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The Flying Montecarlo Caper
Part One
December 5, 2002

By Jen Kokoski
(third in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: One year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgotů in the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.

Upon returning to this Universe, the Doctor has found everything far from how he left it. Worlds are being oppressed and it is all the blame of his people. The so-called Central Authority controls all interstellar and intratemporal traffic. Having lost his friend Drax to the Timelord Intevention Squad (nicknamed the Squids), the Doctor is in search of him now.

SETTING: The Flying Montecarlo, a luxury spaceliner on a millenia journey across the galaxy. Passengers are renowned scientists, politicians, inventors, scholars and people who could change history. The crew consists of many old friends of the Doctor's, brainwashed and with new identities.

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration has returned home to a time of temporal, universal strife.

Irish - [Rob] - he Doctor's feline companion, with green fur, mental powers, a dislike for water and all things that muss his fur. He hasn't seen his feline family in years, but shares a unique mental bond with them.

Eos, picture of Doctor's new companion"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People".  After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor.  She has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself.


Pierce Bond - a secret and private investigator resembling that fictional 007 earth spy. He wears tuxedos, has dark, neatly-trimmed hair and drinks lemon twists, shaken not stirred. He's aboard the Flying Montecarlo not for pleasure but for very secretive work. His cover story is that of a trillionaire-playboy on a long, much-needed holiday.

Engineer Frax aka Drax - timelord Drax's alternate personality as the cruise ship's engineer. Like his crewmates he has no memory of his life as a timelord or even his genetic heritage.

Cruise Director Roxana aka Romana - blonde, perky and timelady Romana's alternate personality. Like her crewmates, she remembers nothing of her former life and is very happy to be aboard the Flying Montecarlo.

Security Chief Blitz aka Sabalom Glitz - once a thief-for-hire, this ex-pirate now has the assumed role of an ultra-conservative security chief. His sole existence is to stop crime. It is his calling, and something he is exceptionally proud of. Any implication otherwise makes him prone to violent outbursts.

Captain Lavia aka Flavia - the redheaded commander of the Flying Montecarlo, hers is a dream job. She steers the automatic piloted ship through hyperspeeds around the most exotic places of the Mutter Spiral on a millenia journey. When she first started (so long ago she can't remember), she was the most excited captain they ever had. But in the last few months she has become bored and discontented. She feels called to do something more for "her people". She keeps as a pet an orange poodle she coaxes to do cat tricks for some unknown reason, even to her.

Harley - aka Harlequin, Irish's feline sister who was last seen departing as a kitten to travel with former President of the High Council Flavia. She's a calico cat, fully grown and on a mission.



THE FLYING DUTCHMAN LOUNGE (Captain Lavia's Voice, Roxana, Pierce Bond)

The Flying Montecarlo departs its most recent stop in orbit of a water planet. Captain Lavia gives the shipboard address including an astral weather report, departure time, estimated time to the next destination and that night's activities: a midnight masquerade in the ballroom. After the address, the passengers settle in to the lounge and are served fruity drinks by the staff. One tall, dark, mysterious passenger attracts the attention of Cruise Director Roxana when he's caught surveying the crowd a bit too closely. She engages him in conversation and gets him to request a drink: a lemon twist, shaken not stirred.

CARGO HOLD (Secureity Chief Blitz, Cargo handlers, later the Doctor, Fred & Irish)

Meanwhile in the cargo hold, Security Chief Blitz oversees placement of the last load of supplies from their stop. He does a cursory inspection of the crates during the Captain's address. As soon as the address ends, he and the cargo handlers leave the hold, shutting the door behind them. In the midst of a pile of crates, the tallest, silver box is rocked back and forth before tumbling over and opening. The contents, the Doctor and friends, spill out onto the floor. While hiscompanions react to their clumsy arrival, the Doctor pulls an adapted hand scanner out of his pocket and takes a reading. They go over the plan again. Brogan's contacts traced Drax's temporal-psychic spore to this ship. They are to find and rescue him. The Doctor reminds his friends to use the cover story if they are questioned: they are astrophycists on leave from the Hegemony Think Tank. The scanner picks up a signal directing them up three levels toward a large concentration of people.


LOUNGE (The Doctor, Fred, Irish, Pierce Bond, Roxana)

The Doctor and crew make their way up stairs and glass elevators to the Flying Dutchman Lounge. There they see a crowd of passengers, all relaxing on chaises with tall fruity drinks in their hands and a spa tub in the center of the room. They mingle with the crowd, discreetly and not-so distreetly searching for Drax. His trail leads off across the deck and toward a door. As they make their way, Fred and Irish take note of the passengers. Most are dressed in very casual beach attire and seem to not have a care in the world. They don't act like the Universe is in dire straights. It all seems very odd, but not as odd as the one man the Doctor spots spying them from the corner. The tall, handsome man is the only one dressed in a suit and having a stern look on his face. Curious, the Doctor approaches the man. They exchange introductions - both using their assumed identities and both playing a game of cat-n-mouse about their intentions. The Doctor loses the game when Cruise Director Roxana returns with Bond's lemon twist beverage. Of course, the Doctor immediately recognizes her as Romana. He pressures her to remember him and her own identity creating a bit of a scene.

BRIDGE (Captain Lavia, Chief Blitz, Engineer Frax)

Captain Lavia reclines in her chair after giving the big announcement. She wearily strokes her pet poodle Calypso and coaxes it to purr at her. Chief Blitz arrives with a report from the cargo hold. Lavia goes over the list of supplies and asks the mandatory security check questions. Blitz assures everything is according to routine. There will be no ne'er-do'wells or dodgy dealers on his watch. Lavia notes, with some boredom, that he's very proud of himself. Blitz is happy with his position but notes Lavia is not. She confesses the idea of traveling the galaxy in style was exciting at first, but she keeps thinking there is something more she should be doing. Blitz jokes she sounds like those stodgy politicians they ferry. Engineer Frax arrives to report from the lounge. He got the beverage dispensers working again. Someone ordered a lemon twist shaken not stirred and it confused the system. Lavia turns the internal monitors on at the Lounge and surveys the passengers. She compliments Frax for his quick work and the necessity to keep the passengers happy, but as she talks the camera pans to the a group of people accosting Cruise Director Roxana. Lavia orders Blitz down to take care of the unrulyiness before it spreads.


LOUNGE (The Doctor, Roxana, Fred, Blitz, Bond, Irish, Harley)

The Doctor continues to pressure Roxana to remember him. He even grabs her by the arm to stop her from turning away. The harder she denies knowing him or herself (she doesn't even know she's a timelady), the harder he presses the issue. Bond watches them intently but stays enough out of it to just stand back and sip his drink. Then Fred sees the distant door open and a security guard step out. Chief Blitz makes a beeline toward them.

Meanwhile, Irish's senses are pricked by a mental call of his name. Distracted, he turns away from the Doctor and searches the crowd. The voice calls again from the direction of the spa pool. He follows, even daring to jump to the pool's edge and right into a puddle of wet stuff. Irish recoils from that and the voice giggles at him. The giggle is a bit too familiar to him. He scans the crowd again, calling out to the voice to show itself. "I'm up here silly," chides the voice as a droplet of water is dropped onto his head from the diving board. There he sees his feline sister Harlequin aka Harley.

Back with the Doctor, Fred nudges him with a warning about the security guys coming "and looking mean". The Doctor doesn't want to give up of course and continues focusing on Roxana. At least until Chief Blitz grabs his arm from behind and forces the Doctor to release her. Fred tries to offer their standard explanation for who they are, but the Doctor instantly recognizes Blitz as Glitz and accuses him of running a dodgy scam posing as a security chief. At this point, Blitz assumes the Doctor is deranged and insists he accompanies them. The Doctor refuses. When Fred protests on his behalf, Bond smoothly steps in and stops her. Bond accuses the Doctor of being an overworked scientist clearly in need of rest. Blitz and his security men escort the Doctor away.

Irish happily greets his sister and urges her to come down and join him. But Harley suddenly turns dark and serious. She glances across the deck toward the ruckus created by the Doctor. She tells Irish they must talk, but not here. She dives off the board onto the beverage bar. With a glance over her shoulder she tells her brother to follow her. Irish does.

Next time...

The Doctor's been hauled away as a lunatic. Fred finds herself the new "Bond girl". Irish reunites with a longlost relative. And something very odd is about to befall the crew of the Flying Montecarlo. To join the group and get next week's script early, please use our web sign up page or e-mail