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The Time Hunters
Part Six ~ Finale
October 17, 2002

By Jen Kokoski
(first in the "Empire of Time" series)


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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


WHAT HAS GONE BEFORE: One year ago in normal space-time, the Universe endured the worst tragedy it ever forgotů in the supernova explosion of Odin's Eye the Doctor died.

Upon returning to this Universe, the Doctor has found everything far from how he left it. The once lush resort world of Vega Prime is in ruins. A Central Authority controls all inter-stellar traffic. Drax has been hunted by the Squids. Worlds are being oppressed and it is all the blame of his people.

After escaping an Intervention Team (Squids) on the roughneck world of Hades, the Doctor and Irish found themselves aboard a ship run by strange allies: a dalek, a mechanoid, a Thal and Brogan - all refugees from the timelords. Also on the ship is Jacie being treated for injuries and scanned to determine why she has become the timelords' fiercest ally.

Meanwhile, Fred and Drax have been taken to the nearest Reprocessing Center and marked for care. Their timelord captors reported to the lady in charge - Chancellor Peregrine. Instead of returning to Hades in a rescue attempt of Jacie, however, Peregrine had other instructions for her former students because the Central Authority has other plans for Hades.

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

The Doctor - [Tuna] - the wandering infamous timelord in his 10th regeneration.

Irish - [Rob] - green telepathic feline with a close connection to the TARDIS. On Earth, he pretends being a normal house cat and favored pet of the Doctor's so talks only telepathically to his friends, especially around strangers.

Eos, picture of Doctor's new companion"Fred" (Eos) - [David] - a member of the race of energy beings known as "The People".  After establishing a rapport with Irish, she risked her life to save him and the Doctor.  She has taken the human name of Winnifred Stephanie O'Connell ("Fred" for short) for herself.


Drax - a Gallifreyan classmate of the Doctor's, he dropped out of the Academy before finishing his doctorate and chose to travel the universe as an intergalactic fix-it man. He's recently fallen on hard times and the wrong side of undisclosed persons.

Jacie Hunter - the Doctor's former companion, human survivor of the Dalek Invasion of Earth, last of the Space-Time Gypsies and now Commander of the Time Hunters. She is the only one to wear a short robe and the most feared of all. Her red hair is now cut short, her eyes are a darker blue, and she wears gleaming leather from head to foot (leather bodice, leather pants, high-heeled boots, and weapons on her belt) She's referred to as "Commander" by her troops or "the Ice Princess" by those who fear her. 

The Hunters - (Also called "Squids", they are robed figures that appear out of nowhere or in odd-looking crafts. When they come calling it means someone will disappear - forever.) Included are:
Allesan - male, last seen a former graduate student/member of the D.O.C. Team
Catriana - female, last seen a former graduate student/member of the D.O.C. Team

Cristoff - a Thal soldier the Doctor first met on Mechanus on Dalek patrol then received help from in averting a dalek invasion of the peaceful planet Endoria.

Sage - [Jen] the Doctor's former companion Brogan MacGill, now excersing her increased abilities as a powerful temporal telepath. Her home is Mirabilis and the the temporal nexus that houses the Time Trap Bar, or rather used to.

Beta Dalek - one of the last surviving humanized daleks

Sirina Psi - a humanoid-looking female android with medical skills, also a survivor of her almost extinct race.

Peregrine - timelady and Chancellor of Gallifrey directing the special teams and alteration centers.


SHIP MEDIBAY (Jacie, Sirina Psi, Beta Dalek) 

While Beta Dalek and Sirina Psi perform a body scan, Jacie covertly recovers. She reaches for her gypsy bag hidden in her clothing and retrieves a flashbang pellet. As the dalek goes to administer a sedative, Jacie throws the pellet which explodes with a blinding flash and sensor pounding bang. The mechanoids are confused allowing Jacie to escape into the corridor. She creeps along the white, near translucent walls looking for an escape. When she passes by the Conference Room, she pauses to listen to the voices, doesn't like what she hears, and speeds up toward the transmat system. She takes a tube back down to Hades surface just before the Doctor and Irish arrive to do the same.

SHIP CONFERENCE ROOM (Doctor, Brogan, Irish and Cristoff)

While continuing their debate over what to do about Jacie, an alarm sounds from the control panel. Cristoff reports the departure of Drax's TARDIS from the surface en route to an asteroid belt in a well known system. Brogan is alarmed. It means the remaining Intervention Team have taken their prisoners off to a Processing Center. Irish and the Doctor realize that means Drax and Fred. Making matters worse, Brogan senses a disturbance in the timeline surrounding Hades. On the InterTemporal view screen, the see a fist-like cloud begin to form around Hades. It's a time loop. The Doctor has an even bigger concern now. He must retrieve his TARDIS from the planet surface before it is cut off and follow Fred. Brogan offers to have them transported to the surface to find their own TARDIS, but warns they have only a matter of minutes to escape before Hades is forever trapped. The Doctor agrees to leave Jacie in his old friend's care. Cristoff escorts the Doctor and Irish to a transmat tube.

REPROCESSING CHAMBER (Drax, Fred, Attendants)

Fred and Drax are escorted into a dark gray metallic room by two very non-responsive attendants. One attendant instructs Fred to sit, while another grabs Drax roughly by the arm. He's dragged through a pair of sliding doors, offering last minute reminders to Fred to resist. The doors slide closed leaving Fred alone in the room to ponder her fate. Then she feels a surge of energy ripple through the air, unnerving her. She hears Drax scream then gurgle into silence. Fred tries to get through the doors to help.


HADES SURFACE (Jacie, Blackeye)

Jacie materializes on the planet surface in a dark alley near where she left. Unfortunately Blackeye is there with a half dozen of his bloodthirsty friends waiting. When they see the lone Squid, they attack. Jacie runs for her life toward the last known location of her Intervention Team TARDIS.

HADES SURFACE (Doctor and Irish)

A second transport beam lights up the alley beside Jacie's landing. The Doctor and Irish get their bearings. When the hear the neighboring commotion (Jacie vs. Blackeye) they head in that direction.

REPROCESSING CHAMBER (Fred, Drax, Attendants)

Once she manages to pry them open, Drax is being helped off a table in the middle of a surgical amphitheatre. When she calls his name, he turns to her with an eerie blank somewhat bemused expression and asks, "Are you talking to me miss?" Fred is stunned as the attendants lead Drax away. Then they come for her. Fred backs away in fear but is forcefully dragged to the table and strapped down. The attendants perform a brief bio-scan, determine she is humanoid and diagnose a Level One Sweep. Energy surges throughout the room, rippling out from the table bed and enveloping Fred. Something goes horribly wrong. Instead of restructuring Fred's memory angrams, the energy begins interacting with her molecular structure. It starts ripping her apart on a subatomic level causing great pain, massive amounts of power feedback and a terrific light show.



Escaping the mob, Jacie finds herself cornered in a dark cul de sac. She seeks the first bit of shelter she can find ... inside a familiar blue box. The TARDIS admits her like an old friend. Jacie rediscovers her old home and for the first time begins to think the man calling himself the Doctor is not dead after all. Via the Viewscreen she witnesses the Doctor's conversation with Blackeye outside in the alley. His words cause Jacie to action. She resets the TARDIS coordinates and dematerializes.

HADES ALLEY (The Doctor, Irish, Blackeye & thugs)

The Doctor and Irish run directly into the path of Blackeye and his thugs. Blackeye slams into the Doctor knocking them both down. His friends mistake Irish for a foe and attack. Blackeye calls off his men with a hearty pirate welcome to the Doc. He demands to know how the pair managed to escape the Squids, or was it the Spearhead that snatched them? Irish starts to go into their trip to Brogan's ship, but the Doctor has more pressing things on his mind. They have to find his TARDIS and get off the surface to rescue Fred. Blackeye suggests she's gone, a victim of the Reprocessing Center. The Doctor is determined to go, even when he's told it's a suicide mission. But before he can open his TARDIS door, it dematerializes. Then one of the thugs points to the sky and shouts an alarm. An eerie gray cloud is thickening all around as the stars blur into streaks then fade from view.


HADES CENTRAL (Doctor, Irish, Blackeye)

Reeling from the loss of his TARDIS (which Irish belatedly announces was harboring an escaped Roaming Girl), the Doctor concentrates on the one bit of news he can discern. The stars are disappearing which means Hades is disappearing from time and space. They have to get off the surface before it's too late and they're trapped there forever. Blackeye remembers reports of the Squid ship hidden somewhere on top the storage bays. Mention of the Squids just alarms his thug companions (who are already alarmed by the Nothingness overhead); they run off to find their own escape. Blackeye leads the Doctor and Irish up a service ladder to the storage roofs. The TARDIS is well hidden, but the Doctor and Irish are able to locate it. They, along with Blackeye, break inside, fight with the controls and manage to escape the time loop miliseconds before it captures all of Hades like flies in amber.

REPROCESSING CHAMBER (Fred, Attendants, Jacie)

Fred is virtually on fire with energy. Her old Eos essence glows over her current human Fred body. The attendants try to lock down the procedure and fail. Finally one orders the subject be terminated. When he goes to do that, he's struck down by an arc of energy. Another goes to finish the job and is struck down, this time by a staser. Jacie fires again and deactivates the processing feedback system. Everything shuts down, even the lights, yet there is still a familiar glow in the room all surrounding Fred. When Fred finally returns to normal Jacie approaches. Jacie has only one question for the captive girl - You're Eos? Weak from the torture, Fred confirms her identity. Sounds of people approach, presumably the emergency clean up crew. Jacie acts quickly. She unstraps Fred and helps her to the blue box hidden in the corner. Jacie tells the Doctor's newest companion to go inside and demat, the coordinates are all set. Fred is surprised she doesn't want to come with her, after all they returned to this universe to find Jacie. But Jacie only frowns. This universe has far more reasons to need the Doctor than just to find her. The emergency team begins overriding the chamber locks. Jacie sends Fred off with one last word for the Doctor. The police box departs as Jacie awaits the emergency team.


COMET SHIP (The Doctor, Irish, Blackeye, Brogan & Cristoff)

Their TARDIS materializes aboard Brogan's ship in the comet. The Doctor and Irish exit to meet their old friend, all seemingly defeated by this turn of events. The TARDIS is lost, Hades is snuffed out, Fred is gone, and the Doctor's peaceful people are to blame. Then something miraculous happens - with a wheeze and a groan a familiar police box materializes aboard the ship. Out steps Fred with a weary smile and a message from a friend. 


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