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Devil's Army
Part One
April 10, 2003

By Jen Kokoski
(fifth in the "Empire of Time" series)

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Over a year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgot. In the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.  Upon returning to this Universe, the Doctor has found everything far from how he left it. Worlds are being oppressed and it is all the blame of his people. The so-called Central Authority controls all interstellar and intratemporal traffic.

After having freed some of his "mentally processed" friends and acquiring the helping of gifted surgeon Doc Clark Savage, the Doctor and his ragtag crew hide out in an undetectable transparent "Ghost Ship" in the tail of a mysterious cosmic comet.

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration has returned home to a time of temporal, universal strife. 

Irish - [Rob] - he Doctor's feline companion, with green fur, mental powers, a dislike for water and all things that muss his fur. 

"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People". After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor. Now in corporeal form, she has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself. '

Blackeye McGinty - a space pirate re-nicknamed "Blackeye" after he battled the time hunters and their notorious STiG leader Jacie. He is an old friend of both Drax and Sabalom Glitz as well as most of the roguish space pirates haunting the universe before the great Gallifreyan plague. He was last seen joining the Ghost Ship crew after escaping the time loop on Hades (the last known refuge of rebels to the Central Authority).

Doc Savage - Born Clark Savage, Jr.. He was raised from the cradle by scientists. He was trained to be at the peak of physical and mental prowess. He is the smartest man in the world. He stands over 6 ft tall, with sun bronzed skin and hair ( his haircut is in the form of a skullcap). He moves gracefully and has the appearance of the prime human specimen. He and his aides fight crime and right wrongs from his base in the Empire State Building. Immensly wealthy, he puts his wealth to use in fighting crime and helping the innocent. 

Sage - [Jen] the Doctor's former companion Brogan MacGill, now excersing her increased abilities as a powerful temporal telepath. Her home is Mirabilis and the the temporal nexus that houses the Time Trap Bar, or rather used to. Since the Central Authority's rise to power, she has sought refuge and commanded the "Ghost Ship" hiding in the tail of a mysterious comet.

Jacie - [Jen] a human turned Space-Time Gypsy (STiG) and the Doctor's former companion. She joined sides with Gallifrey and became one of the Central Authorities most notorious Time Hunters. She was last seen at a reprocessing center; after having abducted Drax she freed Fred. In her role as a time hunter she is both feared and hated by the Doctor's newest allies.

Drax - a timelord renegade and engineer who schooled with the Doctor on Gallifrey before leaving to seek his fortune as a fix-it man for hire in the Universe. Because he was known to congregate with rebel types, Drax was captured by the Time Hunters twice and subjected to mental reprocessing. He was last seen rescued from the Flying Montecarlo, an interstellar pleasure ship where the crew served under false identities. He has recently undergone Doc Savage's corrective surgery.

Sabalom Glitz - a space pirate known to engage in many dodgy deals. Because of his former connection to the Doctor and secrets he's learned of Gallifrey's matrix, he was reprocessed by the Central Authority. He was last seen rescued from the Flying Montecarlo, an interstellar pleasure ship where the crew served under false identities. He has recently undergone Doc Savage's corrective surgery.

Flavia - a timelord with a renowned history as former President of the High Council before regenerating and seeking a life of adventure with her feline Harley (Harlequin). Because of her esteemed rule of Gallifrey and favoritism for the Doctor she was captured by the Central Authority. She was last seen rescued from the Flying Montecarlo, an interstellar pleasure ship where the crew served under false identities. She has recently undergone Doc Savage's corrective surgery.

Romana - a timelady who once traveled with the 4th Doctor before defying orders to return home in favor of adventuring on her own. She helped free the Tharils from temporal slavery and was thus seen as a risk by the new Gallifreyan order leading to her reprocessing. She was last seen rescued from the Flying Montecarlo, an interstellar pleasure ship where the crew served under false identities. She has recently undergone Doc Savage's corrective surgery.

Harley (Harlequin) - Flavia's travel companion and Irish's feline sister. She shares his gifts for telepathy and a fierce loyalty to her humanoid companion. She escaped Gallifrey's detection and snuck aboard the Flying Montecarlo to rescue her mistress, but was shunned instead. She was last seen helping rescue the Doctor's amnesiac friends from the Montecarlo.


Recovery Lounge (Fred, Doc Savage, Blackeye McGinty, Drax & Sabalom Glitz, Irish, Harley, Flavia & Romana)

Doc Savage and Fred oversee the recovering patients as they engage in familiar recreational games. In one corner Blackeye challenges his old colleagues (Drax & Glitz) to a pirate game of laser darts. In another corner Irish & Harley coach Romana and Flavia in a game of Gallifreyan chess. Doc Savage explains to Fred the purpose of the games is to slowly reintoduce the patients to their former memories and personalities. At first, both sets of patients are timid about the games, unsure of the rules and dependent on their minders to guide them in their next moves. But after a while, the treatment begins working. Drax and Glitz become more competitive and conniving until finally the three pirates descend into a heated debate over who cheated first. Meanwhile Flavia sets up a fantastic check move and is outwitted by Romana.

Observation Lounge (Sage & the Doctor)

Meanwhile the Doctor visits with Sage in the ship's irridescent control room. They reminisce about old times over a cup of tea and enjoy a well deserved laugh. But when talk of her husband Alex comes up, Brogan saddens. She knows he's safe, but has been unable to visit him or her children in months. Brogan tells a little more about her flight from Mirabilis. They sealed the Interdimensional Nexus and destroyed all the gateways when Time Scoops started taking chunks out of the landscape and populace. Last she heard there were Gallifreyan science teams stationed on the planet trying to figure out how to get back into the Nexus. The Doctor questions the source of this cosmic cloud that's been spreading, but Brogan has little info. She only knows what is behind it can not be seen - by her, the Celestines or even the Guardian. And all the Council of Angels would divulge is that it brings doom & gloom. The Doctor offers comfort and vows he will find a way to reunite her family. To start, he goes off to his TARDIS in search of more information on this cloud.


Recovery Lounge (Sage, Doc Savage, Fred & Irish... along with Glitz, Drax & Blackeye and Romana, Flavia & Harley)

Brogan/Sage visits the nearby patient recovery lounge where the patients are slowly getting the hang of their treatment. Doc Savage is quite pleased with their progress, while Fred is cautiously optimistic. The pirates and timeladies get caught up in their heated arguments, alarming Sage & Fred. Doc Savage assures it is all part of the ice breaking process to clear their minds of the blocks instilled through brainwashing. Sure enough, as the arguments progress so do the combatants recall memories of their former conflicts with each other. Irish joins the observers and comments it is like old times - seeing pompous Gallifreyans debate strategy while the rogues threaten all manner of outrageous revenge. That brings smiles to the oberservers' faces. But Sage's smile suddenly becomes strained and her attention distant. Fred has to ask twice where the Doctor went before Sage tells her the TARDIS. Fred happily goes off to catch him up, but Sage just walks out because she has "to check something". Concerned, Irish follows her out.

TARDIS Console Room (The Doctor & Jacie)

The Doctor enters his Console Room and accesses the TARDIS databanks. He enters a voice query for all data concerning cosmic dispersion and/or temporal anomalies. Before the TARDIS can report its findings, the lights dim and energy levels flutter. The Doctor suspects a power fault, but then hears Jacie urgently call to him. He finds her hiding in a corner, but learns she is just a phantom image. Jacie explains she's hijacked the APC Net and doesn't have much time. The Doctor urges her to escape or tell him exactly where she is so he can rescue her. Jacie refuses; he has other things to do. She gives him coordinates of a galaxy he doesn't know. It's a newly formed galaxy in the furthest reaches of space. Jacie tells him to get there as soon as possible. Why, asks the Doctor. It is the only place left out of Gallifreyan control. There he can find allies, of sorts. The Doctor assures he has allies, but Jacie reveals the president already knows and is planning to deal with them. She urges the Doctor to go out, make new allies and raise an army. He must attack Gallifrey and stop them. All of time depends on him. She can do little herself, but will try to help. Again the Doctor urges her to let him rescue her first. Jacie refuses, this time saying she has done too much to be welcome in his company. She apologizes in a moment of obvious personal anguish. In mid-apology Jacie vanishes and the power flares to full power.


Observation Lounge (Sage, Irish, Doctor, Fred & Blackeye)

Brogan/Sage rushes into the Observation Lounge and calls up a display of the cosmos. As the display cycles through the various magnification levels, Brogan makes a troubled call for Alex (her husband). Irish sees this and asks "Soft Curves" what the trouble is. Shocked, Brogan merely says he's gone. The Doctor charges into the room equally upset and with Fred charging after him. She apparently caught him leaving the TARDIS very troubled and repeatedly questions the concern. The Doctor just says she's gone. Blackeye walks in from the recovery lounge (apparently unaware of the brewing trauma) and jokingly complains he's been evicted from the game for cheating. He stops when Sage and the Doctor voice their concerns about missing people.

Sage's concerns are heard first as the entire wall is filled with a cosmic star map showing the Hegemony sector of the Universe. As everyone watches, a thick cloud of nothingness consumes the Mirabilis solar system. Brogan's entire family and friends vanish from all thoughts and senses. The news is very grim, shocking everyone but moving the Doctor to a conclusion. He announces they must go on a mission at once. The Doctor punches up the coordinates given to him, changing the wall to a vision of the new galaxy. Lethal stellar nurseries project thick clouds of red cosmic dust across the handful of star systems and planets in the sector. That is where they must go next. Why he's asked. The answer: to raise an army.

Next time...

The hunt is on for a new terrifying army against an even more forbidding empire. But will the Doctor find friends or foes in the Sector of Forgotten Souls? Be with us next week for part two of "Devil's Army"! To join the group and get next week's script early, please use our web sign up page or e-mail