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Part Four ~ Finale
August 25, 2004

By Jen Kokoski & Cody Jarret
(New Season: Lost in Translation)


We play on channel #whosim Wednesday at 8pm EST (7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST). Point your IRC program to DalNet room #whosim or sign in via the web by clicking the button below.

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Keep it friendly and PG language please. Non-game chatter is in brackets. OPEN IMPROV means light story and heavy on the improvisation. Come as you like or pick a character from the selected list below. And most of all HAVE FUN!!!


Drawn into the world of Gulliver's Travels fiction, the TARDIS crew found themselves giants facing near execution at the hand of miniature Lilliputians. But once Ravena and a sympathetic Lilliputian minister helped Phineas and the Doctor escape, the travelers swam out to sea. There they grasped onto the TARDIS console and held on for dear life as the sea churned around them.


The 11th Doctor - [Cody] tall, 6 foot man in his late 50's with gray curls, a wizened face, and sparkling blue eyes. He closely resembles his 4th incarnation after being aged a bit by time and turmoil.


Ravena Shaw - [Jen] Virginian colonist, granddaughter of a local farmer now deceased. She is unmarried, a woman of 23 thus a spinster (by choice). She lives on her family farm with her sister-in-law and nephew. Her brother (who owns the farm) is off fighting in Washington's army. Like the women in her family, she practices the old traditions of home remedies and Irish white witchcraft.


Phineas - (Duncan) - 45, a gray haired (used to be red) scientist who has never undergone regeneration. His blue eyes sees things many of his colleagues don't so he is considered paranoid. A view that isn't hurt by the fact that both his assistants are cousins of his and he can't stand visitors to his lab.

Glumdalclitch - The farmerís nine-year-old daughter, who is forty feet tall. Glumdalclitch becomes Gulliverís friend and nursemaid, hanging him to sleep safely in her closet at night and teaching him the Brobdingnagian language by day. To Glumdalclitch, Gulliver is basically a living doll, symbolizing the general status Gulliver has in Brobdingnag.

Queen of Brobdingnag

King of Brobdingnag

Houyhnhnms - horse creatures of superior intelligence.

Yahoos - humanoid creatures herded by the Houyhnhnms and known for their ignorance, ugliness and selfishness.

Lagados - citizens of Lagado who spent their time in academia researching inane theories that do more harm than good. Example: extract sunbeams from cucumbers; turn excrement back into food; build houses from the roof down; revive the dead by blowing air through their bodies.



Phineas and Ravena convince Glumdalclitch that while they can't produce more of themselves for her care, they do know how to find more of their kind. It just requires a trip over the western mountains. Glumdalclitch offers the services of her pet bird to fly them there. She helps create a saddle for them to ride and even ties down the broken console toy to the back so they can "get parts for it in their land".

Phineas & Ravena take the pet bird for a flight into the king's chambers where they rescue from the Doctor before the giant king can squash him with his fist. Much confusion ensues as the bird flies around the royal chambers, almost being caught, but escaping via a window. There they fly to the mountains beyond.


LAGADO (TARDIS Crew and Lagadoins)

The Doctor and crew fly over the mountains and find themselves hovering over a polished marble city where a crowd assembles around familiar blue box. The crew lands their bird in the midst of the crowd finding they are all at normal size. They believe their ordeal is soon over. The Doctor anxiously rushes to inspect his TARDIS. Meanwhile the crowd of Lagadoin theorists bombard Ravena and Phineas with questions. How did they train their bird to fly? How did they make it grow so big? But before either can answer, the Lagadoins answer their own questions with nonsense theories. The same happens when Phineas tries to unstrap the TARDIS Console.

Then to the Doctor's dismay, he finds the TARDIS police box is a mere shell stripped of all it's Gallifreyan parts.



Suddenly a group of wild horses charges the scene. Lagadoins scatter, while some who stay to theorize on these creatures are trampled to death. The lead horse, a beautiful stallion, confronts the Doctor but does not charge him. Instead it looks him up and down, speaks to its comrades in some native tongue, and apparently orders his comrades to collect these strangers. Phineas, Ravena, the Doctor, as well as the console and police box are carried off by the horse-creatures.


YAHOO HERDS (Phineas, Ravena, and Yahoos)

Taken back to a horse camp, Ravena and Phineas are put in a holding field with the savage Yahoos. They must fight not to be ravaged for their clothing and any food they may have. Phineas defends Ravena and in the process riles the Yahoos into a revolt.

HOUYHNHNM CAMP (Doctor & Houyhnhnms)

Meanwhile the Doctor is brought into the largest stable-house where a stallion of the same coloring as the leader of the raiding party holds court. This "Master" speaks to the Doctor in his native English tongue. The Doctor is questioned about his place here. The Master accuses the Doctor of coming to check up on them. He's offended. The Doctor insists he came by accident or perhaps was drawn in unwillingly. He only wishes to leave with his companions. The Master defends his society saying they have not enslaved the Yahoos as before, but they will not allow them to destroy their society as before.

It's clear the Houyhnhnms want to eliminate their Doctor problem by destroying him and his companions. But the Doctor manages to distract them with some magical trickery and run for the outside.


Phineas and Ravena escape the Yahoo paddocksand make it to the TARDIS Console just as the Doctor escapes the Houyhnhnm leader's stable and runs for the blue box. Phineas wants to take the time to repair the console, but the Doctor shouts at him to get inside the box instead.

It doesn't make sense, but Phineas and Ravena step into the empty blue box. The Doctor avoids Houyhnhnm guards and manages to flip a hidden switch on the console. It begins to glow. Inside the empty blue box, Ravena and Phineas hear the familiar wheeze and groan of the TARDIS. Magically the scene changes around them from a darkened cupboard to the expansive interior of their console room. Outside the Doctor avoids being trampled as the dislocated console shimmers out of existence. Once it is gone, the Doctor makes a break for the blue box.

Ravena & Phineas hear the Doctor pounding on the TARDIS doors and shouting at them to let him in. They do and just as quickly shut the doors on a Houyhnhnm nose.

The Doctor quickly demats though the TARDIS takes off with a violent shudder. Everyone is thrown to the floor. Things fall to the ground around them as if they had just dropped from the sky: settee, coffee table, bookshelves, etc. The last thing to fall lands at the TARDIS crew's feet: an autographed copy of Johnathon Swift's Gulliver's Travels.


NEXT WEEK: What will happen to our intrepid explorers? Tune in next week. To join the group and get next week's script by e-mail, please use our web sign up page or e-mail


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