Picking up where the TV series left off, NADW has followed three incarnations of the Doctor. They are:
The Eighth Doctor (1994) The Ninth Doctor
The Tenth Doctor
(1995 - 2003)
Played by Paul Aman (COL TLord) he started our sim and pre-dated the McGann Doctor. His personality was likened to the 6th Doctor with a touch of flair thrown in.

Companions included Ben Jackson and Polly Wright. 

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Played by Jon Menetsky (TempusLord), his is the second Doctor to adventure in our sim world. His personality loved surprising his companions and breaking the rules.

Companions included Ben Jackson, Polly Wright and the redeemed vampire Jonathon Chance.

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Played by Alfred C. Snider (DRTUNA), he is the third Doctor to adventure in our sim world and the most popular. His personality is likened to a college professor: scholarly, loves creation and has a deep respect for the laws of time.

Companions include: Ben Jackson, Tegan Jovanka, Daniel Delmin, Zoe Herriot, K9 mk 4, Brogan MacGill, Alex Keegan, Irish, Lane Stuart, Jacie Hunter and Fred.

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