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The Kushinada Conspiracy
Part Three
May 8, 2008

By David Sharpe
loosely based on Japanese mythology and the Blue Seed manga by Yuzo Takada.


We play on channel #whosim Wednesday at 8pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST). Point your IRC program to DalNet room #whosim or sign in via the web at .


Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!

What happened Before...

After successfully restoring Hope to her corporeal form, and restoring her connection to the TARDIS (see [UTF-8?]“Hope [UTF-8?]Quest”) the Doctor and his companions returned to Earth.  Responding to a message from one of his earlier incarnations, they helped a team of NCIS agents defeat an invasion of Ultima Thule by shape changing aliens (see [UTF-8?]“Survivors [UTF-8?]Quest”).  Before returning from Ultima [UTF-8?]Thule’s dimension, they responded to a request for help from the White Phoenix.  They journeyed to a parallel Earth ruled by GearLords and helped end the threat of [UTF-8?]“Ol’ [UTF-8?]Chessie”.  They are now on their way back to the mainline reality they hail from.


This time...

On its way back to the homeline reality, the TARDIS was attacked by entities lurking in inter-dimensional space.  The Doctor piloted the TARDIS past the entities thru a weakness in the dimensional barrier surrounding the homeline and landed on the nearest planet.  The Doctor and his companions exited the TARDIS to explore their surroundings while the navigation systems recalibrated.  They came upon a ritual sacrifice designed to stop an invasion of the planet.  Thwarting the sacrifice, the Doctor persuaded the authorities to let him stop the invasion without sacrificing Hikari Banning, the last descendant of Princess Kushinada.  However, unseen forces are arrayed to stop him and allow the invasion to succeed.

Cast of Characters
(Characters claimed in Hyphens)

The 12th Doctor (David) - Now in his 12th incarnation the Doctor's new personality is just starting to assert itself. Time will show what he is like. 




Phineas 2 (Duncan) - Once an older scientist from Minyos 2, now regenerated to a much more youthful version. Gets involved so the Doctor doesn't have to so much. 

Hope (Brynna) - a sentient manifestation of the TARDIS, now in corporeal form.  Hope and Nic created her form for many reasons (including a desire for physical closeness to the Doctor).  The genetic material used for her body came from the Doctor himself and the samples of Doc Savage and his aides stored in the TARDIS.  After the Rani renewed her form, her biology now closely resembles Timelord physiology, including the ability to regenerate.  Her second incarnation's appearance is that of a statuesque beauty with sun bronzed skin and hair. 


Dominic 'Nic' Masy (Heather) - Nic is a vampire with a sarcastic reflex and a deadly secret. He sees things that normal people can't.


Lt. Cordelia de Baltimore-Tudor "Dellie" (Brenna) - a lieutenant in the army of the Gear Lord of Baltimore on a parallel version of Earth.  She joined the Doctor and his companions at the end of Chessie's Revenge.




Hikari Banning - last remaining Princess Kushinada. Her bloodline traces back to the legendary princess who was the bride of Susanoo.  Gradually over the past several hundred years, the family has been ritually killed to seal the dimensional barrier and prevent the servants of Yamata no Orochi from destroying the planet Tenmei. 


Arthur Vahallan - member of the Tenmei Planetary Defense Force (TPDF) and Hikari's personal bodyguard.  He and Hikari have fallen in love.  He has been desperately looking for a way to defeat Orochi's servants while keeping Hikari alive.


Commander Isao Worthing - leader of the Kushinada unit of the TPDF.  He knows his duty and wishes to follow it.  He has become suspicious of the motivations of the planetary government, however.


Defense Minister Osamu Banning - Hikari's uncle and the government minister charged with the defense of the planet from Orochi's servants.  He is also the most vocal in calling for her sacrifice.




Inside the TARDIS (the Doctor, Dellie, Nic, Arthur and Isao)

     Arthur and Isao exclaim at the inside of the TARDIS.  The Doctor asks if Arthur will submit to a few tests.  They're doing a study of Hikari, to see what makes her special, and they need a baseline for comparison.  Arthur agrees and Nic takes him to the lab.  The Doctor asks if the Commander will tell them what the tactics of the servants have been.  The Doctor brings up a holographic display of the planet and he and Dellie listen to the Commander.


In the lab (Hope, Phineas, Nic, Hikari and Arthur)

     Arthur and Hikari are happily reunited.  Nic tells Hope and Phineas that the Doctor wants tests done of Arthur to compare to Hikari's results.  They begin running the tests while questioning Arthur and Hikari about the various factions in the government.




Assault (Defense Minister, entities)

     The minister talks to his allies.  He says he believes an all out assault is needed to make the people demand the sacrifice again.  His allies agree.  Alien creatures phase into existence and assault the garden.



Results (the Doctor, Phineas, Hope, Nic, Dellie, Hikari, Arthur and Isao)

     Everyone gathers in the console room and Hope shows them the results.  Attached to Hikari's mitochondrial DNA is a nanobot of some kind.  Hope says it resembles the Protector technology on the dinosaur planet.  Her guess is that it allows the person to use some kind of Protector technology.  The Doctor asks them if there are some artifacts associated with Susanoo on the planet?  Isao says yes, at the museum.  He can summon an air car to take them there.  The Doctor opens the door and Arthur and Isa's comunits begin beeping wildly.  They look outside and see alien entities, like the one that attacked earlier, rampaging thru the garden and advancing on the TARDIS, with people running screaming from them!


Next time...

     Will the Doctor find the device in time that will seal off the barrier and save the planet?  Will Hikari have to die to save her people?  Join us next time for part four of The Kushinada Conspiracy!

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