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Part One
March 30, 2005

By Jen Kokoski


We play on channel #whosim Wednesday at 8pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST). Point your IRC program to DalNet room #whosim or sign in via the web at .


Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!

What happened Before

After escaping the Daleks on Metebelis III, the Doctor and Phineas were exposed to lethal doses of radiation. Phineas' regeneration physiology has kicked in, but the Doctor hovers in a precarious state of coma.


The Doctor barely survived his 10th regeneration when he was nearly ripped apart in a temporal swarm of chronovores. His 11th life is relatively new, but one reclaimed from a lifetime of memories.

Cast of Characters
(Characters claimed in Hyphens)

Doctor 11 (Cody/Jen) - Now in his 11 incarnation the Doctor is reluctant to get involved in the affairs of others due to too many lost companions.

Phineas 2 (Duncan) - Once an older scientist from Minyos 2, now regenerated to a much more youthful version. Gets involved so the Doctor doesn't have to so much.

Ball of Light - a misty entity of energy that communicates with light and color. (It's the first character Cody ever played in the sim.)

Jacie Hunter - redheaded gypsy companion of the Doctor's previous incarnation. She died to save the Doctor and thus ensure his 10th regeneration.

Ravena Shaw - 18th century American healer, she rescued the Doctor and nursed him to health as he emerged his regeneration coma. She left his side a couple months ago to continue her journey in American history.

The Vorlox - a telepathic mythical monster that plagued the citizens of Minyos II and was stopped only by the Doctor and Phineas.

Irish - a telepathic feline born aboard the TARDIS and a longtime travelling companion of the 10th Doctor. He left the Doctor on the eve of his regeneration to develop a life in another universe.

Emperor of Lilliput - ruler of the land of tiny people with a fierce temper and a grudge against the gigantic-sized Doctor. He is one of many creatures in the Land of Fiction which the Doctor, Phineas and Ravena were forced to escape.


TARDIS Console Room (Phineas and the Doctor)

The Cloister Bell chimes throughout the TARDIS eventually rousing Phineas from his unconsciousness. He gets his bearings, realizing the physiological changes his body has encountered. He notices the Doctor lying on the floor but is unable to rouse him. Then he notices the Cloister Bell chime and checks the Console. All data screens flash showing a detailed schematic of the TARDIS interior and a mapped route to the Zero Room. Phineas drags the Doctor to this Zero Room.

INTERIOR DOCTOR'S MIND (Doctor, Ball of Light)

The Doctor is assaulted by his senses. His body feels like he's on fire. His vision is blinded by flashing, pulsing light without form. And his ears ring so loud he can hear no other sound. He coaches himself to concentrate, just concentrate on one thing. He focuses on the light around him noticing its changing colors and trying to focus on that. Eventually the light moves away from him a short distance until he it becomes a small ball of light in a dark room. The ball seems somewhat familiar to him. It glows a steady white light, then blue, soft harmonizing colors. He reaches out to touch it and the ball flashes an angry red, then yellow. The Doctor drops his hand and simply asks of the ball where they are. The ball disappears leaving the Doctor in total darkness.


DOCTOR'S MIND (Doctor, Jacie Hunter, Ravena, Vorlox)

Left alone in the dark, the Doctor calls out. A familiar voice answers... Jacie. Jacie steps into an ethereal light and chastises the Doctor. She didn't sacrifice herself for him to end up joining her so soon. The Doctor flashes on the moments before his last regeneration... caught in a swarm of chronovores being torn apart, flesh, mind, soul, and memories. He sees Jacie stepping into the fray and the chronovores leaving him for her. Then he's back in the darkness with ghostly Jacie. He asks her if he is dying.

Another voice answers, a reassuring female voice. He turns and seems to look up into the eyes of Ravena. His mind flashes again this time on his awakening in the 18th century barn. Ravena wipes his forehead with a cold compress filled with herbs. She tells him to hold on and fight the demons'. Confused, the Doctor asks what demons.

An evil voice calls to his telepathically... the Vorlox. It hisses at him threats to surrender, trying to weaken his will. The Doctor is again trapped in the darkness of his mind.


DOCTOR'S MIND (Phineas, Irish, Emperor of Lilliput)

The Doctor is frightened. He curls up to block himself from the voices, but one seems to get through. An ardent male voice, Phineas. Phineas repeatedly calls the Doctor's name urging his attention. He reassures him that he will be safe but he must relax himself. He must rest. The Doctor eases some.

In a flash, he finds himself in a lush green garden sitting on the bank of a tranquil river with a fishing pole in his hand. There's a tug on the pole and the Doctor pulls it up. Irish chastises him for stealing his fish. The green cat snatches the fish off the Doctor's hook and begins chowing down. Irish asks "New Maker" if has eaten sour milk since he doesn't look so good. The Doctor argues with his vision calling it a deception.

He closes his eyes to the vision and opens them upon the sound of a thousand tiny voices. The Emperor of Lilliput stands on his castle tower as judge to the giant Doctor. All around the timelord, an army of tiny people aim poison spears and arrows. The Doctor denies it as another delusion, but the Emperor angrily pronounces it isn't. The Doctor is here to face his final judgement day.

Next Time...

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