA friends, Professor Treborsioul, brought the crew back and convinced Rodan that her archenemy was determined to kill her. Though the Doctor managed to save the remaining High Council and President, the Mandrake walked away from Shada. The Doctor took time out to visit the freedom celebration on Jurai, a planet saved from generations of military rule (Countdown to Oblivion). In a relative timewarp, the Doctor witnessed the end of Rodan's rule. Sent to stop the fun-loving Altoid insect race from creating a temporal manipulator, his surrender arrangement was aborted when President Rodan, under influence of an alien mind called The Administrator, exterminated the entire race of bugs. The High Council descended into suspicion and competition.  When the High Council convened to hear the case of a young timelady (Maeve) accused of temporal intervention by relocating lost humans to the struggling comminity of Frontios, the Doctor defended her by challenging the most sacred of timelord laws. Unrest grew among the common people while the ruling timelords feared domination by The Administrator.  Radical factions of the CIA and scientific core plotted to create a super-race of Gallifreyans immune to outside mental control. The Doctor returned to help the Twilight Ops (the only division of the CIA to uphold any semblance of order) stop the genetic purists from re-engineering his race. Then time realigned itself and Gallifrey saw the return of the TARDIS crew just in time to stop Mandrake from usurping Rassilon's powers of immortality. With the help of Sheba's pirate Cheetah people, the Doctor rescued Rodan from Mandrake's accusation of insanity, but failed to prevent the meniacal timelord fromopening a interdimenionsal rift. Closing it required to bittersweet appearance of Doctor Lora, the Doctor's alter-universe wife, giving the Doctor only a brief encounter with his unseen shadow (his late wife Loradnorapeia). As a result of the struggle Rodan and the Mandrake were left mortally wounded and sent to the citadel infirmary.

Season Twelve - Explorations and Reunions
(October, 1998 - January, 1999)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Lane Stuart
INCLUDES: A Housecall on Sunnydale, Whispering Wings, Reunion on Fenris, Doctor Scrooge, Race Against Time, Fizzy Florana

Seeing his race descend into rounds of political intrique and backstabbing, the Doctor swore off Gallifrey in search of adventures in space. He rescued a marooned alien from Sunnydale California where it was mistaken for a mythical demon. Then he and his companions stopped to see the once in a millenium flight of the Whisperlings (small firefly creatures that whisper one universal truth). From there he visited friends from the late 31st century Fenris (from his Mirabilis days) just in time to help defeat an invasion by Cybermen. For the holidays he visited a world where aliens and humans lived in peace except for the cold-hearted factory-owner Eben Geezer. After teaching him the spirit of the season the Doctor raced against time to rescue his old friend Brogan from Echo Spector's interdimensional prison before she gave birth to twins and allowed the Enigma to find new bodily hosts. The season ended on the bubbling ocean world of Florana where the Doctor's lovestruck companion Lane was reuinited with the girl he lost when he was kidnapped by alien slave traders. Lane chose to stay behind with the girl the Doctor mysteriously knew exactly where to find, leaving the timelord and Irish to continue exploring alone.

Season Thirteen - Age of Rediscovery
(February, 1999 - July, 1999)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Lane Stuart
INCLUDES: No Time For Love, The Arborean Conundrum, Tempus Fugitive, Mark of the Doctor, Comic Wars, Coming of Age, The Uncertainty Principle

Rescuing Brogan from her inner demon was just the beginning of exploring old torments the Doctor found when next he was lured into a trap by Romana. The bait, he found, was a clone of his longdead wife Loradnorapeia (Lora). Romana was stopped from resurrecting Omega and Rassilon via evil clones, but the Doctor learned a painful truth about how he lost his beloved wife and was brainwashed into fleeing Gallifrey. After witnessing clone Lora's death, the Doctor sought solace in his neverending adventuring perhaps wanting to avoid the pain. He helped colonial Hegemonic humans reach a peaceful understanding with the sloth-like Arboreans who saved the children of a lost outpost from vicious salamanders. In the 25th Century, he prevented the famed scientist who invented the Glitter Gun from releasing entropy into time and he met two unlikely heroes - the Space Time Gypsies Nico Lazarus and his pickpocket niece Jacie Hunter. He played secret agent for the 31st century Hegemony in uncovering a mineral pirate plot to use and destroy a tribal planet; he was trapped inside a world of oppressed comic superheroes; then he metered out a peace between the newly sentient planet Pond and its native inhabitants - Tabbys and Bassets. Finally, the Doctor and Irish found themselves in an endless maze outside time and space when a supernova turned their space into a tesseract. Chased by Ogron-like Starhunters determined to kidnap the young Meglaran prince the TARDIS crew stopped to help, the travelers explored a series of worlds linked by the inhabitants of the tesseract called Utopia Center in search of a way out. This endless game of traveling led eventually back to the same place the TARDIS started leaving the Doctor and Irish wondering if there was a point to their travels.

Season Fourteen - Gypsy Adaptation
(August - December, 1999)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Jacie Hunter
INCLUDES: Crystals of Menfret, Peril on Peladon, The Order of Omicron, Drifts Thru Time

The season began with the introduction of a new companion, STiG Jacie Hunter. The accomplished thief and troubled teenager proved to be no stranger to time travel, nor an easy recruit to the Doctor's dogooder ways. But after her Uncle Nico practically stranded her with the Doctor (by boopy trapping her time bracelet), the Doctor compelled her to help the technologically-dependent Menfrets (Crystals of Menfret). He challenged again to use her con artist skills posing as royalty on the democratically-challenged Peladon (Peril on Peladon). There, she faced political assisination and for the first time got involved with the local populace reaching out to save the Crown Prince from saboteurs. When the Doctor steered his crew on a search for a mad timelord creating a virtual world from abducted pirates (Order of Omicron),  the gypsy's loyalty was forever recast to the timelord's crew. A relationship sealed when the TARDIS took Jacie and Irish on a temporal slide show thru the Doctor's televised past.

Season Fifteen - Dreams of Ancient Days
(January - September, 2000)

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Jacie Hunter
INCLUDES: The Order of Omicron, Madame Fatal, Time For Crime, Enemy of the People, Market Forces, Charity Baseball 3K, Shadows of the Past, Graduation Day, The End of the Past

The Doctor's mind drifted once more to his troubling reintroduction to his longlost wife Loradnorapeia (see No Time For Love). He has become convinced the circumstances of her death must be exposed if he is to have any peace. So despite the warnings of his sentient cat and regardless of the effects digging up old memories has on his newest companion, the Doctor searches time for "Dreams of Ancient Days". The search began by tracing one of the ancient timelords (Omicron) into E-Space and a reality of his ordered fiction (Order of Omicron). From there even the TARDIS seemed to pick up the Doctor's wandering thoughts and continually brought him back to the filming of his past televised adventures (Drifts Thru Time). Seeking more answers from the ancient timelords, the Doctor tracked down the powerful empathic timelady Zamona masquerading as a radio talk show host in 1995 Kobe, Japan. Knowing Lora was betrayed to protect the secrets of the timelords, the Doctor and his crew posed as Galaxy mafia to intercept an important information leak of the timelord Matrix (Time For Crime). Their actions aroused the action of the Black Circle who tried to erase the Doctor's memory again and let to the death and regeneration of old friend Damon (Enemy of the People). Acting on the secrets of the Matrix, the Doctor traveled to Adam Smith, a polluted planet ruled by the financially-corrupt Troygon Corporation (Market Forces). Teaming up with old friend Danial Delmin, he freed the people and dealt his wife's assassin (timelord Gimel) a deadly blow of justice. Digging up the secrets of the past had disastrous effects for Jacie (Shadows of the Past), who nearly suffered the time altering gypsy curse of the Tel'Nay. The Doctor was forced to enter the Matrix to save her from the time creature, Dragon of Amnria, who sought to erase her escape in time and return her to die with her siblings on Earth. Jacie was saved, due to her involvement with time, but the Matrix glimpsed more troubling secrets of the truth underlying all things. Political competition turned deadly on Gallifrey leaving only two presidential candidates with diverse visions of the future. And finally, the Doctor has returned to the distant future, long past Gallifrey's demise, to access the Matrix and relive his wife's stolen past.

Season Sixteen - A Kinder and Gentler Gallifrey
October, 2000 - August, 2001

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Jacie Hunter
INCLUDES: Shadows of the Future, Vega Prime, Rassilon's Child, Comet of Death, A Place In The Sun

Now that he has answers to his tragic past, the Doctor sets out determined to shake off the bad and get back to a renewed enjoyment of the universe. His first respite stop is the long abandoned planet of Mechanus, a lush tropical locale he once visited in his very first incarnation. Gone are the predators of yesteryear -- or are they? When the Doctor, Irish and Jacie are witness to an impromptu attack of a timelord science team, they carry the only survive back to Gallifrey. It is the Doctor's current time period and his homeworld is a mess. Embroiled in the first ever presidential election scandal, the injured daughter of the Chancellor as well as Irish are the only witnesses to the abuses of the Time Scoop by a candidate. When Lady Peregrine awakens, her father Chancellor Parydian is accused of treason. The remaining candidate Maxim wins by default and vows, as the people's generally elected president, to bring a new era to Gallifrey. They will follow the Doctor and no longer coldly observe time. But is this good or bad for the Doctor? (Shadows of the Future)

Off exploring again, the Doctor and friends visit the pleasure planet Vega Prime. A mixture between land resort settlers surrounded by a sea of sentient mammals, Vega has more sinister things lurking beneath the surface. An old foe returns hunting for spare body parts on their quest to conquer the Universe. But just as the Doctor is poised to save the day, it is the new Timelord Intervention Agency that scoops in and scoops out the cybermen infestation. No matter, the Doctor figures he'll avoid his brethren by setting his coordinates on random. When they materialize on a familiar red planet circa 19th Earth, a mysterious acorn and 20th century coin appear. The Doctor follows and finds old friend Dr. Liz Shaw investigating the originating transmat incident as Dean of Cambridge University. It appears one of the students knows far more about temporal physics and genetics than any human could. Solving this riddle brings the Doctor once again face-to-face with one of Gallifrey's greatest and most ambitious timelords. (Rassilon's Child) It just seems the Doctor can never get far enough away from his kin these days. No matter, he says taking his friends to a long overdo trip to his 20th Century English country manor (used when he first regenerated) - a place almost no one knows of. But soon it is UNIT knocking at his door begging him to testify in London. It seems the beaurocrats have decided UNIT's place as a taskforce is no longer needed in this modern world. Alien threats haven't occurred in years, and they need their legendary Scientific Advisor to straighten the beaurocrats into place. But when the Doctor's old friends fail to recognize him and testify the whole "alien threat" reports were fabrications, he knows something is up. Brainwashing and dopplegangers are the least of UNIT's problems; it seems an alien abductor lurks in the sky on orders from some unknown client. (The Mind Trap). His Earth visit complete, the Doctor sets off in his TARDIS for places unknown when a malfunction in the holosuites sends Jacie and Irish on a realistic trip the Peter Pan's Neverland. Battling pirates and crocodiles they wrestle with the question of what exactly is reality? (Trip to Neverland) Apparently a grim and disastrous place, they find when the Doctor steers to malfunctioning TARDIS to the peaceful yet temporally advanced planet of Endoria. Protected by a ring of transtemporal asteroids, the planet is cutoff from the outer moon scientific space station. A mysterious space-born plague has wiped out the station, turned the automated defense system mad, and fights to claim the lives of 3 escaping survivors. When the Doctor comes to the rescue, the truth is soon unveiled in horrifying clarity to Jacie. This space-born plague is a product of the Daleks, used to wipe out her entire family in the advanced stages of an invasion. She alone survives with the only anti-body. While the Doctor convinces the arrogant Endorians that their planet is soon to become a victim of these invaders, Jacie takes action and witnesses more senseless carnage at their hands. In the end, Endoria is saved, but the Doctor, Jacie and the TARDIS are forever changed. (Comet of Death). Disturbed by their battles, the TARDIS crew tries to resume their vacation on one of the 7000 wonders of the universe - the Alfheim Research and Resort - a facility located in the corona of Odin's Eye sun. It's a bad time to visit. Researchers predict the Eye will go nova in a matter of days. A massive fire sale and evacuation is underway. What's more, several resorters have gone insane and promptly self-ignited. The Doctor quickly uncovers the reason behind the deaths - a sentient race of energy beings are trying to make contact. It seems the resort is blocking the nursery field of their young preventing them from evacuating their own. The only way to save them is to destroy the station, but that would drop the protective forcefields and destroy the humanoids. Faced with this dilemma, the Doctor pulls out his trump card. It seems the timelords have been watching him up close and personal this time. Lady Peregrine (former CHancellor's daughter) is leading a graduate team of the Doctor Observation Core (DOC) to see the great intervener in action. Grudgingly convinced to help the timelord in his attempts to rescue both species, Lady Peregrine's DOC Team is both eager and cautious about crossing the line toward temporal intervention. But are Lady Peregrine's motive entirely noble? Only her actions will tell. (A Place In The Sun) The season ends on a traumatic upswing. The Doctor's limping TARDIS, carrying he and Irish, lose their lifesaving link to the DOC Team's TARDIS moments before Odin's Eye goes supernova. All Jacie can do is watch Lady Peregrine's viewscreen as her best friends are caught in the sun's wrath.

Season Seventeen - Wood Between The Worlds
September, 2001 - July, 2002

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Eos (aka Fred)
INCLUDES: Wood Between The Worlds, Adventures of Planet Bing, Hogwart's Academy, Cup of Ages, Adventures of Doctor X, Revenge of the Time Trapper

Their TARDIS sent to oblivion in the sun,  the Doctor and Irish wake in the lush green valley of the Wood. There upon bits of the TARDIS sits the lone Hermit - caretaker of this Wood Between the Worlds. He tells them they were snatched from death by the energy creature Eos, who now lies dying. Only a mindmeld with Irish and the Doctor can save her by converting her dissipating energy form into that of a humanoid. Eos survives in the body of a female teenager, ever so grateful and eager to join the Doctor's travels in the universe. But exactly what universe are they in? This is a magical gateway, so the Hermit tells them. With the use of magic rings and transport pools, they can explore any reality they wish. But be warned Doctor, for the rules you rely on may be a bit different here. Eager for a bit of exploration and knowing the TARDIS is useless until it repairs itself, he does just that. The new TARDIS crew's first destination is the Planet Bing - once home to Flash Gordon's mighty saving. This time it is ruled by a kingmaker viceroy and his puppet Earth rulers... Monica and Chandler Bing. (Adventures of Planet Bing). A trip to merry England is next just in time for Christmastide. But where the pool leads is not the England the Doctor calls his second home, but the ghost-ridden castle of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. In this place, the Doctor discovers magic is real and dark forces reside in all of us. Meanwhile Fred finds a new name for herself. (Hogwart's Academy). A visit back to the Wood shows the TARDIS is healing nicely. A few more weeks are needed, so off they go to visit England again. This time it is circa 1925, and filled with the curious investigations of some of the best literary detectives. Sherlock Holmes, Mary Watson-Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Victoria Waterfield? The game is afoot and the Doctor must find the legendary holy grail before a force of vampires kills the remaining guards. (Cup of Ages). Finding the TARDIS whole yet mentally confused, Irish decides to "sit this one out" and play babysitter to the old girl, while the Doctor and Fred (formerly Eos) jump to the distant Delta Quadrant. Stuck in U.S.S. Voyager's holoprograms it's a while before our travelers deduce where they are. And by then the ship is naturally in danger. A dark nebula has snagged the wayward starship and incapacitated half the crew with a strange blue particle energy. When crewmen begin sprouting Borg implants and a curious dome-shaped ship emerges Captain Janeway orders Red Alert. But these attackers are no ordinary Borg, but rather a mixture of Dalek and Borg. Their leader, Davros of Borg, hails, "Prepare to be assimilated or you will be exterminated!" (Adventures of Doctor X) And one last adventure tops off their time in the Woods, but this one is by far the most mind-bending for the Doctor. It is Earth again, but no Earth he knows. This is one where the heroes are super, their powers nothing less than supernatural and the villain the Doctor's unborn evil twin?

Season Eighteen - The Empire of Time
September, 2002 - 2003

TARDIS Crew: The Doctor, Irish the Cat, Fred (aka Eos)
INCLUDES: Time Hunters, In Search Of... The People, The Flying Montecarlo, Agents of the Eye, Devil's Army, Foe's Den, Prisoner's of the Mind, Ground Zed, Sting of the Daemons, Time Has Come Today

Almost a year has passed since the tragedy at the Alfheim R&R. To all that know and love him the Doctor is long-since dead. It's a dark time for the Universe. A cloud of entropy is washing over the farthest corners of the known universe and creeping toward the center. Someone has been meddling with time and only one people can stop it.

The Doctor, Fred and Irish return to the known Universe and find themselves in a very different place. Vega Prime, once the lush resort world in the outer fringes of the Galaxy, is now a run down refuge for those who are still allowed to travel across space. The Central Authority wields immense power, controlling all interstellar travel routes of supply. Only those who can beg, borrow and steal beneath the eyes of the CA make any sort of independent living. Timelord engineer Drax has arrived seeking a little under the table job, but when the Doctor shows up so does the long arm of the CA. Escaping the Central Authority's temporal extraction team (The Squids), the Doctor and friends follow Drax to Hades. But they are only one step behind the fearsome Squid leader - the Doctor's once-loyal companion Jacie Hunter. [The Time Hunters] Meanwhile, Damon continues his whirlwind tour of the Universe for his earthly friends (the Time Scoobies) when he bumps into the long-lost Doctor on one of the few untouched worlds in the Universe - Chachelot. Damon eagerly accepts the mission to transport vital information to a race known only as "The People". Together with the Scoobies, Damon delivers a singing orb to these powerful energy beings hiding in the deepest levels of the Ocean. But the message that their daughter is alive and well is met with equally bad news for Damon and his friends: someone is out there watching. {In Search Of... The People] Not long after, the Doctor, Fred and Irish sneak aboard the pleasure cruise ship the Flying Montecarlo in search of abducted friend Drax. But to their surprise they find former President Flavia, Romana, Sabalom Glitz, Professor Chronotis and a cavalcade of the Doctor's old friends now blithely serving the millennia as ship's crew on a never ended voyage through time and space. [The Flying Montecarlo]. After rescuing his mind-wiped friends, the Doctor seeks expert help to restore their memories and remove the mindblocks of the timelords. He recruits the aid of crime-fighting superhero Doc Savage from 1940's Earth. [Agents of the eye] His friends recovering, the Doctor decides it is time the Universe fights back before the powermad Lord President Maxim can destroy it. Seeking allies, he travels to the most distant and harshest part of the known Universe where bloodthirsty pirates and man-eating Cat People take turns savaging each other for food and supplies. [Devil's Army] With an army of bloodthirsty killers, misfits and brainwashed friends, the Doctor seeks an alliance with one of his greatest foes - the evil renegade timelords. Lady L is insane, the Rani is in servitude, and the toughest one to convince is their master - The Mandrake. [Foe's Den] With the forces of his Devil's Army, the Doctor strikes the first blow to the timelords - a raid of one of their brutal mind reprocessing planets. At long last they discover the true whereabouts of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Ancelyn. But is there more to this war than the ambitions of a megalomaniac Lord President? The Doctor discovers perhaps Gallifrey nor the invading Dalek fleet are not to blame for the Dispersion Cloud slowly snuffing out the Universe.  [Prisoners of the Mind] Reeling from Maxim's accusation laying blame for Universal destruction on the Doctor's doorstep, the Doctor travels to the very edge of the Dispersion Cloud. The once bustling world of Andromeda V is frozen on the edge of entropic destruction. All that remains is the Great Library with portals to any moment in history, and all moments pointing to one. In this torment of hell, Jacie Hunter is facing an eternity of punishment for her great betrayal. [Ground Zed] Meanwhile, timelord Damon and his crew set off on a mission to rescue the last of the Space-Time Gypsies from Timelord Eradication. [Sting of the Daemons] 

After a year of fighting the greatest threat the Universe has ever known, the time for a final showdown arrives. The Dispersion Cloud has consumed more than half the Universe and now lies on the doorstep to Gallifrey. The Doctor, leading his Devil's Army, prepares for the final showdown with the evil Lord President and his Gallifreyan Empire. Space pirates battle timelord defenses, crack teams attack the timelord prisons, and the Doctor sneaks into the Death Zone. But as the Dispersion Cloud advances destroying everything in its wake, the Doctor must admit the true cause for this Universal War and its imminent destruction. But in doing so, he must chose: allow the Universe to end or remove the Doctor from history? [Time Has Come Today]

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