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Errands for Eurystheus
Part One
December 11, 2003

By Jen Kokoski and Cody Jarrett
(in celebration of Doctor Who's 40th Anniversary)

Listen to a Requiem for the Doctor


We play on channel #whosim Thursdays at 9pm EST (8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST). Point your IRC program to Austnet room #whosim or sign in via the web by clicking the button below.

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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


23 November, 1963, a Saturday afternoon around 5:30pm Greenwich Mean Time, the BBC interrupted their regular children's programming to bring the world a window onto a new kind of superhero. He was neither brawny, now quick with a gun, but a seemingly harmless, even crotchety old man with a walking stick and a keen mind. Little did the world know this was to begin the story of the greatest hero the Universe had ever known ... the humourous, the wily, the infamous Doctor.


Echo Spector - an extra-temporal being who shadows all the realities of time and space as part observer and part instigator. He acts as our MC in a place outside normal reality.

The First Doctor - an old man appearing in his late 60's with gray-white hair, a Victorian style wardrobe, walking stick and somewhat tetchy demeanor.

Ben Jackson - a 1960's Royal Navy seaman who left Earth to travel with the 2nd Doctor, Polly and Jamie McCrimmon. He is a classic leading man and action hero who has seen plenty of intergalactic adventure aboard the TARDIS.

The Second Doctor - a middle-aged man with a 60's style mop-top hairdo, baggy clothes resembling a train hopper, an interest in playing his recorder and a fun sense of humor. He is a classic Cosmic Clown.

Zoe Herriott (future version) - once a 21st century Astronomer who traveled with the 2nd Doctor before the timelords captured them, erased her memory and returned her to her life on the Space Wheel Observatory. She regained her memory when chance meeting the 10th Doctor and resumed traveling in the TARDIS. She has since settled on late 20th Century Earth before the time of great environmental upheaval and become a revolutionary environmentalist (Rainbow Warrior). She has spent the last decade fighting corrupt big businesses and more corrupt politicians in an effort to save the planet.

The Third Doctor - a spry middle-aged man with gray curly hair and a panache resembling the early James Bond's. He wears an opera cape with red silk lining, has a unique way with gadgets and carries a UNIT Security Badge. Why, he's not really sure.

Ace - a teenage rebellious girl who once traveled with the 7th Doctor. She wears 80's style clothing and has a wicked way with a baseball bat and Nitro 9.

Mysterious Man - a shadowy male figure only seen in shapes and weary words. He appears tired, possibly sick and confused, but intent on his mission. Whether that mission is for good or evil is unclear.

NOTES: This is a lightly scripted open improv game. The main setups/scenes are there, but experiment with the characters and rythm of the story to have fun.


Echo Spector steps into a room carrying a leather satchel. A shadowy man looks up from his desk and asks if Echo got everything. Echo confirms all on the list. He opens the bag and a collection of figurines spill out (they resemble the Doctor Who figures from Dapol). The man examines each one studying the faces and trying to recall them. He hopes they will help. Echo shrugs. The man picks up the oldest figurines and wills them to find what he seeks.


The 1st Doctor and Ben Jackson arrive on modern day Earth in the midst of a battlefield. But the battlefield is a movie set. Nearby UNIT is working a research site studying the remnants of a spaceship beneath Vortigan's Lake. The Doctor must talk his way past Brigadier Bamberra to retrieve the scabbard from the wreckage.


The 2nd Doctor arrives on future Earth just in time for a Halloween bash. Future Zoe is there as a Rainbow Warrior protesting the party host company's use of toxic pesticides. The company is run by BOSS 2.0 (predecessor to Green Death). The Doctor and Zoe must infiltrate and steal a storage disc from BOSS's interview room.


Doctor 3 arrives in the London Underground in the late 60's. The Yeti are there with cobwebs. Ensnared in a web is an angry Ace, the victim of another time storm. The Doctor and Ace meet Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart and his team (are suspected as culprits) and must sneak off to steal the heart (control crystal) of a Yeti.

Next time...

The first three Doctors and their companions have gone on a scavenger hunt. Now it's time for the next batch, but what is the goal of this intratemporal hunt? To join the group and get next week's script by e-mail, please use our web sign up page or e-mail


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