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With a wheeze and groan, a faded blue police box comes into view. Somewhere out there is injustice, somewhere the skies burn and the seas are made of gold, somewhere the Doctor is waiting for you...

The NADW RENEGADES is your place to celebrate the continuing adventures of DOCTOR WHO in real time, weekly chat room games. We ARE the longest running internet roleplay game following the infamous Doctor's adventures in time and cyberspace.

Join Us for Our Current Adventure...

Played Thursdays at 10pm Eastern on DALnet channel #whosim

Meet the 12th Doctor
Meet Professor Phineas

12th Doctor

View the current GAME OUTLINE. See how it fits into our SEASON. E-mail to JOIN us.

WHEN DO WE PLAY?: Thursday evenings between 10:00pm and 11:00pm Eastern Time (New York, USA).

WHERE DO WE PLAY?: Internet Relay Chat network DALnet channel #whosim. Accessible online via our web chat room.

HOW DO WE PLAY?: We read a brief outline of the game (also called a script), pick roles from the cast list, roll the credits, then improvise our character's dialogue and action. For more description read our PLAYER FAQ.

NOTICE ABOUT CANNON: We recognize all televised and missing adventures of the original 7 Doctors as presented on BBC between 1963 - 1989. After this date, our 8th Doctor and the BBC's 8th Doctor (as played by Paul McGann) diverged into two separate but not dissimilar universe. The Whoniverse is our playground with a diverse history and cast of characters. However, as true Doctor Who fans, we often enjoy the BBC offerings and may be inspired to incorporate an element here and there for the sake of fun.


Count yourselves lucky and tune into the new Doctor Who series brought to you by the BBC and Russell T. Davies. Watch as the adventures of the 10th Doctor (played by David Tennant) and companions unfold before your eyes. In present day Earth, to a far flung future, and the mysterious past, the last of the timelords carries on.

UK: Saturdays at 7pm on BBC1 | US: Fridays at 9pm on SciFi Channel

Game Coordinators: David