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The Time Hunters
Part Five
October 10, 2002

By Jen Kokoski
(first in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: One year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgotů in the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.

Last week, the Doctor and Irish followed their stolen TARDIS to Hades - a planet on the most distant edge of the known civilized galaxy. After making the acquaintance of a one-eyed pirate named McGinty they went to the local watering hole (The Grotto For Lost Souls) to looking for the TARDIS's thief, Drax. Meanwhile Fred stepped out of the TARDIS and straight into the path of the roguish Ganglanders. When the robed Time Hunters emerged to chase the Ganglanders, Drax saved her from being caught. They were reunited with the Doctor in the Grotto, where Drax told a tale of Gallifreyan hunters rounding up any stragglers in time. Before he could tell more, the Time Hunters tracked Drax to the Grotto.

Last we saw, Irish, Fred and Drax were cornered by the Time Hunters and shot down. The Doctor remained in the bar to meet these new foes and discovered to his horror that the leader of these "time hunters" is none other than Jacie Hunter - his long lost companion.

HADES - A Martian-like planet with very little breathable atmosphere and a reddish desert. It contains only one habitable settlement - the space station on the South Pole. Protected by a special energy dome, the station is eternally sheltered in darkness away from the system's dying sun. It is home to the worst space travellers known to flaunt regulations. The central meeting place is the local watering hole aptly named THE GROTTO FOR LOST SOULS. 

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration.

Irish - [Rob] - green telepathic feline with a close connection to the TARDIS. On Earth, he pretends being a normal house cat and favored pet of the Doctor's so talks only telepathically to his friends, especially around strangers.

Eos, picture of Doctor's new companion"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People".  After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor.  She has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself.


Drax - a Gallifreyan classmate of the Doctor's, he dropped out of the Academy before finishing his doctorate and chose to travel the universe as an intergalactic fix-it man. He's recently fallen on hard times and the wrong side of undisclosed persons.

Jacie Hunter - the Doctor's former companion, human survivor of the Dalek Invasion of Earth, last of the Space-Time Gypsies and now Commander of the Time Hunters. She is the only one to wear a short robe and the most feared of all. Her red hair is now cut short, her eyes are a darker blue, and she wears gleaming leather from head to foot (leather bodice, leather pants, high-heeled boots, and weapons on her belt) She's referred to as "Commander" by her troops or "the Ice Princess" by those who fear her. 

The Hunters - (Also called "Squids", they are robed figures that appear out of nowhere or in odd-looking crafts. When they come calling it means someone will disappear - forever.) Included are:
Allesan - male, last seen a former graduate student/member of the D.O.C. Team
Catriana - female, last seen a former graduate student/member of the D.O.C. Team

Cristoff - a Thal soldier the Doctor first met on Mechanus on Dalek patrol then received help from in averting a dalek invasion of the peaceful planet Endoria.

Sage - [Jen] the Doctor's former companion Brogan MacGill, now excersing her increased abilities as a powerful temporal telepath. Her home is Mirabilis and the the temporal nexus that houses the Time Trap Bar, or rather used to.

Beta Dalek - one of the last surviving humanized daleks

Sirina Psi - a humanoid-looking female android with medical skills, also a survivor of her almost extinct race.

Peregrine - timelady and Chancellor of Gallifrey directing the special teams and alteration centers.


SHIP IN SPACE (Doctor, Irish, Dalek, Sirina Psi, unconscious Jacie)

The Doctor awakens in a darkened room strapped down on a metal bed. He sees Jacie lying beside him on the left unconscious and Irish on the right conscious. Before he can do more than ask Irish if he's alright, a dalek and its mechanoid assistant come over to them. The dalek scans the Doctor with its eye and orders a complete neural scan. The mechanoid female lowers a device over the Doctor's head and activates it. The Doctor expects pain, but only feels an intrusive tickle. The dalek and mechanoid do the same to Irish. When the neural scan begins probing their minds, the Doctor and Irish resist. The tickle turns to a discomforting scratch then downright pain. 

HADES SURFACE (Allesan, Catriana, Fred, Drax)

 As soon as they register Irish's disappearance along with their commander Jacie outside, Catriana takes command and alters the plan. She shuts and locks the TARDIS doors and demats. Allesan argues, but Catriana points out they have emergency orders for situations like this. She orders him to lay in the nearest camp coordinates. Allesan does so with trepidation. They should be going after Jacie. The TARDIS heads for a barren asteroid nearby system. 


SHIP CONTROL/COM ROOM (Doctor, Cristof, Irish, Sage)

The door slides open casting blinding white light inside the room. The Doctor glimpses a man in a white uniform and a smaller female figure in a hooded blue cloak. The man calls a halt to the probe. The female says they have learned enough. The dalek and its mechanoid stop the scan and back away. The man and hooded female step forward. The man looks familiar to the Doctor as he unstraps the man, but when the female called "Sage" by the mechanoids drops her hood he recognizes Brogan. Brogan warmly greets her friends, telling them it's about time he showed up. Her humor falters when the Doctor asks what is going on. She asks the Doctor and Irish to accompany her. Cristof comes along leaving the dalek and mechanoid to tend Jacie. Brogan directs them to the Com Room... a sort of lounge surrounded by comfortable sofas and a large wall-size vidscreen. Cristof activates the vidscreen while Brogan answers questions as to who the dalek and mechanoid are. (The dalek is one of the last surviving humanized versions and the mechanoid is another survivor of a android medical colony.) Brogan shows them the view of the universe. An ominous web-like cloud fingers across it. This cloud has been growing for months, perhaps years. The worlds caught in the web are lost or under the control of the Central Authority. Irish asks what this Central Authority is, but the Doctor already has a suspect. He points out a significant conjunction of web threads around Gallifrey. Cristof confirms Gallifrey has taken control, directing all interstellar traffic, and siezing uncooperative worlds. Brogan shares Mirabilis is one of those worlds. The gateway to the Time Trap nexus has been sealed. Those inside are cut off from the outside world including her husband, children and the Celestine Savages. It was the only way to protect them. The Doctor still doesn't understand why. All Cristoff can say is the company line that his old friend Jacie spouts... "They are protecting time." 

CENTER CAMP (Allesan, Catriana, Fred, Drax, Peregrine) 

Drax's TARDIS lands inside a base inside an asteroid. Allesan and Catriana escort the prisoners outsite to a processing center. Rows of beings are being shuttled into the facility under the direction of blue-robed clinicians. Catriana identifies their prisoners to the Admissions Master. Fred confers with Drax wanting to know what this place is. He is afraid of it advising her not to lose her concentration. Before she can ask why, Allesan moves them forward and discharges them to a couple clinicians. The center call system activates: it's Lady Peregrine summoning Catriana and Allesan to the conference room. Allesan grumbles a little, but Catriana urges him on. They leave Fred and Drax to go through the processing line. 


SHIP MEDIBAY (Jacie, Sirina Psi, Beta Dalek) 

Dalek and Sirina proceed with a full body scan of Jacie. The Dalek reports injury findings to the female's left temporal lobe and prescribes a treatment. Sirina administers treatment with a long, scary looking probe. While she's extracting bits of dead tree from Jacie's skull, Jacie squirms. She begins to feel pain and starts waking up. Jacie's eyes remain closed but she realizes she is a captive of a dalek. Jacie plays possum and lets them continue with their handywork. The dalek orders an increased sedative to counteract the discomfort and prepares it. Jacie covertly reaches for her gypsy bag hidden in her clothing and retrieves a flashbang pellet. As the dalek goes to administer a sedative, Jacie throws the pellet which explodes with a blinding flash and sensor pounding bang. The mechanoids are confused allowing Jacie to escape into the corridor. 

SHIP COM (Doctor, Irish, Sage, Cristoff) 

A monitor beeps alerting Brogan to check it. She is unhappy with the contents. It is a neural scan of Jacie. That brings up another concern for the Doctor. Since when did Jacie turn into a Ramboette? Cristoff reports about 6 months ago in relative time, decades to others. She was seen on survey missions. Then there was the incident on Trellorious Major - a human/mechanoid colony. Three teams materialized, shot first and asked questions later. The few who survived recalled a certain redhead warrior in charge, one who seemed to especially have it in for humanized daleks. Brogan reports the scan shows no tampering; Jacie was not brainwashed as she hoped. Her delusions, especially those concerning the Doctor, go much further than that. And while she does believe these things she's more dangerous than anyone. 

CENTER CONFERENCE ROOM (Allesan, Catriana, Peregrine)

Lady Peregrine greets the young timelords without much ado. She demands a report. Catriana recounts the successful tracking of the retrograde timelord, then spotting Drax. They were sealing the area when Commander Hunter spotted the Spearhead. Drax, a female and a feline morph were among their prisoners. Peregrine notes no feline morph was checked in. Allesan butts in and picks up the story. He reports the transmat beam that scanned the area. It took the feline morph and Jacie. He wants to return immediately and mount a rescue mission. Peregrine hesitates, enraging Allesan. He reminds her of Jacie's importance to the team, and to the President. Peregrine flusters at that. She makes a decision and informs them temporal-spatial monitors of the system show the disturbance (not a spearhead) is no longer present over Hades. Before Allesan rebels, Peregrine assures them Miss Hunter is very resourceful. No doubt she will mount a rescue of her own. They must just wait. 

CENTER PROCESSING ROOM (Drax, Fred, Processing Agents) 

As they're pushed along the queue with creatures from many species, Fred asks Drax what he meant by keeping her concentration. What happens here? Drax says nothing, if you're lucky. You just stay here forever. The queue winds forward toward a row of gateways. Clinicians in green robes stop them and scan Drax's arm. The scanner beeps and registers an ID code. Then they scan Fred, find no code and inject something into her arm. It hurts and leaves a red mark. Drax says it's a subdural tracer so they can keep tabs on you. Fred wants to know why they'd need to do that if they are to stay here forever. Drax simply says that is for when you're unlucky. Then what happens to them? Drax says it doesn't matter. She won't remember once she's through that gateway. Few retros ever do. It comes time for Drax and Fred to enter the gateway. He resists and is forced through at staser-point. Fred goes along quieter yet anxious as she steps into the gateway and is absorbed in a wave of penetrating energy.

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