The Ninth Doctor (January - May 1995)

Played by Jon Menetsky (TempusLord), he was the second sim Doctor. He began his regeneration survivng threats by the Cybermen. With Ben Jackson, Polly Wright and new companion Jonathon Chance by his side, he traveled to E Space looking for the fabled Bloodstone - a cure for vampires. This Doctor was given the task of reassembling the immortal Key to Time to once again protect time and space from the clutches of the Black Guardian and his collective of accomplices. But only at the end of his troublesome incarnation, when foes became his greatest friends and friends became his greatest foes, did he face his most cunning enemy of them all.

The Ninth Doctor adventures were filled with turmoil, romance and his own special brand of temporal mayhem.

E-Space Trilogy


Oxford Horror {The Doctor, Ben, Polly]
The 8th Doctor (played by Timelordz) regenerates just in time. Now his new incarnation (played by TempusLord) finds himself and his friends on the peaceful planet Earth. But an old enemy of the Doctor lurks under Oxford University in London and the key to grand scheme is kindly old Professor Chronotis.

Espace - Return to Warriors Gate [The Doctor, Ben, Polly, Johnathon Chance]
by JhnthnChnce (Albert Berry)
This the first of a three part trilogy regarding elements from the old series Doctor Who and ESpace. The character of Jonathon Chance, A Vampire, insists on being taken into ESpace so he can be cured; along the way the Doctor (Tempuslord) meets up with old companion K9 and a brainwashed Romana; and not to mention land on the planet Inedo, where they have so far evolved into a small community equivalent to the 17th Century New England, complete with Witch Hunts!


Espace - Minyos II: The Awakening [The Doctor, Ben, Polly, Johnathon Chance]
The Doctor is forced to take Jonathon to Minyos II within E-Space to retrieve something called a "Bloodstone" that will help Jonathon from feeding off of the Tardis Crew and innocent bystanders. ...But an old foe Hexagen, stands in the way and wants to unleash the most dangerous evil thing alive....

Espace - Revenge of Hexagen [The Doctor, Ben, Polly, Johnathon Chance]
Seeking Johnathon's cure for vampirism, the Tardis crew battle Hexagen for the bloodstone.

Keys of Time Series


Key To Time: The Jewels of Time by Timelordz [The Doctor, Ben]
The Black Guardian has once again caused the balance of the universe to topple; forcing the White Guardian to once again ask the Doctor to help to retrieving the segments of the KEY TO TIME from their new states.

This adventure leads the players to England, circa 1995, where an important meeting at Number 10 Downing Street is taking place with Queen Elizabeth and SirHumprhy; meanwhile the crown jewels are in danger of being stolen; and the scientific station, Rassilon One starts more intense studies of the newely formed Black Hole.

MARCH, 1995

Key To Time: Alloy [The Doctor, Ben]
A strange alloy has appeared on Nirvana 3, a planet conquered by the Daleks, with the help of a Nazi-like regime. The alloy is the third segment to the Key to Time!

Key to Time: Dream Weaver [The Doctor, Ben]
The fourth Segment needs to be recovered before the Black Guardian seizes control...Can the Doctor and crew retrieve the 4th segment before its too late?

5th Key To Time (March 31) [The Doctor, Ben]
A lone Romulan (tm) ship is in the Nuetral Zone, having done battle with an enemy, power failing, and has no choice but to send out a distress call. Meanwhile, a Federation (tm) Starship, USS BoobyPrize, is on routine patrol of the Nuetral Zone when they recieve the distress call from the battered Romulan Vessel....All is in order until a familiar Blue Police Box Materializes on the bridge of the BoobyPrize....

APRIL, 1995

Key To Time: War World [The Doctor, Ben]
The search for the final segment of the Key to Time takes the Tardis to Boscar 4, also known as War World. This planet is ruled by the War Witch, who uses it for war experiments. Cybermen, Sontarans, Rutans and the Rani are some of the adversaries to be found on War World at this time. TempusLord(the Doctor), accompanied by fellow Time Lord DrHecate, seeks the 6th segment of the Key to Time in the War Witch's castle. In a dark moment, Ben agreed to otain the Key for the Black Guardian in exchange for Nyssa. The Doctor and Ben are in the cave on Warworld, sans the six segments of the completed Key to Time. But they are not alone. The War Witch, The Master, The Rani and The White Guardian plus the Sontarans led by Commander Ajax, all stand frozen in time as an as-yet-unknown evil has stolen the completed Key. Now good and evil will have to join forces if they want to accomplish anything...and the Doctor may face one of his darkest days yet...

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