The Eighth Doctor (Summer - December 1994)

Played by Paul Aman (Timelordz) in 1994 when the sim was in its infancy and before the infamous McGann Fox telemovie, he was the first sim Doctor to appear in our Who Sim Universe. Believed himself to be the successor to the last televised Doctor, (the 7th Doctor played by Sylvester McCoy). When he met up with his other selves in the fight against the Terrible Zodin (The Final UNIT Story), he learned there were two 8th incarnations of the Doctor. One from the Sim Universe and another from the tv universe. Traveled with long time friends Ben Jackson and Polly. Near the end of his regeneration, he remet Tegan Jovanka and encountered the darkly mysterious world of celestial vampire Johnathon Chance.

The Eighth Doctor began it all with a few friends and a lot of imagination. Using new and old favorite Doctor Who characters, see how our humble simmers began their forays into cyberspace.


The Lonely [The Doctor, Ben]
The Tardis has landed in a freighter that is being overtaken by one Captain TLir and her henchman, Cyborg1880. The attempt to take the ship and loot it - unbeknowst to thier crew that the hold is carrying a very frightening reality - CYBERMEN! Meanwhile, the Doctor's companion Ben Jackson has been under the influence from the Rani and has sabotaged the newly designed Tardis Console.
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Checkmate [The Doctor, Ben]
The Tardis has been thrown into the Time Vortex, out of control, and the Doctor is being pulled into the vortex..ready to consume him. Meanwhile, the Rani has returned to retrieve Ben Jackson, her latest "experiment" and a group of Timelords are exploring the planet known as Koldar for the reasons of Time/Space flucuations. Once the Rani lures the Doctor to her starship she challenges him to one final game of "Chess" - using companions and evil doers alike as pawns in her evil game!
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Elementary My Dear Doctor [The Doctor]
Timelordz/Holmes S (Joint Holmes/DW Sim)
Part One - The Evil Moriarity, with the help of SirJames M (known in the fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle as Jack the Ripper), proceed to kidnap Irene Adler, the only woman known to foil Holmes on one of his cases. Adler has a certain pendant that the good Professor wants and will do anything to get. Meanwhile, the 8th Doctor stumbles upon this kidnapping with the help of Professor Peter O'Sullivan and proceed to prove to Holmes that Adler is alive and kidnapped by Moriarty - actually the Master, sworn enemy to the Doctor.
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Diplomats of Death [The Doctor, Ben, Polly & Johnathon Chance]
An evil force is at work on the Planet Hedron, where the Timelords have dispatched a team to investigate. Meanwhile, the TARDIS crew leave Terminus and Nyssa behind, but find that they have an extra, deadly passenger on board, one that craves blood. When the TARDIS materializes on Hedron, the peace talks take a turn for the worst as the chief diplomat is murdered and Ben Jackson, companion to the Doctor, is implicated!
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Outpost [The Doctor, Ben, Polly]
The TARDIS lurches to one side as the Doctor is trying to repair her. He falls unconcious and is badly hurt just as a large cube-shaped ship arrives in the sector. A collision is imminent until the HADS (Hostile Action Defense Systems) activate and the TARDIS is transported to the massive vessel. Upon investigating, they discover Borg. The TARDIS crew escape, but the Doctor collapses on the floor of the Console Room to die. Or rather regenerate...
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