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Errands for Eurystheus
Part Three
January 8, 2004

By Cody Jarrett and Jen Kokoski
(in celebration of Doctor Who 40 Years: 1963-2003)


We play on channel #whosim Thursdays at 9pm EST (8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST). Point your IRC program to Austnet room #whosim or sign in via the web by clicking the button below.

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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


23 November, 1963, a Saturday afternoon around 5:30pm Greenwich Mean Time, the BBC interrupted their regular children's programming to bring the world a window onto a new kind of superhero. He was neither brawny, now quick with a gun, but a seemingly harmless, even crotchety old man with a walking stick and a keen mind. Little did the world know this was to begin the story of the greatest hero the Universe had ever known ... the humorous, the wily, the infamous Doctor.

Reserved roles marked by a [name]

Echo Spector - [Rob] - an extra-temporal being who shadows all the realities of time and space as part observer and part instigator. He acts as our MC in a place outside normal reality.

The Seventh Doctor - Short, quirky jazz lover who wears colorful question mark sweaters and appears like a 1950's style English vacationer. He fancies himself a spoon player, speaks with a heavy Scottish brogue, has short dark hair and dark eyes that hide centuries' worth of wisdom and cunning.

The Eighth Doctor - A handsome 30-somethingish modern man who wears Victorian-style costume. He has long brown curls and stunning blue eyes. This is the McGann Doctor. He has a demeanor much like his 5th self, charming and humorous.

The "Sim's" Eighth Doctor - A 30-somethingish modern man who looks almost identical to his McGann alternative but with subtle differences. His features are a little harsher, a little more worn. His demeanor resembles his 6th incarnation switching between pompous and temperamental with a clear certainty of who he is and what he's doing.

Mysterious Man - a shadowy male figure only seen in shapes and weary words. He appears tired, possibly sick and confused, but intent on his mission. Whether that mission is for good or evil is unclear.


Roger Easymoney - greasy host of a glitzy TV game show with a nasty twist. He fires off impossible to answer trivia questions and issues electric shocks to contestants that get it wrong.

Dr. Zigfried - a mad scientist who holds up in his castle laboratory to create the perfect boytoy from leftover body parts. He has no compunction against salvaging the perfect parts for his "Frankie". And also has a love for fishnet stockings, pink teddies and dancing the Time Warp.

Dirk Lane - a 1930's gumshoe opposing the mob and crooked cops to save the dame in distress.

Patty Homemaker - a Donna Reed lookalike who has a fetish about keeping her house museum-clean and making corny jokes to get the laugh track to play.

Professor Who - a time traveling stranger who resembles the 10th Doctor - a stately bearded college professor type. His main residence is a study/library that is identical to the 8th and 10th Doctor's cozy yet large console room. He suspects the Powers That Be are numbering his days closely.

TV Executives - beady eyed suited Usurians who have oppressed human colonists with spoon-fed reality TV shows on their self-contained satellite station. Using mind control and sophisticated matter replicators, they create a world where the actors and their audience believe everything is real. Their main way to control the populous is to threaten cancellation of popular shows which would forever kill the actors and their worlds.

NOTES: This is a lightly scripted open improv game. The main setups/scenes are there, but experiment with the characters and rhythm of the story to have fun.


The first six incarnations of the Doctor with various companions have performed three labors for mysterious reasons.



Echo Spector clears away the last three pieces, this time setting them in their proper place on a table behind the Mysterious Man. The Man then pulls out three more figurines from his bag... one short with question mark clothing and an umbrella, two more looking very similar in Victorian clothing and young curly locks. But where one has a pleasant smile on his face, the other wears a scowl. The Man places the figurines on his table which is now seen to be a map of the continuum.


Doctor 7 arrives on Vision World: a satellite television station spoonfeeding cable reality shows where the actors are truly living their predicaments at the will of their alien television executives. This is a place his future 10th self visited with Zoe, Brogan and K9. Shows he experiences include Roger Easymoney's game show (where contestants are tortured if they lose); Dirk Lane's 1930's style B&W detective show; Dr. Zigfried's Mad Scientist horror movie with a Rocky Horror twist; Patty Homemaker's 1950's style Leave It To Beaver family sitcom; and Professor Who's time traveling sci fantasy kids show that strongly resembles the Doctor's life. The 7th Doctor must weave his way through Vision World's zany sets and get to the tape library to salvage the archived stories of Professor Who before the evil TV execs cancel it. Cancellation means the entire Professor Who set will be deleted including all life forces contained inside.


Doctor 8 arrives in Amsterdam (circa 5th Doctor story Arc of Infinity). He must get a map of all the hostels. He bumps into himself at the puppet show and mistakes him for Omega.

Meanwhile (Sim) Doctor 8 arrives in Amsterdam. He must buy a marionette at the puppet show. He sees himself and presumes it's Omega.

Both assuming the other to be a mortal enemy who's existence threatens the universe, they try to capture each other as well as escape from each other. Arguments over who is the true Doctor ensue until they bump into the true Omega (resembling the 5th Doctor) at the puppet show.

Next time...

The first eight Doctors and their companions have gone on a scavenger hunt. Tune in next time for part four of "Errands For Eurystheus" and see what the final Doctors must do. To join the group and get next week's script by e-mail, please use our web sign up page or e-mail


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