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Devil's Army
Part Four ~ Finale
May 8, 2003

By Jen Kokoski
(fifth in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Over a year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgot. In the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.  Upon returning to this Universe, the Doctor has found everything far from how he left it. Worlds are being oppressed and it is all the blame of his people. The so-called Central Authority controls all interstellar and intratemporal traffic. A mysterious temporal dispersion cloud is spreading throughout the Universe and has just claimed Mirabilis as its newest victim. With a tip from time hunter and former companion Jacie Hunter, the Doctor is off on a new mission: to raise an army and defeat his people.

SETTING: The newest galaxy created by the Universe, nicknamed "the Sector of Forgotten Souls" by its ragtag inhabitants. Stellar nurseries spew deadly clouds of red dust across small star systems and primordial planets. This corner of space is uncharted, constantly changing and wrought with navigation hazards such as unstable quasars, temporal rifts and treacherous black holes. Only the most suicidal, insane or desperate chose to call this place home. It is also the only corner of the Universe left unmapped by Gallifrey's Matrix.

The Trading Station is the only neutral place in the sector. It's a space station housed within a treacherous asteroid belt surrounding a toxic gaseous planet. The only native aboard the Trading Station is the Keeper, an unseen controller. All factions come to the Station to trade for needed resources, but none like to stay long. The Station is eerie to most since it is always immaculately clean, un-inhabitated and completely controlled by the Keeper. Also, each party finds all weapons fail to function there and anyone who tries to physically fight is immediately contained or transported off. Entire ships have been known to disappear from the docking port when the captain displeases the Keeper. Trades occur when an offering party arrives, then issues an invite through the Keeper's Relay systems to parties they wish to trade with.

LAST TIME: The Doctor managed to pull the bloodthirsty pirates and carnivorous Cheetah together in a plan to wage war against Gallifrey. Now he is relying on their contacts to recruit more members to his army of rogues. The Doctor and his allies have taken up residence aboard the infamous Trading Station for about a week. In the meantime, Sheba and Pegleg have spread the word the Keeper is hosting a trade for trilithium.

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration has returned home to a time of temporal, universal strife. 

Irish - [Rob] - he Doctor's feline companion, with green fur, mental powers, a dislike for water and all things that muss his fur. 

"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People". After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor. Now in corporeal form, she has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself. '

Blackeye McGinty - [Cody] a space pirate re-nicknamed "Blackeye" after he battled the time hunters and their notorious STiG leader Jacie. He is an old friend of both Drax and Sabalom Glitz as well as most of the roguish space pirates haunting the universe before the great Gallifreyan plague. He was last seen joining the Ghost Ship crew after escaping the time loop on Hades (the last known refuge of rebels to the Central Authority).

Captain Pegleg "the Smeg" - [Duncan] pirate captain of the Esperanto with a colorful history and two artificial legs to prove it. He once served alongside Blackeye McGinty, though the two can not exactly be called friends. He know eeks out a living out of the CA's reach and in a sector of space where it's kill or be killed. His crew's primary bounty is whatever they can steal and consume or trade for consumables.

"One Chop" Cheney - first mate of the Esperanto known for his ruthless handling of machetes. He wears a pair of them for decoration and personal protection.

Taroc Arkannan - native of Sekmeth, he was engineered by the Rani to be the most perfect lionine warrior ever. After being kidnapped by the Rani and used for genetic experiments, he escaped only to eventually join forces with Sheba - a female soulmate who was also the product of humanoid genetic experiments. He served in the great Animal Wars of a few years back as a freedom fighter. He is a tall, 6 foot 10 inch, cat-man with features resembling a lion including a lush lion's mane. He is also a man of intelligence and culture who is not afraid to kill for a just cause yet knows restraint.

Sheba - [Jen] - born a Cheetah Person with uncommon intelligence and cunning for her people. She saw their escape from the Cheetah Planet before it disintegrated and reformed her people into a space-faring race. She became known as Pirate Queen Sheba, since she commanded her fleet of Cheetah pirates on various raids across the outlands. Following a quest to avenge all her animal brethren who were brutally slain by humanoid explorers just for the fun of it, Sheba began the Great Animal Wars. But when she learned her heritage was a lie, and she was a genetic experiment mixing evil timelady Lady L and the good Doctor's DNA, Sheba abandoned her quest for revenge. She was last seen in Lady L's company, but escaped with Taroc and a few others to seek their own existence in lesser corners of the Universe. She is a beautiful female Cheetah with fur of many colors, exotic cat eyes, and trim womanly figure. She is seductive, intelligent, cultured and deadly, especially when her people are threatened.

Cyber Leader - leader of the mechanoid warriors from Mondas. They are silver in color and suffer from a weakness to gold. After many attempts to conquer or destroy Earth, their forces depleted drastically. They attempted to recruit new members on secret conversion operations on Vega Prime before being thwarted by the timelords. The few survivors now exist in this forgotten sector battling for survival and dominance over a resource-rich metal planet with their old enemies the Vogans.

Imperial Dalek Commander - [Duncan] - leader of Davros' original Dalek creations, they spent generations trying to enslave the Universe planet by planet in their customary spearhead formation. After attacking Endoria (a planet of temporal engineers and isolationists) in the same way they conquered Earth in 2164 (a plague brought by meteorites followed by space attack), they were hunted by the timelord Central Authority. Their spearhead has been decimated, even their planet Skaro has disappeared in some great cosmic cloud. The few survivors fled to this forgotten sector first.

Wiirn Queen - the species last seen infesting the remnants of humans on Nova Station supposedly destroyed in the leader's suicide attempt. At least one survivor fled to form a new colony in deep space but retained the knowledge and humanity they gained from their human leader Noah. They can speak and make it a practice not to infest humans, despite their feared reputation. But since they can exist in the vacuum of space, they are known to infest derelict ships and consume the remains.

Varesh, Vogan Leader - leader of the race from the legendary "Planet of Gold" once used to power the Glitter Guns that broke the back of Cybermen invasions. A few left their planet to pursue the Cybermen throughout space and ensure they remained always weak. Now they have taken up battles with Cybermen for control of the resource richest planet in the sector - a planet made of almost entirely metal.

Cristoff, Thal Leader - one of the scouts who pursued the Dalek spearhead to Endoria. His sister was killed in the Dalek defeat and he continued the hunt, until the Doctor's friend Brogan sought him out. He observed the Daleks being destroyed by time scoops and learned the true enemy was Gallifrey. He parted company with his brethren (who pursued the Imperial Daleks to this forgotten sector) to join Brogan's Ghost Ship and try to rescue survivors. With her empathic powers, Cristoff has been able to re-establish contact with his Thal brothers.

Humanized Daleks - the only Daleks to not seek universal domination since being introduced to the "humanized factor" by the second Doctor. They have joined forces with the Thals in hopes of taming their more violent brethren. They are seen as weak mutants by the Imperial Daleks and are best known for asking constant questions. Their names adopt the Greek alphabet, as given them by the Doctor. (e.g. Delta, Gamma, Psi, Epsilon, Zeta)

Thals - natives of Skaro who grew to withstand a tolerance to radiation and a hatred of the Daleks who destroyed their civilization. They are tall, slender and almost albino blonde.

The Keeper - unseen controller of the station who is heard making all station announcements. His voice is mostly mechanical, definitely masculine and very authoritative. Some believe him to be a sentient computer, others fear he is a recluse who lives in some forbidden section of the station. He has absolute awareness of every arrival and every meeting that takes place here. He also has a set of rules that must be obeyed. And for every trade, he is left his share or else it is taken.



In a glass-walled room, Cristoff has just arrived from the Ghost Ship to represent the Thals in the sector and bearing news from Brogan. He reports to the Doctor. He has managed to contact the few Thal squads found there. Most have spent their time following the Dalek spearhead threat and learned it was a rumor spread by Gallifrey. Most of the surviving Daleks are few and spread out fighting their humanized factions. They have managed to spread the word of a valuable trilithum commodity for trade on this station. Thals spotted Dalek squads headed this way. As for Brogan, she reports no contact with Mirabilis or the Celestines. She's holding up as best as she can, but is having several "waking nightmares". When asked what that means, Cristoff guesses it's her empathic abilities in overdrive. She keeps senses terrible things to friends and foes. Something terrible is happening. The Doctor assures they will deal with Gallifrey soon. Cristoff has some good news. His timelord friends are completely recovered and eager to join him. Doc Savage insists on observing them another week just to be sure, but they are beginning to help devise a few possible plans and weaknesses in the Central Authority. The Arrival Chime is heard throughout the station; the Keeper announces the arriving factions.

MEDICAL INFIRMARY (Sheba, Fred, Irish, Taroc)

Taroc gives Irish's ears a final checkup in the station's infirmary. It's been a week and Irish's hearing is fully restored thanks to the goo. Irish is happy to hear again and has no good thoughts about those awful sound tasers. Taroc comments they were developed back in the Great Animal-Human Wars. Fred innocently asks if that was when skinning and mauling started too. Sheba answers with an acknowledgement of the pirate Cheetah warfare but no apology. About the only place neither group fought was on this station. The Keeper doesn't allow fighting. Fred voices curiosity about this unseen Keeper, but neither Taroc nor Sheba have ever seen him. Only his voice is heard allowing parties to disembark for a trade or resupply then go. Irish comments the strange things he senses from the Keeper's voice. It's half mechanical and half sentient, almost like the TARDIS's voice but not as pleasant. Taroc confirms anyone violating the Keeper's rules are immediately expunged from the station. Sheba confesses surprise the Keeper allowed the Doctor to hold his conference here, and bigger doubt that the ruse to get factions here will work. Taroc reminds her of the powerful lure pure trilithium poses. Most factions would kill to get it. That is what worries Sheba. The Arrival Chime rings throughout the station; the Keeper announces the arriving factions.

SECURITY / SCANNER ROOM (Blackeye, Pegleg, Cheney)

Blackeye and Pegleg go over station security and the trading room where the big meeting is to be held. Cheney reports at least 5 squadrons are seen en route: Cybermen, 2 Dalek factions, Vogan, Wiirn and Thals. They should arrive within the hour. Pegleg jokes about which one will blast the other to get the first berth. Serious, Blackeye questions the station's security again. He doesn't want a repeat of the carnage on the Esperanzo. Pegleg reminds him again that the Keeper doesn't allow uncontrolled violence otherwise his men would have torn a few strips into the Cheetah Savages for what they did to Kelly. Blackeye retorts perhaps they got what they deserved for skinning the creatures, then selling the skins here he notes the Cheetah skins strewn about the place as blankets and rugs. Pegleg has no apologies for survival tactics. Instead he criticizes this Squid's plan to oppose the CA. Blackeye reminds him of the Doctor's impassioned speech on the ship - they have to fight the real enemies. That reminds Pegleg of another question: how did the Doc know to find his ship. The sector isn't mapped yet. Blackeye isn't sure. He repeats what the Doc said: he had a source on Gallifrey. Pegleg insinuates that "source" might be none other than the hellcat who gave Blackeye his new nickname. After all they were friends. Blackeye is unsettled by that suggestion. But unsettled even more when Pegleg suggests this whole operation may be a ruse. What better way for the Squids to round up the last opposition? The Arrival Chime rings interrupting their conversation and Blackeye's reponse; the Keeper announces the arriving factions.


MEETING HALL (Cyber Leader, Vogans, Thals, Imperial Daleks, Humanized Daleks, Wiirn)

Five ships dock at the station and their parties disembark. First the Imperial Daleks and Cyber Leader's parties arrive and confront each other. Both claim to be given the sole offer of trilithium from the Keeper and threaten violence to get it. Then the Thals and Humanized Daleks disembark reminding their violent brethren that threats of violence are useless here. Cyber Leader calculates an attack off the station may be done. Varesh, leading his Vogan party, warns such an attack would be dealt with. All parties bristle when the Wiirn Queen leads her spacewalking swarm into the Meeting Hall for the same trilithium. Imperial Dalek objects to bugs being invited alongside them. He speculates something is not right about this trade. His sensors indicated no trilithium aboard. The Doctor's voice calls down from above announcing that the Imperial Dalek is correct. They have been summoned on a bit of a ruse.

GLASS TERRACE ABOVE THE MEETING HALL (Doctor, Fred, Irish, Sheba, Taroc, Blackeye, Pegleg, Cristoff)

In a room with one-way glass, the Doctor and his associates assemble to watch their arrivals disembark below. Sheba, Pegleg and Cristoff provide commentary about the various groups. Sheba recounts the numbers of Cybermen and Vogans in the sector. They seem most concentrated around a planet of almost pure metal. The Cybermen try to destroy it and the Vogans lead raids to extract the gold. Cristoff recounts the situation with Imperial Daleks, Humanized Daleks and Thals. The Imperial Daleks suffered huge losses after their attack of Endoria (Comet of Death). The remains of their spearhead ended up here several spans ago. The Humanized Daleks and Thal scouts who joined forces eons ago chased them here to keep an eye on them. There were rumors that the Daleks were to blame for the spearhead cloud, but they seem to be victims. Even Skaro has succombed to it. Pegleg cringes and objects when the Wiirn Queen spacewalks in. Bugs are even filthier than Savages, he snaps earning an insulted growl from the "savages" (Sheba, Taroc, Irish). The Doctor settles the argument by reminding them they will need all the help they can get to oppose Gallifrey. With that, the Doctor turns on a station intercom and answers the Imperial Dalek's suspicions there is no trilithium aboard. He tells all he has summoned them, not the Keeper and not for trilithium.



The Doctor leads his party down an open staircase into the Meeting Hall. He faces his old enemies with some chilly greetings from Cyber Leader and the Imperial Dalek. The Wiirn Queen however exchanges a civil bow of honor with the Doctor. It seems she and her kin retain the gift of speech and morality they learned back on Nova Station. Varesh is no more pleased with this ruse than the mechanoids and demands to know why he was summoned by a timelord Squid. All parties bristle at the mention of Squids. The Doctor calms them and informs he has brought them together because of the Squids. They are going to put their differences aside and conquer Gallifrey. The mechanoids are intrigued, the others worried. Varesh recalls the Sontarans tried that once. They have been time looped. By the Doctor's hands, Cyber Leader recalls. Imperial Dalek questions the Doctor's motives in this: why would he oppose his people now that they have virtual dominion over the Universe. The Doctor insists unlike them he never wanted to rule the Universe, nor thinks any species should. One by one, the groups decline the idea of attacking Gallifrey. They would get nothing out of it, if they survived. But the Doctor has a compelling offer: they can continue to skulk out an existence here before the Matrix eventually detects them or join forces with him and possibly have a universe left to attempt conquering themselves. Sheba and Fred reminds them they'd be powerless alone but with a timelord at their side... All parties begin warming to the idea. They revel in the idea of seeking a little justice for their fallen comrades and putting the sanctimonious Central Authority in its place. Fred and Irish privately compliment the Doctor: his army is forming.


MEETING HALL (All and a surprise guest)

There's only one troubling question left to answer. Cyber Leader asks just who will be in charge of this army. The Doctor's friends (Fred, Irish, Blackeye) all turn to him insisting he will be of course. Before the Doctor can answer, the power fluctuates throughout the station. Lights dim, the walls change to resemble the interior pock-face of a TARDIS, all exit doors including the staircase and observation room above vanish, and the Keeper's voice is heard. The Keeper objects saying in a very sentient non-computer way he thinks not. At least not until the Doctor answers his questions. The Doctor is immediately engulfed in a transmat beam and disappears before everyone's eyes.

Next time...

The "Devil's Army" is formed, but its leader has been abducted by the unseen and very displeased Keeper of the Trading Station. The Doctor's friends must find him, but has all this effort to raise an army simply been a timelord trap? Join us next week for an all new adventure in the Sector of Forgotten Souls. To join the group and get next week's script by e-mail, please use our web sign up page or e-mail