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The Flying Montecarlo Caper
Part Five ~ Finale
Febuary 20, 2003

By Jen Kokoski
(third in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: One year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgotů in the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.

Upon returning to this Universe, the Doctor has found everything far from how he left it. Worlds are being oppressed and it is all the blame of his people. The so-called Central Authority controls all interstellar and intratemporal traffic. Having lost his friend Drax to the Timelord Intevention Squad (nicknamed the Squids), the Doctor is in search of him now.

In the last episodes, the Doctor, Fred and Irish snuck aboard the traveling cruise liner the Flying Montecarlo on a mission to find the missing Drax. Instead they find many of the Doctor's old friends working as crew under assumed identities and with complete amnesia of their real lives. Assuming the Doctor lost to a new personality after he underwent treatment, Fred and Irish each found an ally and a couple nasty enemies. Last we saw, Irish and Harley escaped murderous Nurse Chapel while Fred and Bond stumbled upon Bessie, the all-knowing all-seeing computer control system. When Bessie was apparently shorted, the ship plunged into half power and the Doctor disappeared.

SETTING: The Flying Montecarlo, a luxury spaceliner on a millenia journey across the galaxy. Passengers are renowned scientists, politicians, inventors, scholars and people who could change history. The crew consists of many old friends of the Doctor's, brainwashed and with new identities.

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration has returned home to a time of temporal, universal strife. Now calls himself Dr. Von Schmidt, a classmate of Dr. Chrono-Von-Meter.

Irish - [Rob] - he Doctor's feline companion, with green fur, mental powers, a dislike for water and all things that muss his fur. He hasn't seen his feline family in years, but shares a unique mental bond with them.

Eos, picture of Doctor's new companion"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People".  After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor.  She has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself.


Pierce Bond - a secret and private investigator resembling that fictional 007 earth spy. He wears tuxedos, has dark, neatly-trimmed hair and drinks lemon twists, shaken not stirred. He's aboard the Flying Montecarlo not for pleasure but for very secretive work. His cover story is that of a trillionaire-playboy on a long, much-needed holiday.

Cruise Director Roxana aka Romana - blonde, perky and timelady Romana's alternate personality. Like her crewmates, she remembers nothing of her former life and is very happy to be aboard the Flying Montecarlo.

Security Chief Blitz aka Sabalom Glitz - once a thief-for-hire, this ex-pirate now has the assumed role of an ultra-conservative security chief. His sole existence is to stop crime. It is his calling, and something he is exceptionally proud of. Any implication otherwise makes him prone to violent outbursts.

Captain Lavia aka Flavia - the redheaded commander of the Flying Montecarlo, hers is a dream job. She steers the automatic piloted ship through hyperspeeds around the most exotic places of the Mutter Spiral on a millenia journey. When she first started (so long ago she can't remember), she was the most excited captain they ever had. But in the last few months she has become bored and discontented. She feels called to do something more for "her people". She keeps as a pet an orange poodle she coaxes to do cat tricks for some unknown reason, even to her.

Harley - aka Harlequin, Irish's feline sister who was last seen departing as a kitten to travel with former President of the High Council Flavia. She's a calico cat, fully grown and on a mission.

Nurse Chapel - blonde, pretty, assistant to Dr. Chrono-Von-Meter with perhaps another more secretive master

Engineer Frax - better known to the Doctor as timelord Drax, but now acting as the cruise ship's chief engineer and fix-it-man.

Bessie - the ship's computer located in the exact center of the ship behind a sophisticated security lock. Has a feminine personality and voice. She takes up an entire room with control panels, processors and monitors all displaying each crew member and passenger on the ship. 



AFT STAIRCASE (Fred & Bond, Irish & Harley, Doctor Von Schmidt)

Fred & Bond arrive at the Passenger Aft Staircase (an ornate structure with gilded railings and plush carpeting) looking for Blitz. Meanwhile Irish and Harley race up the stairs from below. As each pair approaches the middle, they hear, lone ominous footsteps descend the stairs from above. Harley fears it's evil Nurse Chapel and Bond guesses its Blitz. Instead the foursome is surprised by the infamous Doctor Von Schmidt. Remembering the shimmering Doctor in Sickbay, Irish assumes Von Schmidt is a duplicate or similar and pounces him. The other 3 join forces to capture this possibly evil clone, but the Doctor finally lets his little masquerade drop. He explains the shimmering part of himself was a kind of telepathic duplicate held in suspension mode so Bessie couldn't tell what he was planning. Fred explains Bessie is the central computer controlling the ship and monitoring all its people. The Doctor clarifies Bessie is what caused everyone here to have an alternate identity - one she superimposes. The only way to rescue their missing friends is to deactivate those false personas with equipment from the Bridge. There's only one problem; Bessie is also transmitting what she sees and hears to the Central Authority (Gallifrey). They'll have to keep Bessie from seeing. Before they can plan their moves, the entire ship lights up as if in daytime.

POOL DECK (Lavia, Roxana, Blitz)

The party rages on unabated. Blitz even joins the scene do down a few drinks at the bar with his crewmates. But when they are all served gargleblasters a subtle change overcomes Lavia, Roxana and Blitz. Each one starts to remember a Doctor, an evil Doctor creating a bother earlier. The lights start to grow brighter throughout the ship.

COMPUTER ROOM (Frax, Bessie)

Frax continues to work on Bessie and talk to the old girl. He notices an anomoly in her short term memory buffer. After some tweaking, he finds a virus lurking in the logic processors and tries to purge it. The more he works away the more he's distracted by memories of a strange man hunting him. Frax begins getting wary, even frightened as he searches the shadows for signs of an intruder. He feels hunted. As soon as the virus is quarantined, Bessie regains full power and lights the entire ship like a Christmas tree.


STAIRWELL (Doctor, Fred, Bond, Irish, Harley)

The Doctor explains his little mental virus has been purged. Things are going to get sticky. How sticky, his companions ask? To answer, Nurse Chapel appears from below carrying a hypodermic with the evil Doctor as her target. Bond and Irish overpower the nurse as Fred and Harley defend the Doctor. From up the stairs, they hear more semi-possessed crewmen and passengers calling for the Doctor. On the run the Doctor gives sharp orders. He sends Bond and Irish off to distract Bessie while Fred will accompany him to the Bridge. Harley leads the way via the service corridors.

POOL DECK (Cpt. Lavia, Roxana, Blitz, etc.)

As soon as full lights come on the party grinds to a sudden halt. Complete silence fills the pool deck along with plenty of blank stares. Then Roxana calls out the Doctor's name. As if in a trance, Lavia repeats the name with a sense of urgency. Blitz concurs adding that the intruder must be expelled. The crew leads a procession down the staircases searching for the intruder.

COMPUTER ROOM (Bessie, Frax)

When the power comes on full, Frax jumps in fear looking for the intruder hunting him. Bessie repeats the Doctor's name and rattles off bits of his bioscan. Frax picks up the rant along with his spanner. He vows this time the hunter will die.


COMPUTER DECK (Irish, Bond, Frax, Dr. Chrono-Von-Meter, Bessie)

Bessie warns Frax that the intruders are coming for him. He hides in the doorway armed with his spanner. Bond enters and is immediately attacked by Frax. Irish follows jumping over the wrestling Bond and Frax. Instead of helping Irish vaults across Bessie's control panels doing some overt sabotage and taunting the computer to stop him. After a few of her lesser systems are damaged Bessie begins electrifying them and giving Irish's paws a shock. Bond wrestles free of Frax (knocking him out temporarily) and joins the fight against Bessie with the help of a concealed weapon he's been saving. Bessie calls in reinforcements in the form of Dr. Chrono-Von-Meter carrying a filled hypospray and targeting Bond. Frax recovers and goes after Irish. Irish eludes Frax and manages to lead him right to Bessie's main control system panels. Frax weilds his spanner in a knock-out blow, but at the last second Irish dives and the spanner hits Bessie instead. The control panel blows up knocking Frax on his backside. Suddenly the lights begin flashing and an ear-piercing series of beeps fills the air.

BRIDGE (Doctor, Fred, Harley, Lavia, Blitz, Roxana)

Harley leads the Doctor and Fred into the Bridge. They drop down into the room just as footsteps are heard outside. Fred and Harley bar the door against Lavia and her crew. The Doctor gets to work deactivating the monitors. Then he hotwires the Bridge controls to bypass Bessie's internal relays. While he works, Lavia gets reinforcements from Blitz and his Security detail. They begin laser-cutting through the barred doors. Eventually the doors fail admitting an angry mob of crewmen. Harley and Fred try to fight them off without seriously hurting anyone. Lavia faces off against the furry rat Harley while Fred battles Blitz. Roxana slips through just as the Doctor is wiring the last bypass. Before he can be overcome, the Doctor activates his device. The speaker system throughout the ship emits a series of very high pitched signals while the lights flare and blink off in a rapid series. Finally the system stutters to a halt leaving all the crew standing still with blank unknowing expressions.


POOL DECK (Everyone)

All the crew and several passengers recline in chaise lounges with similar blank stares. Fred, Irish, Bond and Harley each look after the stunned crew getting them settled. The Doctor arrives from the Bridge wiping his hands off and announcing with pleasure that he's successfully rigged the autopilot on their new destination. Harley expresses concern that her Flavia still doesn't know her. Fred notes none of the crew seem to know anything. It's like they're zombies. The Doctor explains the damage to their personalities was a bit more severe than he anticipated. They have no personalities. Before his friends can bemoan their failure to save the people, the Doctor exhalts it as a success. They may be blank templates now, but he knows someone who can help. That's where they're headed. And in the meantime, they just have to take over the job of crew. After all, a working vacation is just what the Doctor ordered.

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On a rogue ship full of zombie-like friends, the Doctor seeks out the only person who might be able to help his allies recover their identities. But will his treatment be a cure or a new form of horrendous torture? Join us for an all new adventure. To join the group and get next week's script early, please use our web sign up page or e-mail