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The Time Hunters
Part Four
September 19, 2002

By Jen Kokoski
(first in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: One year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgotů in the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.

Last week, the Doctor and Irish followed their stolen TARDIS to Hades - a planet on the most distant edge of the known civilized galaxy. After making the acquaintance of a one-eyed pirate named McGinty they went to the local watering hole (The Grotto For Lost Souls) to looking for the TARDIS's thief, Drax. Meanwhile Fred stepped out of the TARDIS and straight into the path of the roguish Ganglanders. When the robed Time Hunters emerged to chase the Ganglanders, Drax saved her from being caught. They were reunited with the Doctor in the Grotto, where Drax told a tale of Gallifreyan hunters rounding up any stragglers in time. Before he could tell more, the Time Hunters tracked Drax to the Grotto.

Last we saw, Irish, Fred and Drax were cornered by the Time Hunters and shot down. The Doctor remained in the bar to meet these new foes and discovered to his horror that the leader of these "time hunters" is none other than Jacie Hunter - his long lost companion.

HADES - A Martian-like planet with very little breathable atmosphere and a reddish desert. It contains only one habitable settlement - the space station on the South Pole. Protected by a special energy dome, the station is eternally sheltered in darkness away from the system's dying sun. It is home to the worst space travellers known to flaunt regulations. The central meeting place is the local watering hole aptly named THE GROTTO FOR LOST SOULS. 

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration.

Irish - [Rob] - green telepathic feline with a close connection to the TARDIS. On Earth, he pretends being a normal house cat and favored pet of the Doctor's so talks only telepathically to his friends, especially around strangers.

Eos, picture of Doctor's new companion"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People".  After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor.  She has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself.


Drax - a Gallifreyan classmate of the Doctor's, he dropped out of the Academy before finishing his doctorate and chose to travel the universe as an intergalactic fix-it man. He's recently fallen on hard times and the wrong side of undisclosed persons.

Blackeye McGinty - a futuristic pirate with a mean temper, one glass eye made of obsidian (hence the name Blackeye). He brandishes several laser blades. 

Jacie Hunter - the Doctor's former companion, human survivor of the Dalek Invasion of Earth, last of the Space-Time Gypsies and now Commander of the Time Hunters. She is the only one to wear a short robe and the most feared of all. Her red hair is now cut short, her eyes are a darker blue, and she wears gleaming leather from head to foot (leather bodice, leather pants, high-heeled boots, and weapons on her belt) She's referred to as "Commander" by her troops or "the Ice Princess" by those who fear her. 

The Hunters - (Also called "Squids", they are robed figures that appear out of nowhere or in odd-looking crafts. When they come calling it means someone will disappear - forever.) Included are:
Allesan - male, last seen a former graduate student/member of the D.O.C. Team
Catriana - female, last seen a former graduate student/member of the D.O.C. Team

Ganglanders - a band of ne'er-do-wells that frequent Hades. They resemble a futuristic punk rock group but are criminals and cutthroats. Their leader stands much taller and is more educated but shares their bloddthirsty ways. 


THE GROTTO (Doctor, Blackeye & Jacie, the Hunters)

The crowd blocks the way as the Doctor recovers from his shock seeing Jacie. The patrons seem intimidated by her, and she does appear older and more troubled but the Doctor remembers she is an old friend. He begins to shuffle past the crowd to greet her, when Blackeye McGinty pulls him back by the scruff of the neck. The Doctor protests he knows Jacie, but Blackeye insists all the more reason to get out of here now. While they argue, Jacie gets a call on her wrist-com from her companions. Drax and his companions have been captured. Smiling over the report (which was heard throughout the bar), Jacie turns and leaves with her group. The bar slips back into its loud cacophony, the air filled with relief.

ALLEY BY DRAX'S TARDIS (The Hunters - Allesan & Alais with unconcious Fred, Irish & Drax)

The leader of the small group of Hunters, Allesan, surveys the bodies of Fred, Irish and Drax. Drax is alive, his heart beats steady. Meanwhile, another Hunter (Catriana) scans the female and feline. She reports both show unusual energy readings on the bodyscanner. Their biomolecular structure is in flux. That alarms all the hunters. It means they are morphs - one of the most dangerous creatures to deal with. Allesan uses his wrist-com to report in to their commander (Jacie). He's told to secure the area and wait.


BACK ALLEY/DRAX'S SODA POP TARDIS (Jacie, All Hunters, Fred, Irish and Drax)

Jacie arrives with her Hunter team. When she sees unconscious Drax she smiles. When she sees unconscious Fred she's curious. But when she sees unconscious Irish she's troubled. That is until Catriana reports both the feline and the girl are morphs. Then Jacie's angry. She grumbles about Drax and the company he keeps. She also worries morphs mean "they" are not far behind. For security reasons, she orders the three prisoners taken into Drax's TARDIS while they regroup. All prisoners are bound in magnetic force-cuffs. The Hunters busy themselves breaking into the Soda Pop Machine TARDIS and carrying the unconscious prisoners inside. As soon as they do, Fred awakens as does Irish. Irish tries to greet Jacie in his old familiar way, but she ignores him. She leaves the prisoners inside the TARDIS and steps back into the alley.

GROTTO BACK-ROOM (Doctor, Blackeye)

The Hunters leaving through the front, Blackeye pulls the Doctor into the back. The Doctor protests he knows the Hunter leader, and even calls her by name. This surprises and alarms Blackeye. The only ones who know the "Ice Princess" are her victims and few of them are seen again. The Doctor demands information. How has Jacie gotten this reputation? Blackeye points to his missing eye (now a black obsidian glass orb). She gave him that on Trellix Prime. She and her Hunters arrived direct from the Central Authority. They didn't like the deals that were going on, but the Commander had an enthusiastic way of dealing with the "enemy". Shoot first, ask questions later. The few who escaped did so with similar souvenirs. Others were "relocated" elsewhere never seen again. Trellix Prime is one of their listening posts now. But why? the Doctor demands. All Blackeye can say is to reiterate the reason Commander Jacie gave to him at the time: By order of the Council, they were taking a stand - to stop the Spearhead before it began. All those who opposed them in any way were not around long or reappeared a dutiful member of the cause. The whole business disgusts Blackeye who was once one of the most enterprising space-time pirates in the Universe. Now he eeks out a living on the furthest reaches of the Universe. The Doctor decides he must go after Jacie: to learn the truth or at least rescue his friends Fred & Irish. Blackeye hesitates, but finally agrees to help. He brings along some extra weapons knowing they'll have to fight to get out of there. It all just troubles the Doctor more and more. They leave through the back exit.


CONFRONTATION (Jacie, Doctor, Blackeye)

Jacie surveys the starry sky with a special pair of binoculars that scan nearby space-time. She just spots the trace of an anomoly when a familiar voice calls her name. Out of a shadow in the alley, out steps the Doctor. To his delight she recognizes him. He greets her like a friend, asking her what this is all about. Jacie's expression hardens to rage. She pulls out her staser and aims. The Doctor is surprised, reminding her who he is and she can't want to harm him: they're old friends. He wants to help her. Jacie spits back the Doctor is dead and he knows it. This time the ploy will not work. The Doctor tries to talk her down, but Jacie fires anyway. When she does Blackeye pounces from the darkness. The pirate pushes the Doctor out of the way just enough to save him from most of the blast. The Doctor hits the ground with a wounded shoulder. When he turns back to look Blackeye and Jacie are fighting it out in hand-to-hand. Both exchange vile oaths and swipes with energy blades. The Doctor watches the scene in shock and dismay. Then he glimpses movement in the sky above. He sees what appears to be a comet tail streaming forward in a spearhead.

A beam of light streams down from the spearhead tip and over the alley. It blinds Jacie temporarily, allowing Blackeye to get in a killer blow and knock her down. When the light touches her and the Doctor, both disappear. The Doctor just manages to say it is a scan when he vanishes from Hades.

ESCAPE (Fred, Irish, Hunters & Drax)

Fred talks to the nearest Hunter (Alais) and asks why they are being held. Alais is afraid of the girl; she tells her if they try to morph they have orders to kill. That angers Irish. Since when is morphing a crime? Allesan answers: since morphs joined the Spearhead. Fred tries to get info about what this Spearhead is, but the Hunters dismiss her "playing dumb" act. When Drax groans from his tight bonds, Fred pleads with the Hunters to loosen them. Allesan directs Alais to help me lock down the TARDIS. The pair busy themselves at the console, ripping things out and shutting things down. It gives Irish and Fred time to confer. Irish decides it's time they were going. He uses his morphing powers to resize his paws and loosen the bonds around him.

Alarms sound from the Console. Alais activates the viewscreen and they see the Spearhead in space-time above. Before they can call out a warning to their commander, a beam of light floods the alley, through the doors and blinds the Hunters at the Console. Things on the Console explode. Fred ducks the debris. When she looks up the light beam has Irish ensnared. He hears someone call his name and answers. As he does, he vanishes into the light.

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