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This archive kindly hosted by The Matrix: Worlds of Debate.

All New Adventures of Doctor Who "The Renegades" Simulation stories, plots and game archives are available via these pages.Some of these files are also available via our main website at or for short. This page may be reached via or for short.

All files are copyright by the NA Sim players, but we invite you to read and share them as long as they are kept in their original form with due credit given. If you wish to republish or link to any of these works, e-mail our game coordinator. If you'd like to add to the lore, come join us at a game.


Game Logs
Game logs are the raw, unconstructed chat logs of games as the happened. They are listed in order of the most recent so you can catch up on the game you missed.

Story Reconstructions
Story reconstructions are edited and formatted to read as a combination short story and teleplay. Elements are taken from game logs, plot briefings and player time logs.

Game Plots/Scripts
Game scripts are brief plot outlines with cast lists. Most recent are first dating back to the earliest available HTML version. (Scripts from past stories are in ASCII format within the Full Story Archives.

Time Logs
Time logs are player-written fiction published through the sim mailing list and included in story reconstructions. Time logs have been compiled into three time period files as an archive outside the missing reconstructions.

Full Story Archive
These archives are for all stories not yet reconstructed. All elements required to reconstruct a storyline (raw game logs, time logs and game plots) contained in one zip file. As the stories are completed, they will be moved to the reconstruction and season archives.

Season Archive
Season archives contain all reconstructions for a given season so you can read the sequence of adventures as they were intended and played. These are also available on the NADW Sim Renegades Story Page.

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