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Part One
September 8, 2004

By Cody Jarret
(New Season: Lost in Translation)


We play on channel #whosim Wednesday at 8pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST). Point your IRC program to DalNet room #whosim or sign in via the web by clicking the button below.

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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


Drawn into the world of Gulliver's Travels, the TARDIS crew found themselves giants facing near execution at the hand of miniature Lilliputians,then THEY were the tiny creatures against giants and once gaining a normal perspective they had to overcome super-intelligent horses. Our crew finally escapes when the Doctor activates an emergency reset control on the tardis console.

Now the crew sips coffee in the galley at the Doctor's request.


The 11th Doctor - [Cody] tall, 6 foot man in his late 50's with gray curls, a wizened face, and sparkling blue eyes. He closely resembles his 4th incarnation after being aged a bit by time and turmoil.

Ravena Shaw - [Jen] Virginian colonist, granddaughter of a local farmer now deceased. She is unmarried, a woman of 23 thus a spinster (by choice). She lives on her family farm with her sister-in-law and nephew. Her brother (who owns the farm) is off fighting in Washington's army. Like the women in her family, she practices the old traditions of home remedies and Irish white witchcraft.

Phineas - (Duncan) - 45, a gray haired (used to be red) scientist who has never undergone regeneration. His blue eyes sees things many of his colleagues don't so he is considered paranoid. A view that isn't hurt by the fact that both his assistants are cousins of his and he can't stand visitors to his lab.


TARDIS KITCHEN (Doctor, Ravena, Phineas)

Ravena and Phineas set at a table drinking coffee and eating a small snack as they speculate on why the Doctor has asked them to wait there instead of in the console room.

As they finish the Doctor enters and asks them to follow him.


TARDIS (Doctor, Ravena, Phineas)

The Doctor leads them back towards the console room, but as they turn the last corner they are surprised to find several new doors, two on the left and one on the right.

The Doctor asks who wants to go first and Phineas insists on ladies first if it is a pleasant surprise but age first if not.

The Doctor opens the door on the right and they enter a near replica of Ravena's home, complete to a crackling hearth with a stew kettle simmering. There are a few changes such as candles that appear to be lit but never burn down. And inside of the writing desk is a door that opens to reveal a computer station.

The Doctor asks Ravena if she is happy with her new room. Ravena speaks only praise for her new quarters, but oddly never actually says that she is happy.

Next they enter the door on the left closest to the console room. They find a near perfect reproduction of Phineas's lab on Minyos 2. Phineas asks about some variation in equipment and the Doctor explains that he took the liberty of updating a few things. Past the lab where the storage room used to be, is a bedroom. The Doctor apologies that it is not Minyan in style but they were in a bit of a hurry when they were on Minyos 2 and really had no idea what Phineas would prefer. Ever the pragmatic, Phineas demises that as unimportant, that having a lab again is all that interests an old scientist like himself.

Finally the Doctor opens the other door. Inside they see a Victorian sitting room which the Doctor says is his new retreat. Not moving so that they can enter he points out a roundel next to the door and tells them that if they place their palm there it will be scanned and anyone authorized will be connected to an intercom in the room. He then closes the door and takes them to the console room for his next surprise.


TARDIS CONSOLE (Doctor, Ravena, Phineas)

The Doctor says he now has control of the TARDIS and can choose any designation they wish. This causes Phineas to roll his eyes and comment on his doubtfulness to Ravena. Somewhat offended the Doctor asks Ravena if there is any place she would like to visit, that Phineas knew where HE could go.

Ravena asks if they could visit her brother who is fighting with General Washington. The Doctor says that at the time she joined the crew (checks computer), her brother should be with the newly victorious American troops that had just taken New York City. He punches a few coordinates and the Tardis starts on it's way.

Phineas again expresses concern about the Tardis's actual course and a bit more reasonable Doctor confirms the settings. They materialize and the Doctor opens the outer doors, beaming with pride as he looks at the computer readout. "Yes, New York it is, shall we go?"

As the crew exits there is a flash of blue light, each crew member finds themselves alone and without a Tardis. Ravena sees a ship sailing up the river at sunrise, Phineas looks up at a night sky, while the Doctor is startled as a jumbo jet briefly blocks the bright sun. Theme music swells.


What has happened to our fearless crew? Where or when or they all? Why are they separated? Next week, maybe a few answers. To join the group and get next week's script by e-mail, please use our web sign up page or e-mail


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