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Character Name: The 11th Doctor
Player: Cody Jarrett
Introduction: Midnight Revolution (January 2004)
Departure: Bliss (March 2005)
The 11th Doctor


The eleventh Doctor most closely resembles an older version of his fourth incarnation but dresses much like his first except for a waistcoat that only his sixth incarnation would have picked. He carries a walking stick that is transdimensionally-engineered, from this he can draw most anything from a sword cane to a brandy flask.

The extraordinary circumstances of his last regeneration, initially caused him to be quite erratic in his behavior and he would switch about to many of his previous incarnations in both personality and memory. Often confusing even close companions with people from his past lives.

His personality finally stabilizes and as usual combines features from his past selves. Perhaps as a result of his last incarnation's crusading actions and their unfortunate consequences, he is now loath to interfere. Generally he is very inquisitive (often landing him and is friends in precarious situations) and is interested in the why of things more than the what.


The 11th Doctor escaped the swarm of Chronovores and materialized in the summoning fires of 18th Century White Witch Ravena Shaw. The year was 1782, the place Hampton Roads, Virginia, on the eve of the last battle of the American Revolution. Barely alive, in a regeneration coma, he survived only under the care of his compassionate new friend. But when the Continental soldiers came seeking British spies and the local fire and brimstone preacher turned the situation to engineer a "witch trial", the Doctor must decide whether to risk the rules of time again and get involved.

The choice to rescue Ravena and the surprise reappearance of the TARDIS, kidnapped both the Doctor and his unwilling companion for a mystery destination. Once again, his time ship seemed to take charge and deliver the Doctor to Minyos 2 where the mind-controlling Vorlox threatened the peace of Minyos. Only with the help of old Professor Phineas, is the Doctor able to win the day. But the penalty for getting involved is yet another mystery tour with TARDIS and a second unwilling companion.

It seemed the Doctor had no control over his travels. As hard as he tried not to get involved, trouble seemed to follow, companions were shanghaied to be by his side, and his faithful TARDIS seemed as much in charge as embroiled in her own regeneration psychosis.

Trapped in a sick TARDIS, architectural configuration in flux, very real temporal ghost images of his old enemies hunting them down, the 11th Doctor seemed doomed to a short lifespan.

But when he finally took charge, he found himself and his friends in the Land of Fiction... or more exactly the Land of Gulliver's Travels.

Escaping to reality meant all three of the TARDIS crew separated yet tied together in the crucial history of Hart Island, New York. Phineas saving the Earth from nuclear war, the Doctor saving humanity from the insanity of the Rutan-Sontaran War, and Ravena saving mankind, and her great great grandneice, from smallpox plague.

With a heavy heart, the Doctor said goodbye to his first friend Ravena Shaw as she chose to stay in 1860 to resume her role in history as a budding doctor. He was ready to take on the Universe, scientific companion Phineas at his side.

Once again, the TARDIS directed his next step... to Metebelis III where the Dalek Empire and Thals each sought the power of the mind-enhancing crystals. It seemed like a simple task, to once again defeat the powermad Daleks.

But tragedy struck in the quickest of moments. With one errant blaster shot, Phineas was felled by a Dalek and the Metebelis crystals ignited in a dangerous release of radiation. Heroically, the Doctor dived into the path of destruction to save his friends and in return received a lethal dose of radiation.

Dragging his wounded companion back to the TARDIS just in time, the 11th Doctor fell into a radiation-induced coma. His cellular structure began breaking down. The Doctor hovered on the edge of death, many years too soon. It was time for judgement day. Judgement of all his lifetimes.

Did the Doctor deserve to live? Had he learned from his past mistakes of arrogance? Or could the Doctor never change?

Special Notice

This character was brought to life by Cody Jarret, longtime regular simmer since 1999. Sadly, he passed away February 13, 2005. We honor his memories and his great contributions and wish him many great adventures in life's last true mystery.


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