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Part Two ~ Finale
April 6, 2005

By Jen Kokoski


We play on channel #whosim Wednesday at 8pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST). Point your IRC program to DalNet room #whosim or sign in via the web at .


Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!

What happened Before

After escaping the Daleks on Metebelis III, the Doctor and Phineas were exposed to lethal doses of radiation. Phineas' regeneration physiology has kicked in, but the Doctor hovers in a precarious state of coma.


The Doctor barely survived his 10th regeneration when he was nearly ripped apart in a temporal swarm of chronovores. His 11th life is relatively new, but one reclaimed from a lifetime of memories.

Cast of Characters
(Characters claimed in Hyphens)

Doctor 11 (Cody/Jen) - Now in his 11 incarnation the Doctor is reluctant to get involved in the affairs of others due to too many lost companions.

Phineas 2 (Duncan) - Once an older scientist from Minyos 2, now regenerated to a much more youthful version. Gets involved so the Doctor doesn't have to so much.

Emperor of Lilliput - ruler of the land of tiny people with a fierce temper and a grudge against the gigantic-sized Doctor. He is one of many creatures in the Land of Fiction which the Doctor, Phineas and Ravena were forced to escape.

Angels of Light - ethereal beings who monitor the web of time for intrusions, and retain the power to alter a mortal being's fate to protect the web of time.

Ravena Shaw - 18th century American healer, she rescued the Doctor and nursed him to health as he emerged his regeneration coma. She left his side a couple months ago to continue her journey in American history. She was last "seen" in the Doctor's historical archive referenced in a Colorado newspaper article detailing the opening of a hospital for the poor run by Dr. Ravena Shaw and her niece.

Sontaran - dome-shaped warrior in a bitter space war with the Rutans. He crossed paths with the Doctor in 1970's Hart Island, New York when he hunted a stranded Rutan.

Rutan - green blob-like alien with the ability to morph and hide. His race is embroiled in a bitter space war with the Rutans. He was being hunted down on Hart Island, New York saved only by the Doctor.

Red Dalek - leader of the team on Metebelis III.

The Master - longtime foe and fellow timelord, appears as he was last seen, as a pantomime villain garbed in black on the Polar Express where he wanted to usurp the role of Santa Claus.

Blackeye McGinty - one-eyed space pirate, bloodthirsty killer, who joined the Doctor in his fight against a corrupt Gallifrey and saved the universe from extinction. He has a wicked sense of humor and a true fighting spirit.

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart - the Doctor's longtime friend, former head of UNIT now retired, and a veteran of the Doctor's many scrapes.

The 12th Doctor (David) - a newer, younger version of the timelord with a fresh take on his life.


DOCTOR'S MIND (Phineas, Emperor of Lilliput, Angels of Light, with flashes from Ravena, Sontaran & Rutan, Red Dalek & Phineas)

The Doctor faces the angry Emperor Lilliput and admits if this is his judgement day then he is prepared to face all charges. The crowd of Lilliputians cheer, some happily and others cruelly. The sound of their voices meld together until all sound, sight and form transmutes again into a different scene.

The Doctor returns to the dark void, where he is surrounded by glowing streaks of light. The streaks take a humanoid form without features (light shadows). Dozens surround the Doctor each speaking in a different voice, feminine or masculine, but as one thought. They are the Angels of Light. The Angels challenge the Doctor's willingness to accept judgement. He has always been stubbornly resistent encouraging his allies to do the same. The Doctor admits he had sinned in arrogance in a past life, but he has learned humility in this one. The Angels question if he has truly.

Scenes flash and the Doctor finds himself diving into the York River pulling Ravena from a watery grave. Flash again and he is on Hart Island facing off against the Sontaran warrior while his Rutan friend lays dying. Flash again and he is back on Metebelis III fighting the Dalek Leader to the death while his friend Phineas is shot down.


DOCTOR'S MIND (Doctor, Angels of Light, Blackeye McGinty)

The Doctor returns to the void and faces the Angels. They pronounce he has not learned, he still defies time to defend his friends. He has failed to trust time and space to deal their own fate. The Doctor opens his mouth to argue, but the scene flashes.

The Doctor finds himself in a darkened alley of a spaceport. Sounds of debauchery of violence ring in the distance. Hellish cries ring out as the night sky seems to burn above. The Doctor fears he is in the realm of the damned. But just when he despairs, a friendly voice calls out from the shadows. Blackeye McGinty chastises the Doctor (in a teasing tone) for bringing himself here. This is a place Blackeye expects he and his mates to come but not the Doctor. The Doctor expresses confusion asking if Blackeye is dead too. Blackeye laughs heartily, he isn't dying without one helluva fight. And he expects nothing less from the timelord. The ground begins to quake, cries begin silencing. Blackeye grabs the Doctor's arm, pulls him toward a ladder, and urges him to hurry climbing to the rooftop of a warehouse building. Blackeye warns "the Hunters" are coming and he must fight to escape. The Doctor climbs hastily, losing his grip as the ground shakes violently beneath him, but managing to hold on and climb higher.


DOCTOR'S MIND (Doctor, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, The Master, Angels of Light, Ravena Shaw)

The Doctor slips at the very top of the ladder. A hand grabs him and helps him to the top. It's Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart who smiles at his old friend and gives his trademark line, "Doctor trouble just seems to follow you everywhere." The Doctor rejoices and embraces his dear friend. They exchange a few words, the Doctor admitting it is in his nature to seek trouble and sort it out. 

Just then the Doctor realizes he's standing not on a building roof but on a moving train. A menacing voice taunts from behind, "You were always a thorn, Doctor." The timelord turns and sees the Master exactly as he appeared on the Polar Express, dark cloak, pantomime villain sneer. The Brigadier is gone and it is just the Doctor and Master. The Master advances, making the Doctor backup with each of his words. He taunts the Doctor with the Angels' accusations... he has not learned, he is just as arrogant, just as defiant, just as determined to fight time and space so his, the Doctor's will, is done. When the Doctor is on the verge of the train edge, the Master stops and smiles. He compliments his old foe, saying the Doctor is no different than he despite all his supposed virtues. The Doctor stumbles but grasps the Master to regain his balance. With all his strength the Doctor argues his greatest defense: "There is one major difference between us. All I have done, I have done for my friends."

Scene flashes. The Doctor returns to the Void finding his arms grasping an Angel of Light in the Master's place. He steps back. The Angels seems to consider his words then nod in agreement to each other. They pulse in light illuminating the darkness of the void.

Scene gradually changes from a dark empty void to a beautiful sunrise over a green mountain valley. He hears Ravena's voice call his name. He turns and sees not the young friend he rescued, but a woman who's aged with grace, her eyes still filled with warmth and compassion. Behind her is a house marked "CHARITY HOSPITAL". It is exactly as the old newspaper picture he found in the archive after she chose to stay on Earth. The Doctor asks her if she's happy here. Ravena smiles and thanks him for helping her find her place in time. But she warns him that this is not his place. She encourages him to find his own place and be content. The Doctor nods, closes his eyes, and wills himself.


ZERO ROOM (The 12th Doctor & Phineas)

Phineas pulls out a neurological resuscitate unit in a desparate attempt to save the Doctor's life. The Doctor's body lays motionless, lifeless, but begins glowing. By the time Phineas is at his side trying to attach the equipment the Doctor's body is transformed in light. In a flash, the light dissolves and a new man lies in the Doctor's clothing. Unaware what has happened, Phineas reachs out to place an electrode on the Doctor's temple. The Doctor shoots out a hand and grabs Phineas to stop him. Phineas is shocked, but the new Doctor has the last word.

Next Time...

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