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Devil's Army
Part Three
May 1, 2003

By Jen Kokoski
(fifth in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


Over a year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgot. In the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.  Upon returning to this Universe, the Doctor has found everything far from how he left it. Worlds are being oppressed and it is all the blame of his people. The so-called Central Authority controls all interstellar and intratemporal traffic. A mysterious temporal dispersion cloud is spreading throughout the Universe and has just claimed Mirabilis as its newest victim. With a tip from time hunter and former companion Jacie Hunter, the Doctor is off on a new mission: to raise an army and defeat his people.

SETTING: The newest galaxy created by the Universe, nicknamed "the Sector of Forgotten Souls" by its ragtag inhabitants. Stellar nurseries spew deadly clouds of red dust across small star systems and primordial planets. This corner of space is uncharted, constantly changing and wrought with navigation hazards such as unstable quasars, temporal rifts and treacherous black holes. Only the most suicidal, insane or desperate chose to call this place home. It is also the only corner of the Universe left unmapped by Gallifrey's Matrix.

LAST TIME: The Doctor, Fred, Irish and Blackeye McGinty materialized aboard the spaceship Esperanto but instead of allies they made the gruesome discovery of a Hold laden with skinned Cheetah People, were separated by gas-filled corridors, and attacked by the bloodthirsty pirate crew. Cpt. Pegleg "the Smeg" shot down his enemy "Squid" the Doctor, Irish lost a battle with Crewman Kelly and was rescued by Taroc Arkannan, and Blackeye took hostages to save Fred and the Doctor from becoming the latest skinned cargo. 

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration has returned home to a time of temporal, universal strife. 

Irish - [Rob] - he Doctor's feline companion, with green fur, mental powers, a dislike for water and all things that muss his fur. 

"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People". After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor. Now in corporeal form, she has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself. '

Blackeye McGinty - [Cody] a space pirate re-nicknamed "Blackeye" after he battled the time hunters and their notorious STiG leader Jacie. He is an old friend of both Drax and Sabalom Glitz as well as most of the roguish space pirates haunting the universe before the great Gallifreyan plague. He was last seen joining the Ghost Ship crew after escaping the time loop on Hades (the last known refuge of rebels to the Central Authority).

Captain Pegleg "the Smeg" - [Duncan] pirate captain of the Esperanto with a colorful history and two artificial legs to prove it. He once served alongside Blackeye McGinty, though the two can not exactly be called friends. He know eeks out a living out of the CA's reach and in a sector of space where it's kill or be killed. His crew's primary bounty is whatever they can steal and consume or trade for consumables.

"One Chop" Cheney - first mate of the Esperanto known for his ruthless handling of machetes. He wears a pair of them for decoration and personal protection.

Crewman Kelly - teen-aged crewman on Captain Pegleg's ship the Esperanto. He's young, naive and cowardly. Your typical boy caught up in a roughneck world.

Taroc Arkannan - native of Sekmeth, he was engineered by the Rani to be the most perfect lionine warrior ever. After being kidnapped by the Rani and used for genetic experiments, he escaped only to eventually join forces with Sheba - a female soulmate who was also the product of humanoid genetic experiments. He served in the great Animal Wars of a few years back as a freedom fighter. He is a tall, 6 foot 10 inch, cat-man with features resembling a lion including a lush lion's mane. He is also a man of intelligence and culture who is not afraid to kill for a just cause yet knows restraint.

Sheba - [Jen] - born a Cheetah Person with uncommon intelligence and cunning for her people. She saw their escape from the Cheetah Planet before it disintegrated and reformed her people into a space-faring race. She became known as Pirate Queen Sheba, since she commanded her fleet of Cheetah pirates on various raids across the outlands. Following a quest to avenge all her animal brethren who were brutally slain by humanoid explorers just for the fun of it, Sheba began the Great Animal Wars. But when she learned her heritage was a lie, and she was a genetic experiment mixing evil timelady Lady L and the good Doctor's DNA, Sheba abandoned her quest for revenge. She was last seen in Lady L's company, but escaped with Taroc and a few others to seek their own existence in lesser corners of the Universe. She is a beautiful female Cheetah with fur of many colors, exotic cat eyes, and trim womanly figure. She is seductive, intelligent, cultured and deadly, especially when her people are threatened.


Bridge Level (Fred, Blackeye, Pegleg with Doctor and One Chop Cheney)

Blackeye holds Pegleg hostage. The Doctor remains unconscious and appears in need of medical treatment. Blackeye forces Cheney and crew to show them to the ship's infirmary - a makeshift room behind the captain's bridge. Fred tends to the Doctor's wounds while Blackeye begins addressing the pirates' concerns. Cheney and Pegleg accuse Blackeye of being a traitor in league with the Squids. Last they heard he was on Hades and made a miraculous escape. Blackeye makes an impassioned speech. He explains the Doctor is a totally different kind of Squid. He tells them of the Doctor's attempts to save other retros and plans to oppose his people. To do that they need the pirates' help. They are here to raise an army and dethrone the Squids. Pegleg and Cheney listen intently then erupt into uproarious laughter. They mock the idea of being in any army. 

Larder (Taroc, Sheba, Irish)

Sheba leads a Cheetah boarding party behind Taroc Arkannan and into the larder. Irish no longer feels pain from the sound taser, but he is dizzy and nearly deaf. Taroc provides medical aid when Irish fails to respond to them verbally. Irish's ear drums are popped, he reports then seals them with some fancy medical goo to repair the damage. Meanwhile Sheba checks her hand scanner and detects the signal several decks up. She directs half her group to secure the exit passage and takes the other half (including Taroc and Irish) with her. They depart for the Bridge.


Bridge Infirmary (The Doctor, Blackeye, Fred, Pegleg, Cheney)

The Doctor awakens to the sound of raucous laughter. He mistakenly believes the negotiations have improved while he was "napping". Pegleg and Cheney chide the Doctor. They have no intention of joining any army. Cheney insists challenging the Squids is suicide. All the crew come from worlds who once opposed the Central Authority and were time looped for their trouble. The Doctor is undaunted because there is no other choice. Pegleg warns the Doctor to go back. He'll find no allies in this sector. Here it is kill or be killed. He will find no species willing to join together for anything especially under a Squid. They're more likely to belief he's luring them into a trap.

Ship Corridors (Sheba, Taroc, Irish and Cheetah people)

Sheba's party makes their way through the ship's corridors easily avoiding gas-filled corridors, sound traps, and disarming as much of internal security as possible. But unbeknowst to them, Crewman Kelly recovers and follows behind them covertly trying to raise the alarms.


Bridge Level (All except Crewman Kelly)

As soon as Pegleg mentions a trap, his words ring true: Sheba and her boarding crew raid the Bridge. The pirates react quickly and fiercely fighting the Cheetah. Taroc shoots Blackeye and is shot at by Pegleg in return. Irish attacks Cheney when he fires at Sheba. Pirates battle Cheetah, while Sheba makes her way to the Doctor. The Doctor is pleased to recognize Sheba and get a somewhat friendly greeting at last. (Sheba's mission was to rescue the Doctor.) But when Fred gets in the way, Sheba shoots her down. The Doctor has little time to react before Sheba picks him up, flings him over her shoulder and orders her troops out.


Rescued? (All)

Sheba carries the Doctor down via the escape corridors, her crew in tow. The Doctor objects insisting he be put on his feet and this violent rescue stop. It does stop when they find the way blocked by an internal force shield. Taroc brings up the rear with Irish charging after them. Irish saw what happened to Shiny Girl and voices his objections. Sheba and Taroc ignore him though. Taroc reports the pirates are hot on their trail. The Doctor tries to gain control of the situation and hold a negotiation. Sheba is not interested in talking to "butchers" - a reference to their treatment of captive Cheetah. Crewman Kelly appears and tosses a sound grenade into the corridor. The pirates counterattack launching a brutal, fierce battle. Kelly is the first victim as he's attacked by two Cheetah and torn apart. Cheney butchers a couple Cheetah in response. Taroc attacks Pegleg. Sheba charges Cheney. Blackeye and Fred help each other to the sidelines where the Doctor (under Irish's protection) escapes to watch the sickening out of control fight. The pirates and Cheetah seem more intent killing than anything else. The Doctor hesitates a moment wondering if this is the right place to seek allies. But he does come through and usurp control of the fight with the help of his pocket watch and some Squid magic. (A temporal freeze that leaves the combatants motionless yet conscious perhaps?) This time he gives the commands. The pirates and Cheetah will stop killing each other, become the cornerstones of his army, and will help him recruit more. No one appears happy at that thought.

Next time...

To defeat the Gallifreyan Empire and save the Universe, the Doctor must raise an army from those few who have escaped the Central Authority's grip. In the Sector of Forgotten Souls, he's made his first recruits from bloodthirsty pirates and Sheba's savage Cheetah people. Now he must rouse the other survivors: Imperial Daleks, Cybermen, Wiirn, etc. But will his coalition be worth sacrifice to his conscience. Join us next week for the conclusion to "Devil's Army"! To join the group and get next week's script early, please use our web sign up page or e-mail