A Place In The Sun by David Sharpe

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A Place In The Sun
by David Sharpe
August, 2001

    Lord President Maxim sat in his office, thinking.  Warm, buttery lighting glistened off the obsidian-colored walls and floor, appearing at once inviting and repellant.  Coming to decision, a finger reached out, carressing one of the inlaid buttons on the desktop.
    Moments later, the doorway quietly irised open to admit the Timelady Peregrine, then closed just as silently.  The timelady crossed the room, moving quickly yet elegantly.  Smoothly she knelt on one knee and bowed her head, causing a corner of Maxim's mouth to quirk in a brief smile.  Rising, she took the seat in front of the desk and waited.  
    "The moment has arrived."  Maxim's silky, seductive voice filled the air.  "The Doctor's usefulness has come to an end.  He has become an irritant and, if let in place, will become an active impediment."  Peregrine nodded her agreement with this assessment.  "That being said, his removal must be done carefully.  It would do to make him a martyr."  He focused his gaze on her.  "Tell me what you know of the D.O.C."
    "The Doctor Observation Corps, or D.O.C.," Peregrine began, "is a graduate level study group.  It allows teams of students to learn firsthand the do's and don'ts of temporal intervention by observing the Doctor at work."
    "A good description," Maxim allowed.  "You'll be joining the next group we send out as their faculty advisor.  You'll have the final say on how they interact with the Doctor.  The team will have access to the latest model TARDIS."  Peregrine looked slightly surprised but didn't even think of refusing. "Watch the Doctor's every move and keep in periodic contact with me.  Sooner or later, the opportunity will present itself."
     He waved his hand in dismissal and Peregrine turned to leave the room.  Maxim spoke up before she left.  "Oh, update me on the STiG's actions, will you?"  Peregrine looked puzzled but acknowledged the request and left.
    Maxim's face took on a satisfied cast as he reclined in his chair.

End Prelude

A Place In The Sun
Part One

Played Thursday, August 2, 2001
(Story Four of the Kinder and Gentler Gallifrey Season)
Plot by David A. Sharpe


From the Encyclopedia Galactica, 31st Century edition

Odin's Eye - A red supergiant star and main feature of the Coalsack Sector, the star received its name from being the only star visible in the Coalsack from the Lyran Hegemony.  The system is uninhabited except for the Alfheim Resort and Research Station, which resides inside the corona of the star itself.

Alfheim Resort and Research Station - a marvel of 31st Century engineering, the station was built 25 years ago to perform cutting edge stellar dynamics research inside the red supergiant known as Odin's Eye.  The facility was designed by the Norg-Dox Projects Inc.  The resort was added on to allow the station to fund itself indepentently.  The main features of the station/resort include...

The Doctor ------------- Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider aka Dr10
Irish T Cat ------------ Rob Stubbs aka IrishTimeCat
Jacie Hunter ----------- Jen Kokoski aka JacieH
Dr. Mac Bride ---------- David Sharpe aka DWMacBride
Eileen Naughton -------- David Sharpe aka DWEileen
Tam O'Bannion ---------- Jen Kokoski aka JacieH
Energy Beings ---------- David Sharpe aka EB1, EB2, EB3
Alien Tourists --------- David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Lady Peregrine --------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Alais ------------------ Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam
Allesan ---------------- Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam
Devin ------------------ Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam
Catriana --------------- Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam



<JacieH> # ::a dark empty guest room lights with a strange fading blue hue as something wheezes and groans in increasing volume::
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor drums the console top with his fingers:::
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish comes into the console room wearing dark shades::
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor looks at Irish::: Ready for a little sun, are we old cat?
<IrishTimeCat> # Yes. I am ready to lie around and soak up the sun. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor chuckles::: It may not be as you think.
<IrishTimeCat> # You did promise that they didn't have any large bodies of wet stuff here Maker. 
<IrishTimeCat> # Are we there yet? 
<JacieH> # ::strolls into console room:: The console's stopped... ::notices the rotor slowly skid to a halt:: Or has it?
<JacieH> # Doctor, is something wrong with the dematerializing controls?
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor nods to Jacie:: But of course...NOT. We seem right on target.
<JacieH> # Miracle of miracles.
<JacieH> # Doctor? ::surveys the regulation meters:: The demat circuits are stuttering. You better check them out.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor smiles::: What you call stuttering I call operational creative decay.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish turns his dark green shades toward Roaming Girl:: Are you trying to insult Home ? 
<IrishTimeCat> # She is very sensitive you know.
<JacieH> # She's also very old. ::to Irish::
<IrishTimeCat> # Home is not old. 
<IrishTimeCat> # Home is just very wise and experienced. 
<JacieH> # 'Home' could use a facelift or two, if you ask me.
<IrishTimeCat> # She didn't mean to be insulting to you Home. Even though I think you would be perfectly justified in arranging for her to be left behind. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor motions toward the screen::: We'll just go for a stroll and assess the vacation possibilities of the Alfheim R&R facility.
<IrishTimeCat> # I am certain that nothing will go wrong this time with our vacation plan. 
<JacieH> # Can I get that assurance in writing, Irish?
<IrishTimeCat> # Why? Your senses aren't keen enough to read cat writing. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor flips a switch and the viewscreen deploys, showing an empty room.:::
<IrishTimeCat> # Wheres the sunshine ?
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor walks towards the door::: I imagine it would be outside.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor gestures towards the door::: This is about as close to a sun as you can get. Let's take a look.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor walks out of the TARDIS:::
<IrishTimeCat> # Come along, Roaming Girl.
<JacieH> # ::studying the viewscreen images:: Alfheim R&R? Looks more like a military base than a vacation spot.


<DWMacBride> @ :::MacBride rummages thru his desk, packing up the last of his mementos:::
<DWMacBride> @ Well, it's been a good long haul. I'm going to miss this place.
<DWMacBride> @ :::talks to himself::::
<DWMacBride> @ We can't turn back the clock, make Odin's Eye young again, though.
<DWMacBride> @ ::::he runs his hand over his hair and looks around the office:::
<DWEileen> @ ::Eileen Naughton, MacBride's pretty, intelligent aide, pops into the office:::
<DWEileen> @ How's the packing going?
<DWMacBride> @ All goes well, am almost finished. Anything to report?
<DWEileen> @ :::Eileen consults her PADD:::
<DWEileen> @ Let's see...all nonessential equipment is ready for transport. That only leaves tourist luggage, which will come off when they leave.
<DWEileen> @ :::MacBride nods, continuing to listen:::
<DWEileen> @ The latest report from the Solar Queen places them on course, ETA is 36 hours from now.
<DWMacBride> @ Very good. Things seem to be running smoothly at the moment.
<DWEileen> @ Now if we can just avoid any more "incidents". :::knocks on the wall for luck:::
<DWMacBride> @ Indeed. ::::looks around his office again::: I'll check in with you once everything is packed up.
<DWEileen> @ Will do! :::smiles, gives a finger salute and ducks out of the office::
<DWMacBride> @ :::MacBride smiles to himself, then goes back to his packing::::


<JacieH> # ::exits TARDIS and steps into a bare little bedroom, the only illumination comes from portals in the walls::
<JacieH> # That's odd. Why put lights on the walls instead of windows?
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish is too low to see out the portals:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # I need another hover board since my old one got broken. 
<Dr10> #To replace them, of course.
<JacieH> # ::examines a portal that is the size of a window and glows a reddish hue::
<JacieH> # Wait a minute. Doctor, these *are* windows. Just how close are we to the sun?
<IrishTimeCat> # We are inside the sun Roaming Girl. 
<JacieH> # Inside? Impossible. We'd be fried.
<IrishTimeCat> # You would still taste awful even if you were cooked well done Roaming Girl. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor examines the room and sets off through a door::: What do you mean, an unused room is almost always a great landing point.
<JacieH> # ::turns away from portal, blinking the red spots out of her eyes as she stumbles catching up to the others::


<DOCteam> & ::D.O.C. TARDIS materializes as an advertisement placard:::::
<DOCteam> & ::::students assemble around monitor behind Lady Peregrine:
<DOCteam> &Devin> :::Looks intently at monitor then sighs:: Oh well...
<DOCteam> &>Allesan> What is it?
<DOCteam> & >Devin> Nothing... I was just hoping we'd get to observe the Doctor's 4th regeneration, the one with the cool...scarf.
<DOCteam> & >Alais> ::Snickers:: You mean a scarf called Romana?
<DOCteam> & >Devin> :::Devin's eyes throw a dagger into each of Alais's hearts::::
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Darts one of those withering teacher stares at Alais:: No time for levity young lady!
<DOCteam> & >Alais> ::Drops head:: Sorry Lady Peregrine
<PeregrineTLady> & We have been given a serious charge here. ::Turns back to monitor and points::
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Points to the monitor:: And THIS is the Doctor himself, students.
<DOCteam> & > Allesan> And which are his companions, m'lady Peregrine?
<PeregrineTLady> & There, that perky girl with the red hair, that's one of them.
<PeregrineTLady> & And...over there, that green monstrosity of a cat, that's one of them, too.
<DOCteam> & >Allesan> Ah, the creature born in his TARDIS
<PeregrineTLady> & Keep an eye on the cat, it's tricky, has some kind of powers or another.


<Dr10> # :: The Doctor emerges in to a higher traffic zone, with pedestrians always visible but not crowded.:::
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish looks around suspiciously:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # Do you ever get the sensation of being watched? 
<JacieH> # Only when you're hungry and dreaming I'll fix you something.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish turns his shades in several directions looking for the watchers:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish's left ear twitches:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # I would swear that someone is talking about me. And not very nicely either. 
<IrishTimeCat> # Besides you Roaming Girl! I am used to your jealousy.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor points down the hall::: The more major areas are this way I believe.
<JacieH> # ::follows Doctor, turning around to view the concourse as she goes:: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor talks and walks::: These are residential areas and the shopping center if you enjoy that sort of thing.
<JacieH> # And all this is inside a sun?
<IrishTimeCat> # Maker .. Tell Roaming Girl about this place.
<Dr10> # The shopping center is this way, I imagine there are some "going out of business" sales.
<JacieH> # Going out of business? I thought you said this place was a success?
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor gestures and tells the story of Alfheim and its work, with a couple of references to unknown people with strange names.:::
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish looks around once more before as the sensation of being observed diminishes in strength ::


<DOCteam> & >Catriana> Does the Doctor Always travel with so-called "companions"?
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Sneers:: Yes, he does...seems to have an affection for humans in particular.
<DOCteam> & >Alais>;;laying finger aside her nose:: Humans, ..ah, of course
<PeregrineTLady> & Usually women, but sometimes young boys... Anyway, all private quirks aside, let's review our purpose for being here.
<PeregrineTLady> & Alais, suppose you give us a recap?
<DOCteam> & >Alais> To observe the Doctor and record what, how, and why he keeps intervening .
<PeregrineTLady> & Allesan> Seeing "HOW" he intervenes is easy enough....
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Thin smile:: exactly, one task easy enough, the other more difficult.
<PeregrineTLady> & It's the understanding "WHY" he does what he does that presents us with our challenge.
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > ::::opens notebook and makes a large question mark:::



<JacieH> # ::exits living area and strolls into the bustling shopping section::
<JacieH> # ::a neon sign flashes above the concourse spelling out VALHALLA::
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor and friends emerge into a giant shopping center full of activity.::
<Dr10> # People seem very interested in being here near the end. Perhaps a sort of "moth to the flame" syndrome.
<IrishTimeCat> # Moths are rather stupid. 
<IrishTimeCat> # They don't even taste that good but not as awful as humans. 
<IrishTimeCat> # At least butterflies present more of a chase than a moth. 
<JacieH> # You're never happy unless you're hunting, are you Irish?
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish stops to look at some string:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # I am a predator after all, Roaming Girl. 
<IrishTimeCat> # Just because you act all strange when people get blown up doesn't mean I should deny my own basic nature.
<JacieH> # ::suddenly frowns, memories of Endoria's battle with daleks shudder thru her:: That's not funny Irish.
<JacieH> # ::shakes off memory and turns to Doctor:: You still never explained what's wrong with the place. Did it run out of funding or something?
<JacieH> # It's gotta cost a fortune to keep this place habitable.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor looks as he walks::: Well, an end comes to all things, even to a sun. This one, I believe I heard, is running out of time.
<JacieH> # You mean it's going nova. ::pauses at realization of their proximity to a dying star:: Isn't that dangerous?
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor points to "A Place in the Sun"::: How about stopping in for a cool drink, usually a good place to get information, these watering holes.
<IrishTimeCat> # Wet Stuff! ::Irish looks worried as he looks for the water hole:: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor smiles::: Just an expression, Irish.
<IrishTimeCat> # Its not a very good expression Maker. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor heads toward the bar::: Come on. I could go for a lemonade.


<PeregrineTLady> & See what I mean? Look, why in all the universes would a Timelord of note be hanging out in a sleezy place like that bar?
<PeregrineTLady> & Any theories, students?
<DOCteam> & > Devin > ::Whispers to Alais:::: Why the council lets him continue is what interests me.
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Somewhat sharply:: Good question, but not our concern, Devin. It is not our place to question the council, but to perform our duty flawlessly!
<DOCteam> & > Devin> Yes M'lady, My apologies.
<DOCteam> & > Alais> :::gives Devin an annoyed look::: Perhaps it's his impure blood line?
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > I've always figured he was an operative for the CID.
<DOCteam> & Catriana> Pure chance? From what I've read he can barely operate his TARDIS.
<PeregrineTLady> & Humm, perhaps you are right, and yet, I think there must be more to it.


<JacieH> # ::follows into bar and takes a stool between the Doctor and Irish::
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor raps on the bar::: Hello hello, thirsty visitors here from beyond, before, and after.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish jumps up on his stool and looks at the menu:: 
<JacieH> # Nope, doesn't look like they serve fish on the menu here, Irish. You're outa luck.
<JacieH> # ::a middle-aged man with red sideburns hurries out of storage room and wipes the bar down for the new customers::
<JacieH> # Barkeep>Welcome to A Place In The Sun! What'll ya be having?
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish eyes the wet rag suspiciously:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # I want a milk/cream/catnip soda in an extra large bowl. 
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Sorry, no dairy left. We had to pack that up in the cryo storage an hour ago.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor nods at the barkeep::: Have you a cool and tall lemonade?
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>::looks over his still to packed stock:: I've got water, brandy and oh right... ::rummages thru a box:: Here we go. Pink lemonade alright?
<Dr10> #Pink lemonade would be marvelous.
<JacieH> # Make that two lemonades.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>::pours out two glasses of lemonade for the man and his lady::
<IrishTimeCat> # If I help myself would that make you mad, Human ? 
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish asks nicely:: 
<JacieH> # O'Bannion> Might as well. Not like I'm gonna be able to transport all this stuff in time.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish bamfs away to return with a large bowl of milk and cream :: 
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish slurps his drink:: 
<JacieH> # O'Bannion> So what brings you here?
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor sips::: We're just people watching perhaps.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Well there won't be many people for watching left, uh what did you say your name was mister?
<Dr10> # Doctor, and this is Jacie and my friend Irish.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Pleasure to meet you Doctor. I'm Tam O'Bannion, keeper of this establishment. Me friends call me Tam.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Pennliess Tam soon at the rate this hurry up and get 'em out evacuation is going. Still, it's a good time to see Odin before she blows.
<JacieH> # Odin?
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Odin's Eye. ::waves to the red glowing portal:: She's going supernova in 48 hours, so they say.
<IrishTimeCat> # What's a supernova? Is that some kind of Earth vehicle? 
<JacieH> # It's a very large explosion, Irish. Didn't Voice teach you anything?
<IrishTimeCat> # Yes but some of her explanations make absolutely no sense. 
<IrishTimeCat> # According to Voice a Nova is an earth transportation device popular in North Emerica. 
<IrishTimeCat> # It was also a BPS pre holovid show 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor licks his lips:: I love fireworks, and this should be quite a display.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion> Yeah, quite a show. ::sighs:: Figures. I just bought this place two cycles ago. It was just getting profitable for me.
<JacieH> # I didn't see a lot of rushing about out there. ::points thru the doors at the shopping concourse::
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor takes a sip of lemonade::: Really, it seems like a calm approach to apocalypse.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Well, they gotta get their last minute bargains first, of course. Valhalla is having the end all fire sales. But no one wants to relax and spend a few quid on one of the Place's refreshments.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>You're the first customers I've had all day who weren't in a rush to get there escape gear all stowed away.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor sips:: Interesting.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>If you ask me Mac Bride makes a better solar scientist than a resort director. He'll probably end up getting half of us vaporized.
<IrishTimeCat> # That would be just a little too much sun even for me . 
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Too true, Irish did the Doctor say your name was? A true blood Irishman are ye?
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish looks at his empty bowl and then at Tam :: I am not a man .. I am Irish T Cat .. 
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>You certainly look like a spirit to me. You would be surprised the kinda folk I see enter this bar.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>::sighs:: I'm gonna miss the old place when she goes.


<PeregrineTLady> & ::Raps monitor:: Think, think, what is he doing here? WHY is he here, drinking lemonade, with a mannerless cat?
<PeregrineTLady> & Allesan, why the cat? What could be the purpose of dragging a feline through time and space? It must not be a pet, or it would stay inside the TARDIS.
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > From the Earth records I checked before we left, I learned cats tend to do as they wish, not as they are told.
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > Well, it certainly is a strange creature, even for a cat.
<PeregrineTLady> & But then, this cat is not an Earth cat is it?
<DOCteam> & > CAtriana > Perhaps there was some unforeseen developments since it was born inside a TARDIS.
<PeregrineTLady> & It appears to have the capacity for speech!
<PeregrineTLady> & Wasn't the Doctor involved with another species of talking cats in one of his previous regenerations?
<DOCteam> & Alesan > Oh, the seventh generation? But, weren't those humans who were changed into cats. It even affected the one known as the Master.
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Nods seriously, accepting the information as valid:: This then, is no earth cat...
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > According to my research cats can only talk ::checks notepad:: in what is called "a Disney movie"
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Rewards Allesan with a huge smile:: That's right my dear, you've done your homework!
<DOCteam> & > Alesan > Of course,.. here it is... the movie was called "The Cat From Outer Space"
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > That supports your alien theory.
<PeregrineTLady> & I agree. So, this is not one of those humans turned cats either, as it doesn't seem in the least bit human, or that dangerous for that matter.
<DOCteam> & > Alais > ::mutters:: Big suprise she's an expert on pets too.
<PeregrineTLady> & ::An expert teacher, Peregrine knows when to ignore students from time to time.:: Therefore we must deduce it is an alien...
<DOCteam> & > Devin> :rolls eyes::
<PeregrineTLady> & Devin, you tell us then.. why an alien cat? Any theories??
<DOCteam> & > Devin > ah..ah.. because he appears obsessed with aliens?
<PeregrineTLady> & Possibly, think on it more. I must say, I was hoping this mission would be a bit more interesting.
<DOCteam> & >Devin :: sighs in relief::
<PeregrineTLady> & Watching the Doctor sip lemonade and a cat slurp from a bowl is rather boring to say the least.
<DOCteam> & Devin :: Sticks hand in pocket and touches printout of a blonde lady in a hunting habit and thinks ////The 4th would have been interesting from the start///
<PeregrineTLady> & From his reputation, you'd expect all kinds of trouble the minute he steps out of the TARDIS.
<DOCteam> & > Allesan > Yes =, m'lady. According to Matrix records usually within 24 and a half minutes of landing the Doctor encounters a serious problem.
<PeregrineTLady> & Perhaps we should be watching the companions instead. Often they are the ones that start the trouble. Catriana, have you been monitoring the redhead?
<DOCteam> & >Caterina> Yes Lady Pergrine, Nothing unusual so far.
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Shudders:: Repulsive man, licking lips, relishing a supernova of all things.
<PeregrineTLady> & Allesan, have you been keeping track of the time? How many more minutes until the problems start?
<DOCteam> & >Allesan > Coming up on 23 minutes......now.
<PeregrineTLady> & :: Moves towards the monitor, in anticipation:: Good. Things may get interesting soon. 
<PeregrineTLady> & Allesan and Devin, you watch the cat
<PeregrineTLady> & Catianan and Alais you watch the redhead
<DOCteam> & >Allesan> yes, m'lady
<PeregrineTLady> & I'll watch the Doctor.



<AlxKeegan> @ :::three energy beings roam the corridors of the station:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::they are imperceptible to normal scanner devices:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::if they could be seen, they would appear to be 3 glowing spheroids, 1 larger than the others::
<AlxKeegan> @ ::::they come to a stop in the observation lounge, floating:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::as they communicate, the spheroids flash and change color:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 < :::the larger one speaks, its voice tinged in support and confidence:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 < ///It is time to make the next attempt, children///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB2 < :::the second being speaks, its voice a bit worried:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB2 < ///Time passes quickly, Father. It's almost too late///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB3 < :::the third one speaks now, cynical yet not without hope::::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB3 < ///It hasn't worked so far, Father, why do we keep trying?///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 < ///It is the only option left to us///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 <///Which of you will make the next attempt?///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB3 ///I volunteer///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 < :::flashes with pride:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 <///I know you will do your best, son///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 < ///Which of these beings will be the next subject?///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB2 < :::floats over towards a humanoid with 3 eyes, 2 in it's face and one in the back of it's head::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB2 < ///this one exhibits some of the characteristics we've been looking for. None of these beings exhibits all of them.///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB1 < ///Make the attempt when you are ready. Good luck, son.///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB2 < ///Good luck, brother///
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Two of the energy beings draw back to watch, while the third approaches the humanoid:::


<Dr10> # :: The Doctor empties his glass::: Excellent my dear sir.
<IrishTimeCat> # I will put this back for you. ::Irish does his bamfing trick again:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # That was vintage cream too. Very tasty. 
<JacieH> # Why don't you tell us some more about this Mac Bride. How did a scientist end up as the director of a resort spot?
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>::refills the Doctor's glass::
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>::shrugs:: Dr. Mac Bride drew the short stick. He was part of that lot who built the Alfheim.
<JacieH> # ::to Doctor:: As a solar research laboratory?
<Dr10> #Well, in the beginning, yes, but it has become a great deal more.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>It had to. 15 years went by and they still couldn't figure out how to harness that "powerful energy".
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>The government was cutting funding. So it was either accept guests or close.
<Dr10> # Demilitarization is always easier than that.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish can feel a vague premonition but its so cloudy and unclear that he ignores it:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # You have some very pretty light patterns. ::Irish looks around:: 
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>A lot of powerful energy in the corona of a sun, Mac Bride's always saying.
<IrishTimeCat> # Yes, Yes, Yes. Lots of energy. ::Irish dances around energetically:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # I can see it dancing around us coming through the walls and such making my fur feel so warm. 
<IrishTimeCat> # In fact I am even finding Roaming Girls company enjoyable. 
<JacieH> # ::narrows eyes at Irish:: Maybe that cream was a little too vintage for you.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>In its day, the Alfheim was "the" place to visit. I mean, how often can you say you got this close to a suntan with out melting?
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Course that all changed when the corona started collapsing.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Odin's Eye was a deathtrap, they said. Now we just get your daredevils and bargainhunters.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>Still they drank deeply and paid well. Nothing like being inside a disaster to get your thirst up.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor thanks O'Bannion::: Well served sir, but we should be off to the observation lounge.
<IrishTimeCat> # You are nice for a human Tem .. I might even give you a use name .. 
<IrishTimeCat> # Lets go .. ::Irish races off pausing occasionally waiting on Maker and Roaming Girl to catch up:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish pops in and out all around the bar with wild abandon before stopping at the door:: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor turns to walk out the door::: Cut the nonsense Irish, let's have a look.
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>>:snaps up the gold coins:: Anytime you'd be wanting another lemonade, just come on in. I'll save a jug for ya!
<JacieH> # O'Bannion>::goes back to wiping his bar and packing his breakables::


<PeregrineTLady> & Catriana, can't you get a better picture for us? Hurry, girl!
<DOCteam> & > Catriana > ::Fiddles with controls:: Sorry, Lady Peregrine the interference seems to be increasing.
<PeregrineTLady> & Give it a good whack, Catriana, sometimes that helps.
<DOCteam> & >Catriana > ::smacks monitor, then opens eyes wide:: Oh my.. it worked>
<DOCteam> & > Catriana > The only fault now are 2 or 3 glitches.
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Says absently:: I seem to remember seeing that somewhere, sometime or another..a good whack is all a ...::YELLS:: What glitches????
<DOCteam> & > Catriana > Here m'lady. See... one seems to be moving.


<AlxKeegan> % :::tourists wander around the observation lounge:::
<AlxKeegan> % ::::some sit in chairs, talking to each other, while others cluster fascinated near the large plastiscreen window:::
<AlxKeegan> % :::the sight of the corona of the sun outside the window fills the tourists with awe and dread:::
<AlxKeegan> % :::some of them take comfort from the stabilized electromagnetic force fields which protect the station::::
<AlxKeegan> % :::two of the tourists, one a humanoid with 3 eyes and the other a reptilian species, exchange greetings:::
<AlxKeegan> % RB< :::sibilant hissing::: I am called Rudi WW.


<DOCteam> % Catriana> ::Taps monitor:: Getting some strange readings, must be the result of solar activity.
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Pushes Catriana aside, and fiddles with monitor:: There, now its working, don't touch a thing, you hear me? We can't fail in our mission?
<DOCteam> & > Catriana> Yes Lady Peregrine ::Drops head::
<PeregrineTLady> & ::Regains composure:: The council is counting on us after all, to gather evidence of the doctor's intervention.
<DOCteam> & > Alais > ::Mutters :: gee, what a b*&^h ::looking up at the ceiling::
<PeregrineTLady> & Allesan, how long now, shouldn't some kind of disaster have occured by now?
<DOCteam> & >Allesan > 24 Minutes and 30 seconds .. now
<PeregrineTLady> &::Points to screen:: What in all the realms of time is THAT?


<Dr10> % :: The Doctor walks into the observation lounge and gestures at the huge viewscreen::: There it is, the heart of light.
<JacieH> % ::stops at the railing overlooking a crowded concourse of shops and stands, all marked 75% off::
<JacieH> % ::eyes the viewscreen hanging over the concourse::
<JacieH> % Well, Doctor, this has to top your list of wacky and unusual sights. Inside a sun.
<IrishTimeCat> % ::Irish jumps up on the railing and looks down :: 
<JacieH> % ::then looks down at the crowd:: Funny how things are still the same no matter where we go. Still people looking to shop.
<JacieH> % That's odd. ::notices an alien start to glow on the concourse below::
<IrishTimeCat> % It's too bad that you can't see what I *see* Roaming Girl .. All of the patterns and fluxes of energy surrounding us. 
<JacieH> % Either I've been here too long or I'm seeing one now, Irish.
<JacieH> % What kind of humanoid is that, Doctor?
<Dr10> % :: The Doctor looks at the humanoid Jacie indicates::: Let me see....
<JacieH> % I don't think I've ever seen a species that actually glows.
<IrishTimeCat> % I glow. 
<IrishTimeCat> % ::Irish is not looking down at the glowing alien but is now::
<IrishTimeCat> % ::Irish looks down and notices something very interesting going on:: 
<AlxKeegan> % ::::on concourse below, the three-eyed alien starts to glow and shake::::
<AlxKeegan> % ::he begins to babble incoherently::::
<AlxKeegan> % Sam> I'm Sam, from the planet Wham.
<AlxKeegan> % :::Rudi WW backs away worriedly from Sam:::
<JacieH> % ::eyes widen:: And spasm? Doctor, I think something's wrong.
<IrishTimeCat> % We are on Vacation!!!! 
<IrishTimeCat> % That means we stay out of trouble .. 
<JacieH> % We're always on vacation, Irish. Don't you get that's the Doctor's pretext?
<IrishTimeCat> % Pretext? Is that paper he hasn't scribbled on yet? 
<AlxKeegan> % ::smoke begins to pour from his ears and mouth:::
<Dr10> % :: The Doctor gasps and wonders about stories of spontaneous human combustion:::
<AlxKeegan> % :::he utters a high pitched scream and claws at his eyes:::
<JacieH> % Uh oh. ::bolts for the steps to the concourse::
<AlxKeegan> % :::suddenly, he falls to the floor:::
<JacieH> % ::pushes her way thru the crowd to get to the screaming humanoid::
<AlxKeegan> % ::on the loudspeaker::: T3 in the observation lounge.


<PeregrineTLady> & Devin, are we getting this?
<DOCteam> & > Devin > Yes Lady Peregrine.
<PeregrineTLady> & Now, let's see what happens. Will the Doctor stand aside or intervene?
<DOCteam> & > Devin> :::Admiringly thinks:: //The Doctor NEVER stands by////


<JacieH> % Stand aside. ::pushes two Algosian pirates aside::
<Dr10> % :: The Doctor kneels down over the body and checks for life signs.::
<JacieH> % ::kneels too:: Anything?
<Dr10> % :: The Doctor sadly shakes his head:::
<IrishTimeCat> % :: Irish leaps downward landing softly beside Maker:: 
<IrishTimeCat> % Where did it go? The pretty lights .. ::Irish looks around:: 
<JacieH> % What happened? He looks... ::studies the humanoid with ashen eyes and charred skin:: vaporized.
<IrishTimeCat> % I wonder what this creature tastes like. ::Irish looks speculatively at the crispy creature:: 
<AlxKeegan> % :::suddenly, a team of 3 security guards comes racing into the lounge, weapons drawn::
<AlxKeegan> % TL> All right, nobody move!
<AlxKeegan> % :::the security team covers the crowd with their weapons:::
<JacieH> % ::startles, then looks at Doctor and rolls eyes::
<IrishTimeCat> % I bet one of them says put your hands up now . 
<AlxKeegan> % TL> Appendages in the air, everyone!!!
<JacieH> % I change my mind. I agree with Irish. You did say this was a "vacation", Doctor.


<PeregrineTLady> & Ah Hah! He can't stand it! He has to get in the middle of things, can't leave well enough alone.
<DOCteam> & Devin > ::turns out of control:: "Well enough"? That person just died horribly.
<PeregrineTLady> & :: Turns to class:: No! Keep monitoring! Watch and learn well. There's not a better meddler in the universe, no more prime example of all a Time Lord should NOT be than our dear Doctor!
<DOCteam> & > Devin > ::Does as ordered but it's obvious he couldn't disagree more::


A Place In The Sun
Part Two

August 8, 2001
(Finale of the Kinder and Gentler Gallifrey Season)
Plot by David A. Sharpe



The Story thus far... 
The Doctor and his companions have arrived on Alfheim Station, a unique research facility and restort that is located inside the corona of a star called Odin's Eye. The star is due to go nova in 2 days. Their exploration of the facility led them to the observation lounge, wherein a tourist collapsed, burning and screaming, in front of them. Security guards arrived to police the area. And now, Part Two... 

The Doctor --------------- Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider aka Dr10
Irish T Cat -------------- Jen Kokoski aka Jacie
Jacie Hunter ------------- Jen Kokoski aka Jacie
Security Chief Seabrook -- Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider aka Dr10
David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Dr. Mac Bride ------------ David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Eileen Naughton ---------- David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Energy Beings ------------ David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Lady Peregrine ----------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Alais -------------------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Allesan ------------------ Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Devin -------------------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Catriana ----------------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady



<AlxKeegan> @ :::EB One and Two swoop in to lend supportive energies as a pale, shaken EB Three flees his abortive communing attempt:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EBThree < /// Horrible...couldn't break free...///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB One < :::to Two::: ///I will take him back to the others, they will comfort and heal him. Then I will return.///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB One < /// Please continue observing them...the slightest thing may be of help. I will return soon.///
<AlxKeegan> @ EB Two < :::to One::: Yes father./// :::to Three::: ///Be well soon, brother.///
<AlxKeegan> @ :::One escorts Three off the station:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Two continues to observe the others in the lounge, trying to puzzle out their behavior, while trying to keep her apprehension from getting the better of her:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor looks down at the smoking remains of the tourist and wrinkles his nose:::
<Jacie> @ ::looks up from kneeling over the body, hands raised under the threat of the security patrol::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::blurts out to security:: I didn't do it!
<Jacie> @ Irish>Roaming Girl, tell them it's your fault. You must have done something lately.
<Jacie> @ Irish, not now! ::grits out as she smiles at the patrol::
<Jacie> @ Irish>It's true. She's always doing something.
<Jacie> @ ::kicks Irish::
<Jacie> Irish>See. ::accusatory cat glare::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor nods at Irish:: Shush.
<Jacie> @ Irish>Fine Maker, but if the gypsy gets us killed don't blame me. ::curls up in a bawl and pouts::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor looks at the security patrol:: Hello. Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you.
<Jacie> @ ::the security chief approaches, nods back at the Doctor::
<Dr10> @Seabrook> :::looks at his guards and nods::: Holster those blasters, men, something tells me the guilty party is no longer present.
<Jacie> @ ::relaxes when the patrolmen lower their blasters:: Thank you.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor looks at Seabrook:: Hello, I am the Doctor, and while I saw it all there really wasn't much to see.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> My name is Aubrey Seabrook, and I am the security director here.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor shakes Seabrook's hand::: Nice to meet you, these are my companions, Jacie Hunter, and the green cat is Irish.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> Well don't just stand there, officers, take this unfortunate individual's body to the infirmary. I want a complete bioanalysis on what happened.
<Jacie> @ ::climbs to her feet watching the patrolmen take the body away::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor looks at the body::: It was as if the shielding from that stellar brightness out there failed for just a moment for just that person. Very strange. I'm glad you don't suspect me.
<Jacie> @ That's a good point. Why don't you suspect us? ::asks Seabrook::
<Dr10> @Seabrook> Strange things happen when you are around Doctor, but your record shows you are rarely guilty of causing them.
<Jacie> @ You know the Doctor?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor whispers to Jacie:: Anonymity gets more difficult if you get around as much as I do.
<Jacie> @ Irish>::yawns and cleans his paws:: He's a security chief, Roaming Girl. They all know Maker.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles at Irish::: But finally here is a security director who doesn't want to lock us up. An officer well-met, I would say.
<Jacie> @ Irish>Give him time Maker. He'll want to lock us up sooner or later.


<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Says sharply:: Leave the screen on the scene, Devin. This is your first chance to see the Doctor in action.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> ::Shakes head slightly and answers:: Yes, Lady, but I don't think it is proper for us to record all the gruesome details.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Sharply:: IF we don't record every minute how can you expect to observe the master of temporal intervention at work?
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Alais> Miss, he's just introduced himself, did you hear?
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Regains composure:: You are right, Alais, we must focus on the task at hand.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Whispers:: This is when he usually begins to meddle, shortly after introducing himself. Watch carefully now.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Catriana> Miss, if they take the body away, do you think the Doctor will try to follow?
<PeregrineTLady> $ I'm not sure Catriana. I must admit that knowing what happened to the body might help us to understand whether or not the Doctor is meddling.
<PeregrineTLady> $ If he chooses to follow the body to the infirmary, we must be prepared to follow, if not, we may need to split our forces.


<Dr10> @Seabrook> My analysis of your available record indicates you are a potential asset in solving a case like this. Our Director would appreciate a meeting with you.
<Jacie> @ Right. ::nods and decides to just play along:: Well, then I guess we go meet this director. Dr. Mac Bride, didn't the bartender say?
<Dr10> @Seabrook> Dr. James McBride awaits you in his consultation area. If you will follow me?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor nods:: Glad to, Mr. Seabrook.
<Jacie> @ ::starts after the Doctor::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor follows the lead of the security director, his sense still on high alert.:::
<Jacie> @ ::Irish jumps up on Jacie's shoulder allowing her to carry him::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Two sees the ones who tried to help the dead person leave the area and decides to follow them::::


<PeregrineTLady> $<Devin> He's leaving..not going to the infirmary....what now Miss?
<PeregrineTLady> $ Devin, you obviously are not cut out for another look at the body, and I feel it must be examined. You shall remain in the console room to monitor the Doctor.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> Yes, miss. ::With relief:: 
<PeregrineTLady> $ Allesan, stay with Devin, you are a keen observer, and we need your skills monitoring the Doctor.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Allesan> ::With pride, but surprised at the praise:: Yes, miss, as you say.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Turns to Catriana and Alais:: That means you shall accompany me to the infirmary. Time you had some field experience.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Devin, is the coast clear outside our Tardis?
<PeregrineTLady> $ Devin> ::Does a quick sweep of the Tardis surroundings:: Yes, miss. all clear.
<PeregrineTLady> ::Gathers Skirts:: Very well, come on girls, it will be a drop to the floor after we squeeze through the door, be careful.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Opens Tardis door, which makes the advertisement placard swing out:: 
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Scans room and drops silently to the floor, followed by Catriana ad Alais::
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Quickly smooths skirts and finds location of the infirmary on the guestroom wall map.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Begins walking to the infirmary, trying to look like another tourist with two teenagers in tow.::


<AlxKeegan> & :::One and Three approach the People's current time/space coordinates, in orbit round Odin's Eye:::
<AlxKeegan> & :::to their senses, a sparkling host of spherical energy beings swarm around them as they arrive:::
<AlxKeegan> & :::The clutch mothers radiate concern as they support Three, taking them into their care:::
<AlxKeegan> & EB One< ///He was injured in the latest communication attempt. It was not successful.///
<AlxKeegan> & :::the mate of One approaches him:::
<AlxKeegan> & EB Four< :::to One::: ///The time grows ever shorter. Soon it will be too late! Is there anything else we can do?///
<AlxKeegan> & EB One < ///While there is time, we must try to communicate with these beings. Our only other option can only be used as a last resort.///
<AlxKeegan> & EB Four< /// I understand and concur.///
<AlxKeegan> & EB One < ///Our eldest keeps watch. I must go back and see if we can try again.///
<AlxKeegan> & EB Four < ///Good luck, husband///
<AlxKeegan> & :::EB One leaves the location of the people and makes his way back towards the station::::



<Jacie> @ ::the party leaves the busy concourse and traverses the administration corridors::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor asks Seabrook::: You know, I have a nasty habit of showing up at the wrong time and being blamed for things. How were you insightful enough to realize our innocence?
<Jacie> @ That's what I was wondering.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> Come come now Doctor, not all of us are simpletons, just far too many of us. These incidents have been happening for some time now.
<Jacie> @ How long?
<Dr10> @Seabrook> Two fortnights at least, Miss.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> :::Walks along::: No, Doctor, I would say that your appearance is caused by these events, not the reverse.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor frowns:: I am not sure I like the sound of that.
<Jacie> @ Neither do I.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor realizes he needs to get more information, hook in to the central data net and start running his own intrusive scans.:::
<Jacie> @ Irish, stop squirming or walk yourself.
<Jacie> @ Irish>Sssh, Roaming Girl. ::eyes closed, his whiskers twitch:: //Say that again Voice. Roaming Girl annoying again.//
<Jacie> @ Irish>::eyes flip open and he jumps over to Maker's shoulder::
<Jacie> @ Irish>Maker, Voice is back. She says there are others of your kin here.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor frowns as he walks and he thinks. Timelords here. Seabrook's strange comment about the event bringing the Doctor, and memories of information he once learned at the Academy. It is all beginning to make some sense.:::


<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> Drat! Did you hear that cat, Alais? We've been made!
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Calls frantically into TLady's earpiece:: The cat seemed to sense your presence once you left the Tardis, Miss. Proceed with caution.
<PeregrineTLady> % Via VoiceComm>::Replies:: Understood.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> ::Mumbles as he fiddles with the new model Tardis controls:: There, no wait..it's hard to tune in to a different room...there! ::Seabrook's office comes into focus on the DOC Tardis console screen.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> ::Lets out the breath he was holding:: Well, at least the Tardis is working today.


<PeregrineTLady> % ::Reaches infirmary, hears voices and ducks around a corner.::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Pushes Catriana and Alais against the wall, as the infirmary door opens and the guards walk out.::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Sends Catriana to the infirmary doors:: See if anyone is in there. Do it without being seen, too.
<PeregrineTLady> % <Catriana> ::Heart pounding:: Creeps up to the door and pushes it open, looking in::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Sees the room is empty, and motions the other two in.::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Looks around the room:: Where do you think they put the body, Catriana?
<PeregrineTLady> % <Catriana> ::Looks around and points::How about those drawers over there in the wall? Don't they put bodies in those?
<PeregrineTLady> % Very well, let's look shall we? ::Walks over to the drawers and pulls one open.::
<PeregrineTLady> % <Alais> ::Looks in and almost throws up:: That's not it, at least not the one from today.
<PeregrineTLady> % :: Looks in and mumbles thoughtfully:: No, you're right, but this person looks like something similar happened to her.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Tries various drawers and finds others with similar looking injuries to the one they witnessed today.:: Most unusual.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Finally pulls open the drawer containing today's victim.::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::To Catriana:: Use your scanner. Make a quick full body scan of the victim.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::takes scanner and looks at readouts:: No internal injuries, apparent burns to outer layer of skin, but not terminal. >>>Look at the brain scan though...I wonder.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Tells Catriana:: Quickly scan some of the other victims, Allesan, help her.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Thinks hard:: Something seems familiar about this, something from the Doctor's past. I can't quite put my finger on it.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Shakes her head and clears her thoughts:: Let's get back to the Tardis, girls.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Quickly walks back to the guest lounge area, which is empty except for the barkeep.



<Jacie> @ ::they stop outside a large office door with the placard STATION DIRECTOR::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Two follows along and enters the director's office:::
<Jacie> @ Eileen> ::a young woman opens the sliding door:: Oh good, Chief Seabrook, you found them.
<Jacie> @ Eileen>Director Mac Bride is waiting for you. This way.
<Jacie> @ Eileen>::leads the Doctor and company into the interior director's office::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor walks briskly by the office staff and into McBride's office, with Seabrook on his heels.:::
Jacie Hunter, and the marvelous though often cantankerous Irish.
<Jacie> @ ::Director is busy packing up his research paraphenalia when his assistant enters with strangers::
<Jacie> @ Director>Ms. Naughton, who are these people?
Jacie> @ Eileen>The Doctor, sir. Remember the Hegemony report?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor shakes McBride's hand in greeting:: Hello, good to meet you, I did not expect such a welcome. These are my companions, the inestimable 
<Dr10> @McBride> :::Recognizes the Doctor's companions with a nod::: Frightful business this, Doctor, been going on for a while now. Very few clues.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor puts his hands in his pockets:: Clues? What clues?
<Dr10> @McBride> All in good time Doctor. We know something of your record in this sector. We might be willing to cooperate with you. But first....
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor puts his fingers under the labels of his corduroy sport coat::: But first, what?
<Jacie> @ Irish>Here we go. They'll want to lock us up now.


<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> Allesan, is that meddling, to ask questions? Or is it just being a kind concerned being trying to help?
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Allesan> You'd better not let Peregrine hear you say that. Hush up, or you'll lose your scholarship with the DOC. Just collect data.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> I know you're right Allesan, but I can't help but feel like the Doctor is helping not meddling, most of the time that is.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> It's just being honest if you ask me. 
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Allesan> Look, our job is not to judge, just to observe and collect data. I'm not going to argue intervention philosophy with you.


<Dr10> @Seabrook> Yes, first another matter. You arrive on this rather tightly controlled station and we have no record of you. That needs some explaining.
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Two tries to decipher the underplay between the beings. It is all so different from her life:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor wheels around and speaks while he tours the room:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor walks and speaks::: No need to hide the truth from you, you have treated us fairly.
<Jacie> @ Irish>So far.
<Dr10> @ I arrived here with my companions in a ship of time and space. I come from Gallifrey, but I am a citizen of the universe.


<PeregrineTLady> $ <Allesan> SHHHH!!! Did you hear that! He gave himself away! 
Told who he was!! That's breaking about a thousand non-intervention rules, for sure!
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> Look Allesan, I know your sympathies are similar to mine, and you know very well that hundreds of races know who the timelords are. Why be dishonest?


<Dr10> @Seabrook> Gallifrey! I thought as much. You are a Timelord, then.
<Jacie> @ ::MacBride exchanges a grim look with Seabrook::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor turns and faces them, stopping his tour::: I am one Timelord, I neither endorse nor represent the actions of the High Council of Gallifrey. I am, shall we say, an extended leave from Gallifrey to explore the wonders of the universe.
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen < :::unobtrusively records the conversation between the Doctor and the Director:::
<Jacie> @ MacBride>A timelord? We have... uh... records of your race. Though we've never met one, ::adds with a smile:: until now.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles::: Well, if this is your first contact, let us endeavor to make it a good one.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor walks towards McBride::: But what of these clues? I cannot imagine the unknown effectively without at least some information.
<Jacie> @ MacBride>Indeed, Doctor. Can I offer you any refreshments while we discuss this matter?
<Jacie> @ MacBride>Ms. Naughton, see to it. Please.
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen > Getting the kafee isn't part of my job description
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor stops::: Sumatran coffee, perhaps.
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen > :::smiles to show she is joking, then ducks out to get some kafee for the group:::
<Jacie> @ Chief Seabrook said there have been other deaths in the last two weeks?
<Dr10> @Seabrook> :::Holds up some plastic data sheets::: There are some interesting patterns, but the patterns themselves remain isolated.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> These frightful incidents seem to be increasing as we get closer to the end of this facility and this star.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor continues:: Yes, yes, the pace increases as we near the end. A sign of desperation.
<Jacie> @ Have you not seen this kind of thing before since you've been here?
<Jacie> @ macBride>No, never. ::shudders:: There's never been a containment leak in the 15 years since this station was erected.
<Jacie> @ MacBride>That was our first theory as to the nature of the molecular vaporization.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> :::Clears his throat to gain attention::: AND, of course, there are the strange energy readings in the area, including inside this facility.
<AlxKeegan> @ :::comes back in shortly with a pot of kafee, 4 cups, and a separate cup of steaming sumatran coffee:::
<Jacie> @ MacBride>Yes. As if the coronal forces had become destabilized in a localized area. 
<AlxKeegan> @ ::::hands the coffee to the Doctor:: From the chief engineer's private stock, with his compliments.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor sips the coffee::: Very nice.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor turns and takes the plastic data sheet out of Seabrook's hands, and inspects it quickly.:::


<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> Sees Peregrine approaching and opens the Tardis doors as soon as the barkeep's back is turned.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ Peregrine is lifted up and pushed back inside the Tardis by Catriana and Allesan who are trying not to laugh::
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Catriana and Alais> ::Nimbly jump into the Tardis.::
<PeregrineTLady> <Devin> ::Swings the door shut::
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Barkeep> Hears a noise and looks at the advertisement placard in confusion. Walks over and straightens it.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Quickly goes to the Tardis lab and goes over the scans again.::
<PeregrineTLady> $<Alais and Catriana> ::Confer and present results to Peregrine.:: The victims did not die from external burns or internal injuries, Miss. 
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Catriana> It appears to be they died from some sort of terrible fright...some kind of mental stress, as if being taken over.
<PeregrineTLady> $<Alais>..or possessed or something.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Ridiculous!


<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor stammers::: Energy, energy, where... Oh yes, here it is.
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen < :::sits down and continues to observe::::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Two watches the beings raise objects to their mouths, wondering again at the significance::::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::sprawls out on desk and licks straight out of the cream pot::
<AlxKeegan> @ ::::Two finds herself drawn toward the much smaller creature and watches it with interest:::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::ears twitch as he laps up his cream::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::looks up suddenly and senses some wild glow wafting by him::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::pulls back towards the ceiling to observe the others all at 
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor's mood changes to one of increased calm, and he takes a seat.:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles, looking up from data sheet:: Well then, it is all rather clear, isn't it?
<Jacie> @ Macbride>No Doctor, nothing is clear unfortunately. ::rakes hand thru hair::
<Jacie> @ I think it's about to be. You have an idea what's going on Doctor?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor takes another sip::: Come come now, it is rather obvious now, isn't it? And quite a relief.
<Jacie> @ macBride>If you know the source of these deaths Doctor, I'd appreciate your sharing that information.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor puts his cup and saucer down:: Odin's Eye is coming to a wild and violent end. The world of ODIN's Eye is also ending.
<Dr10> @You said first contact earlier, but you have been having a first contact for some time now without recognizing it. AND, those contacts are becoming more urgent.


<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> ::To Allesan:: Look at him, he's figured it out already.


<Jacie> @ MacBride>Contact with whom, Doctor?
<Dr10> @Seabrook> Contact? With what? We are inside a very powerful star. What or who would live here?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles::: Precisely, Mr. Seabrook. You live here, but you can go away before it all ends. What if you had always been here, where would you go?
<Dr10> @Seabrook> You mean there are beings who live out there?
<Dr10> @This is precisely what I am saying. They are endeavoring to contact you. 
<Dr10> @They are the energy beings of Odin's Eye.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> :::In stunned silence:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor takes another sip:: And when they try to communicate with you, more and more desperately, thje conversation gets, shall we say, a little too hot?


<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin, from console room intercom> Miss Peregrine, the Doctor feels he knows what happened!
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> The Doctor feels that energy beings were trying to communicate with the victims or through the victims and were unsuccessful, harming the victims instead.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Thoughtfully:: Yes... he could be right...I seem to remember a similar incident in the Doctor's past..
<PeregrineTLady> $ Something about a man taken over by an alien energy complex called a Helix or something..
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Sharply:: Look into it Devin. Find the Helix file...no wonder the Doctor figured it out so fast. 
<PeregrineTLady> $ We should have just stayed in the console room and let him figure it out....would have saved me crawling in and out of advertisement placards!
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Over intercom to Devin:: If you land this thing up on a wall again as an advertisement placard I am going to drop your grade by a full letter! Do you understand me young man???
<PeregrineTLady> $ Land on the ground next time!!
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> ::Trying not to snicker:: Yes ma'am, will do.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Turning to Catriana and Alais:: And if you EVER tell ANYONE you had to lift me up and push me into the Tardis, you'll get the same! Understand?
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Catriana and Alais> ::In unison:: Yes, Miss.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Good. Now that we all understand each other let us return to the console room.


<Dr10> @Seabrook> You mean you have surmised that out of these bits of extranenous data?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles::: It is what makes us creative, Mr. Seabrook.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor stands and puts down his cup and saucer:: Well, we have to have a talk with these beings. 
<Jacie> @ MacBride>How? If your right, just coming in contact with these beings is enough to kill.
<Dr10> @ I have some equipment on my ship which should make it possible.
<Jacie> @ ::smiles:: Show off. ::says in teasing whisper::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::sits up licking cream off his lips:: I wouldn't do what you're thinking of Maker.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor turns to Irish:: And why not?
<Jacie> @ Irish>Voice says she's too tired from your last energy adaptation.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor tuns back to McBride::: I think I can help, but I do need an energy boost. Would you mind?
<Jacie> @ MacBride>Ms. Naughton see that the auxiliary generators diverge a channel for the Doctor's equipment.
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen > Shouldn't be a problem. Right now we have "power to burn".
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor nods his head::: Very well, we will meet in 15 minutes in the Operations Center.
<Jacie> @ Macbride>Very well Doctor.



<AlxKeegan> @ ::::Two follows the Doctor and his companions to the TARDIS, meeting up with One on the way:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::They do not enter the TARDIS, seeing a shimmering barrier preventing them from doing so::::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::they note the energy flowing thru the linear object and into the larger object behind the barrier:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB One> ///Most interesting. To what purpose are they doing this?///


<Dr10> # :: The Doctor fiddles with the console as Jacie and Irish lead a cable out of the door.:::
<Jacie> # ::runs a thick black cable out the TARDIS doors to a power outlet in the guest quarters::
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor shakes his head::: Primitive, but it should work.
<Jacie> # ::returns with Irish perched on her shoulder:: All set?
<Jacie> # Irish>::jumps on top the time rotor and curls up::
<Jacie> # Irish>Maker, Voice says to adjust the frequency a smidge to the left.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor disconnects the translation device.::: Yes, I am. Do you have the energy emitter?
<Jacie> # ::digs thru the toolbox full of bric of brac and pulls out a crystalline device:: Got it.
<Dr10> # It will take some time for the TARDIS to fully recharge, but we should try and communicate immediately.
<Jacie> # Before anyone else has a 'heated' discussion.
<Dr10> #Quite.
<Jacie> # Come on Irish. Leave Voice to her nap.
<Dr10> #Well, let's go fire up the chat room.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor leaves the TARDIS, bound for the Operations Center.:::
<Jacie> # ::follows Doctor, Irish perched on her shoulder again::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::One and Two follow the others to the operations center:::


<PeregrineTLady> $ Peregrine, Catriana and Alais ::enter the console room.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ <to Devin> Well? Let me have it!
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Sharply to Devin:: Report. What further has the Doctor discovered?
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> He is trying to confirm his theory about energy beings trying to communicate.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> He's hooking up a translator device to the station's emergency Transmat booth.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> He is about to try it out, Miss.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Mutters under her breath:: You have to give him credit, there is a certain genius to the man.
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin to Allesan> ::Raises eyebrows in surprise at Peregrine's remark.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ To use an energy emmitter from the Tardis, and rig it to the Transmat so quickly, genius, pure genius.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Shakes head and assumes the role of DOC mentor:: Genius, as I said, but meddlesome, none the less. Let's none of us forget that!
<PeregrineTLady> <Doc Team> Everyone leans in closer to the monitor, trying to see better.



<Jacie> @ MacBride>Doctor, you have the translation equipment?
<AlxKeegan> @ Seabrook > Of course, the Transmat only works intra-station, it can't penetrate the station's shielding.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor looks over the emergency transmant booth::: Very nice, this should work.
<Dr10> @Seabrook> And how, if I might ask, will it work Doctor?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles at the invitation.::: Well, we will put an energy emitter in the booth and turn it on. These energy beings should be attracted to it and will enter the booth. Once in the booth, we can use this translation device to have a little chat.
<Dr10> @Invite them for a little sit down, so to speak.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor turns:: Jacie, where is that emitter? Let's turn on our welcome lamp.
<Jacie> @ ::Jacie connects the emitter to the booth control circuits:: All hooked up, Doctor.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor moves back::: Stand back everyone, we have seen what direct contact can do.
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Eileen and Mac Bride activate the sensors, setting them to scan the booth for the characteristic frequency and blocking out the emitter from the scans::::


<PeregrineTLady> $Catriana> ::Whispers:: Do you think it will work, Devin?
<PeregrineTLady> $ <Devin> If we've learned anything about the Doctor, we know this: he's a master at juryrigging things and making them work. Of course it will, Cat.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Shushhhh. We must record this without comment or editorials, Devin.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Watch everyone. The master meddler at work.


<Jacie> @ Irish>:;curls up on a table nearby:: Fine. Wake me when it's over.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor becomes serious as the emitter begins to issue its call:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::to One and Two's senses, a regular pulse of energy, at the frequence of the People, begins to appear inside a smaller room in the operations center:::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::astonishment flows between the two beings::::
<AlxKeegan> @ Two > ///Father...could it be??///
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor whispers:: I know you are here, come on, we mean you no harm.
<AlxKeegan> @ One > ///Yes, I think these creatures are attempting to communicate with us!///
<Dr10> @Seabrook> :::Holds his breath::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::yawns and peeks with one eye::
<AlxKeegan> @ Two > ///Is it dangerous?///
<AlxKeegan> @ One > ///Perhaps, but this is the chance we've been working and hoping for///
<Jacie> @ Irish>::sees a rippling of purple air waft thru the room::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::One and Two enter the booth and approach the emitter:::
<Jacie> @ ::looks around but sees nothing:: Anything, Doctor?
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen> Two energy signatures are in the booth!
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles slightly:::
<Jacie> @ Irish>Open your eyes Roaming Girl. You almost stepped on one.
<Jacie> @ ::Jacie backs up a large step::
<Jacie> @ Irish>::looks at empty booth:: She's always clumsy cuz she's not a cat.


<PeregrineTLady> $ Devin> ::Thinks to self:: He's right, I just know he is..it's going to work.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Peregrine ::Thinks to self:: This may be it, just what Maxim needs to remove the Doctor. 
<PeregrineTLady> $ Allesan>::To self:: If this isn't meddling, what is? Surely a responsible Timelord would just observe events as they play out naturally.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Catriana> ::To self:: Wow! I can't believe it! I am actually getting to see the Doctor in action! Totally cool! 


<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor activates the translator:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor fiddles with controls on the translator:::
<Jacie> @ ::a clear clicking sound begins echoing thru the translator's speakers::
<AlxKeegan> @ :::The translator, at lightning speed, starts to build a congruent language base for the disparate beings:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor leans forward:: We are bags of mostly water, we greet you, star persons.
<AlxKeegan> @ :::One and Two listen as the program sends them speech in their language:::
<Jacie> @ ::a moment of silence and clicks follows and then...::
<Dr10> @ :::AND THEN...:::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB One> We return your greeting, vessels of moisture.
<Jacie> @ ::Seabrook and MacBride exchange astonished looks::
<AlxKeegan> @ EB One> What label doest thou goest by, speaker?
<Jacie> @ ::the voice is a clear male voice seemingly coming from the empty booth::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor smiles as he reaches a new being::: We greet you in a spirit of cooperation.
<AlxKeegan> @ :::the translator program shuttles back and forth between different forms of address::::
<Dr10> @I am the Doctor, I greet you with awe and respect.
<AlxKeegan> @ EB One> I, Lucifer, and my eldest daughter, Eos, greet you in the name of the People.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor wonders at the name translation, who says technical devices have no sense of humor>:::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor stands and speaks into the device::: Your star is dying, you attempt to communicate. Please tell us your message.


<PeregrineTLady> $ Alais> ::Thinks to self:: This is so creepy, all those disembodied voices and things. Sometimes the Doctor's adventures creep me out.


<AlxKeegan> @ :::for some reason, the translator program kicks into comic book shakespeare lingo::::
<AlxKeegan> @ Lucifer> We beseech thy aid. This edifice sits upon the Portal...
<AlxKeegan> @ Lucifer> The Portal to our Birthing Chamber. Within lay the next generation of our progeny.
<Jacie> @ ::looks of astonishment turn to confusion::
<Jacie> @ Seabrook>Edifice, portal? What is he talking about?
<AlxKeegan> @ Eileen> It means the station, you numbskull!
<AlxKeegan> @ Seabrook> But the chamber? :::clearly puzzled::::
<AlxKeegan> @ Lucifer> If the way is not cleared before this star dies, our children will die with it!
<Jacie> @ ::the last comment is said so earnestly and desperately that everyone in the room understands::
<Jacie> @ ::it's the plea of a father determined to save his children, at any cost::
<Jacie> @ What do we do Doctor?


<PeregrineTLady> $ Devin> ::Whispers in Allesan's ear:: How is this meddling? The Doctor is just trying to save an alien race from annihilation. Seems more like doing the right thing to me!
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Sharply:: You two stop talking will you? Remember the mission at hand!


A Place In The Sun
Part Three

August 16, 2001
(Finale of the Kinder and Gentler Gallifrey Season)
Plot by David A. Sharpe



The Doctor succeeded in contacting a race of energy beings, whose attempts at communication with the inhabitants of the Alfheim Research Station and Resort had inadvertently resulted in many deaths. The afterglow of the success was short-lived, however. The energy beings revealed that the station was blocking their access to the birthing chamber of their race, wherein lay their unborn progeny. Without access to the birthing chamber, their children will die when Odin's Eye goes nova!

The Doctor --------------- Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider aka Dr10
Irish T Cat -------------- Rob Stubbs aka IrishTCat
Jacie Hunter ------------- Jen Kokoski aka Jacie
Security Chief Seabrook -- David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Captain Thornton --------- David Sharpe aka AlxKeegan
Dr. Mac Bride ------------ Jen Kokoski aka Jacie
Eileen Naughton ---------- Jen Kokoski aka Jacie
Eos ---------------------- David Sharpe aka DWEos
Lucifer ------------------ David Sharke aka DWEos
Lady Peregrine ----------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Alais -------------------- Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam
Allesan ------------------ Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam
Devin -------------------- Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam
Catriana ----------------- Cody Jarret aka DOCTeam



<PeregrineTLady> $ ::The DOC Team crowd around the DOCTardis console screen::
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > :::Watches the Doctor's every move, like a zealous fan watching his favorite player in a Super Bowl game::
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::To no one in particular:: ..all monitors operational, recording properly? 
<PeregrineTLady> $ We must make sure to record every bit of the Doctor's interventions...er, in order for this to be a ...good learning experience for us all.
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana> Yes Lady Peregrine
<PeregrineTLady> $Devin, is audio recording as well as video?
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Wouldn't want to miss a word.
<PeregrineTLady> ::Throws long white blond hair over shoulder and gives Devin the infamous teacher stare down:: No we wouldn't want to miss a word young man.
<PeregrineTLady> $ And your thesis depends upon it, so stop the remarks and do your job.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Yes. ma'm ::Snarls when she turns away::


<AlxKeegan> # :::Eos & Lucifer float in the communications chamber:::
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish is busy sitting on the Tardis console communing with Voice by the look in his eyes:: 
<IrishTCat> # ::The Doctor is busy thinking, abstractly rubbing the gray part in his beard:: 
<Jacie> # Doctor>Interesting Lucifer, but I don't think we exactly understand. How is the station blocking access to your birthing chamber?
<DWLucifer> # The station is ... :::suddenly the speakers are awash with static:::
<Jacie> # ::everyone cups their ears against the squealing feedback noise::
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish shakes his head disagreeably:: 
<Jacie> # Ow, Doctor..?
<DWLucifer> # :::Lucifer & Eos exchanged shocked glances as they realize his words are not being translated anymore:::
<Jacie> # Doctor>::puts fingers in his ears:: Sorry about that. We've reached the limits of the translator subroutines.
<IrishTCat> # ::The Doctor frowns:: That's all right old girl. I know you tried your best. 
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish hisses loudly:: 
<IrishTCat> # Voice wants me to tell you something Maker. 
<Jacie> # Doctor> Anything that would be helpful, Irish?
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish looks reluctant:: 
<Jacie> # What's the problem? Cat got your tongue? ::jokes::
<Jacie> # ::sheepish grin:: Sorry I couldn't resist.
<IrishTCat> # Even though it is against the cat code to volunteer, I will do it for Voice. 
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish spirals in place:: Voice says I will perfectly safe .. 
<Jacie> # MacBride>Is something wrong with your feline, Doctor?
<Dr10> #Irish is unpredictable but steady.
<Jacie> # What are you gonna do, Irish?
<Jacie> # ::getting worried::
<IrishTCat> # Voice says for the creatures to merge with me and then you can get your answers. 
<Jacie> # Merger? With those energy beings?
<IrishTCat> # A spiritual merger. 
<IrishTCat> # Or Two energy fields melding together as one. 
<Jacie> # No Irish, it's too dangerous.
<IrishTCat> # I will be perfectly fine. 


<PeregrineTLady> $ Catriana, see if you can't determine what the cat means by "Voice", it may be important.
<DOCteam> $ > Catrina > Some sort of telepathic link, perhaps? I'll check the waveband
<DOCteam> $ > CAtriana> Picking up something in the telepathic range. Attempting to triangulate using different sensors.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Pats on back:: Good idea Catriana. Allesan, monitor the cat's vital signs during the merger.
<DOCteam> $ > Allesaan > ::Shuffles to a monitor:: Yes M'Lady
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > Distance between monitors is insufficent to locate precisely. But appears to be in or near the Doctor's TARDIS
<PeregrineTLady> $ Notice how the Doctor was perfectly willing to let his companion put himself at risk..
<DOCteam> $ Devin ::mutters:: accept their assistance you mean
<PeregrineTLady> $ ..almost as if any cost or intervention is worthwhile if it helps to further his current intervention objectives.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::Thinks:: "Right the evil schemer trying to save an entire race."


<DWEos> # Will it work this time, Father?
<DWEos> # Lucifer> I think we can trust this people if they think it will work. They would not risk their lives needlessly.
<DWEos> # :::Lucifer proudly acknowledges his daughter's gesture::: Well thought out. Let it be done.
<DWEos> # I will do it then, Father. You are needed, in case something should happen.


<Jacie> # Doctor, stop him. He'll be killed like the others.
<Dr10> #The TARDIS would not put Irish at considerable risk.
<Jacie> # If she even knows what risk is anymore. The TARDIS has been acting very flaky lately if you ask me.
<DWEos> # Lucifer> If thine companion is ready, Doctor...
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish starts to float in air:: 
<DWEos> # :::Eos leaves the chamber and floats over to Irish:::
<Jacie> # ::MacBride and the other staffers stand back gaping in awe at the sight::
<Jacie> # MacBride>::to self:: Where's my spectral photometer when I need it. In 20 years I never saw phenomena like this.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor is somewhat concerned, but knows to trust Irish and the TARDIS.:::
<DWEos> # :::Eos takes a mental breath, then, with startling speed, merges with Irish:::
<IrishTCat> # ::A miniature display of energy cascades around Irish in the color green which slowly changes as the energy being merges with Irish to a dark rich purple::


<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > My Lady, The brainwave pattern of the animal has changed... Another signal is overlapping it


<IrishTCat> # ::Irish descends back to the floor as his eyes change to a dark purple as well:: 
<Jacie> # ::tentatively:: Irish...? 
<Jacie> # ::reaches out to touch her friend, but an energy field prickles her fingers::
<IrishTCat> # Ask. Ask. 
<DWEos> # :::Eos feels like she has been compartmentalized. Part of her has merged with the Irish being, while a part of her swims in the sea of memories:::
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish looks askance at the sea metaphor since wet stuff and him don't get along as he lets the energy control the speech of his body:: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor stands between an energized Irish and the others::: Greetings, energy visitor. We welcome you.
<DWIrEos> # We return your greeting, Esteemed Time Lord.
<IrishTCat> # ::echoes Return greeting:: 
<Dr10> # Visitor, we mean you no harm but only seek to exist in harmony with your kind. Please reveal your situation to us so that we may cooperate.
<DWIrEos> # :::Eos experiences memories of people, places, foods, sights, all from the perspective of a matter being:::
<DWIrEos> # I will elaborate, Doctor.
<IrishTCat> # ::Echos Elaborate ::
<DWIrEos> # Within the influence of the station's EM Force Fields lies the Portal, the Bridge.
<IrishTCat> # :: echos influence stations em field lies Portal ::
<DWIrEos> # It leads to a pocket dimension which is The People's birthing chamber.
<IrishTCat> # ::echoes:: Pocket dimension... Birthing chamber...
<Jacie> # Pocket dimension? ::quirks inquisitive nod at Doctor::


<DOCteam> $ > Lady Peregrine> Check out this story the cat is telling
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Distracted:: 
<PeregrineTLady> $ I want you to check out the story of these alien beings, all of you, in a concerted effort.
<PeregrineTLady> $ In fact, you should use the TARDIS sensor suite...I'll monitor from the secondary console room...
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > Allesan, do an energy scan for force fields. Devin, Alias, do you think the two of you can manage to keep recording the Doctor?
<DOCteam> $ > Alais > And what are you going to do? Kiss the teacher's a...
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Apple! ::Stares at Alias and //// We're in enough trouble all ready////
<PeregrineTLady> $ Now! Use the sensors to see if there really is a nexus point in the EM force field of the station.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Peregrine leaves the room.::
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > I'll check the records for mention of energy beings... You can stop the puerile comments or face Lady PerEgrine's discipline.
<DOCteam> $ > Alais> ::Starts to turn to Catriana, but Devin grabs her elbow::
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Catriana is quite correct Alias. She reminds me of Lt. Sullivan in her comprehension and ability to command.
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > ::Surprised at what she thinks is praise:: Well.. thank you Devin.
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > I know what high regard you have for the Doctor's military companions.
<DOCteam> $ >Devin >> No, no thanks necessary. I sincerely believe what I said ::Winks at Alais::


<Dr10> # The time of change has come for this star. Surely you know this.
<DWIrEos> # Within lay the maturing essence that is our children.
<IrishTCat> # :: maturing essence our children:: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor nods in understanding.:::
<DWIrEos> # We know that now, Doctor. Our children are born once every thousand or so of your years.
<IrishTCat> # ::Know that children born every thousand years:: 
<DWIrEos> # When the children are born, they are weak and unstable. Normally, we are able to protect them during the journey from the star.
<DWIrEos> # The EM fields weaken us, we will not be able to protect the children as they leave.
<IrishTCat> # EM Fields weaken will not protect children.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor furrows his brow, realizing the problem.::
<IrishTCat> # ::Spectrums of energy surround the physical forms of the people in the room as Eos looks through Irish's eyes seeing the echos of time that he sees::
<DWIrEos> # When the star dies, the Portal, the Bridge will be destroyed. We will have to find a new place.
<IrishTCat> # Star dies bridge destroyed new place. 
<DWIrEos> # If we cannot bring forth our children when it is time, they will die in the Birthing chamber.
<IrishTCat> # Cannot bring forth Our children die in Birthing chamber
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor struggles to think of a solution for this complex and heretofore unknown situation.:::
<DWIrEos> # Therein lies the problem we cannot solve ourselves.
<IrishTCat> # Problem cannot solve ourselves. 
<DWIrEos> # Is that all you require, Doctor?
<IrishTCat> # Require . 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor smiles::: Your explanation is useful, but now we need a solution. I pledge to work to save your children and your birthing chamber.
<DWIrEos> # Thank you, Doctor. We will patiently await the results of your labors.
<IrishTCat> # Thank you will await results.


<PeregrineTLady> % ::Hastily walks to private chambers, enters and locks door.::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Opens bedstand drawer, removes what looks like a trinket box and places her ring inside the dent on the lid.::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Matrix com channel opens::
<PeregrineTLady> % Maxim, Maxim, Peregrine reporting...
<Jacie> % Maxim>::fingers steepled in thought, he opens his obsidian eyes. Looks out from his austere office into the matrix-illuminated face of his operative Peregrine::
<PeregrineTLady> % Sees Maxim's fuzzy face in the mirror inside the box.::
<Jacie> % Maxim>You have fortuitous news to report, I hope Lady Peregrine?
<Jacie> % Maxim>::tips fingertips to his mouth in thought::
<PeregrineTLady> % Maxim, I only have a minute to report and to ask advice on what to do next.
<PeregrineTLady> % The Doctor is about to intervene to try to save the energy beings..
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Peregrine breifly describes what the Doctor has been up to, the problem with the energy beings, the nexus point in the EM force field of the station.::
<Jacie> % Maxim>::a slight grin edges his mouth:: Very good Lady Peregrine. It seems the Doctor has delivered himself into our hands.
<PeregrineTLady> % Without his presence here, they would perish, as their attempts at communication were failing before the Doctor's intervention.
<Jacie> % Maxim>Indeed. The Doctor is almost too clever for his own good. 
<PeregrineTLady> % Just as I thought, sir. Shall we stop his meddling then? 
<Jacie> % Maxim>No. ::drops hands and sharply directs:: By all means, let us help him. You're authorized to intervene if you see fit.
<PeregrineTLady> % Do you mean to stop him or to aid him in his quest, sir?
<Jacie> % Aid him only as far as you need to, Lady Peregrine.
<Jacie> % Maxim>But don't forget our main objective. When the moment comes, eliminate our obstacle. Understood?
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Nods slowly:: I understand, Maxim...aid only to hasten elimination...
<PeregrineTLady> ::Grumbles:: Surely that's going too far, Maxim.
<PeregrineTLady> % Won't the audio and video documentation be enough to accomplish our goals?
<Jacie> % Maxim> Oh, and one more thing Lady Peregrine. The time gypsy, she is still with him?
<PeregrineTLady> % What? er...yes, she is..why?
<Jacie> % Maxim>Excellent. ::leans back:: Whatever happens, protect the girl. I want to see her, alive and well.
<Jacie> % Maxim>::expression darkens to that of a prowling raven:: Remember Lady peregrine, follow my orders explicitly. Disappointing me would not be... uh.. healthy for your career. Understood?
<PeregrineTLady> ::Miffed that Maxim totally ignored her question, replies sharply:: Fine, we will keep her from harm, and I will do as you say.
<Jacie> % Maxim>I know you will. ::his image fades down to his hawkish smile then out::
<PeregrineTLady> % I must return now to the console room, Peregrine out.
<PeregrineTLady> %::Closes trinket box, removes ring and locks it shut. Replaces box in drawer.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Exits room and hurries to console room.::



<DWIrEos> # ::::Eos and Irish become two seperate beings once more:::
<DWEos> # :::Eos, none the worse for the experience, goes back to her father::
<IrishTCat> # ::Irishs eyes loose the purple color as the energy field surrounding him fades away :: 
<IrishTCat> # Meow Meow .. 
<IrishTCat> # Ruff Ruff 
<IrishTCat> # Pikachu Pikachu! 
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish shakes his head:: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor pets Irish softly::: Very good, old cat, very good.
<IrishTCat> # Hrmmm, I really didn't appreciate the sea metaphors that the creature was thinking in . 
<IrishTCat> #Its name translates to Eos .
<Jacie> # Don't do that again Irish. It's too risky, no matter what Voice thinks.
<IrishTCat> # It was actually very interesting .. Not as interesting as milk or cream or fish or sleeping but still interesting .. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor drums his fingers on a countertop, thinking:: We should be able to change our EM configuration, but that will be difficult as we approach the supernova...
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor turns to McBride:: What is our status? We must prepare to change the protective shield of this facility.
<DWEos> # MacBride> Unfortunately, the EM Fields are designed to work at maximum efficiency. It would take 36 hours to recalibrate them.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor nods::: That should be enough time, given a supernova in 48 hours. We may be in luck.
<IrishTCat> # Luck ?
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish looks skeptical :: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor nods::: Yes, we may just have enough time.
<IrishTCat> # I need to get back to Home Maker .. I am feeling tired .. 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor pats Irish:: That is completely understandable, Irish.
<IrishTCat> # By my whiskers . 
<IrishTCat> # ::Irish looks impatient to be off as he waits on Maker and Roaming Girl :: 
<Jacie> # ::a station scientist, lower grade, hustles into the room with a report pad::
<Dr10> #:::the technician comes up to McBride and tugs on his sleeve.:::


<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > ::Walks over to Catriana with a printout and almost inaudibly says :: I detected the nexus point by recalibrating the scanner using the wave patterns produced by the cat while he was in the trance
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Enters console room:: What was the result of the sensor scan? Any luck?
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > ::Turns to Lady Pergrine as she enters and anoounces :: My Lady! I have proof of the nexus point.
<DOCteam> $ > ALias > ::In a loud voice :: Yes, ALLESAN found a way of detecting it ::Glares at Catriana::
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Impatiently:: No matter who did the work, what proof have you found?
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > The nexus point is within the station EM field, but..
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Distracted, with a frown on her face:: Yes??
<PeregrineTLady> $ What's the problem? You found the nexus point, but WHAT?
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > It's in another dimension and the TARDIS sensors can't read it without dematting.
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > I..i..it's in another demision, My Lady
<PeregrineTLady> You mean there is a dimension beyond the nexus point? 
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > Yyy yes M'am
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Thinking hard:: and we can't demat.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Never mind that then, we will just accept what the energy beings have said as fact...
<PeregrineTLady> $ Since the nexus point does exist we will assume the rest does also.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Turns to the group:: So now what? 


<Dr10> #::The technician tugs on McBride's sleeve again::: Pardon me, there is new information....
<Jacie> # Mac Bride reads the info pad:: Blast! I rechecked those figures 3 times. The sensors must be acting up in the flares.
<Jacie> # What's wrong?
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor turns to McBride::: What is it?
<Jacie> # Mac Bride>According to the latest solar sweep, the nova is 24 hours away not 48.
<DWEos> # :::Worry courses thru Lucifer and Eos:::
<Jacie> # Mac Bride>::directs Eileen:: We'll have to contact the Solar Queen, see if she can move up her arrival time.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor shakes his head,::: Blast it all, we may not be in time at all. This star may be beginning to wobble, as they do at times just before .... the end.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor looks at Irish and Jacie::: Come, let us go to the TARDIS and prepare to do what we can.
<IrishTCat> #::Irish looks eager to be back in the Tardis :: 
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor turns to Mc Bride as he leaves::: I hope we can save your personnel and the energy beings. But this is not going to be easy.
<IrishTCat> # Its never easy .. ::Irish decides to not mention the luck concept to Maker::
<Jacie> # Mac Bride> We'll do what we can, Doctor.
<Dr10> # :: The Doctor exits the room heading for the TARDIS:::
<Jacie> # Mac Bride>Seabrook, get the tourists gathered in the docking terminals. We'll have to make this evacuation fast.
<Jacie> # Naughton & Seabrook>::nod and hustle out::
<DWEos> # :::Eos turns to her father:::
<DWEos> # What shall we do now?
<DWEos> # Lucifer> :::speaking in mental communication with his daughter and not where he can be translated:::
<DWEos> # Lucifer> Go with the Doctor and the others. Observe what they say. I will watch over events here.
<DWEos> # Yes Father.
<DWEos> # ::::Eos leaves the communication chamber and follows the Doctor and his companions to the TARDIS:::


<PeregrineTLady> $ You are all graduate students who have been monitoring the doctor...what do you think our next course of action should be?
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Save the energy beings of course
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > There's no question, we should continue our mission and observe and record...
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > WHAT ?! :::To others:: We MUST assist the Doctor any way we can. An entire race is at risk.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Turns to Devin:: Help? HELP THE DOCTOR? 
<PeregrineTLady> $ I suppose that is one course of action, you must debate all possibilites, think think, discuss...
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > What other course can civilised beings take?
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > There's no question, we should continue our mission and observe and record...
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > If that is Rassilon's will, we will record their history
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Rassilon's will? Rassilon is dead. And if we don't help the Doctor a whole race will be as well. ::Turning to others:: Real beings, dead! Not some stale statistics, real living beings!
<PeregrineTLady> $ You four debate and come up with a solution, I am going to monitor events in the operations center.
<PeregrineTLady> ::$Turns back on students and watches the Doctor looking at his Tardis::


<IrishTCat> @ ::Irish is the first to the TARDIS door as he waits for Maker and Roaming Girl :: 
<IrishTCat> @ ::An odd tingle is in his fur as he looks at the tardis door :: 
<IrishTCat> @ ::He dismisses it as an aftereffect of the merger:: 
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor walks into the TARDIS and immediately stops.::
<Jacie> @ ::steps into console room and bumps into the Doctor::
<Jacie> @ Hey, what happened to the lights?
<Jacie> @ ::a muted hum just barely whispers thru the darkened TARDIS::
<DWEos> @ :::Eos senses that the protective barriers no longer surround the Timelord's home:::
<DWEos> @ :::she slips along behind them, exploring the inside of the console room while observing the others:::
<Dr10> @::Inside the TARDIS the lights are dim and the details all a bit fuzzy, as if the definition of the intertemporal reality of the interior of the TARDIS has been reduced.:::
<Jacie> @ Doctor? ::her voice seems to shout in the quiet room:: What's going on with the TARDIS?
<IrishTCat> @ Why is Home shrunk ? 
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor moves slowly to the console and examines the status of his only true home.:::
<IrishTCat> @ ::Irish reaches out to Voice but she seems very far away almost as if she was in a deep healing sleep::
<IrishTCat> @ Hrmmm .. 
<Jacie> @ ::has to squeeze over to the console, bumping her head several times on the shortened ceiling::
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor frowns as he adjusts dials and levers::: The TARDIS is in a self-healing sort of trance. Its systems are degraded as it rights itself. This is very, very bad.
<Jacie> @ How bad?
<IrishTCat> @ Voice has put Home into a regenerating and reenergizing mode as she goes to sleep.. 
<DWEos> @ :::Eos recognizes items from the memories of Irish that she experienced:::
<IrishTCat> @ I can barely reach her even standing here .. 
<IrishTCat> @ ::Irish sounds a trifle miffed:: 
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor turns to Jacie::: Very, very bad. We may not be able to save the energy beings' children. We may not be able to evacuate the station.
<DWEos> @ :::She senses the energy fields in the edifice are at a very low level:::
<IrishTCat> @ ::Irish turns to look at where Eos hovers before returning his gaze on Maker and Roaming Girl :: 
<Jacie> @ You mean we don't even have enough power to get out of here ourselves?
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor flips a switch:: AND, we may not be able to save ourselves.
<Jacie> @ I knew it. I had a bad feeling about this place since we got here.


<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Can't help but feel a tug of sympathy as the Doctor realizes his TARDIS is damaged.::
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Forces self to stand straight and monitor objectively, thinking:: I must remember my mission, Maxim threatened me about it. I dare not thwart him.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Thinks to self:: If you hadn't intervened you would not be in this mess, Doctor.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Steels self to do what is necessary, whispering:: That's right, Doctor, give in to despair, play into my hands...


<Dr10> @When a star self-destructs, we are at the absolute limits of control, ever since Rassilon and Omega. In the best of shape, the TARDIS can barely ride out being in a supernova. But like this....
<Jacie> @ Great, so we'll all be charbroiled together.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor sighs:: We will hardly notice, I fear, but yes.
<Jacie> @ There's gotta be a way out of here.
<IrishTCat> @ Well I am not destined to be a crispy critter .. 
<IrishTCat> @ ::Irish jumps up on the console and falls back to the floor as he passes through it:: 
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor turns to the door:: I feel a bit cramped in here, let's go share the bad news.
<IrishTCat> @ I dont feel cramped ..
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor looks around::: My energy friends, we will do what we can.
<Dr10> @ :: The Doctor leaves via the diminished door.:::
<IrishTCat> @ At least I have all this energy available even without Voice's help .. 
<AlxKeegan> @ :::Eos follows the Doctor and the others as they leave the TARDIS:::


<DOCteam> $ > Alais > Right, I'm with Devin, we help the Doctor? Allesan?
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > I don"t know... we're only supposed to observe.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > That's a class assignment! This is life.. or death, for an entire species
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana > If that is their destiny, who are we to interfere?
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > :: Gives up in disgust and turns from Catriana to Allesan :: Come on Allesan, we have to help if we can.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Turns to the students:: Well, what have you decided?
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > Well... :::looks around::


<AlxKeegan> ! :::Lucifer listens intently to the goings on, with the translator program still running he can understand most of what is going on::::
<Jacie> ! Naughton> Solar Queen coming in now, Director.
<AlxKeegan> ! Naughton> We've established communications with the Solar Queen, sir.
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride> Good. ::steps up to comm panel:: 
<AlxKeegan> ! Capt> This is Capt. Thorson. What can I do for you, MacBride?
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride> Captain Thorson, it's good to see you.
<AlxKeegan> ! Capt> Is there some problem?
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride>Our sensor sweeps were off apparently. Orion's Eye will supernova in 24 hours, not 48 as we estimated. How far are you from rendezvous point?
<AlxKeegan> ! Capt> At least 36 hours. ::silent a long moment:: I'm sorry, Dr. MacBride, there's no way we can go any faster without major hull damage.
<Jacie> ! MacBride> ::nods slowly:: I understand.
<AlxKeegan> ! Capt> We'll continue on course. I hope you can come up with something. Good luck. Thorson out.



<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor enters the operations center shaking his head:::
<Dr10> ! The situation is very grave. My ship of time and space is diminished in its power, immersed in self repair. We may not be able to use it to save you. 
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride> :;rakes his fingers thru his hair:: Great. What else could go wrong?
<Dr10> ! Have YOU discovered anything else?
<Jacie> ! MacBride> Just that the Solar Queen is still 36 hours away
<Dr10>! Too far, I fear.
<Jacie>! ::the room grows quiet and fills with despair::
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor realizes that they have reached a crisis situation.
<Dr10> ! There is something else here, something I am not grasping...
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor snaps his fingers in a eureka moment::: Of course, there is more here than just us. Irfish talked about Timelord nearby! We are being recorded and observed.
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor moves to the middle of the operations center as if it was a stage and begins making a speech to what seems like thin air.:::


<PeregrineTLady> $ Have you come to a concensus or not, let's have it..
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Yes My Lady!
<PeregrineTLady> $ Yes, what, Devin?
<DOCteam> $ > Alias > Come on Allesan.
<DOCteam> $ > Allesan > Okay, if you think so Alias.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin> ::Ignores Catriana :: We agree, we should help the Doctor
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Looks at each in turn:: You are all agreed to help then?
<PeregrineTLady> $ According to our curriculm objectives, there must be unanimous agreement before any actions can be taken.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Catriana, the others want to help, what say you?
<PeregrineTLady> $ I will take your silence as agreement then Catriana.
<PeregrineTLady> $ Shush, let's listen the Doctor seems to have had an ephiphony or something.
<PeregrineTLady> ::Sniffs:: Look at his posturing, it's always grated on my nerves.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::Thinks "Nerves is right, he has them"::


<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor spreads his arms::: 
<Dr10> ! I know you are here, even though you have attempted to mask yourselves from me.
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride>::gives a curious glance:: Doctor, who are you talking to?
<Dr10> ! Beings of Gallifrey, Timelords, listen to me.


<PeregrineTLady> $What? He seems to know we are here!
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::Grins at others:: See... I told you he was all that we should be
<PeregrineTLady> $ Devin, did you alert him to our presence? If you did....
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > Ha! You should have read more of the Matrix... The Doctor did it on his own.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::To Alias and Allesan :: The Doctor always wins, because he never gives up.
<PeregrineTLady> ::Sternly::: Don't take too much pleasure in this turn of events, Devin, the play isn't over yet...


<AlxKeegan> ! Lucifer> ::to his daughter::: There are other Timelords here?
<Jacie> ! ::crosses arms:: Trouble, usually. Unless they can be made to see reason, for once.
<Dr10> ! I salute your observation and documentation, but the situation has changed and you are being pulled in.
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor becomes more thoughtful and paces a bit.::
<Dr10> ! We too often operate on the assumption of a bifurcation between the obersever and the observed. But at times, this separation is more apparent than real.
<AlxKeegan> ! Lucifer> ///I was beginning to fear we might have to use our final option///
<Dr10> ! The missing factor which draws the two together, and you as Timelords into this situation, is information.
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride>::aside to Jacie:: These timelords, can they help us?
<Jacie> ! ::aside:: It's not a question of "can", it's a matter of "will" they.
<Dr10> ! We cannot help but change as we learn and observe, and as we do we become involved in what we learn. Knowledge can create responsibility.
<Dr10> ! Your new Lord President talks of high ideals, and now is a time to put them to the test.
<Dr10> ! I have very rarely called for your intervention, and I have acted myself whenever possible, as you know, and with some considerable results.
<Dr10> ! Now you must act, you must intervene, not to save this star, for that is beyond even you, but to save this station, and more importantly, an entire species of sentient and highly developed lifeform of a most wonderous sort.
<Jacie> ! ::the room quiets waiting for a reply::
<Jacie> ! Mac Bride>::into silence:: Well?
<AlxKeegan> ! :::a cautious hope begins to fill Lucifer and Eos:::


<DOCteam> $ > Devin > So do we help or not? 
<PeregrineTLady> :; Snickers:: That is a matter of opinion.


<Dr10> !You are able to rescue this situation. But if you do not, for what purpose have you ever existed? Knowledge creates responsibility, and now you have it!


<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Tries to focus on the Doctor's long winded, incessant mumbling:: We voted to help. So we shall.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::Grins so wide it looks like his jaw will fall off and rushes to TARDIS controls::
<DOCteam> $ > Devin> Coordinates set for operations center. Demat?
<PeregrineTLady> ::Materialize, Devin. I can't take much more of this.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::Straightens gown and neck thing, preparing the meet the Doctor:: Well, Devin, let's do it.
<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::Flips controls and column rises and falls. With a wheezing sound the DOC team TARDIS appears in the operations center:


<Jacie> ! ::as the Doctor continues lecturing, a humming groan fills the room::
<AlxKeegan> ! :::The energy beings observe a new Timelord edifice appear in the operations center, its protective barriers easy to perceive with their senses:::
<DOCteam> ! ::: A red British telephone booth appears:::

<DOCteam> $ > Devin > ::Winks at Alias :: A little tribute to the Doctor
<PeregrineTLady> $:: Catriana, open the doors, the rest of you, follow me. Devin last.
<PeregrineTLady> $ ::The DOC TARDIS doors glide open silently and Peregrine exits, followed by the rest of the DOC Team.::
<DOCteam> $ > Catriana> Lowers lever to open TARDIS::


<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor allows a small smile to briefly pass his lips.:::
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor positions himself at the entrance of the new TARDIS:::
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor greets them with an almost imperceptible bow:::
<Jacie> ! ::arms crossed as she stands back against the wall eyeing the timelords with suspicion and tiny bit of awe::
<Dr10> ! Why if it isn't the perceptive as well as lovely Lady Peregrine. I respect and welcome your arrival.
<PeregrineTLady> ! ::Walks up to the Doctor:: Greetings, Doctor. I hope you will end that mindless dribble of a speech now that we are here.
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor nods::: A communication can be judged by its results, and this "speech" as you call it has had its results, hopefully.
<PeregrineTLady> ! :: Sniffs in reply:: Whatever. Let me introduce my fellow travelers, members of the most recent DOC corps.
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor looks at the other arrivals::: Ah, the next generation of Timeelords, I imagine. I hope our training systems are improving under your supervision, Lady Peregrine.
<Jacie> ! More like snooping mice in the walls, if you ask me.
<IrishTCat> ! Mice ? ::Irish looks around::
<DOCteam> ! > Devin> ::Raise a finger to nose and speaks to Jacie:: Ah. yes, but then the second mouse gets the cheese
<IrishTCat> ! Cheese ? What cheese ? Is this another one of those metaphors? 
<DOCteam> ! > Alias > Stop it, you're confusing the cat
<PeregrineTLady> ::Motions to each in turn:: Catriana, Allesan, Alais, and Devin.
<DOCteam> ! > Catriana > :: raises hands in formal Time Lord greeting::
<DOCteam> !> Devin > :::Pulls Alias along with him and grasps the Doctor's arm, pumping enthusiastically :: I'm Devin and this is Alias
<DOCteam> ! > Devin > ::waves Allesan forward:: And this is the remarkable Allesan
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor bows ever so slightly and smiles a bit. ::: Charmed.
<DOCteam> ! > Devin > ::bubbles to Alias::: Think the 4th regeneration Doctor would approve?
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor turns back to Lady Peregrine::: Well, the situation demands an answer. Will you assist us?
<Jacie> ! Yes... ::steps forward from wall:: That's what we'd all like to know.
<Jacie> ! Are you here to help Lady Peregrine, or write up a report on how we all died?
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor looks a bit sternly at Jacie:::
<AlxKeegan> ! :::The energy beings wait eagerly as well:::
<PeregrineTLady> We were here to monitor your interventions in the affairs of others, but given these circimstances how can we just stand back and watch?
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor doesn't like the sound of that:::
<Dr10> ! yes, indeed, how can you just watch.
<PeregrineTLady> ! So, we are all agreed. We are here to help.
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor realizes this seems a bit too easy, and sense another layer to the story he has not anticipated.:::
<DOCteam> ! > Devin > And it's my... our honor to assist you, Doctor
<PeregrineTLady> ! ::To the Doctor:: As you said, after such a WONDERFUL speech, we are moved to help you.
<PeregrineTLady> ! We offer our TARDIS to help with the evacuation of station personnel, and to help save the children of the energy beings as well.
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor looks at Peregrine, wondering at her seeming eagerness to help.:::
<PeregrineTLady> ! Well, Doctor, can you use the help of an old friend?
<PeregrineTLady> ! ::Extends hand towards the Doctor::
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor looks at the hand of agreement Peregrine offers and reluctantly shakes her cool hand.:::
<Jacie> ! ::studies the handshake of the Doctor and Peregrine as a nerve trickles up her neck starting yet another nagging headache::
<PeregrineTLady> ! ::Takes hand in firm grasp and shakes it with a cold smile on her lovely face::
<Dr10> ! :: The Doctor has a weak smile::: Er, yes, the help of an old friend.
<Dr10> ! I have long appreciated the "help" of "old friends" such as yourself and our Lord President.


A Place In The Sun
Part Four

September 6, 2001
(Finale of the Kinder and Gentler Gallifrey Season)
Plot by David A. Sharpe



The Doctor and his companions have arrived on Alfheim Station, a unique research facility and resort that is located inside the corona of a star called Odin's Eye. The star is due to go nova in 2 days. Their exploration of the facility led them to a mysterious death on the observation lounge, wherein a tourist collapsed, burning and screaming, in front of them. The Doctor deduced the series of similar deaths, caused by an unknown energy, was actually the an attempt of an energy species to communicate with them before the supernova. While being observed by the DOC Team, the Doctor devised a safe method of communicating with the beings. From the confines of a transport tube, the alpha being declared all his children will die because of the station. Since the Doctor's TARDIS is dangerously low on power, the Doctor seeks out help from the only ones who can - the Doctor Observation Corps. And now the devastating conclusion, Part Four... 

The Doctor --------------- Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider aka Dr10
Irish T Cat -------------- Rob Stubbs aka IrishTCat
Jacie Hunter ------------- Jen Kokoski aka Jacie
Security Chief Seabrook -- David Sharpe aka DWMacBride
Captain Thornton --------- David Sharpe aka DWMacBride 
Dr. Mac Bride ------------ David Sharpe aka DWMacBride 
Eileen Naughton ---------- David Sharpe aka DWMacBride 
Eos ---------------------- David Sharpe aka DWEos
Lucifer ------------------ David Sharke aka DWEos
Lady Peregrine ----------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady
Alais -------------------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady 
Allesan ------------------ Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady 
Devin -------------------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady 
Catriana ----------------- Mary Redus aka PeregrineTLady 



<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor watches the proceedings suspiciously, trying to discern what seems odd about the situation and the plans.:::
<Jacie> # ::stands in the more expansive D.O.C. TARDIS, arms crossed and waiting suspiciously::
<PeregrineTLady> #::Peregrine looks at the assembled people. Her glance falls on the Doctor and quickly slips away.::
<DWMacBride> # ::MacBride, Seabrook and Eileen listen with interest to the evacuation plan::::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::To the group:: Well, here we are. The plan seems to have been agreed upon.
<IrishTimeCat> # I want something to eat . ::Irish wanders into the back of the obviouslt inferior Tardis and looks at the food dispenser with a gleam in his eyes::
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor steps forward::: So as I understand it my TARDIS will just be an appendage to this one while we engineer the safe destruction of the station.
<Dr10> # That will put it and myself in a vulnerable situation.
<PeregrineTLady> # Nonsense, Doctor. We are more than capable of carrying out the plan without any risk to your team.
<Dr10> # Lady peregrine, we will be at the heart of an exploding star, the sort of place even Omega could not survive in, I am not sure it is quite so easily handled. On the other hand, I am reassured by your confidence.
<DWMacBride> # Devin > :::looks to Peregrine::: Isn't that what the stability cone is for?
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Motions to Devin:: Yes, explain it to the Doctor one more time if you will.
<DWMacBride> # Devin> Once everyone is aboard this TARDIS, we will link up with yours and form a stable conic force field
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> The cone of influence will cover both TARDIS machines, when we jump to safety, you will be carried along with us.
<DWMacBride> # Devin> Similar in theory, though not in execution, to the Master's plan for you and he to save the universe.
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor smiles:: Wonderful. I would gove you at least a B-.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Smiles:: So you see Doctor, you have no reason to fear. Surely you can't believe that we would put ourselves and all the station personnel at risk.
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor nods:: I would hope not. But then, I am full of hope.
<PeregrineTLady> # Wither we goest, so goeth thou or something like that, isn't that what the old saying is?
<Jacie> # Sounds more like come in to my parlor said the spider to the fly.
<PeregrineTLady> ::Looks at Jacie Sharply:: Well, I can see that our efforts are not appreciated, nonetheless, we will carry out the plan.
<Jacie> # ::shares a narrowed stare with Peregrine::
<DWSeabrook> # Speaking of station personnel, everyone is packed and standing by, it shouldn't take long at all to get them into the TARDIS.
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor gestures::: And then we must act to assist the energy beings. Their stake in all this is tremendous.
<DWMacBride> # Alais> They shouldn't have any problem getting their children out of the birthing chamber once the station no longer blocks the entrance.
<DWMacBride> # MacBride> Something has been puzzling me. Why can't the Doctor's TARDIS be carried in this one?
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish wanders back in muttering crossly about the inferior food::
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor thinks carefully and then decides::: Jacie, I need you to stay in this TARDIS.
<Jacie> # What?! What on Earth for?
<Dr10> # I am concerned about the evacuation of the refugees, these students know so litle about how to deal with people, they will need observation.
<Jacie> # ::quips quietly:: The refugees or the timelords?
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor smiles:: You do have quite a bit of experience with refugees.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::IN a huff:: Really now Doctor! You go too far!
<PeregrineTLady> # I really don't need another body in the way in here! I protest! 
<Jacie> # Figures. I bet you never even met a refugee before, Peregrine.
<PeregrineTLady> # My students are the best of the academy. They need no mentoring from a mere *Earth* child who has no knowledge of a TARDIS...::With a sneer:: Other than as a PASSENGER!
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor looks sternly:: Your focus may be your "class" here, but I am concerned about a station full of people and an entire species of amazing energy beings. I am concerned about the lack of experience here.
<PeregrineTLady> # So am I! That is why I want the best at the controls, no in-the-way-needless extra weight. ::Points finger at Jacie::
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor raises his hands::: I would feel much better if I knew Jacie was here to assist you if you need it.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Thinks to self, this is perfect...if I make him mad enough he will insist, and my problem of what to do with Jacie will be solved.
<Jacie> # What's the matter, Lady Peregrine? Afraid I might see something?
<Jacie> # Maybe your peeping-tom team should know how it feels to spied on for once.
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor smirks at Jacie's good line:::
<Dr10> # Lady peregrine, I am putting myself at total risk by sitting in an almost defenseless TARDIS while the star around me explodes. Please cooperate with me in this matter.
<PeregrineTLady> # Fine. You want the girl with us? Brat and useless as she is? Have it your way.
<Jacie> # Brat?! Why I aughta... 
<PeregrineTLady> Devin> Ummm, I hate to interrupt but McBride asked a question. Why can't we bring the Doctor's TARDIS into ours.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Turns to Devin:: Then answer it. Reassure the Doctor.
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor turns to MacBride:: Well, it has been done, you know.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish looks around:: 
<IrishTimeCat> # This Tardis can't materialize around Home because it doesn't have the capabilities to do so .. 
<IrishTimeCat> # ::Irish opines with great seriousness :: 
<PeregrineTLady> #Devin> He's sort of right. Actually, the TARDIS prevents such a thing, as a way to protect itself.
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> That rules out spatial distortions and such risks, your catness...sir.
<IrishTimeCat> # ::growls ::
<PeregrineTLady> # Enough of this. THIS TARDIS prevents such a thing. The plan is set. Time is short.
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor takes to the center of the room::: Well, no time like the present, we should proceed with our plan. And the best of luck to all of us.
<DWMacBride> # Yes indeed, good luck to us all!
<DWMacBride> # I'll go stand by to enter the destruct sequence, and Seabrook will start the evacuation.
<DWMacBride> # ::::MacBride, Elaine and Seabrook exit the TARDIS:::
<PeregrineTLady> #::Peregrine gathers her team around her:: Quickly now, to make this work, we need to get busy.
<Jacie> # Fine, just make sure you keep the doors open until we get back.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::snaps back at Jacie:: If you are going with us, just make sure you are back in time. 
<Jacie> # ::parting glare:: I'll be back. 
<Jacie> # ::turns heel and quickly exits TARDIS::
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor turns to leave:::
<Dr10> # ::: The Doctor receives a communication device from Devin:: Why thank you my boy, I wouldn't want to forget this!



<Jacie> @ ::taps her foot waiting for Doctor to join her::
<IrishTimeCat> @::Irish pounces on Jacie and gives her face a rough lick before heading off:: 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor sees Jacie::: Yes, yes, I know. Not very excited about being stuck with those prune faces, eh?
<Jacie> @ ::crosses arms:: Now you want to tell me why you want me to go off with that harpie and her "brats"?
<Jacie> @ I should be helping you Doctor.
<IrishTimeCat> @ Meow Meow Meow . 
<Jacie> @ And Irish. You need me here.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor turns serious::: I don't like this. This is a student field trip, and now there is too much at stake. I am worried that the Lady Peregrine will abandon the refugees, and the energy beings, at the slightest provocation.
<Jacie> @ I wouldn't put something that cowardly past her.
<IrishTimeCat> @ Maker doesn't trust bird lady. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Her voice says one thing while her body says something entirely. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ She wants you onboard her inferior Tardis Roaming Girl despite what she said to Maker .. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ I do not trust her either. 
<Jacie> @ Agreed. I don't trust her as far as I could throw her. And believe me, I'd like to throw her somewhere.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor smiles and taps Jacie on the shoulder::: Sometimes the best authority we have is moral authority. You use that very well, Jacie, very well indeed.
<Jacie> @ So you want me to keep her on the straight and narrow?
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor smiles::: Yes, you could say that.
<Jacie> @ ::smirks:: I wonder what Uncle Nico would say about that.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor shakes his head::: Well the Timelords seem to need moral guidance. You would make a good start.
<Jacie> @ Alright, I'll go. But just until we get off this station.
<Jacie> @ The less time I spend around timelords, the better. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor smiles::: Yes, thank you. Irish will take care of me. We will meet again when this is over.
<Jacie> @ ::gathers up her spare gypsy bag and pauses at the door::
<Jacie> @ ::looks back at her friends feeling a pang of emotion::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor turns to Jacie::: My dear, don't you know how I feel about goodbyes. Please just run along and we'll all do what we have to.
<IrishTimeCat> @ I am a purrrfect example of the moral model they should use Maker!!!! 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Of course not everyone has the greatness to be a feline. Some people are destined to be d o g s .. 
<Jacie> @ ::smiles at Irish's quip::
<Jacie> @ ::smile turns to a frown:: Just be careful, you guys.
<IrishTimeCat> @ See you in a little while roaming Girl :: jumps on her and gives her another face lick:: 
<Jacie> @ ::pets Irish and then gives the Doctor a brief hug::
<Dr10> @ Braveheart, Jacie.
<Jacie> @ ::supressing the lump in her throat:: I'll see you in a few.
<Jacie> @ ::rushes out of the TARDIS doors to do her job::
<IrishTimeCat> @ You want her to wear a kilt, Maker ?
<Dr10> @ No Irish, it is a thing I say to people going into distress. I have a bit too much practice at that. Let's get the TARDIS ready for this reckless escapade!
<IrishTimeCat> @ Well a kilt looks like a distress to me. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ I prefer you humans wear pants anyway since your limbs lack style and grace. 


<PeregrineTLady> # ::Peregrine begins to make team assignments:: Devin, you will come with me. I need the best to monitor from the secondary console room.
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> Why me? I wanted to be the pilot this time.
<PeregrineTLady> # No. No heroics. Your tech skills are more needed. Catriana is the best pilot anyway, so that will be her job.
<PeregrineTLady> # Allesan, your job will be to move bodies. 
<PeregrineTLady> # Allesan> What??
<PeregrineTLady> # I mean deal with the refugees. Move them along, keep them out of places they shouldn't be. Control their movements, slap their hands, you know.
<PeregrineTLady> # Allesan> But miss, surely you don't think they'll be thinking about the TARDIS and how it works??
<PeregrineTLady> #::Impatiently:: Allesan! Think! You know that everyone who enters the TARDIS is momentarily shocked by how big it is and wants to stop and gape! You can't let them do that! There
<PeregrineTLady> # isn't time for such foolishness. Move them along. I have a cattle prod if you want it.
<PeregrineTLady> # Allesan> No Lady, that's not necessary. I understand what you mean.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::To Alais:: You will handle link up. 
<PeregrineTLady> # Alais> Yes, ma'am.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::barks:: To your stations. Allesan, grab them as soon as they enter the door. 
<PeregrineTLady> # ::To Devon:: Let's get to the secondary console room.
<PeregrineTLady> # Devon> ::To himself:: Why me? Why do I always have to be with the old biddy?


<DWMacBride> & All right, people. Seabrook, you go and wait for the signal to start the evac. Eileen and I will make sure the destruct sequence is ready.
<DWMacBride> & Seabrook> No problem, sir, consider it done already.
<DWMacBride> & :::MacBride nods his thanks. Seabrook goes out of the OpCenter and waits at the head of the line of refugees:::
<DWMacBride> & :::Eileen and MacBride make sure the destruct sequence is on standby::::
<DWMacBride> & I didn't think we would have to blow the old girl up ourselves.
<DWMacBride> & Eileen> Neither did I.
<DWMacBride> & Eileen> :::smiles brightly::: At least you don't have to go down with the ship!
<DWMacBride> & ::gives a weak chuckle as he finishes keying in his authorization commands::
<DWMacBride> & :::turns to Eileen::: It's all ready now. Go join the others and have Seabrook let me know when everyone is aboard the TARDIS.
<DWMacBride> & :::Eileen smiles reassuring at MacBride::::
<DWMacBride> & Eileen> Will do sir.
<DWMacBride> & :::Eileen goes to join the other refugees::::



<DWMacBride> % :::a line, made up of station personnel and tourists, runs down the main corridor of the station:::
<Jacie> % ::guides tourists and all their possessions to the command center and into the DOC TARDIS:: This way. Walk, that's it.
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> :Goes to the TARDIS doors, opens them::
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> :: Calls out :: we're ready for refugees! This way please.
<DWMacBride> % Seabrook> You heard the man! Let's move it, everyone into the TARDIS, single file, no panicking.
<Jacie> % Don't panic. Just take your time. It'll be alright.
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> ::Herds bewildered refugees to the TARDIS reception room:: Cookies and milk for everyone. In here and stay in here, please!
<DWMacBride> % :::the refugees begin marching down the corridor and thru the TARDIS doorway::
<DWMacBride> % ::once thru the doorway, they listen to Allesan and Jacie and make their way further into the TARDIS::::
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> This way everyone, come on, move it, no time for tours, this way this way! 
<Jacie> % ::two young men bump an old lady making her drop her things::
<Jacie> % Take it easy! ::barks at the young men::
<Jacie> % ::helps collect the lady's things:: Here you go Ma'am. Don't worry. There's plenty of room inside.
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> ::To Jacie:: Miss, you look like you can control this group, can I put you in charge in here? I could use the help!
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> Thanks! ::Hurries off to herd the rest of the refugees in::
<Jacie> % ::forces a bright smile:: This way. Come on, there's plenty of room inside.
<Jacie> % ::dozens of tourists walk by and enter the safety of the D.O.C. TARDIS::
<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> ::Calls over shoulder to Jacie:: Thanks for the help, just stay with the refugees, please!
<Jacie> % ::nods to Allesan and turns back to ushering the tourists inside as the line begins to narrow::
<DWMacBride> % :::Seabrook waits outside the TARDIS, making sure everyone is safely inside:::


<PeregrineTLady> #Catriana> ::Runs the TARDIS through a preflight diagnostic::
<PeregrineTLady> # Alais> ::Prepares for link up::
<PeregrineTLady> # Alais> ::Keeps one eye on the outside of the Tardis, one hand on the doors, and the other ready to slam on the link!::
<PeregrineTLady> # Catriana> Here comes Allesan, Alais. Let her do the door. You have enough to worry about!
<PeregrineTLady> # Alais> Good idea. Did you get that Allesan?
<PeregrineTLady> # Allesan> ::nods and takes over door controls::


<PeregrineTLady> # To Devon:: Quickly, get the monitors up and running now, and don't mess things up! Concentrate!
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Over intervidcomm to Catriana:: Are we ready for the link up and flight to safety?
<PeregrineTLady> # Catriana> All systems go Miss
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> ::Eagerly bends over the console and monitors the situation ::Everything seems ready, Miss.


<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor opens the full ceiling viewscreen to show the scene in space, the bloated sun hanging in the blackness, the location of the base, and the rescue ships too far away.:::
<IrishTimeCat> @ ::Irish taps the lonely console in the midst of the emptiness :: 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Voice is ready. She doesn't have much power left except for basic communications. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ And holding her current pattern. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor settles in at the console and starts getting ready for the linkup, but he is still thinking of Jacie:::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor sighs::: She really is good, that girl. You know that Irish. Jacie would be a terror on her own. We are lucky she puts up with us.
<IrishTimeCat> @ She doesn't put up with me. ::said archly:: 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Meow Meow :: assumes his most innocent expression:: 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor smiles::: Nonsense, she loves you. Can't you tell?
<IrishTimeCat> @ I still haven't mastered the knack of your human sarcasm Maker .. 
<Dr10> @ I noticed, Irish, but you are getting better at it. You are learning sarcasm much faster than K9 did.
<IrishTimeCat> @ I made sure to eat all of their milk and cream while I was on that inferior Tardis .. ::Irish grins widely:: 
<IrishTimeCat> @ I am always amazed at your humans abilities to lie and decieve even yourself. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Of course that does not work in the animal kingdom .. A cat telling a mouse that he has no intention to eat him will betrayed by his scents and his body lanquage .. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor moves away from the console::: Well, we are ready for the link and our passive part in this operation.
<IrishTimeCat> @ The Doctor> I had better check in with our energy friends using this device our young *timelord * put together 
<IrishTimeCat> @ The Doctor> ::speaks into the device:: Hello ? 


<DWMacBride> ^ ::::The People, the energy beings, stay in their fixed orbit of the sun:::
<DWMacBride> ^ ::::Telepathically linked, they pool their senses together and watch the station, waiting for the moment when they can go thru the Nexus Portal to the Birthing Chamber::::
<IrishTimeCat> @ The Doctor> ::speaks into the universal translation device:: Hello ? 
<DWMacBride> ^ :::out in space, Lucifer and Eos are surprised when the Doctor's voice impinges on their consciousness::::
<DWMacBride> ^ Lucifer> We hear you, Doctor.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor tries to sound comforting::: We think we can protect your solar crib, but it will take some doing.
<DWMacBride> ^/@ Lucifer> We believe this will work, Doctor. Thank you so much for your help.
<Dr10> @ I am pleased to be able to do what I can. I am fascinated by your species, and I look forward to learning more from you.
<DWMacBride> ^/@ Lucifer> We will eagerly await you renewing contact with us, Doctor.
<Dr10> @ Good luck with your children!
<DWMacBride> ^/@ Eos> Safe journey to you and the Doctor, Irish!
<IrishTimeCat> ^/@ Just get your babies away safely, Eos .. 
<DWMacBride> ^/@ Eos> We will do that, promise!
<DWMacBride> ^/@ Lucifer> Good luck to you as well, Doctor.



<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> Bends down over the monitor, absorbed by the drama, and feeling a part of something big, history in the making::
<PeregrineTLady> # That's good, Devin. Keep a close watch, you have to write all this up later, you know.
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> Really miss, don't you even care about this mission? How can you be thinking school at a time like this?
<PeregrineTLady> # Actually, it is a teacher's duty to look at distance herself and stay objective. 
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Removes a small KODisc from her pocket and palms it.::
<PeregrineTLady> # :: To the DOC Team:: Okay, you have reported all systems operational and are waiting final directions.
<PeregrineTLady> # Wait until you hear my mark. Then start the link-up Alais. Once the link up is complete, then you may move the TARDIS, Catriana. All is prepared. 
<PeregrineTLady> # We are awaiting MacBride, be ready now!


<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor calmly walks over to an easy chair and takes a seat. A cup of steaming hot coffee appears at his side, along with a small bottle of fresh cream.:::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor pours the cream into a saucer and puts it on the floor.::
<IrishTimeCat> @ ::Irish jumps up in The Doctor's lap and stretches out :: 
<Dr10> @ WellIrish, for once it seems like we are on the sidelines.
<IrishTimeCat> @ We can reminisce Maker. Do you remember the wedding of Soft Curves and Bearer of Treats ? 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor smiles::: Of course, and the fireworks show was very good. I met Lane there.
<IrishTimeCat> @ My family is quite important on their planet.. Nero became a cosnsulting detective with Orion as his righthand man.
<IrishTimeCat> @ I meant righthand cat. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor smiles and sips his coffee::: No offense taken.
<IrishTimeCat> @ Both of them settled down and had a large set of kitlings and they had kitlings and they had kitlings 
<IrishTimeCat> @ So I am a great great great great great uncle by now .. 
<Dr10> @ Lucky you. And I, on the other hand, am not.
<IrishTimeCat> @ Perhaps someday we should find my father. Not that I care anything about that. Felines are self confident and don't suffer pangs of wondering what their roots are. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ ::thinking of Lane, their former companion:: Big Footed oaf settled down too. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Perhaps someday we will find a place we can stay Maker instead of wandering all over the universe. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor looks around at the TARDIS and smiles::: Well, Irish, I think we already have.
<IrishTimeCat> @ As long as its not that Discworld I read about .. Imagine having a Death of rats being a rat instead of a cat. 


<Jacie> % ::shows the last of the tourists inside the DOC TARDIS and waits outside::
<Jacie> % ::sees Seabrook standing alone by door to the command center:: Is that everyone?
<DWMacBride> % ::Seabrook nods then pulls out his wristcom::
<DWMacBride> % Seabrook> ::on his comlink::: Everyone is in the TARDIS, go ahead, sir.


<DWMacBride> & ::::Macbride activates the destruct sequence, makes sure it starts counting down, then races towards the TARDIS:::
<DWMacBride> & ::countdown begins scrolling on monitors through station:: T MINUS 5 MINUTES


<PeregrineTLady> ::Her sweaty palm rubs the KODisc like a worry stone:: I've got to time this just right. she thinks.
<PeregrineTLady> ::A mean smile settles on her face:: KODisc, "knockout disc" I can't wait to use it on this one.
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> ::Turns around:: Can I ..
<PeregrineTLady> # Look at the screen you fool the countdown has started!
<PeregrineTLady> # Everyone ready now!


<DWMacBride> % :::Seabrook, Jacie and Eileen are waiting as MacBride reaches the TARDIS::
<DWMacBride> % MacBride> It's activated, let's get out of here!
<Jacie> % Alright, everyone inside.
<Jacie> % ::holds open TARDIS door::
<DWMacBride> % :::They all race thru the door and into the TARDIS:::
<Jacie> % ::follows the remaining staff inside as the doors close behind her::


<PeregrineTLady> % Allesan> :: Grabs doors controls and slams the TARDIS doors shut as MacBride races through::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::over intervidcom:: On my mark!
<PeregrineTLady> % ::over intervidcom:: ready...ready...
<PeregrineTLady> % Catiana> Set to dematerialize the Tardis.
<PeregrineTLady> % ::Alais activates the link up::
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> the link up is activated...
<DWMacBride> % :::Everyone watches the screen as the link-up commences and a silvery cone of energy links the two TARDIS::::
<PeregrineTLady> % ::over intervidcom:: Now Catriana!
<PeregrineTLady> % Catriana> ::pushes the button and makes that console thing go up and down and the TARDIs disappears::
<Jacie> % ::watches main viewscreen as the energy link shimmers outward towards the station and Doctor's TARDIS::
<Jacie> % So far so good. It's working, right Catriana?
<Jacie> % Catriana>::reads controls:: Linkup steady. Distance from station 1500 km.


<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor looks at the full ceiling screen, which is now also showing the countdown, in big melting numbers, on the far wall of the console room.:::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor sips and puts his cup down::: There we are, the link is made. We should be protected as long as that link is maintained.
<IrishTimeCat> @ Maker the linkup is activated .. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor sips::: Yes.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor looks at the countdown::: You know, I realy feel strange watching a countdown like that and not worrying like the dickens about how to stop it.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor begins humming a tune as he takes another sip of his coffee.:::
<IrishTimeCat> @ ::Irish jumps down to sip at his cream :: 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor muses::: The cream always stays fresh in the TARDIS. I like that. I only wish it kept me as fresh.
<IrishTimeCat> @ Fresh? Do you mean you want to make overtures to mating to females of your species Maker? 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor takes another sip::: Not right now, if you must know.


<DWMacBride> ^ ::::the energy beings continue to monitor the station, waiting for it to destruct:::



<DWEos> # ::countdown reads:: 3 MINUTES 30 SECONDS AND COUNTING
<PeregrineTLady> #:: At the same moment, Peregrine slaps the KO Disc on Devin's neck::
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> ::Jerks upright and freezes stiff as a board, eyes bulging out::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Moves in close to Devin's little neck and can't resist breathing down it:: How did you like that, you little brat? I always wanted to smack my bratty students. You make up for them all.
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Reaches under the console of the secondary room::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Fingers search for a crack between the mountings of the stand and the console monitor::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Finds hidden device, and activates it::
<PeregrineTLady> # A massive power surge rips through the TARDIS systems, throwing Peregrine and everyone else on board off their feet!::
<PeregrineTLady> # Devin> ::Topples over like stick::


<IrishTimeCat> @ ::Irish's eyes glaze over as he communicates with Voice::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor stands and walks to get a different angle on the ceiling screen:::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor points::: I love that silvery shroud as the two time capsules enfold each other.
<IrishTimeCat> @ ::Irish blinks rapidly:: 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Maker we have a problem .. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor turns to Irish:: What, need more cream?
<IrishTimeCat> @ That too .. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ The link thing is unraveling .. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor stands up straight::: What!


<DWMacBride> % :::MacBride and the others are flung to the floor as the TARDIS shakes and shudders::
<PeregrineTLady> % Catriana> ::Screams:: Losing power! Emergency!
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> The link! The link is being severed!
<Jacie> % ::hits the viewscreen with her forehead::
<Jacie> % Catriana?!
<DWMacBride> % :::electrical shorts occur all over the TARDIS::::
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> I can't stop it! I can't stop it!
<Jacie> % Catriana> ::is thrown back as the main console control circuits pop and explode::
<PeregrineTLady> % Catriana> Try Alais, we can't loose the link! What about the Doctor??
<Jacie> % Catriana> We're getting a power feedback! Devin, cut the main circuit.
<DWMacBride> % :::with a shuddering rip, the link-up parts completely::::


<Dr10> @ :::A heavy shudder goes through the Doctor's TARDIS:::
<IrishTimeCat> @ Now about that cream ? ::looks for it:: 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor slams on the comm circuit:: Lady Peregrine, what is happening? Restore the link immediately!
<IrishTimeCat> @ The inferior Tardis has suffered a severe energy chrotonic surge thats destroyed its ability to make more than one temporal/spacial jump


<DWMacBride> % :::the TARDIS begins to vibrate and the cloister bell begins ringing::::
<DWMacBride> % :::the column shakily rises and falls as the TARDIS demats and enters the Vortex::::
<Jacie> % ::races to the console trying to work the controls::
<Jacie> % No! The Doctor is still in there.
<Jacie> % ::tries to override the demat sequence:: 


<PeregrineTLady> # ::Heavy smoke fills the secondary room::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Peregrine struggles to her feet and blindly looks for the console:: I must keep up the ruse!
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Gropes for the device, removes it and puts it inside her blouse::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Slams the intercom:: Alais! What was that? Report! Report! ::Coughing fit::
<PeregrineTLady> %# Alais> ::Replies, weeping:: We lost the link!
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Screams into the intercom:: Get it back NOW!!!! Before it is too late!


<DWMacBride> ^ ::::shock races thru the linked energy beings as they sense one of the TARDIS leaving, but not the other one::::
<DWEos> ^ What's happening, Father?
<DWEos> ^ Lucifer> Their link-up failed. The other TARDIS has disappeared, leaving the Doctor's TARDIS behind.
<DWEos> ^ Eos> They have to come back, Irish and the Doctor will die!
<DWEos> ^ :::Sadness flows thru the linked energy beings when they realize the inevitable loss:::
<DWEos> ^ ::a lone voice thinks out:: No!!!!


<DWMacBride> ::countdown reads:: T MINUS THREE MINUTES AND COUNTING
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor growls::: Lady Peregrine, answer me!
<IrishTimeCat> @ In fact Voice says that it has just jumped into the Spiral Whurly thing .
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor is staggered by the news::: What? They have abandoned us? But why?
<IrishTimeCat> @ I would say that the Bird Lady has orders from her boss to see that you and I don't cause anymore trouble for your Kin. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ Of course that is just my feline opinion. 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor activates the TARDIS emergency circuit:::
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor looks at the countdown on the wall.:::
<DWEos> @ ::countdown reads:: TWO MINUTES AND COUNTING
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor turns to Irish::: The emergency circuit will not power up before the countdown reaches zero, I am afraid.
<IrishTimeCat> @ So does that mean theres no time to get some more cream? 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor slams down his fist::: Wait, I have an idea...
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor is absorbed in his task...::: I don't know, Irish, check for yourself.
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor begins reconfiguring some TARDIS circuits...:::


<Jacie> % We have to get that link back!
<Jacie> % Catriona>::punches in controls:: Nothing's responding. The power feedback has blown the manual override.
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> ::Sits frozen unbelieving::
<Jacie> % But the Doctor needs us! ::pulls levers and madly punches buttons, glancing repeatedly at the viewscreen of the solar station::


<PeregrineTLady> # ::releases Devin from stasis::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Hits the intercom again:: Cough, choke, cough, choke! I think we are in trouble here. Devin hit his head, I need to tend to him. Catriana, you're in charge now!
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Muttering to self:: Well, Maxim should be happy I guess, and I guess I'm safe from the old trickster myself for a while at least.
<PeregrineTLady> # I think I did everything I need to do...Device hidden, Devin released TARDIS disabled, Doctor stopped, finished, finite..."poof" like he always likes to say....
<PeregrineTLady> #::Laughs hysterically::


<DWEos> ::countdown reads:: ONE MINUTE AND COUNTING
<DWEos> % ::::MacBride and Seabrook watch numbly at the drama unfolding before them:::
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> ::Sits, watching Jacie:: It is too late, Jacie. The TARDIS won't respond, we need hours of repairs. All systems unresponsive.
<Jacie> % NO! It can't be too late. This is a time machine, after all. And you're timelords. Figure it out. NOW!
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais. ::Sadly:: Timelords aren't gods Jacie, we can't just will something not to happen. Even though I might wish it weren't so.
<Jacie> % Fine, then just get out of my way.
<PeregrineTLady> % Catriana> ::Leaves her post to stand beside Jacie:: Turn off the screen Alais, can you do that much? We don't need to make her watch.
<Jacie> % ::snarls:: Touch that and I'll break you're arm! I'm not giving up yet.
<Jacie> % ::pushes them aside and tries to work the controls::
<Jacie> % ::studies the controls murmurring to herself:: Come on, think.
<PeregrineTLady> % Catriana to Alais> Leave her be, she needs to know she tried all she could to save them.
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> ::Weeps softly:: I know


<DWEos> ::countdown reads:: 30 SECONDS AND COUNTING
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor continues trying to rewire and recode, and looks up to see the countdown::: You know Irish, if we do go in this one, it will at least be explainable. I always thought I would die failing to rerig some jumble of equipment while a countdown reached zero. It just hasn't happened yet.
<IrishTimeCat> @ ::Irish curls up for a nap on top of the console :: 
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor begins to hum as time goes by as he continues to work out some technical solution:::


<DWEos> ::countdown reads:: 20 SECONDS AND COUNTING
<Jacie> % ::lightbulb goes off in her head:: Back up energy reserve! If we can reroute that to the transverse shields... ::punches a sequence of controls::
<Jacie> % ::glances up at the viewscreen:: Come on, I can do this.


<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor suddenly stops and looks at Irish.:::
<IrishTimeCat> @ Maker. I am trying to take a nap here . ::begins to purr in time with the Tardis power source::
<Dr10> @ It reminds me a little of what Socrates said. A sad day that. He said, "Soon I will know what all of you want to know the most."
<IrishTimeCat> @ For us cats there is only the Now not the Then or When .. 
<IrishTimeCat> @ But if this is the end I will put a good word in for you Maker and see if you can get in cat Heaven with me. 
<DWEos> @ ::the countdown blinks ominously across the viewscreen:: 15 SECONDS AND COUNTING
<Dr10> @ ::: The Doctor flips a switch and the countdown vanishes from the screen::: I'm not going to be held captive to that, at least!


<DWEos> ::countdown reads:: 10 SECONDS AND COUNTING
<Jacie> % ::punches in last buttons of power rerouting sequence::
<DWEos> ::COUNTDOWN:: 9...8...7...6...
<Jacie> % ::punches ACTIVATE::
<Jacie> % ::COUNTDOWN:: 5...4...
<Jacie> % ::system control blinks ERROR, TRY AGAIN::
<Jacie> % Damn it, work!
<Jacie> % ::COUNTDOWN:: 3...2...
<Jacie> % ::slams console with her fist::


<Jacie> % Noooooo! DOCTOR! ::screams as the station is rocked by a series of implosions and bursts into bits::
<Jacie> % ::stares woodenly at the viewscreen as the station bits are consumed by the sun::
<PeregrineTLady> %Catriana>::Reaches to close the console view screen::
<DWEos> % :::Eileen walks over to Jacie, ready to comfort her if she can::::
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais> ::tries to takes Jacie in a hug::
<Jacie> % ::pushes away the comfort of the timelords::
<Jacie> % ::turns away, horror on her face and emptiness engulfing her inside::




<PeregrineTLady> # ::Cough, hack laugh cough hack laugh choke from the smoke::
<PeregrineTLady> # ::Slams the intercom:: Coughing fit, we can't breathe in here! Some one come and get us out!
<PeregrineTLady> % Alais, Catriana, Allesan> ::Jump when they hear Peregrine:: Devin! We've got to get him out!
<PeregrineTLady> Allesan gathers Refugees to help break down the doors::
<DWEos> # ::::refugees help Peregrine get Devin out of the burning secondary console room::::



<DWMacBride> & :::The People begin their migration away from the solar system:::
<DWMacBride> & ::They will have to find a new Birthing chamber someday, but their children are with them::::
<DWMacBride> & ::::As they move to pass the solar queen, they begin to sing in their language:::
<DWMacBride> & ::::They sing of the Doctor and Irish and their sacrifice to save the children:::
<DWMacBride> & :::they move past the Solar Queen, seen only by the Universe:::
<DWMacBride> & :::They move out into the Universe, a People with hope and joy and love where once there was only despair:::


<Jacie> @ ::some hours later, the tourists exit the DOC TARDIS onto the deck of the rescue ship the Solar Queen::
<GhostIrish> @ ::a meow is heard in the hallway but its revealed to be the captains yellow tomcat Hunter as it runs past::
<DWMacBride> @ Capt Thorson> Glad you all made it out safely.
<DWMacBride> @ Thorson> ::to Jacie:: Again, my condolences on your loss.
<Jacie> @ ::looks at Cpt. Thorson but doesn't say a word::
<DWMacBride> @ :::MacBride, Seabrook and Eileen quietly say goodbye to Jacie:::
<PeregrineTLady> @ ::as they walk away turns to Jacie:: I have condolences also...from Maximillian himself.
<Jacie> @ Really. ::says emotionlessly::
<PeregrineTLady> @ Yes, really. The Lord President sends his condolences and asks that you return to Gallifrey with us, Jacie.
<Jacie> @ Why?
<PeregrineTLady> @ He vows that he will search the universe to find any clues about the survival of the Doctor.
<Jacie> @ Does that really matter to him?
<PeregrineTLady> @ The offer has been made, I do not know his mind, but I believe that they were close friends.
<Jacie> @ ::the past tense "were" sends a shudder thru Jacie::
<PeregrineTLady> You may choose not to come with us as you wish, but we thought perhaps you might want to help with the search.
<Jacie> @ I'll think about it.
<PeregrineTLady> Surely you haven't given up on the Doctor? He is very consistant about popping up where you least expect him.
<Jacie> @ I'll never give up on the Doctor! ::shows anger, her first emotion:: Just... just leave me alone for a while.
<PeregrineTLady> @ Fine. We are leaving. If you want to come, decide quickly.
<PeregrineTLady> @ ::turns abruptly and walks into the TARDIS.
<PeregrineTLady> @ ::thinks to self:: Pretty good performance, I think she bought it, or I hope she did. I really find it so distasteful trying to say anything pleasant about that awful, meddlesome man. Good riddance if you ask me. 
<PeregrineTLady> @ The universe ought to thank me for doing it a great service! Hah!


<Jacie> @ ::alone, she walks over to the observation window watching the Odin's Eye and the empty space in its wake::
<Jacie> @ ::searches the emptiness, talking to it::
<Jacie> @ You can't be gone, Doctor. You just can't be.
<Jacie> @ I've lost everyone I ever cared about. ::clenches fists:: But I'll be damned before I lose you too.
<Jacie> @ ::glances at the D.O.C. TARDIS then back to the emptiness:: Whatever it takes, I'll find you again. That I swear.
<Jacie> @ ::turns and walks off into the D.O.C. TARDIS::
<Jacie> @ ::a moment later, the D.O.C. TARDIS dematerializes away::


Jacie's Log
Epilogue to "A Place In The Sun"

September, 2001
By Jen Kokoski

   Jacie stood stoic, her eyes transfixed on the temporal spatial viewscreen in her allotted guest chambers. Students Allesan and Alais played chess behind her. It was yet another monotonous Gallifreyan afternoon spent watching and waiting. Three weeks had gone by. It seemed like years, several agonizing years waiting for even the slightest glimmer of news.
   Jacie raked her fingers through her unkempt hair. She'd go mad if she didn't hear something soon.
   "Aha! Checkmate," Allesan gleefully chimed.
   "Again?" grumbled Alais. "That makes three games in a row."
   "Can I help it if I'm good?" Allesan teased. "Want to go again?"
   "No, I've had it. Why don't you give it a try, Jacie?"
   She heard Alais but stubbornly ignored it. The last thing Jacie wanted to do right now was twiddle her fingers over a stupid game.
   "Jacie?" Allesan called out, concerned. "The viewscreen will alert us if there's a change. Why don't you join us? Get your mind off things for awhile."
   "No, thank you."
   "Come on, Jace," Alais prodded. "Allesan will partner you. Just one game of--"
   "I said NO!" she snarled.
   The young timelords jumped. Each shot glances of alarm and concern at each other. Then Jacie heard the same old quiet whispers she'd heard since she arrived on Gallifrey.
   "Give her time, Alais. Remember Lady Peregrine said humans are unpredictable in how they handle emotions."
   Jacie rolled her eyes, taking a deep calming breath. Deep down she knew they were only trying to help. Alais, Allesan, Devin and even Catriana weren't so terrible, for timelords. Beneath their telltale Gallifreyan arrogance, beat hearts filled with compassion. Under any other circumstances she might consider them friends. But right now the only friends her heart ached for were nowhere to be found.
   The guest chamber door slid open. Jacie turned toward the sound, hoping, praying it was news at last.
   "Lunch!" called out Devin as he and Catriana carried large silver platters laden with food. "We've got a surprise for you this time, Jacie." With a flourish, Devin and Catriana unveiled the feast. "Ta da!" The platters brimmed with fried chicken, golden french fries, fresh biscuits, and a giant watermelon hollowed out and brimming with fruit.
   Jacie glanced at the platters and silently returned to the viewscreen. In a moment, Devin was at her side. "You don't like 20th century Earth food?"
   "I'm not hungry."
   "You've got to eat, Jacie," Catriana instructed in her teacher tone. "To keep your strength up. The Doctor won't be pleased if he thinks we starved you."
   "If we ever find the Doctor," she murmured.
   "If?" Devin echoed. "There's no if about it. The Doctor's out there, somewhere. Cat, don't you remember when the Doctor and Romana lost themselves thru the CVE? They were undetected for almost a year before we finally caught up to them."
   "We did have a tracer signal," Catriana contradicted earning a repressive glare from her classmate.
   "The point is the Doctor is the most indestructible timelord in all our history," Devin continued. "Don't give up on him so easily."
   Jacie turned sharply. "I'll never give up on the Doctor, or Irish! How dare you suggest--" 
   "I didn't mean any offense," Devin interrupted with a bashful frown. Behind him, his frown echoed in the faces of his classmates.
   `"No, of course you didn't." Jacie tried to shake her head free of the desperation filling her. "I'm sorry. I just need to hear something, anything. If they're dead or alive, I just need to know." She clenched her fists, tears welling up in her eyes.
   The guest chamber door slid open again. "Alright students," announced an imperious female voice, "I believe you all have reports to finish." Lady Peregrine glared at her flock.
   "Yes miss," chimed Allesan and Alais.
   "I finished mine, m'lady," boasted Catriana.
   "Show off," Devin murmured.
   "Excellent Catriana," Lady Peregrine answered, turning a steel-blue gaze on her most rebellious student. "Then you won't mind helping Devin with his report. His regard for fact is more than outweighed by his love of hyperbole."
   "Figures you'd think so, old bag," Devin mumbled eliciting the first grin from Jacie all day.
   "What was that?" his teacher retorted.
   "Figures I'd need help," he corrected with a fake smile. "I was never good at just reporting things. Cat's always saying I'm more CIA material."
   "Nonsense. If you practice more, Mr. Devin, you'll make a fine timelord, someday," Lady Peregrine instructed. "Now off with you all. Miss Hunter and I have things to discuss."
   The timelord students bustled out the door leaving Jacie alone with her timelady hostess. While the students filled the room with lighthearted frivolity, Peregrine exuded ice.
   "Did you learn something?" It was a question Jacie had asked a dozen times over. Each time, all she got was a stoic glare. Concern or triumph, she wasn't sure what emotions motivated the expression. But today there seemed to be a touch of irritation in those beautiful blue eyes.
   "The Lord President requests your presence." Lady Peregrine squeezed her lips tight as if repressing a sharp disapproval of the invitation. It was clear she didn't like Jacie, and deep down the feeling was mutual. "I presume you will behave with more dignity than the last time? You will not raise your voice to the Lord President or otherwise behave like a mad shrew."
   Jacie lowered her head. "I was only trying to get some answers."
   "Lord President Maxim is just as concerned about the Doctor's disappearance as anyone, I assure you. But he has concerns reaching much farther than your limited human mind can fathom. In effect, the whole cosmos of time weighs on the head of the person who wears the coronet of Rassilon."
   "Fat lot of good it does him," Jacie grumbled.
   Peregrine feathered down her shock of red hair, burying it in the folds of platinum gold ringlets framing her perfect face. It was a familiar gesture of impatience, the only sign of true emotion she exhibited. Well, other than her blatant hero worship of her supreme leader. "Are you prepared? Good. Let us not keep him waiting."
   With a sharp turn, Lady Peregrine crisply marched out the door. At a more somber pace, Jacie followed.
   Peregrine's amber skirts swished along the ground as they traveled the Citadel corridors. She looked as stiff and regal as Queen Elisabeth I, glaring smiles and offering slight nods to the curious populace. Technicians, students, timelords, all watched the procession of the "outsider" but kept their instructed distance.
   So much for a kinder and friendlier Gallifrey, Jacie thought.
   At last they arrived at the heart of the Citadel, a large corridor lined with gold-trimmed doors. There were three sets. One for the High Council of Timelords, a place Jacie had visited briefly almost a year before. Another set emblazoned with the seal of the High Chancellor, curiously covered with in sheen of dust as if it had not been used in some time. Peregrine stopped at the furthest and most ornate pair of doors, these encrusted with the all-important Seal of Rassilon.
   Peregrine rang the doorbell, a melodic symphony of cloister bells. Strangely, they resembled the opening strains of Bach's Toccato and Fuque in D Minor.
   A moment later, the doors opened by automatic control. Obsidian walls gleamed with gold and ruby inlays. From a mahogany wood desk, a voice called out. "Ah, Lady Peregrine you brought our guest."
   The Lord President swung his chair around, removing the coronet from his brow, and beaming an inviting smile at his audience. "Please, come in." With a sweeping gesture of his hand, he waved them toward his plush sitting area.
   Peregrine entered, stopping to almost genuflect to her leader. Then she turned an icy smile on Jacie. "Remember, your best behavior."
   The Lord President coughed as he rose from his seat. "Yes, thank you, Lady Peregrine. I'm sure your students are in need of your guidance." When she returned a surprised glance, his dark eyes narrowed. "That will be all."
   "My lord," she bowed and left in a flurry of amber robes. The ornate doors automatically slid closed on her heels.
   "You must forgive Lady Peregrine," the Lord President said in a welcome yet weary voice as he strode forward. "Like her father, she was raised with all the warmth of Parydian stone her college is named for." He motioned to the collection of food laid upon the coffee table. "May I offer you some refreshments, Jacie? You don't mind if I call you Jacie, I hope? Forgive my informality, but if it were not for you and your friends, I would not be in this position today."
   Memories of her last visit to Gallifrey came to Jacie's mind. The day the Doctor's homeworld found its worst traitor and settled on its newest leader. "We didn't do that much, Lord President."
   "Nonsense," he countered. "If Lady Peregrine's neurons had not suffered so much trauma from the events her father caused, she would be more grateful to you for saving her life." He joined her at the sitting area, adding in a gentler tone, "And please, call me Maxim. Between you and me, all this pomp and circumstance gets a bit overwhelming at times." He smiled and lifted a silver teapot from the table. "May I entice you into a cup of Green Tea?"
   Jacie shook her head.
   "One small cup," he urged. "It's a very potent relaxant from the Asian continent of Earth. It's delicious with honey from the same region." With an appreciative sigh he added, "I'm constantly amazed with the variety of delights your people developed on such a small planet."
   "I didn't spent that much time on Earth."
   Maxim's eyes fell with his voice. "Yes, I was forgetting your trouble with the daleks. Abominable creatures," he grumbled. "They made you an orphan of time like so many--"
   "With all due respect, Lord Pres-- Maxim," she interrupted. "Why have you summoned me here. Have you heard from the Doctor?" Jacie's voice squealed just a twinge more desperate than she intended. Unfortunately, by the sympathetic look on the Lord President's face, he failed to miss it.
   "Sit down, Jacie." He waved to the smooth leather sofa beside him. "Please."
   Her heart sunk to her knees, but she refused to give into the terror nipping at her consciousness. She reminded herself of Devin's words describing the Doctor's indestructibleness. Forcing hope and courage, Jacie sat and waited.
   The Lord President took a long sip of tea, then he resolutely returned the cup to its saucer. When he faced Jacie again, his gaze was direct, his eyes reflecting the strain he held from public view. "Do you know the purpose of the coronet I wear?"
   Jacie frowned. What an odd question said in such a gentle tone. "It's a crown."
   Maxim grinned. "Of sorts. The Coronet of Rassilon provides a direct neuropathic link to the Matrix. It is a doorway to Gallifrey's window on the cosmos. With it, the bearer can see the past, the future, all the timelines and possibilities that comprise our known Universe."
   "Nice toy," Jacie choked out, not wanting to hear what she expected to follow. "Too bad there are so many unknown things."
   "It is more than a toy," Maxim continued, gently but firmly. "The Matrix also contains the combined wisdom of our people. I have sought that wisdom, but I fear it is not what we were hoping for."
   Jacie gripped her fists tight, her gaze focused on the Lord President. "You haven't found him."
   Maxim pursed his lip. "Our temporal sensors detected no trail from Odin's Eye. The Doctor's recall circuits return no bounceback signals."
   "He deactivated that years ago," she argued. "He said he was tired of being a cosmic yo-yo on the string of your people."
   "My people want, need the Doctor as much as you, Jacie," Maxim countered. "But no TARDIS has ever been able to withstand the force of a supernova, especially at half power. Even Rassilon himself lost his greatest friend Omega to one." He grasped her hand in his. "We must face reality, Jacie. I'm afraid the Doctor is gone."
   "NO!" She snapped back her hand, shooting to her feet. "No, no, the Doctor can't be…" Tears streamed down her cheeks. "He can't be dead. He's indestructible, like a cat… Like Irish…" She squeezed her eyes shut, trying in vain to block out the pain of realization. She buried her face in her hands, hot tears scalding her with the sickening truth. Her friends were dead, vaporized just like her family.
   A strong hand touched her shoulder, offering strength in a time of need. It was enough to restore her composure.
   Jacie wiped the tears from her face. She turned to her host, trying to force the shakiness from her voice. "Thank you, Lord President, for all your people have done. I know you've used your technology to its limits, but I won't… I can't give up on the Doctor."
   Maxim withdrew to his seat, again picking up his cup of Green Tea. "I understand," he murmured over the rim. He paused to take a sip. "To be honest, I share your hesitation. My predecessors have wrongly presumed the Doctor's fate many times before. His heroic survivals have made him almost mythic in the eyes of my people. Though we may not say it, I don't think any Gallifreyan will truly believe the Doctor has met a more superior foe."
   "But you're not going to look for him anymore," Jacie accused.
   Maxim let out a long, tired sigh. He faced her with determined eyes. "I think you deserve the truth." Resolutely, he put down his cup, rose to his feet and strode to his desk. With a press of an embedded control panel, the wall behind his chair reformed into a temporal spatial display of the cosmos. "I know you've been watching this yourself the last few weeks. What do you see, Jacie?"
   "Galaxies, nebulas, planets… the universe," she replied.
   "Yes, and here?" he pointed to a comet trail streaming out of a red galaxy. Behind it, the stars all dimmed allowing the faint V pattern of tiny objects to appear in the tail.
   "It's a spearhead."
   "Of a dalek spacefleet," Maxim clarified. "There are more here… here… here… and even more here. They are amassing in the furthest corners of space and time."
   Mention of daleks sent a shiver down Jacie's spine. "What has that to do with the Doctor?"
   "The daleks are plotting against the known universe,' he announced. "We believe they have in their possession a weapon, a terrible weapon created by my forefathers. It can alter the fate of… create or destroy entire galaxies. Nemesis was only controlled by one timelord."
   "The Doctor?"
   "Precisely." Maxim gritted his teeth. "But without him, we are as vulnerable to Nemesis as any planet in its path." His eyes implored hers. "You see Jacie, Gallifrey needs the Doctor alive and by our side as much as you do. If we could find him, anywhere, anytime, we would have."
   "If your technology isn't able to contact him, then you have to use something less conventional." Jacie's mind reeled with alternatives. "Follow in his footsteps, send search parties out."
   Maxim shook his head. "If I could I would lead a party myself today, but as Lord President I have a responsibility to my people. It will take all our resources to defend against this threat, and even then we may not succeed." His shoulders slumped as if with an unbearable weight. "Over the last few weeks, I have placed dozens of teams on the search for the Doctor. But we must reconcile ourselves with the fact that he is nowhere to be found. Though it pains me to do this, I must attend to the protection of my people. If I pursue this fruitless search any longer, I would not be worthy of the coronet I was elected to wear."
   Jacie attempted to process the news. The universe was in trouble and the Doctor was conspicuously absent. All those years traveling with him, one thing was always a certainty: trouble found the Doctor or he found it. Nothing would keep him from this new threat, unless he didn't or couldn't know of it. By the look of frustration in Maxim's eyes, she assumed that was exactly what he had concluded. Slowly, she answered, "I understand."
   "Do you?" His eyes glimmered. He too raked a hand thru his jet-black hair. "I realize you don't want to seem to abandon the Doctor, but the fate of the universe rests on our shoulders. You are no simple human, Jacie. You are as much a citizen of time as any Gallifreyan. You may request to settle anywhere you wish, but I was hoping you might stay and assist us."
   The request puzzled Jacie. Being asked for help from the leader of the most powerful race in time was the last thing she expected. "Me? How?"
   "Your experience with the daleks, your knowledge of their tactics might prove the lynchpin in our survival."
   She shook her head. "I was their victim. I survived only with the sacrifice of others."
   "You give yourself too little credit," Maxim proclaimed with a smile reminiscent of the Doctor. "You are brave, unconventional, a determined young woman. You know better than any Gallifreyan how the daleks seek to destroy, without mercy, without reason. My people are pacifists," he declared with a small guffaw. "They would debate policies of negotiation and non-intervention until the Supreme Dalek declared this planet the new Skaro. But you, Jacie, you have the will to fight this evil. In the Doctor's place, you could become our greatest ally."
   Maxim stood there, silently waiting for her answer. His dark gaze penetrated her mind. In a flash, the mind-numbing throbbing of a migraine started in her temples. Jacie rubbed the sore points to buy herself a little time. "I'm sorry, I-"
   "Are you alright?" he asked with concern and curiosity.
   "Yeah, I…" she feigned a weary sigh. "I'm just tired."
   "Of course," Maxim backed away reaching for his desk control panel. "I keep forgetting humans need eight continuous hours of sleep. Especially when there's so much to process. I'll have someone escort you to your chambers." He rang a remote call button answered in a moment by a red and white uniformed guard at the door.
   "Thank you." Jacie headed for the door, but stopped on the threshold. "I appreciate your honesty, Lord President." For the guard's benefit, she offered a respectful bow.
   "Think on what I said, Miss Hunter," came the reply. Maxim's hawkish-expression exuded desire and resolution. "I'll be waiting for your answer."
   Jacie said nothing, merely nodded and turned toward the door. She could have sworn she saw the corners of Maxim's lips rise, but the painful migraine hammered that thought right out of her mind. She massaged her temples as she traveled the Citadel corridors again. The pain seemed to clarify her mind in a grim way. One thing was certain: the Doctor was gone and Gallifrey at least was in no position to help her find him.